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Jun 15th, 2009

I called 4-5 wks in advance and was given an appt with Dr Neil Jobalia @ the Hamilton-Mason office. However, when I got there I signed in and gave them my paper work filled out the necessary additional forms and paid my copay. After waiting 55minutes, I overheard another patient state, "what do you mean Dr Jobalia is not here anymore? Who am I seeing today?". With that I went up to the window and waited for my turn and asked the lady who was I seeing and she stated Dr Siddiqi. I said No, I set up an appt with Dr Jobalia. She stated No You DIDN'T! I said Yes I did. Then she asked when did you set it up and I told her 4-5 wks ago and she said, Dr Jobalia no longer see's patients and the put me in Dr Siddiqi's scheduled. I said they didn't notify my of this. She said it isn't there policy to notify someone of that! I said yes, I should have been notified because I wanted to see dr Jobalia not dr Siddiqi!! I had a bad experience with a Dr Siddiqi before and I didn't want to see him again ever!! So I asked my husband if it was ok it we left even though we waited an hour. He said whatever you want is fine with me!! I went up to the girl and told her I can see that dr I need to leave so can I please have my records and my copay back. She did tell me I could see another dr in 4-6 wks. I can't wait that long again. She handed me the records my pcp faxed over and she had to get help to do the credit card machine. The other lady was either Barb or Betty finally came up after 15 more minutes and did the refund and I signed the paper. Then I asked the receptionist for my paperwork they sent me that had my private information on it that I filled out back. She went to hand it to me and then Barb or Betty said No she can't have that it is "OUR RECORDS" and they have to stay with us! I tried to explain to her that they were my records and had my personal information on them. She stated since it had their LOGO on it, it was considered their records!! I asked if she could cut off their LOGO and then give me my records and she said no and now this conversation is over and you can LEAVE THE OFFICE NOW!!! I was so humiliated and upset! I couldn't believe what I heard!! How can a person talk to a patient like that. Better yet a person who I told her works at another dr's office!! The receptionist then asked me to move away from the window so she could wait on other patients. I moved over and thought about what had just happened. When her window was cleared I asked the receptionist if she could ask Barb or Betty if I could watch her shred my records. The receptionist stated in a very stern voice, " Now she has already told you that this conversation is over, Now please leave the office!!!" I work for Dr Terrence Carrigan and after I explained what happened we are no longer referring anyone to your group!! You have a very RUDE staff at your office!! That is what our Patients would see first and we wouldn't want them to see that!!