Meaningful Health Care Shopping

No matter who you are, reducing health care costs and improving quality care are two goals everyone can agree on. VitalsChoice® is a modular health care transparency platform that helps members shop for high-quality, affordable health care.

True Health Care Transparency

Health care transparency enables consumers to shop for health care. But many solutions fail to engage members. With our deep consumer experience, we’ve built an easy-to-use platform that gets people to use their benefits smarter. VitalsChoice facilitates health care shopping by linking to member benefit plans in order to provide an accurate picture of their network options and financial responsibility.

Vitals platform is available to 25% of Americans

More doctor reviews than any other online source

The most robust and accurate provider database

Consumer Knowledge

Vitals is the only health care transparency company with years of experience engaging consumers on the web. Extensive testing backs the design of our intuitive interface that consumers can access anywhere and use with ease.

Easy Integration

Leave the technical know-how to us. Vitals can handle all aspects of implementation – from building the custom database for the health plan, to data loading. We can even include external feeds from other third-party data sources.

Data Integrity

Sound decision-making begins with good data. We protect the accuracy of our data through proprietary algorithms that ensure the reliability of data elements before adding them to the Vitals Provider Data Warehouse.

Platform Features

Provider Finder

Search for and select care providers

Smart Shopper

Incentive and engagement program

Patient Reviews

User generated ratings and reviews

Analytics Engine

Capture, analyze and report usage and ROI

Cost Calculator

Compare total and out-of-pocket costs

Data Leasing

Savings Alerts

Trigger communications before members seek care

NCQA Physician and Hospital Directories

VitalsChoice Has Earned High-Quality Certification From NCQA


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