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by Lolet on Mar 15th, 2015

Best Doctor ever. Always ready to act and treat you. Does not wait to have your treatment or have you tested. She is Concern, kind, communicates in easy understanding manner and passionate about helping.

Feb 10th, 2015

I have been seeing her for years. She is through and she really cares. getting harder to see her but I have no complaints. If she is not sure she will quickly send you for another opinion. Our whole family sees her. Three ggenerations. She has a great heart and truly cares about your well being. The office staff is the best.

Run away! show details Run away!
by Kevin on Jan 20th, 2014

I went there last May with discomfort in my armpits. They sent me for a blood panel and said everything was normal except my 'T' level. Three months later I have to go to Urgent Care because of an enlarged prostate gland. Another blood rest was done and my PSA was 3.70 which, as the Urgent Care doctor noted, was high for my age. I looked back at the PSA from my May blood test and it was 4.0 which Dr. Jackson's office said was 'normal'. Every other doctor has said that I should be a 1.8 to 2.5 at the maximum. The Urgent Care office suggested to Dr. Jackson's office that I be referred to a Urologist. This, I was told was 'rudely' denied by Dr. Jackson. Why? I'm in pain! I changed primary care physicians and got a referral to a local urologist. The urologist had a biopsy done and was diagnosed with cancer. So, that is my second and last bad experience with Dr. Jackson's office.

Is there a Dr. Jackson? show details Is there a Dr. Jackson?
Jan 18th, 2014

Have to agree with other bad reviews. Appointments are waaaay too far out just to be seen. We didn't find the staff rude, just incredibly indifferent. My daughter has never seen Dr. Jackson personally. We will be looking for another doctor once our insurance changes.

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where's the doctor.? show details where's the doctor.?
by R.M. on Dec 31st, 2013

Today I called first thing in the am to get an appointment cause i was feeling ill. The receptionist I think her name was Susan answered promptly and was very pleasant, but she began to explain that there was no provider on staff to see me? No available appointments till February? That the doctor was away till January 13th but no appointments till February ....Like what the heck! How can an office run with no provider. I feel sorry for the receptionist having to tell people sorry I understand your sick but helpless to be able to do anything but refer patients to urgent care.

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Oct 24th, 2013

I'm in the process of looking for a new Dr now ,for the last few times that I have tried to make an appt first of all more than half the time no one answer the phone during business hrs,and when they finally do there is not appts for 2 weeks or more ,and they say well go to Urgent Care I hear that all the time .Then why do I have Ins .for. The staff there is very uncaring to your situation sigh !!!! last time I called to make appt the person that answered the phone said no one was there to make appts till tmw .That's the last straw for me time to look for a new Dr,

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Terrible experience show details Terrible experience
Oct 22nd, 2013

I came in to see Dr. Jackson a few years back , I had a very high fever and I felt very faint. Dr. Jackson told me It was anxiety. What! I left and went to another Doctor. I actually had encephalitis. Good call Dr. Jackson.

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Jul 17th, 2013

I've only been in Lake Elsinore location. Never once I've met Dr Jackson, always a diff practitioner. Staff are very unfriendly...on the phone and in person. They will give you a tone of voice on the phone just to let you know there's no availability til next month, and if you tell them your situation they seem to not care. all they say is that they have no practitioner available. What kind of a Drs office runs a business with no Dr. It will take a month or so to get an appnt. The Nurse practitioner doesn't seem to know what to do..she will ask other staff that are there which to check on the lab sheet, when I asked her questions..her response is unclear, and doesn't look at you when she talks. This is the first time I wrote a review on anything. I also worked in a medical field and I know how it goes...but this is what I've seen in this office, and it's very unprofessional esp dealing with humans health.

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staff show details staff
Jul 1st, 2013

I will never step foot in this office again the Staff is so RUDE.

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Jun 23rd, 2013

The atmosphere in the office is uncomfortable especially when the older man is up front. You can tell the staff is upset about something. I had to wait in the waiting room for almost 2 hours to be seen as a new patient with Dr Jackson. When I was taken back the nurse I forget her name- she was blonde - was very helpful and knowdlegable. She treated me with respect. When I finally meet the Dr I had been In the room for almost another hour. I will never recommend the office because of how long I had to wait. I think the staff is great but they obviously have to work for a dr that doesn't seem to have her time management skills down. When I finally was able to leave I was asked to make another appointment but declined I will never go back there again!

by Luisa on Apr 3rd, 2013

The receptionists is a piece of work let me tell you she is RUDE, uncaring and unhelpful. Dr. Anita Jackson needs to get rid of her…

Jan 22nd, 2013

Nurse Veronica should not be working in the medical field where empathy, kindness, respect, patience and professionalism are all absolutely essential. During a phone conversation, I can already tell she was annoyed as soon as she said hello. Not even about 2 minutes into the conversation, she got irritated at my questions/statements which were all valid medical inquiries. Then, she said something to the effect, "I am trying to sort this out but I am just going to hang up on you." And then SHE DID! Veronica has NO kindness and NO patience, NO empathy and NO respect to patients!!!!!!! The worst part, we let Dr. Jackson know about her staff's unacceptable and disrespectful attitude yet there were no apologies from Veronica nor an extension of apology and an assurance it will not happen again from Dr. Jackson! I hate the fact that this review system does not have ZERO star or I would have graded them ZERO on being "Courteous and Prompt:!!! What a way to show real ugliness in flesh and spirit by Veronica! You be the judge!

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Horrible, horrible, horrible show details Horrible, horrible, horrible
Sep 28th, 2012

I went in to the office because I had passed out and was unconscious. They ordered blood work, that came back. Then they ordered a ct scan of my brain. They called and said I needed to get an MRA because I have an aneurysm. I called them back to see if they could refer me somewhere else to get me in sooner to do the MRA and they said they'd call me back. Never did, I am still waiting for my call back from them after 2 weeks. I called the imaging place daily to see if they had any cancels for this particular test. FINALLY, the imaging place had a cancel and I said I would like to take that. They couldn't give me the appointment, it turned out they were still waiting for certain information from the doctor for that order and of course she was out of the country once again. I had my MRA done and they never called with the results. you'd think that they would call a patient back. Especially when it's pertaining to a brain aneurysm. My husband called the office two days after I had the MRA done and the receptionist....not even the doctor or nurse practitioner told him or I the news. It was the receptionist that said that the results came in and they came back normal. How do you go from having an aneurysm to being normal within a weeks time? I still have all the symptoms too. When they told my husband the news, he asked for the dr to call back and gave his number because obviously I was not getting any answers. Now they finally called back today and left a voice mail saying they have referrals for me. Referrals for what? A specialist? Did they screw up and I do in fact have an aneurysm? So I called back this morning to get the information and find out who they are referring me to and why and I left a message (Can't ever get in touch with anyone in that office). Once again I am playing the waiting game to see if they know how to pick up the phone and dial the numbers. I will be waiting to hear my phone ring. I work in the medical field too and I have NEVER seen an office so unorganized or unprofessional in my life. You'd think that the receptionist would not be able to give out test results. I would think that the dr would have more common curtsey to call you into her office and talk in person. I have never met Dr. Jackson and guess I never will. I am now looking for another office to go to. This office is the worst, I wouldn't refer an enemy to them. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. So disgusted. I

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Jul 31st, 2012

I've been a patient for a few years in Temecula because her office is so convenient to my house. Here are some of the major, recurring problems that I've seen:1) can't get an appt. with the doctor unless you can wait for at least 4 weeks.2) they WILL NOT call you back to let you know when referrals, x-rays or tests are ready. You have to call them continually.3) They will not answer the phone even during office hours if they get short-staffed, which has happened to me personally several times.4) The P.A. could not give me a vaccine I needed for work because she said they were behind on their payments and drug companies won't send them things anymore. Wow. She has told me on two separate occasions that her paycheck has bounced.This is not an office that can get things done. I am finally leaving for my own sanity and health after waiting for 3 weeks for a simple referral back to my oncologist.

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Not a good experience show details Not a good experience
Jun 26th, 2012

Every time I've called the office when they open at 9 they NEVER answer the phones, I leave a message with the service they never call back when I call back around 11 they answer, but can never get me in when I'm sick. Today they told me they can schedule me the whole week. Changed primary care doctors. I can see this happening once but the four times I've called this had happened. Wold not recommend this office

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I hate the staff!!! show details I hate the staff!!!
Apr 24th, 2012

Every time i call i have to wait on hold for no joke 5 mins... Im on the phone with them right now after being hung up on THREE times and once again holding. All i have to do is see how my result came out since they wont call me with it! I cant wait to move on base and change doctors!

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Dec 21st, 2011

I have received great medical care from Dr. Jackson. She is attentive and helpful. Thanks to her I am able to return to work.

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Sep 2nd, 2011

Dr Jackson is one of the best drs. I have seen. She understood my problmes right away and ordered necessary tests. then with my questions later by phone, she answered same day. I found her staff very helpful. no real problems there either. "Dr" Layton is not a dr.

Doctor is Great, Staff Sucks! show details Doctor is Great, Staff Sucks!
Aug 29th, 2011

Love Dr. Layton never met Dr. Jackson. However their staff very rude. Inconsiderate of patient needs & time. Lost paperwork & documentation. Will be finding a new doctor very soon. Which is really sad, as I like Dr. Layton

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Worst Doctor EVER show details Worst Doctor EVER
Jun 6th, 2011

she refused to renew my birth control prescription until i recieved a pap smear. and then proceeded to tell me that i would have to be placed on a 6 month waiting list in order to recieve one. She is out of her mind to think that i am going to wait 6 MONTHS to get birth control. when i explained to her that the birth control helps regulate the severe pain and cramping that has plagued me all my life NOT TO MENTION an unwanted pregnancy she had NO COMPASSION.meanwhile i waited 45 minutes only to be rushed out the door after making me pay a co-pay of $20 only to be denied service.I would NEVER recommend this doctor.

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Aug 26th, 2010

This woman is RIDICULOUS. She took my wife but not me (we have the same insurance). The wait time to get an appointment was a month. I have sciattica and need medical attention. Showed up at appointment and told me their insurance had changed. NEVER will we step foot in her office again. The receptionists were uncaring and unhelpful telling us just to go to urgent care there was nothing they could do, although when we originally made the appointment they took our insurance. She disgusts me!

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Mrs. Benjamin show details Mrs. Benjamin
by Mrs. Benjamin on May 4th, 2010

I met with Dr. Jackson's Nurse Practitioner. Her name was Deborah. She was very attentive, spent time with me discussing my issues and prescribed medication that fixed the problem. Thank you Deborah for your time

Mr. Burnhoff show details Mr. Burnhoff
Nov 12th, 2009

I didn't meet with Dr. Jackson, but rather with one of her Nurse Practitioner's. Her name was Deborah and she was very attentive and professional. She was able to diagnose my condition correctly as with the medicine she prescribed, my problems were gone within a matter of days. Thank you Deborah

Caring, kind and not impersonal show details Caring, kind and not impersonal
by Colleen Letwinch on Feb 24th, 2009

Dr. Jackson took her time with me and my husband. She appeared to be concerned with our issues. We will be back!