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Aug 19th, 2014

I gave him 2 stars because according to his credentials he is quite experienced and skilled at what he does. I suppose that could explain his arrogance and lack of compassion, but frankly I was shocked considering he works with people in pain everyday. I promise I am not a whiny, unreasonable type person who expects the doctor to be my buddy. I actually looked past the fact that he was socially retarded if he could help my pain, but when he caused me unnecessary pain to the point of making me cry and then feel shameful for it, everyone I told my experience about made me promise I would never go back.

Mis-diagnosis show details Mis-diagnosis
by Crippled for life on Apr 22nd, 2014

Injections, injections, and many more injections, and that's the key to Dr. Cole. Mis-diag BIG TIME and sends me to the worst surgeon in the NW and now I am crippled for something I didn't even need.

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Unbelievable show details Unbelievable
by John on May 29th, 2013

First time I saw Dr. Cole he said he "didn't want to learn anything new". HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED extremely arrogant

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Argh, fed up! show details Argh, fed up!
by Kirk J on May 14th, 2013

Things started out OK with Dr. Cole, but after seeing him every 4 weeks for no apparent reason other than to give him my money, his bedside manner became horrible and he is just plain rude. He's always gone, appts are hard to get, and call-backs don't happen when promised if at all. I tend to think the only real reviews on here are the negative ones, while the glowing ones are fakes put in by his staff.

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Diagnosed my back problem proficiently and correctly show details Diagnosed my back problem proficiently and correctly
by Joel on Feb 23rd, 2013

In 2003 at age 52, my back "went out" on me and I feared the worst, that I'd need surgery to fuse discs. Dr. Cole helped my sis a couple years earlier, finding and surgically removing a spinal cyst. I saw him, and he said my problem was either a pinched nerve or ruptured disc. To see which it was, he gave me a steroid spinal injection.(He said if it didn't help, it was likely pinched nerves, if it did help, it was likely a disc leak.) It relieved the pain *wonderfully* for two weeks just as he said it might, and told him it was disc, not nerve-caused. He then prescribed Physical Therapy for me, PT massage, back-muscle stretching and torso strengthening exercises. Good stuff. I did that for 6 months and then started riding a bike... a lot. Put on 8000 miles in the next 15 months, commuting daily on it. The physical activity reduced the pain to a very manageable level, and I've dealt with it thanks to his diagnosis for over a decade now. To other posters who complained that he wasn't compassionate enough, go hug a friend! He isn't an emotional therapist, he's a surgeon! This guy is an educated and capable human body fixer, and a very good one by my experience. If I were to waste his time by hanging on him for feel-good stuff, I'd keep him from helping other patients. I needed the best of his skills, not a hug session, and got what I came for: a solution. And about me, I am not a whining needy type, not even when in pain - I just want answers. He gave me good answers. Thanks, Dr. Cole! You have my sincere respect. (And I got the compassion I wanted from loved-ones.) :D

High Demand show details High Demand
Oct 18th, 2012

It was not easy to get in to see Dr.Cole and I had to wait a long time before seeing him, but I understand now why he is in such high demand. I was impressed on how he carried himself as he is confident and he knows what he is doing. I want a Dr. who will get right to the point and how to resolve the issues. Some people need to be delicately handled and Cole is probably not guy to handle your issues outside of the issue you would see him for... Highly recommend.

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Terribly cocky show details Terribly cocky
May 2nd, 2012

All the credentials in the world do not make up for the cockiness of him and his staff. Horrible bedside manner, will literally cut you off mid-sentence. Solution is to send you to Chiro and PT and then take the credit for "fixing" you. Frequently Out Of Office and difficult to reach. Does not return messages, shall I continue?Ask around, his reputation has eroded as he's more concerned with the overall office being a factory getting patients in and out, and oh btw, wanting to see you every 4 weeks regardless of whether it's actually beneficial to you or not.

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Jun 7th, 2011

Nice doctor to work with, very thorough. Staff very friendly. Recommend.

May 7th, 2011

If your looking for a compasionate doctor this is not the one

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Fantastic Doctor show details Fantastic Doctor
Apr 26th, 2011

Dr. Cole and his staff are terrific! Highly recommend to anyone needing further rehab.

Thank you show details Thank you
Oct 5th, 2010

Dr Cole was wonderful, he was able to help me after many years of seeing other doctors, he is a godsend. Thank you for listening and making me feel like you had time to spend with me, everytime I saw Dr Cole he always had the time to spend with me even if I knew he had other waiting.

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May 16th, 2010

A most caring and knowledgeable physician. He listened to my complaints and asked all the appropriate questions, and my problem was resolved in short order.His staff was most helpful and efficient in arranging my appointment and future followup visits.

May 14th, 2010

Very thorough and caring!! I have seen Dr. Cole for several injuries over the last 10 years. Top Notch...

Extreme Professionalism show details Extreme Professionalism
May 4th, 2010

Dr. Cole did a great job in diagnosing and helping me with my injured knee. He showed great restraint in terms of treament with meds, needles, or other docs, and rather put me on a physical therapy and structural medicine program that allowed me to achieve my objectives.

May 3rd, 2010

I found Dr. Cole to be an excellent listener and very willing to spend the time needed to fully explain my diagnosis and treatment plan for my back/neck problem. He is very receptive to questions and has the ability to explain medical concepts in terms that a non-physician will easily understand. He is very caring and patient. My experience with his office staff has also been very positive. I am also very impressed that when I call Dr. Cole's office with a question for either him or a member of his staff, I receive a return call with accurate information on a very timely basis. Highly recommend!!!

May 2nd, 2010

Dr. Cole has helped me immeasurably. I have found his care and understanding of my condition to be comforting as I was frustrated with other doctors who never took the time to appropriately assess my situation and determine the right treatment program. Bottom line: Andy is the best!

Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
by Mary Joe on May 1st, 2010

Dr Cole is the best Dr that I have seen, I suffered back pain for many years and have seen several Dr in the process. Dr Cole was the only one that was able to diagnose the problem in the first visit. I highly recomend him, he was able to diagnose and treat me for my pain and I thank him for making me pain free!! His staff always makes my appointments work even when I call last minute.

Patient show details Patient
Apr 28th, 2010

I work in a busines that puts me in contact with many musculoskeletal specialists. I can see any doctor I choose for significant neck and shoulder issues. Dr Cole is the best diagnostician I have had and the additional care he presribes has been exceptional. I first saw Dr Cole after years of pain and visits to a number of doctors who could not dianose my injury. He quickly found the problem and I have improved steadily since then.

Apr 23rd, 2010

Going under the knife is a big deal and it is nice that Dr Cole has a balanced view that recognizes sometimes surgery is necessary but often there are better ways to deal with issues and is on a mission to find those better ways.

The Best!!! show details The Best!!!
by Josh on Apr 20th, 2010

Dr Cole is the best. I've tried so many other remedies and been to other doctors and Dr Cole was my savior...His bedside manner was great - and he really knows his stuff...he certainly worked magic on me. Thanks!

Excellent medical care show details Excellent medical care
Apr 19th, 2010

One of the best physicians I have ever seen! Fast, accurate diagnois of my knee injury and gave me some great options to consider regarding surgery and followup rehb.

on the right track show details on the right track
by Donna P. on Apr 8th, 2010

For the past 3 years I have been having pain in my low back. Dr. Cole did a really detailed assessment of my case and then referred me to PT, which seems to be helping a lot. I read some of the other reviews and think that Dr. Cole's East coast manner may have been misinterpreted as uncaring. I felt like the assessment I had was really complete and feel good about recommending Dr. Cole to anyone who is looking to get rid of their back pain.

Sep 22nd, 2009

Dr cole is the most amazing doctor I have ever seen. I have had continual back pain for the last 10 years. He is the first doctor to not give up or get stuck in just one train of thought. He thinks outside the box to help get you better. Absolutely the most fantastic doctor I have ever seen, BY FAR. If you've had serious on going back problems and feel like you'll never get fixed, I HIGHLY recommend you see DR. Cole

Dr. Cole's bedside manner show details Dr. Cole's bedside manner
Sep 9th, 2009

Dr. Cole is extremely rude. I was 5 minutes late for an appointment and he screamed at me in front of a PT. I have never forgotten this. I have never been treated like this by anyone before. His office staff is rude as well. He also gave me sample of a drug that I had a reaction to because I cannot take Sulfa. If he would have read my chart he would have known this about me. I would think twice about seeing him.

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If you need answers this is NOT the Dr for you show details If you need answers this is NOT the Dr for you
by VeryUnhappyPt. on Apr 24th, 2009

Dr Cole is an uncaring, has horrendous bedside manners, and just flat out doesn't listen when you talk when he shuts up long enough to give you a chance to speak. He gave me the impression of not reading my file before deciding on actions. When I would say something he would just turn around and ask the same question later. And when I say "later" I'm talking with in the 5 maybe 10 minutes you may spend with him. If you do see him. You had better do your research on the medication he prescribes you. I was lucky enough to have a pharmacist that told me if I take the medication he prescribed me, it could very well kill me. The only thing that saved this doctor a malpractice suit is that he did add "As Needed". Even though I was told by him, it will replace a medication I took every day 3 times a day. So please, please. Be careful and do your homework before seeing Dr Cole. Oh and a last thought. His front office staff can be pretty rude to patients as well. I've seen it, and have had personal experience.

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