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A former patient that misses him and his practice show details A former patient that misses him and his practice
Apr 5th, 2012

My husband and I had him as our primary care physician for many years. When ever one of us needed an appointment, we got in that day if it was absolutely necessary. He had a caring bedside manner and a sense of humor that would immediately set us at ease. He did not overprescribe medications and sometimes offered alternatives that proved to be effective. With all of the dangerous side effects that some medications have, it was nice to have a doctor that believed in some of the eastern methods that are now being more sought after. When my husbands employer changed insurance companies we had to change doctors. We were comfortable with Dr.Chua and were devastated to have to change doctors. He said he would miss us as patients, wished us well, and transferred our records free of charge to the doctor of our choice. When my husbands employer changes insurances again, we tried to go back to Dr.Chua again and were heartbroken to find that he was not in practice. If he should ever go back into practice again, we will be first at his door.

Jun 20th, 2011

Dr. Chua was my only doctor for 14 years and I also considered him a friend. I am disgusted that his practice is in trouble because a few druggies fooled him somehow. Now I am in constant pain and cannot work, why.... Not because of Dr. Chua but because many other doctors would rather let their patients stay in pain rather than chance having the problems of a "good" doctor. I was a nurse and I have actually heard other doctors say send them to Chua, I dont want to mess with pain patients. Am I mad -yes I am,. but not at Dr. Chua. I am mad at the doctors whose diplomas should be used as toilet paper!!!

Apr 12th, 2011

your a rotten doctor who put me on xanaxfor 3 years then i went in foe a checkupand you stopped all my should be ashamed

Beware of Drug seekers bad reviews of a good doctor show details Beware of Drug seekers bad reviews of a good doctor
Mar 6th, 2011

Almost every bad review here revolves around (so called) patients not getting their narcotic refills. A little common sense and you can see right through their veil attempts to put down a doctor because he was smart enough to recognize they didn't want health care but rather tried to play him for their next fix. I guarantee they all said he was the greatest doctor in the world while they were getting their narcotics. Drug seekers become very bitter and lash out at anyone that cuts off their supply. Practicing pain medicine is a very tricky business weeding out the bad so that the people truly suffering from pain can be treated with dignity.GM

Thomas Ingle (RT)R - BA Biochemistry/Molecular Biology show details Thomas Ingle (RT)R - BA Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
by Thomas Ingle on Jul 15th, 2010

Unfortunatley my GP for many many years, Dr. Mario Moretti, who I can not say enough positive things about, chose this man to join his staff when he started getting ill from a long fight with pancreatic cancer! This man, Dr. Alvin Chua, is the complete opposite of Dr. Moretti. He, (Dr. Moretti), was what I call an old fashioned doctor. I am terminally and chronically ill. Dr. Moretti saw me any time on any day, 24-7. Many times he never even billed me. I had his home phone number and was encouraged to use it when I needed him! How many doctors do you know of like this today? On the other hand, his new employee, Dr. Alvin Chua, turned out to be what , for lack of a better name, I would call a "Quack"! His focus was always on how am I getting paid? Never was it on how do you feel today? He was a prescription mill! Unfortunatly after many years of heavy labor as well as playing hockey and football, I am left with the bone structure of a 100 year old man. Not only do I suffer from orthopedic problems, but I also have several other maladies. One of these is fatal and the only treatment for it, which Dr. Moretti walked me through, (many times I was violently ill and almost died from the treatment), failed miserably! Since taking over my care Dr. Chua has been cold and unavailable except for the two minutes he gives you when providing any prescriptions needed. As a member of the health care community myself I do see many aspects of patient care from both sides. From one visit to the next he never even knows what my problems were or even what he was treating me for! I understand he sees many patients but if any doctor sees so many patients that they can not effectively follow their care they are seeing too many patients! My first point about him only practicing for the money he makes! Rather than send me to an orthopedic surgeon, a bone specialist, he said he would treat me with a cold laser, but unfortunatly my insurance did not cover this treatment! He again focuses on how he can make money rather than treat me properly. After seeing an orthopedic surgeon I was advised what it would take to fix the condition. I sought a second opinion with a nuero-surgeon to make sure I was being advised properly and I was told the same thing as the orthopedic surgeon said! Both of these specialists told me that not only was the laser treatment not approved for this procedure, but they had not seen any one who got positive results from laser treatment. Again when bringing this up with Dr. Chua, he forgot I had asked him about this, and when I explained the situation he again recomended the laser treatment. After telling him what the other doctors had said he laughed at this and said that western medicine was all about money and I should get the laser treatment. To him its all about how can he get more meney from you! At one point I had a situation with my prescription insurance and all I needed to resolve it with the pharmacy was a copy of the correspondence he received from the prescription insurance. He would not bother to take the time to provide me with this and sent me off with no prescription for the very addictive medication he had been providing me for the chronic pain I suffered and no way to resolve the problem with the pharmacy! I called the prescription insurance company and they advised me that all I needed was a copy of what they sent him, which was privelaged between the pharmacy and the doctor's office, and the problem would be resolved. He was so pre-occupied with making money that he would not give me the time to even discuss the situation and that he would no longer provide me with any medication! I was treated like a common drug addict when the only problem was a paper work issue with his office. He would not even take the time to look in to the situation even though the prescription insurance company said I had done nothing wrong and Dr. Chua or his office was causing the problem! I had to seek help from a local emergency room, driving health care costs up, just to get my medication until I could be seen from a new general practioner to take over my care. My new doctor has seen so much negative information about Dr. Chua that they will not even treat his patients if they try and transfer to them. The only reason they took me was because I had been a patient in the past when I had my own business and had the type of insurance they required! Since then Dr. Chua has been forced to close his practice due to him inappropriatly providing prescriptions. I had always taken regular drug screening and never had an improper result yet because of five minutes worth of researching his own paper work I was sent off with out a doctor and with no medication! It's all about the money with him! I would not pay him to do his unapproved eastern medicine so he sent me on my way. Today I am with a local doctor who could not believe I had not had a proper physical since Dr. Moretti stopped practicing. My blood work had not been done to follow the chronic illness I have. Also a yearly ultrasound and cat scan are needed to keep check on these chronic conditions yet he had not done either. He never even recomended anything unless it was something he could do in his office and bill me for it! Today, when trying to get a copy of my medical records I was told it will cost me between $50-75. What a great guy! I have since checked with The ACLU and found out there is a law in place and his prices are far above the legal standards set for charging for medical records. In the past while Dr. Moretti was still practicing I had moved to Florida for some time. Dr. Moretti not only did not charge me a penny for my medical records, he faxed copies of them to several specialists and hospitals in Florida. I never received a bill for any of these services! I did however, on several occasions, receive a call from Dr. Moretti asking how I was doing phyically as well as my well being in general. Again, this is what I call a real doctor! Dr. Chua on the other hand is what I see is wrong with health care today! I believe what goes around comes around! If you only knew how bad I felt when he sent me on my way feeling so low like I had done something wrong, or even criminal, only to find out it was just a simple mistake in paperwork! I hope he now feels as bad as I did! In my opinion this man should never be allowed to practice medicine again! If I ever hear about him standing trial to try and get his license back I will be there to give my testimony in his lack of sympathy and caring but his great love of the amarican dollar!

Highly recommended show details Highly recommended
May 20th, 2010

Dr. Chua had been my treating physician for four years before he was let go on April 14. When I was very first seen by Dr. Chua, I had recently moved and had to change the Dr. I was once seeing. My health Condition at the time was extremely poor. Three prior major back surgeries with the last one consisting of two titanium cages, a fusion and bone graft. The last surgery also left me with a paralyzed left foot. I was in need of continuing my opiate therapy that I had been receiving for the past 8 years. Dr. Chua made certain all testing was done before he would prescribe the medication that was needed. After a full examination and seeing the scars on my lower back and left hip from the bone graft, Dr. Chua gave me a week of medication so I wouldn't suffer from opiate with drawl to where I have to say, unless your a person who's being treated by opiates for as long as I have, drug with drawl is the worst. Patients should not have to suffer when they suffer with chronic pain. Unfortunately I found out what withdrawal feels like due to not being weaned off a duragesic patch properly that I was given for over a year by a neurosureon.Dr. Chua also made me sign a contract that a patient has to sign in order to receive pain medication. Dr. Chua did random drug screen testing that all patients were well aware of. I took my medication seriously along with strict rules that I abided by at all times. The testing Dr. Chua had ordered, was a bone density test, x-rays, and mammogram considering family history along with blood work to determine if I had high cholesterol, had a vitamin D deficiency, or had any other health concerns to think about. Thankfully due to Dr. Chua's testing, I was able to see I had bones of a 90 year old woman that I didn't know of prior. I am only 45. Due to the fact Cancer runs in my family, a mammogram was order, thankfully that was negative.Dr. Chua referred me to an expert in bone endocrinology and started me on the drug actonel due to my condition. Unfortunately I had a very bad reaction to that drug and I decided it best I treat my condition with a strict healthy diet and weight bearing exercise best I could tolerate given the apparatus I have in my lower back. I also did my own research considering the age i'm at on top of 90 year old bones and found out I fit in a class action suit against the drug manufacturer Pfizer. Prior to seeing Dr. Chua.... years prior, I was taking the Depo Provera birth control shot for 10 consecutive years. Although Dr. Chua didn't want to commit one way or the other as to how my bones were deteriorating that I can appreciate given a doctor pointing the finger at another drug maker, I pursued the lawsuit and Pfizer settled it off for 5.5 million dollars. Given the fact they settled, says a lot about the drug Depo Provera.In the summer of 09, I broke my hip ( femoral neck) simply by losing my balance and falling over from a stand up position in my back yard. My left foot got weak (the paralyzed one) that caused the initial accident. To a normal body, breaking a hip in this manor is simply unheard of. I now have three very large screws that were drilled into my left thigh bone that extend into my hip bone. My entire left thigh consists of all metal. The pain from that injury is still excruciating. I can not lay on that side at all during the night. The hospital care given at Umas Memorial was an experience I will never forget with the care, keeping me completely comfortable at all times and medication given for they didn't want me to suffer withdrawal as well very well knowing I was a patient who was being treated with opiate therapy. Those were their words not mine.With all I have wrong with my entire body, I found Dr. Chua to be extremely professional and down right caring when passing along bad news. After Dr. Chua had informed me my bones were grave, he actually gave me the opportunity to ask how I felt with the news he had given. Most doctors will tell it like it is and not wait or ask how you feel about it all but not Dr. Chua. I could tell this Dr. was the kind of Dr. I wanted to remain with for the rest of my life. Not only is Dr. Chua caring, his entire staff are as well. With the numerous times I am seen, I am able to witness quite a lot and what I had found is those who can't wait more then 10 minutes are those who are waiting on a refill. I hear quite a lot behind the scenes and to me, those are the ones who are only interested in getting their meds and leaving. Dr. Chua specializes in pain management so therefore those who try and call him Dr. Feel good is a stigma the news has portrayed with other doctors and nothing more. If anything, I have seen Dr. Chua refuse people narcotics only because those types of patients make it well known with their lashing out, slamming doors and verbal comments. Dr. Chua simply doesn't tolerate those who are seeking narcotics alone and like I said, if it wasn't for all the testing Dr. Chua had ordered, I would have never found out the condition my bones were in and yet prior to seeing Dr. Chua, I had been in the care of many doctors of the past who never suggested such a test to begin with.Although this is a very long comment, I felt my entire history gone over just so others can see the care Dr. Chua put into my entire health. Those who have to wait long in a waiting room simply have to understand that some patients, such as myself, have a lot to go over. No patient ever wants the bums rush when it comes to being seen and yet Dr. Chua can never be blamed for not putting the time that's needed into the real patients with significant issues like myself and many others I see walking in with assistance from another party or medical equipment to see them in safely. I am saddened Dr. Chua had to take leave due to circumstances beyond his control. The numerous patients with severe conditions in my opinion are left with what to do. Pain facilities are now over swamped with many trying to be seen to where I finally got an appointment after a month and a half wait. how fair is that to me considering my injuries were beyond my own control. how fair is that to me considering I passed all drug screens and abided by all the rules. A doctor has a patient fill out and sign rules of their own that I can very much appreciate but what about those who are on long term pain medication? We as patients have nothing to protect us and yet the board of medicine over looks and turns a blind eye to what this kind of sickness can do to a person if medication is suddenly stopped. Why not put a fill in doctor for the time being is all i'm suggesting. To end this, if someone doesn't feel they are being properly cared for or their needs are not being met, why not seek another doctor instead of putting hundreds if not thousands of patients out entirely and to seek another alternative that down right leaves us with no warning at all.As for myself, I will have the pain facility manage my pain and when Dr. Chua does come back, I will keep him for my primary care doctor to continue treating, monitoring and directing me so if anything further should arise, I know it will be caught in time that just might one day save my life.

Revoke His License show details Revoke His License
Apr 29th, 2010

- Misdiagnosed lactose intolerance for years, forced several costly (insurance covered) tests. New doctor immediately pinpointed the problem.- Tried to get my wife to get very costly exams done while she was pregnant, stating -what do you care, the insurance pays for it--known in the local area as Dr. Feelgood, because of his willingness to prescribe narcotics

The best ! show details The best !
Apr 20th, 2010

Simply the best. Being a "pain" doctor many drug seekers will go there though so beware of the comments from them.

ungodly experience show details ungodly experience
Apr 16th, 2010

this doctor needs to be put in jail for a long long time!!!

sees patients as atm machines show details sees patients as atm machines
Apr 15th, 2010

dr chua is a pain specialist and a primary care doctor.He writes narcotic pain medication and other meds for other issues>Knowing I have an allergy to a type of htn medication,which causes aniphylaxis he prescribed a drug from the same family of drugs.he also prescribed something for sleep the has a high rate of heart palpitations as a side effect knowing I had a heart palpittion problem already> his wife who is his accountant has threatened me and followed through on not allowing me to get refills of meds because she has constantly made mistakes on my insurance(which i do have and does pay when billed correctly) she tells me that I have to pay atleast a hundred dollars or more to see him.usually not even giving me a chance to make payment arrrangments or correcting her mistake or even ecknowledging it. that office is nothing short of a drug dealing me or else! IS their patient care statement!

Absolutely Terrible show details Absolutely Terrible
by july on Mar 4th, 2010

Misdiagnoses. Insensitive. Unprofessional. Judgmental. Unkind.

A very bad experiance over 2 years show details A very bad experiance over 2 years
Sep 11th, 2009

his staff is rude and uneducated leaving valued test results not relayed, not followed up on and continuance to decline medically.this is a place he makes money and that is it. no concern for the patients well being and no study to diagnos any issues.I am very sorry I wasted my time there.