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Not sympathetic to the sensitive child. show details Not sympathetic to the sensitive child.
by Kristen Greenwood on Nov 19th, 2013

My boys have both been to Dr Lantzy sense they were old enough to go to the dentist. They are now 11 and 8. Although my oldest child is calm and relaxed at the dentist, my younger son feels a lot of anxiety when his teeth are cleaned. I will no longer take my children to Dr. Lantzy. There was not a shred of empathy or understanding to the comfort level of my child during his last visit. First they immediately spoke at him in a harsh manner, without even discussing the issue with me. Then they told me he was "faking" the pain he felt. Despite the blood that was visible, not once did the hygentist or Dr. Lantzy attempt to approach my son with a kind word. I agree whole heartedly he needed to get control of his emotions and let the hygentist proceed, but poking him on the head to get him to stop is completely inappropriate! Dr. Lantzy proceeded to inform me of how I need to parent my child and then asked me if there was something wrong with him. Dr. Lantzy is a dentist, not a therapist, pediatrician, school teacher or pastor. I did not go to him seeking advice on my child's emotions or my parenting abilities. I went there for him to simply clean their teeth! He should respect other people more as well as staying out of the unsolicited "advice" buisness.

May 4th, 2012

Dr. Lantzy, in my opinion, is hands down the BEST pediatric dentist in the area. I bring both my kids, ones 12 and the other is 4, and his bedside manner with both ages just amazes me. My daughter is very difficult when it comes to oral hygeine but with Dr Lantzy, she never fusses and always leaves with a good experience. I would recommend him highly to anyone with children.