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Nov 5th, 2014

friendly, efficient, concerned care

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 |  Caring Doctor  |  show details
by Deloris Williams on Oct 20th, 2014

I have being going to Dr. Johnrose Brown for about 4-5 years now.....She is a very caring Doctor with me being overweight she is not rude like some of the Doctors when dealing with a obesity patient....she is very kind..soft and well spoken... she has been trying to help me lose weight and control my blood sugar level....I really enjoy having her as my doctor

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 |  Incompetency of staff is the worse I've ever seen  |  show details
Jun 5th, 2014

The staff is completely incompetent. I was the only Person in the waiting room and sat there for an hour before I went up to ask if I was going to be seen, and that's when they told me they couldn't do a simple blood test because I was going to self pay. Dumbest group of people I've ever been in contact with. I should have known when I saw the office decorated with fake weightloss chemicals that this place is not a real doctors office. Stay away..don't waste your time with this puppet. I'm only giving this place a star because this site makes you. I would give her and her staff none.

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 |  Lousy Stupid Doctor  |  show details
by An EX Patient on Oct 31st, 2013

Do not question the doctor or you may find yourself on the blacklist at St. Anthonys Primary care. What kind of a doctor does not allow a patient to get a second opinion on an issue that you are not happy with. Do no go see this doctor. She is a _.I.T.C.H..!!

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Jul 22nd, 2013

I made a wellness appointment with this doctor as a new patient. During that initial visit I expected to get my breast exam and pap. But was advised that I had to schedule and pay for a second visit to get my pap done, as this dr. does not do pap smears at the time of the wellness check. By the time all was said and done I had paid for 3 visits for: the wellness exam, the pap smear, and the results. As I was told "this is just how Dr. Johnrose-Brown does it. Some months later I submitted routine Aflac insurance claim form to the dr. for signature - I did everything but sign them for her, i.e., filled in all the information I had, filled in her office and contact info, filled in the procedure, enclosed an addressed forwarding envelope to Aflac - and then her office called me and said I had to schedule a visit to come in for her to complete the form. I told them I have no more information to give them - all she really had to do was SIGN THE FORM and fill in the diagnosis code. Plus I advised that I was now unemployed and without insurance and could not afford the visit. A week later, I got a second call with the same message that I would have to come in for her to complete the Aflac paperwork - I couldn't believe it. I could have answered any minor personal question over the phone, but there should not have been any reason for me to schedule and pay for an appointment - I already completed all the information - she just need to sign in the doctor's Section B, that's it! No other doctor to whom I submitted Aflac forms has asked me to come into their office, and there were several I sent out. I feel like my wallet is being milked at every opportunity - I have never run into this before. It is my conclusion that this doctor asks you to schedule unnecessary visits to boost her billing standing. I can come up with no other reason. I promptly attended to any request from this doctor to get a test done or contact a medical associate for evaluation. I did my part and paid for that part too. Someone left a comment below that this doctor functions more like a businessperson rather than a doctor. I'm sure a doctor can have their eyes on both - but in this case, the patient is being overcharged unnecessarily for repeat visits and to cover the doctor's operating costs. In the future I will ask up front what is covered in the wellness visit and whether ALREADY COMPLETED Aflac Insurance forms will be signed with out yet another visit and charge.

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 |  Agree-she should not be allowed to be in practice-worst ever  |  show details
by Anonymous on May 10th, 2013

No knowledge. Are you sure she's a doctor? Please fire her immediately. There is a good reason why her office is not busy.

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 |  Horrible. She shouldn't be in practice.  |  show details
by won't be back. on Apr 14th, 2013

I've had several awful and absolutely infuriating visits here.The doctor that was there before her was amazing, Felt like the St Anthony's management ran her out for not being more like a minute clinic. With Dr J-B I felt like a cattle being herded. Don't ask any questions, she'll feel threatened because she has to go look up the answer. I've had the experience someone else mentioned where she told me I was young and didn't need to worry about certain things. It was like she got medical advice from a magazine article. No depth. Tried to get Dr J-B to review some test results with me. Had to schedule another visit. Even though I already had the results. When I was there, all she did was read the results to me. I could have googled this stuff and learned more accurate info. She couldn't tell me what the results meant. She ordered a set of labs but couldn't explain why. Then after I left the rude staff called me and told me she had ordered additional test, but again, no one could tell me what they were for. The nurse was supposed to call me back, had to call several times for her to tell me all she knew was that the dr ordered them. It felt like the Dr just looked to see what my insurance would cover so that's what was ordered. The office staff was always so incredibly rude. And forget having any privacy. I sat in the office with about 3-4 patients while they read off ppls name, SSN & DOB to an insurance provider. It was loud enough that we all could hear it. The wait to see her seemed long bc they over booked, but I guess for the number of patients she had they were quick. The staff kept rushing people through. Didn't seem bothered to get an accurate medication history, just wanted to get it done. This was all done by a brand new M.A. MA's don't require any certifications. I asked her if they would need a urinalysis, she didn't know what that meant. After som back & forth, finally told her "Listen, I have to pee. Do you need it in a cup?" The office used to have RNs & LPNs. Didn't see any nurses the last few times I went.

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 |  unhappy  |  show details
Feb 7th, 2013

She took me right away and was very prompt. I appeared to be the only patient. She seemed upset with me for not seeing her for an extended period of time. I explained that I had tried to make an appointment many times in the past and each time I was told to go to a walk in clinic (bladder infection, broken rib, and TMJ). It seems she had moved to another office and I was never notified. No apology, she just went on about her business, and that's okay. Our visit was strained but pleasant enough and I did manage to get the authorization I needed to renew my disabled parking permit but when it came to getting a prescription that my insurance would not cover, she never called in an authorization to the insurance company, nor did she call in a different prescription. I have been calling the drug store, my insurance company and her office for 5 days and still nothing has been done about the prescription. Not completely her fault as I have allergies to some medications. I ended up having to take a 4 yr. old prescription of 600mg. Motrin that I found in my medicine cabinet but only have 3 left and the weekend is coming up. She did however call in the authorization for the tests she wants me to take but I had to call to set up the appointments myself. I have never had trouble getting prescriptions from past doctors knowing my spinal problems. I'm not angry, just a little disappointed. The staff was awesome, friendly and very helpful. I would like to stay with her but it's a 30 minute drive to her new office and I don't want to have to fight for the medication that I need in the future.

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 |  Caring, compassionate physician  |  show details
Oct 29th, 2012

Dr Johnrose-Brown is an extremely caring, thoughtful, compassionate physician. She is always available for me when I need to get in. If she's not there, her ARNP Carol is excellent. Her staff is wonderful, pleasant, & upbeat. You can tell they enjoy working for Dr Johnrose-Brown. I'm glad to have this intelligent, caring woman as my family physician.

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 |  Unsatified Patient  |  show details
Sep 7th, 2012

Dr. Johnrose-Brown was nice enough, but she was mostly quick to dismiss my concerns. She used "age" as a diagnosis; i.e. if I felt something was wrong, she said on many occasions, that nothing was wrong with me..."I was young" without even running tests. She has made some stereotypical remarks in addressing some of my concerns, without checking for signs or symptoms. I've had second opinion appointments with other physicians that completely rebutted her "diagnosis", so overall, I have not been satisfied. I may be a one-off unhappy patient, but I believe that the proper care, and time, were not given to me. She doesn't listen to my concerns. I would wait for 20 minutes only to be given 3-5 minutes of her time, and then sent away without any resolution; but note that when the bill comes in 2 weeks, it's expected to be paid.

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 |  Phone  |  show details
May 16th, 2012

If you are waiting for a follow up phone call, the staff waits until the end of the day, then leaves you a message. When you try to call them back, their phone system is already switched over for the evening with no option of leaving a message or talking to anyone. This happened to me twice. Other than that, this is the best doctor I've seen. Her staff is friendly and Dr. Johnrose Brown is very helpful, listens, and is on time. In fact, she has an on-time policy for her patients as well so as to avoid waiting long periods in the waiting room.

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 |  No Wait Time  |  show details
Mar 2nd, 2012

This is the only doctor that you don't have to wait a minimum of 1 hour to see. The wait time is usually no more than 5-10 minutes.

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 |  3rd strike  |  show details
Dec 2nd, 2011

I have been going to her office for a year now and had three incidents that made me really furious and I am now looking to get a new doctor. 1) She did a pap supposedly she didnt get enough samples so she wanted me to come back in 6 months for another one. Come on if you didnt get enough cells and what not wouldnt you want me in sooner.2) I received a statement from her office indicating I purchased a prescription from her office. I actually already bought the prescription at a pharmacy. I called them up told them the situation that I brought my own have proof and all that. They fixed it on my end but never fixed it with the insurance. I have had Anne-Marie C Johnrose-Brown personally say that she will look into it. I just got of the phone with my insurance and they have never sent in in a revised claim. Now I have to dispute it myself. 3) I wanted over 25 minutes for an appointmen I created for a shot. 25 Minutes yes there was other people there but my appointment was before them. The shot procedure took no more that 5 minutes. I never received an apology or anything from them for the long wait no explanation nothing. I am sorry but what I want from a doctor and the staff is accuracy in billing for me and my insurance company, a timely schedule and honesty. I do understand mistakes can be made but do not say your going to do something and NEVER do it.

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 |  felt more like a business owner than a doctor  |  show details
Sep 22nd, 2011

saw her ad in the paper so i made an appointment since I needed a PCP.. staff is snobbish... nurse spends more time with you than dr. johnrosebrown.. and the the Dr. Spends all but 5-7 min with you just going over what you've already told the nurse... makes you get a bunch of tests done and then doesnt bother following up with you about the results unless you make it a point to remember to call back and make yet another appointment ... my mom had similiar experience... needless to say we've changed primary doctors ... whoever wrote shes outstanding or great must work for her or something

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 |  I will never go back  |  show details
Jul 6th, 2011

I felt rushed and humiliated during my appointment. The entire staff acted as though I was imposing on their time. So, I won't be returning. I have never in my life had an experience like this with any physician. Will never return!!!

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 |  Probably will not go back...  |  show details
Jan 29th, 2011

I did not feel that Dr. Johnrose Brown was very compassionate or organized. Her nurse asked me a whole bunch of questions and she asked me nearly all of the same questions, most of which were right in front of her on my chart! When answering certain questions, I felt like she did not believe what I was saying and already had her mind made up about me. I had a couple (not so complicated..) health concerns and for every question, her answer was a referral- she wouldnt give me a direct answer so Im not really sure what I was paying for. The time in the wait room was not bad (maybe five minutes) but I waited 50 minutes for her to enter the room, just as I was leaving because of frustration she walked in and spent about two minutes with me. She has a lot of openings and can get you in the same day, but in all honesty I probably wont be going back.

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Sep 1st, 2010

Doctor had no concern for pain management. After numerous tests showed a major problem she still refused to treat with anything other than ibuprofen and that was after sending me home with a prescription containing an ingredient I was allergic to and then not answering the calls from the pharmacy about it. I moved to another doctor and was given pain medication immediately, without even asking.

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 |  Never going back!  |  show details
Aug 27th, 2010

I had a horrible experience and will never go back. The staff was unfriendly and I felt rushed through my entire appointment. It didn't seem that she was even really listening to me. I felt more confused about my health AFTER I left her office than before I went.

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 |  Outstanding  |  show details
May 27th, 2010

Dr. Johnrose-Brown is a caring, concerned physician, who has a well organized, helpful staff. She is thorough and tankes tiem with paitents to make them feel comfortable, and has wonderful follow up.

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Feb 16th, 2010

I was not happy with my experience with the doctor and will not be returning.

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by Anne Grover on Jan 22nd, 2010

Dr.Johnrose Brown is one of the most compassionate Drs I have ever met and I am not a big fan of doctors. My only issue with the whole office is the skill set of the nursing staff

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 |  Dr was a disappointment  |  show details
Dec 29th, 2009

This Dr does not deal effectively with multiple medical problems, see an internist they tend to be more knowledgeable. Dr. Johnrose-Brown needs more experience!

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Jan 29th, 2009

Great dr...