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Dr. Gustavson has contributed to 6 publications.
Title Dementia with Parkinsonism: What is the Diagnosis?
Date January 2006
Journal Reviews in Neurological Diseases

The case presented highlights the difficult differential diagnosis of dementia with parkinsonism. Many disorders affecting the frontal-subcortical circuits produce the triad of impaired cognition, movement disorder, and neuropsychiatric symptoms. The 72-year-old patient whose case is reviewed here had abnormalities in all three domains.

Title Cholinesterase Inhibitors in Non-alzheimer Dementias.
Date January 2004
Journal Journal of the American Medical Directors Association
Title Clinical Correlates of Body-size Distortion.
Date August 1993
Journal Perceptual and Motor Skills

Body-size distortion has been considered a central symptom of eating disorders. We studied 35 female eating-disordered patients and 85 controls using a computer-based body-size estimation technique. We have found almost identical linear relationships between body-size distortion and weight:height ratios in both groups. In the clinical group, distortion scores were not correlated with scores on the Eating Attitudes Test or Beck Depression Inventory but were negatively correlated with body dissatisfaction as measured on the Eating Disorder Inventory. These results raise further questions about the role of body-size distortion both as a diagnostic criterion and as a complicating phenomenon in eating disorders.

Title Body-image Distortion Among Male and Female College and High School Students, and Eating-disordered Patients.
Date April 1991
Journal Perceptual and Motor Skills

For 179 male and female college and high school students, and 26 female eating-disordered patients body-image distortion was measured using a computer-based image-analysis of redrawn images of standardized human figures. Statistical analysis indicated that body-image distortion was the same for all groups. Body-image distortion was significantly and negatively related to weight:height ratio as a function of a simple polynomial. These results suggest this evaluation of distortion of body-image yields a quantitative measure reliably related to weight status but also suggests the technique, and possibly measurement of body-image distortion in general, may not be a valid discriminator between eating-disordered and normal persons.

Title Induction of Copulatory Behavior in Aplysia: Atrial Gland Factors Mimic the Excitatory Effects of Freshly Deposited Egg Cordons.
Date May 1989
Journal Behavioral and Neural Biology

Egg laying in the marine mollusc Aplysia is induced and coordinated by peptide products of the egg-laying hormone (ELH) gene expressed in the neuroendocrine bag cells of the central nervous system. At least three structurally related genes, belonging to the ELH family but distinct from the ELH gene, are expressed in the atrial gland, an exocrine organ of unknown function that secretes into the oviduct of Aplysia. The experiments described in this report were designed to test the hypothesis that the atrial gland gene products serve a pheromonal function for the animal, coordinating reproductive behavior among individuals. Our studies showed that there was a significantly shorter latency to copulation when an Aplysia was paired with an animal that was actively laying eggs than when it was paired with a sexually mature but nonlaying animal. Moreover, the addition of extracts or homogenates of the atrial gland to the seawater surrounding two nonlaying animals reduced the latency to mating compared to animals exposed only to seawater or to homogenates of other regions of the reproductive tract, including oviduct. These results suggest that atrial gland products, secreted onto the egg cordon as it passes through the oviduct, may play a pheromonal role and induce mating behavior between individuals. Experiments are in progress to determine whether the active atrial gland factor(s) are products of the ELH-family genes expressed in the gland.

Title Androstenol, a Putative Human Pheromone, Affects Human (homo Sapiens) Male Choice Performance.
Date August 1987
Journal Journal of Comparative Psychology (washington, D.c. : 1983)

A natural secretion, 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3 alpha-ol (androstenol) is speculated to function as a spacing pheromone. The effect of the odor of androstenol on restroom-stall choices was investigated over a 5-week period. The first, third, and fifth weeks served as baselines against which the effect of androstenol or a control odor, 3 alpha-hydroxy-5 alpha-androstan-17-one (androsterone) could be evaluated. During the second and fourth weeks, half of the stalls in each restroom were treated with androstenol or androsterone, respectively. As predicted, men avoided the treated stalls during the androstenol week only, and neither odor affected female stall selection, demonstrating a sex differential influence of the experimental odor.

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