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Been there awhile show details Been there awhile
by Steffanie on Sep 10th, 2012

I've been going to Dr. Moryan about 1.5 years. I will not tell you what the other posters have said is not ture.. it is.. all of it! I noticed it in my visits as well. When I first went to him, he was great....then a few times I went to visit him, he got really defensive, his beside manner wasn't the best and he would not listen to me! But, I've been to see him twice since then and he's been great and back to his normal self again. He really is a good doctor.. but like each and every person on this board.. he *is* human! I struggled with my medication at first.. I seemed to be getting worse and worse. I'm sure he thought I was a whinner ... but later we BOTH discovered that the pharmacy had made a mistake, they gave me . 25 instead of the 125 he perscribed. No wonder I wasn't getting any better and my blood tests were showing off the wall things. Since it takes * 3 MONTHS* to actually notice a difference in this type of medication, it took 3 months of feeling sick with hypo for the blood test to show the problem. And, I noticed a change in the color of my next prescription filled at the same pharmacy.. that is when the mistake was caught.. he upped my meds again and I feel really, really good now.. I have a few problems.. but those are from menopause, not thyroid. He did go through a time that he wasn't a pleasent man, and from the looks of the dates, that's about the time it was happening to me as well. I know this is no excuse, but it was the exact same time Egypt was having all it's problems, and he's from Egypt with family still there. That might have been the problem.. but like I stated.. he's back to being the caring doctor I first saw.

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Worst Bedside Manner show details Worst Bedside Manner
Aug 17th, 2012

He started out very polite until I mentioned that he hasn't even let me tell him my symptoms. He then became angered and verbally aggressive. I had to listen to him tell me how he went to Harvard, etc. When I asked for a certain test to be performed he told me "this isn't a restaurant." Once I pulled out photos to show some of my symptoms he became so angry he threw my pictures back at me and stormed out. I never once insulted him or said anything rude. I just was requesting he actually listen. I have never seen any professional act this way.

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Needs to listen better and talk less show details Needs to listen better and talk less
Feb 17th, 2012

I have only been to him once, but I don't plan to go back. He seems very educated and intelligent, but spent a lot of time trying to prove it to me by telling me about things he knows that other doctors do not (in his opinion). The time spent in his office seemed like it was mostly wasted. I felt like I did get to ask questions or tell him about my experiences, but that he just told me that same things he tells everyone else.

caused my mother a lot of stress show details caused my mother a lot of stress
Jan 6th, 2012

first off he just treated my mother like just another patient, she would tell me everytime that she needs to watch her diabetes and stop eating brownies and dr. pepper. ( ok well so first my mom has been a diabetic since she was a teenager and knows that she can't have either a brownie or dr.pepper or any other sweets. on top of everything else he never told my mom to ever go to a kidney doctor or a cardiogist to check her heart and kidneys. So six years later continually going to him my mom's ends up in the hospital and all her doctors are like "your Diabetic doctor never told you to go get your kidney and heart checked out? ok so now my mom has stage 4 kidney disease, and just got out of surgery with a triple bypass, she is still very sick and all the doctors keep telling me is that this could have all been prevented if her diabetic doctor would have referred her to them for them to give her meds to help all this work properly. My mother is very sick and my not live till her next birthday she has been in the hospital for over a month and the dr's say that because of all the damage she will probably have to spend the remainder of her life in and out of the hospital. And all I have to say is all the Dr. Moryan had to tell her was you should go see a kidney and heart specialist - no all he said was stop eating brownies and drinking dr. pepper and go get some blood work done. Horrible doctor and I am looking into see what can be done legally. horrible doctor should not be able to practice medicine.

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Another Doctor show details Another Doctor
Aug 19th, 2011

I was in the hopsital and was referred to this doctor by a nurse. I have been to some many docs and endos I was hoping he was the one. The visit started in his office with blood work my doctor had faxed him. He took a look at one of the blood work and said your hypo. I said but look at the other paper you had in your hand he said no way this could have happened you were not taking your medicaion. Never asked my history had to tell him I had graves 23 years ago. Told me the diagnoses I got from an endo a week ago was no good. He said there was nothing like that. He also said tsh over 10 needs med and memory problems are not from hypo. If he feels that way he needs to take the pic down from the last room on the is framed showing hyper/hypo. the pic states tsh over 4.0 and memory and confusion symptoms. I never pulled any of my other blood work out..He told me take the med and I will be better in 3 months. He asked me if I went to college because I was asking questions. He told me several times he graduated from Havard. Then he told me I was just like his wife. I have been sick for 3 years and a shell of the person I use to be. This appointment was totaly unnessary. I will be back to show him what was really wrong with me. With going severe hypo to severe hyper in 2 weeks I would hope you would want to see me back before 3 months. Good endos in the thyroid field are hard to find. A doctor that does not asked your history and just starts to assume too.....Oh and when I mentioned Armour he went crazy. Good luck to all that have thyroid problems

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Really like this doctor show details Really like this doctor
May 31st, 2011

I was told that I have hyperthyroidism. I was left to my own devices to find a endo to take care of the problem. I looked Doctor Moryan up on the advice of a friend. I'm so glad that I did. He put my mind at ease with what was to happen next. He did say a few things I didn't like, but he and every other doctor that's told me to quit smoking is in that category. I really like him and his staff. They sent me to get the radiation test done on my throat. I heard the nurse say " We're not doing this, that's too much money" She found us another independent to have the test done at, costing me $1,000.00 less then the first place( hospital) would have. I have no complaints and high praise for this doctor and his wonderful staff.

Ethical/Competent show details Ethical/Competent
Mar 14th, 2011

I worked for Dr. Moryan for about a year, and I see him as a patient so I was curious to see what kind of feedback he's gotten. Overall, his patients are extremely healthy. I only ever saw one patient lose his vision due to complications from diabetes. And it's not like all of his patients are compliant either. The ones that are compliant are always in really good shape. He talks to his patients about their lifestyles and diets, and doesn't just give them a ton of medications to treat their symptoms of their illnesses. He's also very conscientious of his patient's time and money, and tries to offer generous discounts to people who don't have insurance. He doesn't use expensive medications if there is a cheaper/comparable alternative available, and he always told us to tell the patients to bring in any lab work they've done at other doctor's offices. If the patients have deductibles, this saves them a lot of money because he won't run the tests again. He is a very ethical and competent doctor, and am absolutely shocked that someone would accuse him of not running tests. First of all, we (and all doc's offices) are contracted with insurance companies, so we can only charge the patient what their insurance company tells us to. If that person had a huge bill, that had nothing to do with us. Second, we contract the blood work out, and send our patients to the CPL lab downstairs, so the only way their labs wouldn't be done would be if they didn't go to the lab like they were supposed to. So, those claims are completely frivolous and libelous in my opinion. He's a good person, and I think he's trustworthy. That is my opinion for what it's worth. Thanks.

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My favorite doctor show details My favorite doctor
Dec 27th, 2010

Dr Moryan has been treating my type 2 diabetes for over 10 years. He is a caring man who takes the time to explain issues and concerns. I do not understand the negative ratings. Some people enter the doctor's office with an agenda and are pumped up from TV ads and ask for medicines that are advertised. Dr Moryan is very conservative and will not just prescribe "just cause you want it". He considers the best course of treatment for the patient and is not easily swayed by pharmaceutical company salespeople and hype. I recommend him highly.

Excellent care show details Excellent care
Oct 18th, 2010

I have been a patient of Dr Moryans for 9 years for a difficult endocrinology case. I have had 3 or 4 doctors work with me to discover the core issues and Dr Moryan never gave up - he kept looking until he discovered the diagnosis. He sits in the room and talks with me each time I go into his office and promptly calls me back when I have questions. He even gets on the phone with me, rather than speak throug the office staff. He is a professional and knowledgeable physician and I highly recommend him!

Great Diagnostician show details Great Diagnostician
by jm on Aug 4th, 2010

I go to Dr. Moryan for my PCOS. He's a great diagnostician. He knew what was wrong with me immediately, and put me on medication that helped me right away. I felt better within a few weeks. As far as not being called with the results... he told me to call the office the next day to get my results.

by Bill Smith on May 21st, 2010

I love Dr. Moryan he really seems to care and has time to talk to you. Office staff first rate super nice people.

uncaring, impersonal, money-seeking show details uncaring, impersonal, money-seeking
Dec 12th, 2009

this doctor did not listen to my concerns, he went into trance-like monologues, treated me like just another apple in a barrel, then sent me a huge bill for numerous tests - some of which I do not believe were even done, never reported to me the results of all these tests, gave me his "books" to read with no real guidance on how to use them, I will never go back to him

Great! show details Great!
by Marlena Botros on Nov 19th, 2009

best doctor i have ever been to!

Don't like this man show details Don't like this man
by tuffy on Mar 20th, 2009

Endocrinologists, as a whole, are a hateful group of people. I don't know if that specialty attracts jerks or if they turn into jerks after being endos for awhile, but they are all jerks. Haven't met a nice one, yet. My surgeon and cancer doctor are doing my endo work. Dr. Moryan is just another hateful, uncaring a$$hole.