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At The Right Time

Sophisticated data-mapping of providers to conditions
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Vitals aims to make better health possible.

Vitals Overview



their provider options on the web and mobile devices


on the appropriate providers to meet their needs


for their visits with the provider

The Vitals Patient Exchange

Across the Vitals Patient Exchange, your brand message reaches patients & caregivers as they review and select the right medical specialist, urgent care and pharmacy for their health care needs.

We provide the ideal match between the doctor and patient, creating opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers just before they schedule an appointment and receive a prescription.

Compared to traditional health sites, visitors on Vitals are further along the patient pathway, preparing to see a specialist within a few days or weeks.

Our Audience

Connect with our educated and engaged patients and caregivers at the right time.

Influential Moms

3x more likely to be a health conscious mom who encourages and advises others on leading healthy lifestyles

Committed Caregivers

2X more likely to be a health conscious baby boomer who is a caregiver for someone with a health condition

Affluent, Educated Baby Boomers

5x more likely to be 55 , have an HHI over $100k , and have attended grad school   1) Google Analytics, January 2013 2) All others comScore, Plan Metrix February 2013 as compared to the total internet.

take an Rx on a Daily Basis


seek to be well-informed about drugs before using medication


have Private Commercial Insurance


seek new ways to lead a healthier life




Age 35


HHI over $60K


are caregivers


Targeted Solutions

Advanced data-mapping of providers to specialties and conditions unlocks precise patient targeting.


with 240 subspecialties • Allergy and Immunology • Cardiologists • Dentist • Dermatologist • Endocrinologist • Gastroenterologists • Infectious Disease Specialist • Neurologists • OB/GYN • Oncologists • Orthopedic Surgeons • Pediatricians • Psychiatrist • Pulmonologist • Rheumatologist • Urgent Care • Urologist


cover the common conditions to rare diseases • Allergy • Asthma • Atrial Fibrillation • Bipolar Disorder • Breast Cancer • COPD • Cold & Flu • Depression • Diabetes • Erectile Dysfunction • High Cholesterol • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Lupus • Multiple Sclerosis • Obesity • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Urge Incontinence

Reach your audience through Vitals’ advanced targeting and technology capabilities, including by:

• Specialty • Condition • High Prescribing Physicians of your Brand • Physicians who Prescribe Competitive Treatments as a First Line of Therapy • Insurance Plan

• Geo-Targeting • Retargeting • Look-A-Like Targeting • Day-Parting • First Impression

Vitals’ Physician Finder

Directly embed an interactive Physician Finder widget on your site.

Vitals offers a sophisticated search capability coupled with informative and easy to navigate provider profile pages.

We power search functionality and provider profiles for pharmaceutical brands, health plans, and large hospital systems.

  • Advanced search technology swiftly returns relevant results

  • Tools enable search by name, specialty and condition, filtered for geo-location and other customizable search parameters

  • Catalogue includes over 1mm providers