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Jan 12th, 2015

Very caring doctor and staff

Fantastic Dr. Adam Shernan! show details Fantastic Dr. Adam Shernan!
by Tambra Lynne Andrews on Dec 14th, 2014

Dr Sherman is a very knowledgable and gracious guy! His staff; Erica & JoJo highly efficient and friendly! I get my schedule at 5PM on Friday and they are so very accommodating ! It's never a drama at the office and in today's world of rush and bustle, Dr. Sherman ALWAYS takes the time to get to the bottom of whatever ailment that might besiege my husband and I at any given appointment !

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Thank You show details Thank You
by L. Wilson on Oct 13th, 2013

Thank you Dr. Sherman, Erica, Jojo, for taking good care of me for over 10 yrs. Dr. Sherman has a working dog named Lady who is such a comfort when a person asks her to come in the room. Dr. Sherman is a good listener, and I never feel rushed while he is in the room. He actually looks a person in the eye while speaking. Both Erica and Jojo are trained phlebotomists so you don't have to go out of the office for routine blood work. This is such a time saver for me. The only area that needs some work is the building, it is old and needs to be updated. Great doctor, nice staff.

Great Doctor-- Less than pleasant staff show details Great Doctor-- Less than pleasant staff
by Luigi Ortega on Apr 25th, 2013

Adam Sherman is a good doctor who means well and has a very professional bedside manner. He will listen, and diagnose, and he will treat; however, his wife/the office manager will not do any of the above. She is absolutely rude and self centered as they come. She is gruff with patients. Especially new ones. I saw Dr. Sherman for approximately 2 years, until he decided to arbitrarily raise the cost of my visit. I had good insurance for the first year and a half, and he was a good doctor and does a good job, but when i lost my insurance he started to charge me an exorberrant amount, and since I had been a patient so long, his wife let me know she was giving me a special "long time patient" discount, or some such BS. I believe the amount was completely arbitrary, based on speaking with other patients of his(I've known 2 others personally, and they hold the same opinion of my (billing) situation. Too this day I believe that he is a good man, and a real mensch, but his wife does him a disservice by treating his patients, whom, I may add are customers, poorly. Customer service is not in her vernacular and she leaves a bad impression with the patients, which, in turn, leaves a stain on Dr. Sherman's reputation, which he should not have to abide. A smile and a pleasant disposition could do wonders for this practice.

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Love it now. show details Love it now.
by No more pain pills on Mar 30th, 2013

I have been a patient now five month. But I can see there has been a big change in the practise. For the good. I can see that the wife is not there any more. Thank god for that. Now the doctor can do his job. With out someone yelling out side the door. And making patients feel like we are just another number. All she wants is are money and nothing more. Crazy part is she also would talk about patients so loud patient for us to here and every one else. Now look who is on the other side of the road. Dr. Sherman is a good man and will do better with out the Blonde hair nurse. We love the rest of staff. Erica and even the crazy guy there with the big smile.

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Good doctor show details Good doctor
Mar 21st, 2012

Love the doctor. The dog lady is the best. We always get the help that me and my family need. His office is the place to go when you need a real doctor who cares. And we can't for get about jojo we love him so much.

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Best Dr. Ever! show details Best Dr. Ever!
Mar 2nd, 2012

He gave me what I wanted and I am very happy with the office,dosen't really look good on the outside of the building, but looks great on the inside. I love that thay have candy.The doctor is great because he pays attention. I love their Therapy Dog, it's name is Lady! She's so cute.

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Feb 17th, 2012

Getting an appointment was fast and easy. When I got there I was already very nervous and uncomfortable. I had not seen a doctor in over two years and have been severely ill and scared about what possible diagnosis I could have. I waited for an hour and a half to see this doctor. I was upset because I had to do this appt between work hours. There were 3 dogs running all over the place, which I felt was awkward and very unprofessional. I finally went into to see the doctor and it was less than 10 minutes that I had been speaking with him, trying to explain all my issues, when his wife (the office manager) came outside the door and yelled at him to hurry up and move on because he was an hour behind schedule. I didnt even get to fully explain my situation or get my ear checked that I have had an infection in for weeks. He didnt take my blood pressure or any vitals, didnt ask me any medical history or important medical background information. His wife, the office manager, is unbelievably rude!!! I was very shocked. I will never go there again and have told some people who work in the medical field and they told me he had a very bad reputation and was considered a "pill pusher" when it came to narcotics. Please read these reviews for what they really are and stay away from this doctor and his crazy wife!

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He is caring and listened well show details He is caring and listened well
Nov 3rd, 2011

All of his staff are trained phlebotemists, so that makes getting blood work done easy. When we needed emergency care his staff and him were right there for us. The staff are not the most service-oriented, or polished, but they get the job done.

Best DR in Oxnard show details Best DR in Oxnard
Sep 30th, 2011

DR Sherman is a great Dr and the only reason the people that gave him bad reviews don't like him or his wife is because they are not doing what they are supposed to and are not taking their medications as prescribed! I give all of the staff props for having the patience to deal with some of the annoying drug addicts that are trying to abuse the services that this office provides. I have been going to Dr Sherman for like 3 years and I have never experienced anything like the reviews onthis website. As long as you are respectful to the staff they will treat u the same.

May 12th, 2011

Good Dr. rude staff

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Good Doctor and love the staff and Jojo is the best show details Good Doctor and love the staff and Jojo is the best
May 2nd, 2011

Very good doctor and very helpful. In my time of need this doctor's office help so much. They have a staff member name Jojo. He is very caring and helpful. When I felt alone and sad with the changes in my health. With that smile and loving personality he me gave hope. The doctor is very intelligent an nice. Thank you guys very much. If you need a doctor he is the one.........

by GLORIA B. CENDEJAS on Mar 6th, 2011

I believe in expectations, especially when i, GLORIA B. CENDEJAS,was misdiagnoised by a previous-family practictioner . i dont like to defame any dr. but when I saw how COURTEOUS, AND HOW DR.ADAM SHAMAN;MRS.SHERMAN;`based on many years of accompanning my father to see: Dr. Sherman for many years>i observed throughout all those years, my father always walked out feeling so: cared, so understood,;, my father would tell me,` "Gloria,Dr.Sherman is sent from above,all his staff is courteous and respectful."( he would say it , almost teary-eyed).Now being my specialist, I see that DR. SHERMAN is persistant and makes sure that my vitals are in normal range. He also checks my bloodwork, every 6-7 months. THE FIRST QUESTION HE ASKS, THAT I HAVE ALWAYS NOTICED IS WHEN HE asks,"HOWS EVERYTHING GOING? I wish alot of blessings to all the staff and especially to MRS.BELINDA SHERMAN, always working so hard. i always knew it takes two to make the love spread around. thank u ERIKA, and of course: JOEY,aka- "jo-jo". AND OF COURSE WHO COULD NOT FORGET ABOUT "LADY' their well-groomed service dog.with all due respect and I strongly recommend him.

the blonde haired worker show details the blonde haired worker
Aug 20th, 2010

the blonde in his office is extremely rude to patients on the phone and in person.She yells there personal info and names. some day they will have a huge fine.She yells at the doctor and other staff members and talks about the patients at the door of the rooms there in very judgemental and controlling.and very loud.almost feels like you are being assaulted. Too bad because the doc is nice and caring along with everyone else. she is very hyper,crazed and can't possible have any education on the hippa privacy act. she does not care about sick people just being a bully to all.TOO BAD BECAUSE EVERY ONE ELSE IS NICE. she has to go.

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The most unprofessional doctor and staff.... show details The most unprofessional doctor and staff....
by Avoid this Doctor on Jun 18th, 2010

I don't even know where to begin....The staff is rude, uneducated and incompetent. I am embarrassed for even visiting this doctor. The office is dirty and disgusting, there is a dog that wanders around the office unsupervised as well. Poor dog. The staff is known to listen to loud music and sit at the front desk with their feet up on the counter while patients wait. On many occasions I have witnessed patients being yelled at with an unnecessary aggression. You will be confused over many things when visiting this office, but mainly who is the actual doctor? Dr. Sherman is the one with the title but his wife/receptionist is the one who really runs the show. Not behind the scenes either....she often yells at him or cuts him down in front of the staff and patients in violent manners. The Dr. himself often complains about her treatment but is too scared to confront her. Don't be late for an appointment either....apparently this is a pet peave that the doc's wife really dislikes and takes personal. The only reason I went to this doctor in the first place was because I was looking for help and without insurance at the time I couldn't find another affordable option to get the care I needed. Care never happened, but five minute appointments to hand you a prescription usually did. Well, today I was late for my appointment. My fault, but it was difficult on the first day of summer to find a sitter for my child so I took him with me. My fault for being late regardless I admit. What a mistake it was to even go today, but most unfortunately that I took my son with me. The doctor made accusations that I had not been taking my medication as prescribed and before I could even begin to respond to the false accusation I was being yelled at by the receptionist/wife about what a liar I was and how she was going to take my child away from me. What?!?! I asked her to calm down and stop demanding things from me until I could understand what was going on - considering I had no idea what was going on, as I thought I was just visiting the doctor on a beautiful Friday morning. Each time I asked for clarity she refused and told me I was refusing to be cooperative. I was not. I stated specifically as much to them as well "I am not being uncooperative at all, I just ask that you calm down and explaiin to me what is going on here?" At three points during the conversation the Doctor himself actually defended me and disagreed on the way his wife/receptionist was twisting my words. Bottom line is that whether I did anything right or wrong (which I believe to be the first option completely) it is completely inappropriate for a family practitioner to belittle someone, scream and yell at them, all the while in front of a young child was clearly being disturbed by the incident. In fact he cried and cried when we left and wouldn't stop hugging me for quite sometime. He can hug me all he wants, but never again because of these people. I've heard this guy is a 'drug doctor' but I never had that experience with his prescribing methods - I did however feel such street level tactics used as customer service methods.

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Worst experience ever!!!!!! show details Worst experience ever!!!!!!
Apr 14th, 2010

Rude and incompetant staff, who have made incorrect appointments on numerous occassions. Treat patients horrible and don't care about their patients well being. Worst doctor office and staff I have ever known. Do not go here if you want to be treated fairly and avoid any problems with appointments.

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Jan 11th, 2010

horrible doctor, shill for the drug companies (everyone who i have talked to that has seen him is prescribed identical, brand-name drugs, and he will not allow the generic), seems to have no clue about medicine, horribly rude staff, i could go on forever... don't see this guy.

READ. show details READ.
by Ventura County Star on Nov 16th, 2009

I would not recommend this physician to anyone. He does not genuinly care about his patient's well- being.He is known as a 'drug-doctor'. Drug addicts go to him when they want to be prescribed medication(s). The only positive thing about this doctor is that he is the cheapest (ONLY WHEN IT COMES TO SUBOXIN/ drug addiction etc) in the whole county. 70$ visits. Although, he does not take all insurance. And his office charges 70$ for missed appointments (which is ridiculous). Of course, the reason he charges so cheap (for a suboxin doctor) is because he likes to get his patients hooked on these drugs, and he knows that people (especially addicts) cannot afford anything over 70$ a visit, so he conveniently sets his price, and waits for every addict to come to him.His small group of staff seem like they do not have a clue what they are talking about. Especially the nurses. His staff is often rude, as well.I would rate this doctor a 1/5. If that.Be aware.

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very positive experience show details very positive experience
Apr 3rd, 2009

the therapy dog on site, Lady, was wonderful, the doctor was very helpful - the front desk was a little curt but overall a good appt

Great Diagnostician show details Great Diagnostician
by ttruex0 on Oct 23rd, 2008 on

Excellent especially their therapy dog "Lady Mae" who greets everyone and makes them feel important and loved.

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