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was very cheap.... thats exactly what you get show details was very cheap.... thats exactly what you get
by edward on May 17th, 2013

I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. He was very moody. Would you want a rude, moody dentist surgically removing your teeth? I woke up during the surgery I don't think thats supposed to happen. Now I'm in more pain than I was before I had wisdom teeth pulled I have real bad jaw pain from where he might have hurt me trying to prop mouth open. I looked like a gerbil with food stuffed cheeks for a month with severe pain!

Cheaper isn't always better! show details Cheaper isn't always better!
Nov 25th, 2012

I was a patient referred to Dr. Gilbert as an oral surgeon. I needed all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out. Not having insurance Dr. Gilbert was one of the cheaper oral surgeons in the Midland, Odessa, TX area. So I decided to let him remove just 2 of my teeth. I had been in pain for a few weeks before my consultation with Gilbert, after the consultation I asked if there was anything he could give me for the pain until the surgery (about 2 weeks later). This horrible man looked at me and said "You're not in pain" then turned and walked out of the room. So I didn't say anything. I went home and waited till the surgery date. I go back to his office and he said he was gonna heavily sedate me, so ok that's fine lets just do this... During the surgery I started to not be so sedated anymore. I was moaning but could not move. I could hear Gilbert as he was walking around me saying "Oh gosh, Really, Come On Now..." I guess cause I was moaning. Then the most aweful thing happened, he went to take out the bottom left wisdom tooth and I heard a loud crack and felt my jaw move!! It was the most aweful thing I've ever experienced. My eyes got big and I guess at that point he knew I was coming out of the sedation. So he runs out of the room and gets another vile of sedation medicine and puts it in my IV. Then I guess it worked cause the next thing I know I'm being shewed out a back door and into my fathers truck. I was so glad it was over, but of course I was in severe pain. I was only prescribed a small amount of low dose pain medication. The medicine didn't even last 2 days. I called the office and asked for more of maybe a higher dosage. He did give me the next dose up, but way less pills... Not even 10 pain pills. What I'm trying to say is... This was the worst experience I've ever had, with the rudest Dr I've ever met. He didn't care about me or my pain at all... If you don't have to use this dentist, please don't... I'll never forget the way I was treated.