Shop like an expert!

Vitals helps you shop for the best health care.

You know how to

research products
compare costs
and get the best deal.

You’re an expert in shopping.

But do you know how to do it for health care?


Health care has traditionally played by different rules.

There’s been no cost transparency. Information on doctors is hard to find. And with more care options, patients don’t always know where to access the most appropriate care.


Vitals changes the game.

We empower people to shop for health care like an expert by providing online tools that help you weigh your options and make a decision with confidence. You can search for experienced doctor who meet your needs, compare costs for procedures and appointments and read patient ratings and reviews. You can even earn cash incentives when you shop and save on your health care.

64 data points on every provider
directs people to the best care

$600+ saved on average when
shopping for routine procedures

Vitals Solutions

Our suite of solutions help people find appropriate care, no matter where they start their search.

Free online search tool helps consumers search for the best doctors online.
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Health care transparency and engagement platform helps people better understand their health benefits and care options.
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Health care incentives program provides cash to patients who shop for cost-effective care.
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