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Mar 20th, 2015

So great and such a big heart

Feb 12th, 2015

The man is a life saver

Never respond to your call show details Never respond to your call
by Jay on Sep 28th, 2014

I have to say although I waited 1 1/12 hours for him to show up( I was the first appointment of the day and I had to spend the night in orange to make it) I was impressed with his approach and knowledge. He was the first doctor of many to discuss Lyme as a scientist and researcher. After the first meeting is when it became ridiculous. No follow up call as scheduled to monitor progress took place. It then became impossible for me or my insurance company to contact him in regards to getting necessary paperwork for coverage. It was as if no one worked there. Multiple calls where I even pleaded with them on the machine were not answered. Follow up took place and was fine though I was regressing with Lyme symptoms. Went to local ER because it was so intense I tried calling to make sure taking another drug would be ok. No answer. Doctor paged Katz. No return. It is as if you pay the $1200 to see him and you will never talk to him again or anyone in the office for that matter again. Horrible care beyond walking out of his door

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Thank You show details Thank You
by S.B. on Aug 26th, 2013

I want to thank you all,for all you do and are! Our last appt. with my son was so important to him, and as always, Dr. Katz handled it so perfectly!! I truly hope you all know that the only reason we (as a family) are remotely as healthy as we are, is all due to you ALL!! I spend a lot of time thinking of how we can thank you properly, and I realize there aren't enough words, or enough money in the world to make our gratitude known!!! Thank you, we are forever in you debt!

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review of Dr. Katz show details review of Dr. Katz
by Maureen Flynn on Jul 24th, 2013

Most thorough clinical assessment I have ever had. Evaluates your functioning in a multitude of ways including conversationally and finding subtleties and consequently has to spend a lot of time with each new and reassessed patient. Responsive to questions and very empathetic staff and doctor.

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by Mike Berk on Apr 18th, 2013

It seems as if the only negative reviews are from patients who could not make appointments. Dr. Katz is perhaps the most brilliant doctor and individual I have ever met. His knowledge and skill at diagnosing illnesses is in a league of his own. In response to the negative reviews, it makes sense to me that he reserves the right to not see certain patients and due to an extremely busy practice it is understandable that this may be the case, especially if he feels that the patient may be a liability or extremely high maintenance. With such high demand for his time and a incredibly busy practice it follows that he would not need to subject him self to patients who are going to be incredibly difficult, demanding or expecting of preferential treatment. The individual who was harping about being allergic to dogs and not being seen should have gone to see another doctor, it seems as if their judgment of him is out of bitterness and not a true evaluation as his ability or skill as a doctor. I personally have found that having the dogs at the office has made my treatment more enjoyable, they are loving, kind and well behaved. In the time that I have been a patient with Dr. Katz he has been one of the most caring and capable physicians I have ever seen. He goes above and beyond and spends a great deal of time with every patient. It is true that he is usually running behind due to this fact but if one understands that there will usually be a delay because he does take extra time with every patient he sees it is not an inconvenience as you can plan around this. In response to him not taking insurance, he is the best and if you want the best you sometimes have to pay for the best. I have found that communicating with the staff to make appointments at times can be frustrating but this has improved recently a great deal, perhaps in response to the feedback received. His office is not just a place where one goes to be cured of their illness it is an environment where one goes to be healed not just physically but psychologically healing. One quality that none have commented on but I have found to be a aspect of his care that no other doctor has brought is an underlying spirituality, his being is reminiscent of the primitive shaman or village medicine man wrapped in the cloak of a modern physician. I would recommend that anyone who is suffering from Lyme go to see him because he is the best at what he does.

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a terrific compassionate doctor show details a terrific compassionate doctor
Nov 8th, 2012

there are so many wonder ful things to say about this humble, brilliant doctor. He is so down to earth I even love the way the office looks --it looks more like a wonderful studio--all doctors should take a tour of his office and learn how to really treat their patients--medically and emotionaly It is very homey there-it puts patients at ease. I was referred to a different dr for the lyme but for some strange reason I found dr Katz name and was drawn to it --a gut feeling (i was right)!he is saving my life and other lives god bless you always dr. katz

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Aug 28th, 2012

left 2 messages on machine...never able to speak with anyone. calls never returned. finally gave up. I can see not wanting to take new patients, but not even a courtesy call-back....very arrogant and unprofessional.

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just like dr jones show details just like dr jones
Aug 24th, 2012

Dr Jones is the pre-eminent pediatric lyme dr in the world, and he is always having the medical board scrutinize him and take away his license. His office operates exactly like this. You call and get a machine or the answering service, and then they call you back. Dr jones and Dr Katz speak at the same conventions, and they are all part of what Dr Jones calls the lyme mafia. We had a battery of bloodwork and a brain spect and 2 visits and it cost $3000 - again no insurance taken. The brain spect was covered under insurance.

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Jul 19th, 2012

Very smart man

didn't even get as far as getting an appt show details didn't even get as far as getting an appt
Jun 17th, 2012

I called the office for an appointment, and no one called me back for a couple of weeks. I called again, and was given an e-mail address to which to correspond, and I did so, with a two-week delay in their getting back. Then, rather than continue at that pace, I decided to visit the office in person given its closeness to my home. The assistant told me that the doctor was away for the month and that's the reason for the delay in response. I didn't state that if she read the reviews on-line this problem has been a complaint for years. Anyway, I mentioned that I know he has dogs in his office, and that I had allergies to dogs, and was concerned about that during my consultation. His response is that he did not want to see me "because of liability issues and that's his final decision." All I would have wanted is for him to make some accommodation to have the dogs in another room during my visit, but apparently that was too much of an imposition. Really? That's how devoted he is to helping chronic lyme patients? He was not willing to have his dogs go into another room for 2 hrs? And, to further add to his dismissive attitude, he was unwilling to provide another local referral, and told me to go back to my NY lyme doctor for one. He couldn't even be so caring as to give me some other names who are local in CT, or other colleagues who might be informed about lyme-related neurological symptoms. As considerate as he is to his animals, he needs to treat humans equally as kind, and be sensitive to their needs as well. Besides, who keeps dogs in a medical office where people are receiving IV antibiotics? Not particularly compliant with good hygiene practices.

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Dr. Katz doesn't compare to any doctor I have ever seen! show details Dr. Katz doesn't compare to any doctor I have ever seen!
May 23rd, 2012

your wait might be 1 to 2 hours but Dr. Katz is so worth his weight in gold! He gives you all the time you need. I really feel he cares about you. You don't feel rushed like you're in an assembly line. When I first met him he was in black jeans and black t-shirt and right away I didn't get that feeling like some people give off that high and mighty,like cause I wear a $3000 suit and I am a doctor, so I am smarter then you. I felt that he was at my level and he doesn't come across that I am better then you. His desk was messy but he seemed to know where everything was and a study showed messy desks could be responsible for more organized thinking, and I totally agree with that. I drive 2 1/2 hours from Jersey to Conneticut and he is soooo worth it.

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exceptional lyme doctor show details exceptional lyme doctor
Aug 11th, 2011

Diagnosed my daughter with Lyme disease when no other doctors even recognize her symptoms as Lyme. He is great at diagnosis and spending time with you. She had severe headaches. He recognized this as fluid on the brain (a Lyme symptom). He gave her some meds and within three days she no longer had headaches. When you are with him he never rushes. The wait for your appt. is usually 1 hour. We have gotten use to it and call the office to check on the delay time. He is not good on returning telephone calls (this is frustrating - but because he is so good we live with it.) We recommend everyone with Lyme to this Dr. We believe that he is the best Lyme Dr. in the tri=state area. Without Dr. Katz our daughter may be bed ridden or perhaps even dead from the Lyme attacking her heart.

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Wouldn;t be alive if I did not see Dr Katz show details Wouldn;t be alive if I did not see Dr Katz
Jun 27th, 2011

A friend tried her hardest to get me to go to see him. I was so ill, Neuropathy, body pain, fevers, stiffness so bad, and just exhuasted. Pain in the mid abdoman for over two years. One infection after another and finally I said, alright and I spent 2 hours the first visit. After seeing him, he did not rush to diagnose me, but he took my information home, and looked at it. When I returned, he started testing, blood work, MRI's etc. Well I had Pancreatic growths, and my Prancreas was functioning only at 12%. Today 4 years later, I am re-occurring, but alive to say, wow I am alive. Thanks for being attentive to detail. God has blessed you Dr Katz. My uncle Dr Jame BT Chu is in Heaven and I am asking he interceed for many blessings on your practice and work. Doreen Carter of Rhode Island

Jun 9th, 2011

I can't get an appointment. When you call the office to schedule an appointment, you don't get a human - you get a message machine. I've left two messages in a 4 days and nobody has returned my calls.

Jun 7th, 2011

Pick up the phone or at least call back, phone tag is not a one way game.

Great - when you actually see him. show details Great - when you actually see him.
Mar 14th, 2011

Dr. Katz is excellent when we actually get in for our appointments. He spends an extraodinary amount of time with each patient and is well versed in his field and the latest research. Excellent bed-side manner too. So if you get into see him, you will be pleased.There are issues you should know about though:1) Staff does not pick up phones and have to leave a message to make an appt.2) Staff is poor at returning calls - though shockingly they did within 15 minutes of me leaving a message today. I wouldn't call this a start of a new trend and remain skeptical, but at least they were responsive today.3) Dr. Katz and the office is fairly disorganized. If you have scripts that need refilling or reauthorizations that need to take place, you have to keep on top of them. Sometimes they get it done without you calling, sometimes not so. So be sure to stay in the loop.4) Insurance - he doesn't take any. So be prepared to pay and deal with your own insurance provider's policy for out of network providers. Fortunately the homecare nursing, medication, etc, is fully covered by our insurance w/o co-pay.So there you have it - Excellent doctor, but one has to persevere and be persistent. Not the greatest situation, but perhaps it will get better. he has a website under development. Perhaps that will help to improve his staff's efficiency.

by Sarah on Dec 13th, 2010

Dr Katz was the best neurologist I have ever seen. He really cares about his patients and won't treat you like a disease to look at.

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Oct 15th, 2010

The most unprofessional office staff I have ever seen. Tried for 4 months toget a phone call returned. NO LUCK

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Aug 2nd, 2010

Dr. Amiram Katz is an exceptional MD. He is brilliant, kind, caring and compassionate. A rare find in medicine these days.

by Catherine Roy on Jun 10th, 2010

He was the best neurologist I ever had. He goes way beyond writing a prescription.

Apr 30th, 2010

Outstanding doctor. Briliant. Goes above and beyond.

Dr. Katz show details Dr. Katz
Mar 17th, 2010

Dr. Katz is one of the most caring doctors I have ever met. After being turned away by doctors in Boston he answered my prayer, and is literally saving my life. I owe him everything

Jan 24th, 2010

Saved my life!

by Pets Teacher on Oct 21st, 2009

I was very dissapointed at his lack of response to my lyme disease. i had thought he was "lyme literate". His staff was also uninterested and unhelpful and thankfully i got to a lyme specialist and am improving now.If seeing him for lyme PLEASE make a back up appt. with another dr. as he didn't help me at all despite having well documented cronic lyme.

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Sep 18th, 2009

He is an excellent diagnostician. But he would not help us fight the insurance company to get our child IV antibiotics. He never returned our emails or repeated, repeated telephone calls. His staff does not answer phones, usually you can only leave a message on an answering machine.

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I can't say enough...exceptional show details I can't say enough...exceptional
by Catherine Roy on Feb 9th, 2009

Incredible doctor. Only neurologist I ever had that went beyond prescribing drugs.

Oct 8th, 2008

Dr. Katz is the best doctor I have ever had. He stays abreast of changes in healthcare and always looks to improve upon his own interventions. He is completely respectful of his patients intelligence understands their challenges.

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