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Most Caring Dr. in my 53 years of Doctoring. Also Fibromylgia pain on top of injury relief. show details Most Caring Dr. in my 53 years of Doctoring. Also Fibromylgia pain on top of injury relief.
by Tina Archer on Apr 27th, 2014

I would recommend him to anyone. He is a Dr. that really cares for his patients. He will not give up to find relief for his patients. In my 53 years have never had such a caring Dr. Not to much luck with my WC nurses transcribing and proofreading to make sure allowances only mentioned. Very particular in hearings which resulted in my having to pay for my medication now. Possible new allowances should have been added to cover complete care of injuries. He wants you to get relief. If that's main treatment he's the Doctor for you. Moved to far away for treatment now, Dr. for around 7 years. Need more Doctors like him.

My first visit. show details My first visit.
by Jeanette S. on Apr 7th, 2014

After being ditched by my previous pain doctor for "not improving as much as he had anticipated" and was just too lazy to do any more research or imaging, I was referred to Dr. Katabay. He's extremely efficient, yet really listens to what you're saying, and talks to you, not at you or down to you. When he asked what area of my body was the very worst, and I told him my neck and lower back were almost equal, he did an exam to determine what area to start working on first. He chose my neck, because the DDD and bulging discs gives me a lot of insanely nasty migraines. He couldn't put my pain medication back up to where it was before the other doctor dropped it 10mg when he dropped me...I have to see the pain psychologist first, but I see that as very responsible on his part. He did, however, give me breakthrough medication after asking me how long my ER medication lasts. I ended up waiting about an hour, but some of that time was spent weeding through the records my PCP sent that weren't at all needed. His staff is really great too. Very friendly and helpful. I feel now that the other doctor kicking me to the curb (not that I'm going to let him get off scot free for it), will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Dr. Katabay's office already has me scheduled with the pain psych, procedures for both sides of my neck, and my followup appt. He also ordered a new MRI of my back asap since I haven't had one for a little over 3 years now. Every time I asked my old doctor, he put it off, saying not much could or would have changed in 3 years. I'm really happy with Dr. K so far!

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snotttt show details snotttt
Mar 31st, 2014

worst experience ever! i was in waiting room for 6 hours before i got seen.

Doctor's Response

Are you sure you saw me after 6 hours? Or did you see someone else since i have never made any of my patients wait 6 hours before!

Best Dr among my long list of specialists show details Best Dr among my long list of specialists
by PATRICIA L. MILLER on Mar 5th, 2013

I love Dr Katabay. He is probably the most caring & sympathetic Dr I have been to. When you have a life long disease that includes immense, unbearable pain, a good bedside manner that is full of compassion, is the type of Dr you seek out. The fact that he is also extremely good at his job from a medical aspect is a rare find. I have been with Dr. Katabay going on 8 years now & would be heart broken if stopped practicing in this area. Dr. Katabay recently changed practices & is now with a new group of Drs. I will be following him there on my next appt. It will be sad to not see quite a few faces anymore, I absolutely love his previous staff. Like T. she never forgets my name or what my most recent problems are. She always goes out of her way to speak to both my husband & I. The girls that work in the procedure rooms as well as the girls that work in the procedure waiting area & gather info & have you sign permission, are all equally wonderful & personable. They even made mention to me the first time they saw me out of a wheelchair. His whole procedure group, including his Anesthesiologist were thrilled to finally see me walk again after several years of not being able to. Now let's talk about his Anesthesiologist, Brent who handles the meds for the procedures so you don't feel pain. He is the best & also always remembers me when he sees me, without looking at my chart first. He knows me & he knows what & how much to give me. Next problem for some is the sometimes long wait. Yes, I too have had to wait upwards of an hour or more. If it really bothered me, I would call first & ask how long the wait is. The wait did seem to be longer in his old building, but their new offices seem to move a little faster. I feel sometimes that when your appt. is delayed, it means that someone who was ahead of you, needed him more than usual. Maybe they were discussing adverse reactions to a new med. whatever the case, I know he doesn't rush his patients. You take as much time as you feel you need. I also have NEVER been in his waiting room where people were getting hostile with anyone. Most people just sit back & watch TV. Some even lead or a few minutes to get a drink & something to eat at a neighboring fast food place. I personally wouldn't spend my time at home waiting until I should leave any different than the way I spend the wait in his office. As for Dr Katabay not following up after each visit, I would not expect him to. I have never had a Dr. do that & would wonder why he has so much free time. However, a member of his staff does always call the day after any type of procedure to make sure you have no complications. As for calling to see how you tolerate you meds., I don't really see that as his responsibility either. If you are having that bad of a reaction, pick up the phone & call the office. If you are too disoriented to do that, have a friend or family member do it for you. I recently discovered I was allergic to Lyrica. As soon as it was pointed out to me how bad I was on it, I immediately STOPPED taking it, THEN called Dr Katabay & made an appt. for as soon as possible. Which was later that week. I learned a long time ago that you have to be your own patient advocate. If you are too delusional & lethargic to do that, maybe you need to be seeing a different type of specialist along with or instead of Dr Katabay. He can't read minds, especially if that mind is jumbled with unclear, unfinished thoughts. At the very least, your PCP should pick up on the delusions & arrange for you to see another Dr. I have run the gamut in pain meds. from Tylenol, to Codeine, to Percoset & beyond, up until Tordol & Morphine with increased doses in all before moving up the scale & I have never been unable to keep my apps. After all, they call you the day before. If that's not good enough, see a different type of Dr., maybe one who specializes in either delusions or dementia. I wouldnt jump off the cliff & blame Dr Katabay. Just saying...

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by Jodi Click on Jan 29th, 2013

I have a plethora of medical problems; worst of which is chronic pain throughout my body due to traumatic brain injury and broken neck, and acute fibromyalgia. When I first went to see Dr. Katabay, I could barely walk and was bed ridden 95% of the time. He took my hand and promised me he would not stop working until he gave me as much of my life back as he possibly could. It was the very first time I had any real hope. He is thorough, listens well, asks questions, and works WITH ME. He always explains what he is doing and why. He's the MOST COMPASSIONATE DOCTOR I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. If you are willing to do your part, he will go to any length to help relieve your pain and help you to have a life again. I trust him with my life. He takes his time with each patient, so you may have a wait occasionally. However, you can be sure, if you need him, he's not going to rush you, he is more interested in making sure you are well cared for. So, I don't mind the occasional wait. I know there is no finer doctor anywhere.

Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde show details Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde
Feb 28th, 2012

Pros... Spends a good amount of time with each patient. Seems to have a good grasp on his profession.Cons...Has zero respect for people's time and appointment schedule. Expect a long wait of at least an hour in the waiting room. I have waited up to 2 hours to be seen from my scheduled appointment time. How can a highly trained professional be so disrespectful of his patients time? Staff is so-so.Building also smells. Waiting room can become hostile when the wait gets long.

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Feb 7th, 2011

The wait time is absolutely rediculous! As far as the staff, you always have 1 or 2 people who are always rude, snotty or just know everything and won't let you talk or explain anything without interupting you. When it comes to Dr. Katabay I have know complaints! Dr. Katabay is a great Dr., he finds the problem and and he takes care of it. For the person who missed the Dr. appt. because of the meds he was taking...I seriously doubt the meds. One would think if the meds were affecting them that bad they would not take the meds the nite before your appt. All you have to do is tell Dr. Katabay if the meds are to strong and he will change them, if they are not strong enough or do not work well or are not helping your problem and he will change them. Dr. Katabay WILL work with you until you can either control your pain or your pain is gone. Dr. Katabay WILL get you some sort of pain relief one way or another or by a combination of things and he won't stop working with you until you are happy and relieved of pain, mabey not 100% relief but as much relief that is possible. You may not get immediate relief the first visit but give him a chance to try differant things and he will find a solution.

Sep 16th, 2009

I just love this doctor

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Apr 13th, 2009

Excellent doctor!!!