Engaging Members to Make Better, More Informed Health Care Decisions


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Achieve Strategic Advantage

Bend Cost Curve

Help members make effective lower-cost higher-quality decisions.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Complying with federal, state and agency mandates.

Attract & Retain Business

Achieve competitive differentiation and meet needs of large employers and ASO business.

Respond to New Business Models

Stay relevant as disruptive innovators enter the market with new models and new rules of engagement.

Empower & Engage Members

Consumerism is transforming health care. Health Plans must reinvent themselves to provide consumer friendly, retail-like experiences for their members.

Vitals Transparency & Engagement Platform

Vitals Transparency & Engagement Solutions

Cost and quality transparency platform to help members search for and evaluate providers and costs to make informed health care decisions.

Incentive and engagement program to guide members to the highest-quality, lowest-cost option and achieve measurable savings for members and plans.

Source of Our Insights

120 Million

Annual website visitors


Searches a month

6 Million

User Ratings & Reviews


Doctors and Dentists

The Vitals Difference

Fully Integrated Transparency Platform

To provide comprehensive member experience

Member Engagement and Loyalty

Member Engagement and Loyalty

To move the needle on behavior change

Consumer Web Expertise

Consumer Web Expertise and Footprint

To extend and expand member engagement

Vitals Analytics

Measurable ROI and Analytics

To identify savings opportunities and bend the cost curve

For more information on Vitals Health Care Transparency Solutions for Health Plans please contact us at healthplans@vitals.com.


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