Vitals Provider Solutions

Vitals maintains the largest and most credible provider review and research site on the web today.  Our Provider Solutions Group offers practices and hospitals the best way to fill their schedules with the most appropriate patients by leveraging Vitals featured listings, reputation management, awards and recognition and a powerful provider directory solution.

Informed Patients are the Best Patients

Informed patients that are clinically and financially aligned with the practice are happier, healthier patients, which make for more efficient, profitable and highly recommended practices. But finding these patients can be a major challenge.  Vitals is reinventing the way people make medical care decisions, and our Provider Solutions Group is changing the world of online provider search and reputation management with a new approach, based on trust, transparency and intelligent alignment.

Patients trust Vitals because we offer the most credible information, the best tools and the most compelling user experience, with more patient reviews than any other site.

Providers trust Vitals because we understand the business of healthcare, and we know how to help them find and keep informed patients.

Featured Listings

  • Attract commercially-insured patients who see providers within 30 days
  • Receive a 7.5X lift in patient conversion rate after three months
  • Prominent placement for patients searching
  • Patients click through to call or email provider office directly
  • Support for online appointment booking

3 Month Average Patient Conversion Rate

Source: All Vitals Featured Listing campaign data, January 2014 – May 2014



Integrated Physician Directory

  • Branded self-service physician directory for patients that will help optimize client’s web channel and improve patient workflow
  • Seamless integration with client’s website look and feel
  • Enhanced provider profiles display credentials, specialties, locations, hours and insurance options, ratings and reviews
  • Integrates with 3rd-party scheduling and chat systems
  • Full customization of data elements, call to action buttons and links

Reputation Management

  • Measure and monitor performance of your providers
  • Scales for enterprise-class implementations with powerful dashboard, real-time analytics, alerts and review monitoring
  • Patient Review System enables providers to append responses to specific reviews
  • Opportunities to encourage patients to write additional reviews

Vitals Awards & Recognition Program

  • Celebrate your top doctors and promote them to the community
  • Based on the largest review database on the web
  • Multiple awards, including:
    - Vitals Patients’ Choice Award
    - Vitals Top 10 Doctor Award
    - Vitals Compassionate Doctor Award
  • Badges and links suitable for use on provider websites
  • Physical plaques and framed letters
  • PR and social media support
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“Inspira recognizes the web is one of the most important resources used by patients when deciding to seek medical care. Vitals’ Featured Listing solution exceeded our expectations and helped us generate 445% more physician referred calls than our traditional phone referral methods.”

− Gregory Potter, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations

Aligning Patients with Providers

Vitals is reinventing the way people make medical care decisions.  We believe that informed patients are key to an efficient provider organization.  Our online transparency and data tools help align the right patients with the right providers to increase satisfaction and engagement, decrease network leakage and improve patient workflow.  Health systems and practices of all sizes use Vitals Provider Solutions to increase patient attraction and retention and to better manage their online reputations.  Vitals Provider Solutions are performance-based and fully measurable to align with marketing program success metrics and return-on-investment goals.

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