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Excellent Care from a Top Professional show details Excellent Care from a Top Professional
by Lindell Holm on Aug 7th, 2013

Dr. Gaul came highly recommended for my wife's complex surgery to move her jaw (read "break it") to open up her airway to alleviate sleep apnea.symptoms. Dr. Gaul was not only caring but took the time to explain in detail what the procedure would be like. He did not sugar coat how difficult this procedure was and what the recovery would be like. After the surgery, he closely monitored her reovery and made adjustments to her care while in the hospital to manage her pain and comfort. My wife has called him "a life-saver" and has stated on many occassions that she would go through the procedure again as long as she was in the care of Dr. Gaul.

Patient and cooleague show details Patient and cooleague
by Martin I Noveck MD on Aug 5th, 2013

I read some of your other individuals' input. I f they gave Dr. Gaul anything but 4/4 stars for his care they are ignorant. Dr. Gaul has removed my wisdom teeth under sedation. didn't know it was done when it was finished. No recall No recovery pain. My wife had 6 teeth removed as well as her wisdoms all at once. It took 20 minutes. she also didn't know it was over. remembered nothing. No recovery pain at all. We recently moved to AZ. my wife would insist on flying back to MI to see him for any major oral surgery p.s. I also as am an Anesthesiologist and have worked with John in the OR for 20 years. He is a magician in putting someones face back together. Now maybe this the part that people have rated him as pain not minimized. well you can only do so much when someone tries to hit a home run with your head! Also it's not that comfortable to have your chin, jaw and upper jaw all moved for breathing or cosmetic reason usually involving 1 year or more of braces to prepare, I can can tell you as another Dr. who has worked closely with Dr. Gaul since 1984 that I would trust my life AND WIFE with him(note i like my wife not a joke) . I admit to being biased u know doctors keep secrets right? well he worked on me my wife, my best friend ( a fighter pilot) whom I recommended next time you fly Delta. Suffice it to say my friend the pilot has no trouble communicate with air traffic control! so if you need any oral surgery, get it soon from him before his wife forces him to retire. He wont voluntarily . He loves what he does too much. I don't know who takes these rating poles but they are either phony or misguided. The man is a magician with the bones of the face, their post op appearance is remarkable. the teeth heal quickly most of the the time. I Highly recommend him. If you still have your Wisdom teeth use them!