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Join Vitals today. We are empowering everyone to shop for their health care like an expert. No one is better positioned to change how people choose their health care. Be a change agent. We’re looking for good, passionate professionals to execute on this mission.

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Client Engagement Manager

The dynamic and driven individual will develop relationships with health plans, other customer executives and decision makers within our existing client base in order to successfully expand utilization of Vitals products, services and increase revenue…

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Lead Web Developer / Designer

Seeking an individual who will help us design and develop the consumer web site. The ideal candidate will have exceptional experience in interaction design, modern web development, advertising technology, and high-scale, high-volume web sites…

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Client Engagement Manager

We are looking for someone who will design, plan and implement Employee Relations programs, policies and guidelines to promote and enhance our employees’ experience…

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Our Values

The Values at Vitals not only drive our work, but guide how we behave, who we hire and how we expect people to treat one another. Our values are brought to life every day through small interactions and big decisions alike. We believe our values not only make Vitals unique, but give our company heart.

We are…


Innovative Values

• We disrupt how people make health care decisions.
• We create, measure, learn. Repeat.
• We do not fear mistakes, we fear complacency.


Consumer Focused Values

• We focus on delivering value in the simplest way possible.
• We walk in our users’ shoes; after all, we are consumers too.
• We value our relationships and protect the trust placed in us.


Accountable Values

• We are stewards of our work and own our results.
• We each have a voice and responsibility to use it.
• We honor our commitments because others rely on us.


Teammates Values

• We do not limit our teams by the org chart.
• We debate passionately then commit together.
• We pursue Vitals’ goals, not individual agendas.
• We create a strong community by caring for one another.


Vitals Values

• We believe flexibility and trust enables us to deliver great work.
• We devote ourselves to growing personally and professionally.
• We celebrate the little things and have fun, no matter how big we get.

Meet some of our folks.

Jason Knight

Jason Knight

Scrum Master, VitalsChoice

Julia Coto

Julia Coto

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Nelida Rivera

Nelida Rivera

Program Manager, Strategic Program Management Office

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