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Wonderful Doctor. show details Wonderful Doctor.
by Summertime on Nov 18th, 2014

I agree with the post regarding Dr. Dove holding the parent responsible. She is not a doctor who will look the other way, sign an excuse slip and send you on your way. I took my daughter to her on my own. I waited 6 months for the appointment when her pediatrician at the time advised me I was wasting my time with a specialist. At that time, my daughter was sick all the time. Today my daughter plays sports, shops, has a typical life of a teenager. Dr. Dove knows which meds work and when to change them. I am forever thankful to her for helping my daughter regain a life again. I agree with what seems to be an increase in government insurance patients, which has made the wait long sometimes. I trust Dr. Dove and although she can be moody, I am there for the best interest of my daughter, not to have someone hold my hand then send me on my way...

Nov 5th, 2014 on

Always professional and courteous. Addressing the patient's need and health issues.

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Sep 30th, 2014 on

Excellent care. Concerns for my health always addressed. My health has improved 100%. Would highly recommend doctor to anyone having pulmonary issues.

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Aug 22nd, 2014 on

Waiting time is a minimum of 1 hour, due to hospital responsibilities.

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Please call me if you know show details Please call me if you know
by Doreen on Jul 31st, 2014

Please call me because its the right thing to do - 210 995-9501

Jul 13th, 2014 on

The service associated with our appointments have always been excellent. The attention received makes one feels they are the only ones in the world. Staff have always been courteous and friendly.

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It is what it is... show details It is what it is...
by Ellizabeth on Jun 19th, 2014

Personally I think Dr. Dove is amazing. She has gotten my daughters asthma completely under control. Understand this, she is not the doctor that is going to dance around your child's illness. If you're not following the action plan that is provided to you verbally and in writing (in a DOUBLE sided form given to you upon your first appointment), she will tell you about it. As far as a wait time I don't know of any specialist office where you can be seen in 30 minutes or less. Dr. Dove is pretty much the ONLY doctor in the city that accepts Medicaid, so we can all guess that her patient list is LONG... seeing as how everybody has a state funded insurance now a days. On top of that if your child is sick she will spend extra time with your child to make sure that the patient is okay before he or she leaves the office or stable enough to be admitted into the hospital. I have sat and watched parents get nasty with the staff for completely unnecessary reasons. They are human (just like you), you cannot expect to verbally abuse someone and not ruffle feathers. Most of the patients that come to the office are more concerned with whats going on with their phones vs. the actual treatment of their children. The office is SMALL literally run by the doctor and two other staff members. They are kind and they do what they can to attend and care for the large amount of patients that need their services. If you require a Physician that won't hold you accountable for the health and the HOME up keep of maintaining your child's disease then this doctor is not for you. Maybe it would please some of you to have a provider that didn't care... or maybe it displeases you or embarrasses you that someone seems to care more than you do as the parent. I don't know, but as far as for me and my family Dr. Dove is a perfect fit in what we needed, and my child has not been healthier.

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May 28th, 2014 on

I like the fact that the Dr. always talks to our daughter before she examines her. It helps to put her at ease and allows her to talk the doctor without any fears.

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May 18th, 2014

Dr. Dove was rrecommend to us by our pcp. First visit was 4 hours long. She was rude. Staff is rude . For being a pediatric doctor she not a delightful person. Getting an appointment can take up to moths. Long wait hours. The only thing she did right was get my child's asthma under control. Would not recommended her anyone.

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Feb 12th, 2014 on

Our provider has always addressed any medical issue that has or may arise. Always listens carefully to insure the best possible treat for my son. The service provided by Dr. Dove and staff is a careing and nurturing environment.

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first and last show details first and last
by gracie on Feb 12th, 2014

My frist time and my last time RUDE RUDE RUDE I'm not from san Antonio nor familiar with the area I got lost and called for direction the receptionist was frustrated with me over the fone and keep making frustrated noise by the time I got there I couldn't understand the lady and stared down on me waited for the longest time after I went in the lady took her vital then had me waiting almost an hour in a room when the doctor decided to come in she spoke with me for 10 min the walked out and I waited for another 45 min and kept walking in and out not worth my 2:30 drive I get back to my hometown to pick them up and the still haven't send them well no my school need an required aproved letter so I called to see if it can be fax but the nurse said"dr dove does not like to sign any forms that y she said you with an action plan you can send the paper but she won't read it" actual words wow I was impressed with this kind of attitude from both staff and doctor

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Straight and to the point. show details Straight and to the point.
Oct 7th, 2013

Our Visit with Dr. Dove was very plesant. She was straight and to the point, took the time to go over the xrays with me to show me the areas of concern for my daughter. She knows her stuff. Since my visit with her my daughter has improved almost over night. We haven't had a single issue with her asthma, and in the even that we do she provided and take home action plan so we would know exactly what to do. Her staff is Very Plesant and Professional. The children's care comes first in this office so if you are looking for a Dr. thats going to sugar coat your childs condition then this may not be the Dr for you. i got exactly what i needed straight and direct information that is allowing me to care for my child in the BEST way possible. THANK YOU Dr. DOVE

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A rude b***h and her minioins show details A rude b***h and her minioins
by Angry Parent With A Sick Child on Sep 16th, 2013

Uncourteous and doesn't mater if you are the best in the city and know your s**t NO ONE should be treated this way by a doctor or thier staff. If you complain about the attitude of her staff she will release your child as her patient. I've seen it over and over again, she is nosey and ask questions about your home life NOT pertaining to your childs respiratory issues and then incenustes that those are the reasons for your child condition even if they were obviously born premature with respiratory issues. This was just unprofessional, I went through this with her and my first child because I was a new dad and didn't know what to do because everyone said she was the best. Is my older son better YES but the b******t I went through with him was horrible nowe my 2nd son who was also premature and born with a collapsed lung needs a dr and I thought maybe I could endure the mildy rudeness again for his sake but she fired us as a patient due to her staff complaining that we complained about the rude attitudes we recieved from them. Way To Care For The Patient

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Update-A life saver show details Update-A life saver
Aug 3rd, 2012

My child has been seeing Dr. Dove since 2010. It was rough at first, I was not prepared for Dr. Dove's strong demeanor. However since my child has been seeing Dr. Dove, my child has a life outside again. I can't thank Dr. Dove enough for not only saving my child's life, but improving her quality of life. This doctor is worth the wait, and no one else comes to mind regarding the standard of care Dr. Dove gives.

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sick child lucky to have show details sick child lucky to have
by sdez on Jul 27th, 2012

My son spent his first year in and out of the hospital and the fact that Dr dove was his doctor my son was never over looked or was pushed to the side I overheard her go off on nurses for not following her directions our falling behind in that sense I love that but when it comes to her office visit I dred the wait that at times has been 2hrs just for 15min and and handful prescription that I question now because my son is 2yrs old and I stopped all the meds and just give him a rescue when he might need it he great

Do we really have an set appointment? show details Do we really have an set appointment?
Jul 16th, 2012

We have an appointment at 10:30 and we wait a good hour and fifteen min. Til we see the doctor. Common courtesy would be to apologize for the wait and acknowledge the patients for the wait. Bottom line is.....I don't mind waiting but gives us an updated every once in awhile.

FED UP !!! show details FED UP !!!
Feb 6th, 2012

My daughter of been with Dr. Dove 5 miserable years. The last 3 1/2 years have been a horrible to say the least. Bring your lunch and pillow with you beacause you will waiting for hours. Taking a whole day from work is a must if you decide to choose Dr. Dove. If you care about your childs asthma and want a professional caring doctor that educates you on asthma, don't go with Dr. Amanda Dove.Do your research and save your hard earn dollars, don't go!. If you have private insurance Run !. I'm fed up.

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no lo recomiendo show details no lo recomiendo
Feb 5th, 2012

El pero servicio que jamas haya tenido. la espera fue de 4 horas con mi cita previa, la doctora tiene un caracter horrible, siempre esta gritando, no sabe tratar a los ninos, no tiene paciencia, su mismo personal no la aguantan, las mismas enfermeras me recomedaron buscar otro doctor, nunca en la vida habia visto un servicio tan mal y tan desordenado, no deberian exisitir doctores como ella, solo trabajan para cobrar, mientras estuve ahi, dos pasientes se fueron mjuy enojados, por la espera y porque las referencias de los pediatras nunca la llegan, busquen otra opcion antes de verala a ella, super mal servicio.

A lifesaver... show details A lifesaver...
Aug 2nd, 2011

NO Doctor is perfect. My child was seen for years at the offices of well known pediatrics in San Antonio. When it was obvious these doctors were only in it for the $$, I took my child to see Dr. Dove. Dr. Dove has done what other "nice to see you" doctors (specialist at that) failed to do. If you want a Dr. who is going to hold your hand while you tell stories of how great your child is, then skip Dr. Dove. However, if you want a Dr. who knows how to treat asthma, AND get immediate response in an ER, then Dr. Dove is the way to go. I am thankful to her, she does her job, and does it exceptionally well!

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Awful treatment show details Awful treatment
Jul 19th, 2011

She is a, plain and simple - extremely rude and unprofessional. Doesn't work well with children who have disabilities. She should remove herself from being a Superior Healthcare provider because she doesn't treat them with respect and pushes them back to the PCP. What a piece of work!

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Obviously The Best If You Can't see that your BLIND! show details Obviously The Best If You Can't see that your BLIND!
Jun 9th, 2011

Dr. Dove is one of the most caring and giving Pediatric Doctors in South Texas, if you haven't noticed when you walk in the back she has hundreds of pictures of children that have been in her care and are very GRATEFUL for her presence and care. Although there are times that patients may have to wait pls know that she is caring for kids and providing treatments, every patient does get seen. And SO WHAT!!! if she TRIPLE BOOKS PATIENTS!!!! She's the only Pedi Pulmonologist that accepts Medicaid so when people do rescheduling or don't show up, there obvisouly waisting her time as well as her staff!!! Oh and about her staff, she has since hired two very grateful and well mannered office staff who will do whatever they can to take care of everyone and see to it that patients don't have to wait months for an appointment! AT LEAST THEY HAVE APPT THEY CAN WORK WITH!!!! So please think twice before judging this doctor she goes completely out of her way! :)) 5 Star Doctor if you ask me! :))

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Nov 16th, 2010

The VERY BEST pediatric specialist in ALL of South Texas!

Office feels like a Billing Farm show details Office feels like a Billing Farm
Sep 13th, 2010

Dr. Dove's office triple-books patients (that's right - TRIPLE books). She refuses to refill medications that SHE prescribes unless the patient comes back every six weeks for another office visit (ie more billing). Her methods border on the unethical. Add to that her brusk manner, extreme office wait times, and her very brief office visits and this is one doctor's office I would recommend skipping.

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Horrible Physician show details Horrible Physician
Aug 25th, 2010

I'm sorry, but this female Dr. is very very unprofessional, please think twice before putting your children in her care. She does not care about them the way that she should and her bedside manners are unacceptable and she is a condescending bit@#!!! Many many times had to call about kids RX'S not being faxed and its doesn;t help when there closed & on vacation. The worst Dr. I have ever seen in my life, now that I changed Dr's, me and my family are getting the professional and courteous care that Dr's are supposed to give. She obviously only cares about how big her "PAYCHECKS" are. And be careful or you will get these ridiculous $25.00 FEES she charges making your "FREE OR $5.00 OFFICE visit EASILY $30. Oh and one more thing, "BE PREPARED TO WAIT, SHE REALLY OVERBOOKS HER OFFICE WITH PATIENTS" making you wondering just what kind of financial trouble is she in?

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Feb 17th, 2010

Dr. Dove herself is a wonderful doctor and has been caring for our child for years. However, her staff, as of late is rude, uncaring and doesn't seem to get messages to the dr as I never hear back from them when I call in. Getting an appointment has become a nightmare as well.... at least a 3 month wait.

Feb 9th, 2010

Getting a appointment is almost impossible and the front desk staff is not helpfull at all.Once you make it in the see Dr. Dove it is a great experiance for a Dr. She listens and cares.Good luck with the office staff though....

Totally disagree with Michelle show details Totally disagree with Michelle
by Baby A's Mom on Jun 4th, 2009

Dr. Dove is one of the best pediatric doctor's in San Antonio. Her care is second to none. She does a thorough exam and her treatments are always spot on. She can seem a bit gruff, but that is because she is trying to get accurate information and the best outcome for her little patients. That gruffness is a wonderful tool, too. My child has been hospitalized several times and once the hospital staff finds out you are a 'Dr. Dove' patient the level of attention steps up remarkably. Wait times can be long, but considering the severity of the patients she sees and the great attention she gives during the exam, that is to be expected. My only beef is with the front desk staff. Calling for an appointment - or (shudder) an appointment change, even weeks in advance can make you the recipient of a verbal tirade from the scheduler. Not a great feeling - especially for a loyal customer.

RRT who worked with her show details RRT who worked with her
by Michele M. on May 3rd, 2009

This doctor prescribes too many meds because she works for the pharmaceutical company. Very, very, very poor bedside manner. Not compassionate. Very negative overall, would not recommend.

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