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by Anna on Apr 1st, 2014

Extremely dissatisfied with Dr. Patels lack of professionalism and the work she has done. They have missed a really bad leaking crown during regular check visits which coasted me an infection which went to the bone and a lost tooth. In addition to that, the temporary crown they have put in for one of my teeth was poorly cemented and kept falling out. I think I had to take time off work and have it re-cemented 4 times before the permanent one came in. Finally, when a permanent crown they put in less than 2 years ago has fallen out, I was told by Dr. Patel herself that I may have to pay out of pocket because my insurance only pays for a crown replacement if it is 5 or more years old. I was quoted around $800. When I suggested that as the crown lasted only a small fraction of the time it's supposed to last I was told by Dr. Patel that SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT I DO WHEN I GO HOME. Really??? I mean I get it; she doesn't have any control over how I treat the crown after I leave the office. But to imply that I must be doing something wrong therefore I broke it? I do not eat hard candy almost ever and I definitely don't chew on rocks or bamboo. The crown is supposed to last 10 years if I follow dentists’ instructions. Which I did… I obviously suggested that possibly (since we started the blame game already) the crown wasn't properly fitted or manufactured (lab's fault) or properly cemented (dentist's fault). And maybe they could work something out with the practice manager/lab. To which Dr. Patel said that she is not interested in speaking with the practice manager on my behalf and not interested in continuing "this relationship" and perhaps I should go elsewhere. That she didn’t like me questioning her work (don't mean to sound like my 8-year-old but "she started!"). ACCORDING TO HER IT'S MORE REASONABLE TO ASSUME THAT I'M EATING ROCKS FOR DINNER THEN THAT THE CROWN WASN'T PROPERLY FITTED OR CEMENTED! There was an absolute lack of compassion or an attempt to work with me or the practice management. I was essentially kicked out. My advice: go elsewhere, no matter how convenient this location may be for you.