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 |  Highly recommended  |  show details
Nov 6th, 2014

Excellent care from doctor Fejos and his staff. I have been to see him several times and have always gotten the necessary course of treatments and care. Of course I am not a drug abusing idiot that it seems that many of the other complainers below are. Really, do you expect a professional to believe stories about lost meds and unresolved pain that you need stronger meds for? Perhaps some of the nay sayers need to go and get their own medical degrees and then they can prescribe the drugs they want to each other! Get a life and quit complaining about the people in the world like Dr Fejos who are helping others. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone!!!

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 |  Will not return  |  show details
by Marco on Nov 5th, 2014

First appointment waited 1:30 in waiting with no update... appointment was less the 15 minutes... was given a tenz unit and two prescriptions after I told him I would rather physical therapy. Follow up appointment I forgot my wallet at home (40 minute round trip) Dr. Would not see me without paying 15.00 co-payment... asked them to bill me or I could call in with my credit card number... would not make exemption. I canceled my appointment and will not return or recommend him.

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 |  "Honor the trust of your patients in you" Hippocratic Oath.  |  show details
Jun 20th, 2014

After reading most reviews of Arpad Fejos, I got the impression that some of his patients were unhappy about his narcotic pain med control. That's fine. I went to see him on the advice of a physician in the same practice. It was to get cortisone shots in my spine. When I entered the examining room, he had my MRI image on his computer. I asked him to show where and what the problems with my spine were. After two (2) sentences of explanation?, he told me to go look for the information in a book!! He did not answer with his expertise, but an unrefined comment. He then told me to book a time and place for the cortisone injection. I only found out from his medical assistant what this procedure entailed Some anesthesia.etc. The only advice that I can give to Arpad Fejos,MD, is that "there is an art to medicine as well as science".

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 |  Great doctor !!  |  show details
Apr 6th, 2014

Dr. Fejos treated my condition with expertise. I was suffering with pin for over a year and now I am practically pain free! I am very pleased with the care I received and would recommend him.

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 |  Horrible Doctor  |  show details
Aug 21st, 2013

Horrible attitude, condensending and rude! Would never refer him to family or friends.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Good Dr.; confused by the nasty reviews  |  show details
Aug 2nd, 2013

I've been seeing Dr Fejos for almost 3 years for pain due to 15 years of Chronic Lyme Disease, and have had nothing but good experiences with him and Tammy. I've seen countless doctors who truly deserve a crappy rating; Fejos does not. I have not experience ANY of the things mentioned by others, and I find some of the complaints to be laughable. Someone is actually surprised to receive urine tests? R U kidding??? He is in an area of medicine that is vilified; if he didn't set up a compliance plan with patients he'd probably lose his license. Those bothered by urine tests a)probably have something to hide and b)should be THANKFUL that Fejos doesn't give out scripts like Skittles. Stolen pills? Ok. Not likely; and classic - do you really think he hasn't heard that one before? Pain is subjective. A positive MRI does not necessarily warrant narcotics; a negative one doesn't exclude the presence of pain. He knows this, develops a trusting relationship with his patients, and treats accordingly. If you are compliant and legitimately in pain, he will not turn his back to you. As to the commenter who said he was judging her by her Birks? Are you kidding?? Holy self righteous, to think he even gives a sh*% about such things. I have never, ever gotten the impression that he thinks he is better than others, nor is he condescending. He's a PAIN DOCTOR. Not a shrink. And yeah, if you expect him to just throw scripts at you, no questions asked, you're delusional. Would recommend him to anyone.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Very good doctor  |  show details
by Tracie B on Apr 12th, 2013

I have had pain issues for the past 10 years. I have had 2 surgeries and alot of pain on and off for years. After reading reviews before my appointment, I was very reluctant to even go to my first appointment. First of all, his PA Tammy was amazing and very imformative. The following week I had 8 injections into my back which Dr Fejos explained and answered all of my questions. I just had my second set of injections today and once again he was wonderful. I am very happy that I trusted my surgeon who reccomended him and would refer anyone having chronic severe pain issues.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  HORRIFIC  |  show details
Nov 13th, 2012

Made me feel horrible about myself, rude, made comments about me not having insurance, questioned about my attorney, and the location where he was. MADE me take a drug test, I am assuming b.c. of the questions they ask about medicines that worked in the past (doesn't give you space on their questionnaire to explain where or the circumstances of getting such meds. So he must of thought God knows what! I was horrified and mortified. I hate going to doctors and basically am the type of person that will wait until a limb would be falling off before going! Prescribed me pain medicine but did not tell me what it was. He said I am going to give you narcos, I said what is that? He said narcotics narcotics with his back turned to me. Made mention that my medicine would be a couple of hundred dollars (it was $15.00). Regarding the question about my insurance I asked if I was going to Middlesex Hospital for the further testing he wants and he said no you don't have insurance I am sending you somewhere else, didn't tell me where or who. His "bedside" manner is terrible. I am in a lawsuit situation here and have been in agony since the incident. The medication he prescribed me was lower in dose and kind that even the ER gave me and didn't get me the other medication that is a non "narco" for relieve my muscles. My pharmacist noticed this as I had been to ER twice for continuous pain since my accident and told me it was a lower quality pain med. I called the office and the girl informed me "it was all the doctor felt comfortable with for now". I also read on their intake form that they want you to bring your unused medicine on visits. WHAT? You are going to count my pills too? You give me a low dose, less effective med to take LESS time a day and I have to be babysat like a child--taking a drug test? Who does this? I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I am hurt, I am in pain and think this mann is horrible. I want to request a different Dr in the practice but am afraid to since I am in a lawsuit and to be honest I am afraid that he will read this. I informed my Attorney's office of his behavior and was told I have a right to request another Physician but I am afraid to rock the boat as they are one of the few places that will wait for payment after the lawsuit is settled. I so don't want to see this guy again but again not looking forward to his look down his nose attitude. The reason that I have no insurance is non of his business. Millions and millions of Americans have no insurance. I lost my job in 2009 and haven't been able to find one so we are living on my husbands income and can't afford to pay 800 a month through his employer. I feel violated and wonder about my future care and interactions with him.

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 |  horrible attitude with me.  |  show details
Sep 11th, 2012

I felt like I was just another number and he doesn't care at all about me. He made me feel like a I was stupid cause I didn't no what type of medication he was giving me. When I told him I was in so much pain he just shrugged his shoulders and just turned away.He never explains whats going on even when asked. This is the first time in my life that I feel like I'm only a paycheck for him. He is a so called Dr. I would never recommend to anyone.

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 |  One of the worst doctors I have ever seen  |  show details
Sep 5th, 2012

Insensitive, not interested in any information you want to share with him, seems to leave a lot of decisions to his PA, Tammy. Not sure who is running this program. I did not obtain one OUNCE of relief from his program, and when looking at my situation in its totality, he should have known he would not be able to fix my problem. I think his staff was more interested in trying to find out what drugs I was on (none) and they wanted to keep stringing me along for appointments and injections they knew or should have known would not work. Wasted a month of my health and time with this Doctor.

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 |  Professional and Calm  |  show details
Sep 5th, 2012

I saw Dr. Fejos for a cortisone injection in an arthritic hip. He was extremely competent and professional, at that appointment and at a followup. He was open to questions and seemed to have a sense of humor. The entire office staff is on the ball.

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 |  GOD COMPLEX  |  show details
Jun 13th, 2012

Rude,insensitive,not interested in what information you want to give or receive.i.e.When I asked if a procedure was dangerous he replied " yah that's why I'm doing it not you". Lots of other quotes which I'm sure many patients will recognize such as "That's why I went to school,not you"{When after several injections (approx. 8 in 18 mos.)did not work and I am in pain 24/7,don't sleep,can't think clearly most of the time (this took a long time to compose,when normally it would take minutes) and the last injection was considerably more painfull than the previous ones (which were extremely painful to begin with) I refused another injection (payday I guess)but asked for medicine to be increased since I have been on it for some time and I am not getting more than minimal pain relief,I was told no because I have been refusing treatments.( I only refused the last injection as they are not working and I am made to feel that is my fault). I guess I blew his next vacation which he braggs about to the young nurses while he is performing these sensitive and complicated shots.(Funny he has time for that,but not time or desire to discuss your medical issues because "you wouldn't understand if I told you"If you get him on a good day,he is cordial at best. Most of the time he is Arrogant, inconsiderate,flippant and condescending. When you are very ill like this you are extremely vulnerable to Doctors,med.ins. etc. With only brief moments of clarity it is hard to find the right people to help you. I'm tired of his sneers and chuckles like your stupid, and some nurses go along to protect their jobs others seem to see him for what he is. But if the med board or someone dug a little I think they would find a pattern i.e. H.S. college,med school, etc.I have been healthy most of my long life but have encountered many doctors for family,friends,etc. Peronalitywise he is by far the worse.Education means nothing if you are not listening and learning from your patients. In my career I always was willing to learn from customers,suppliers competitors,etc. Grow-up Dr. Fejose

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Great doctor!  |  show details
Jun 12th, 2012

Dr Fejos is a great doctor and helped me tremendously!! I know that he is busy and is in high demand for other patients who are also in pain, but he has always been appropriate and professional with me. He was highly recommended by my GP. I would recommend him to others for treatment.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Wonderfull & Highly Recommended!!!!!  |  show details
Mar 13th, 2012

I would highly recommend Dr. Fejos for pain management / back treatments. Thankfully, I recieved a referral from my physician, and did not read some of the nonsense that has been written below or I may have been reluctant to attend my appointment. I found Dr. Fejos and his staff to be efficient, and knowlegable and the treatment I received to be effective. Sure I was in pain, but I followed the advice that I was given and trusted Dr. Fejos and I am now a healthy, pain-free individual. Many thanks to Dr. Fejos!! I would go back again if necessary!

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 |  Good Dr.  |  show details
Feb 10th, 2012

He spends time with me,And I feel he is a caring person who understands my pain.

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 |  show details
Jan 13th, 2012

dr fejos is the worse doctor in the united state. he is a liar and takes advantage of patients to bill insurance companies

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 |  Look elsewhere!  |  show details
Dec 19th, 2011

Not a good doc at all. Terrible attitude and a "too busy to take any time with you" attitude. Even heard him dictating notes outside the door of his previous patient before seeing me. How about HIPPA with that? He barely looked at my MRI, made me feel like an idiot for wanting to think over him doing a procedure on my neck. Follow up was a joke as he had left for the day and I had to see his assistant who is just as bad. He wanted to give me pain meds instead of anti-inflammatory meds and I told him I couldn't take them at work. No other suggestions. This guy is a horrible doctor and I have heard it from others also. Don't waste your time with him, please. If I could rate him a zero, I would.

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 |  AWFUL!!!  |  show details
Sep 5th, 2011

i would deal with his rudeness and "god" complex if he was a good doctor- but he is not! misdiagnosed me and didnt follow up with new films and luckilky i left the practice!

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 |  A Pain Management doc who doesn't prescribe meds!  |  show details
Aug 3rd, 2011

This doctor is terrible. He came in didn't shake my hand nor did he do an exam. I think he is a cruel non caring doctor as well.I explained why I was there and he made MANY rude remarks. I'm thinking about hiring an attorney.How ironic a pain management doc that tells a patient I cant do anything for you and didn't even help my pain at all.He is VERY Unprofessional. I would look elsewhere before going to this Quack.If I could give him a zero rating I would. Also I'm a nurse and work with doctors,None could match Fejos caliber of nothingness

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 |  Rude non caring Dr  |  show details
Jul 26th, 2011

He is mean. Doesn't listen to you or seem to care. Doesn't give you the 15 min you are entitled to. Treats you like a drug addict or does not believe anything you say. Try to give him new mri or cts and he says he knows enough about your case. How could he when I just had the test two days before? You describe your side effects and he does not care.

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 |  waste of time  |  show details
May 31st, 2011

dr. fejos is the most arrogant sef-centered unprofessional "pain management" clinic provider. He has no compassion and does not believe in giving a second chance if you make a mistake, albiet necessary. I do not recomend him to anyone. He should not even be a veterinarian.

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May 22nd, 2011

very rude was told to quit my job and he didnt care that was not his problem very unprofessional

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May 8th, 2011

Dr. Fejoys is very condesending in his approach. He has terrible bedside manner. He has no concern for his patient's well being. He commented to me that Doctors are very busy and the fact that no one called me back when I called in on a weekend just meant that the doctor had more important things to do.

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 |  No compasion  |  show details
Apr 16th, 2011

Had no compasion and also thought he was heartless. When my meds were stolen I did what he asked I got a police report then he said he couldnt refill my meds at that time, he wanted me to get a drug test. Well it was gonna take 4 days for the results and had to get the test the next day in which by then I was in agony and going threw withdrawls. I had 1 extra pill of a different kind so I took that and the results came back that I had that medicine in my system so he just plainly dropped me know help for withdrawls or anything. Cold and heartless is all I can say about Dr.Fejos.

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 |  Fantastic Doctor!!  |  show details
Apr 3rd, 2011

I have a work-related back injury and I am currently being treated by Dr. Fejos. I was referred by my family physician, who said Dr. Fejos would be able to help me and that other patients that he had referred were very satisfied with their results. At first I was slightly reluctant to attend my appointment based on the reviews I read (below). I must say that when people are in pain they are not always at thier best, but obviously the people who have written in some of the reviews below have problems much greater than their pain. My appointments have had short waiting times, professional staff have been nothing but courteous, and Dr. Fejos' treatments have been absolutely beneficial and as well, his demeanor has been just fine. I would recommend him and his ability to treat and manage pain to anyone who needs it. It's unfortunate that some patients are attempting to "ruin things" or scare away patients who need and have received the care provided by Dr. Fejos and his staff! Thanks to them, I am gratefully on my way to recovering.

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 |  UNBELIEVABLE!!  |  show details
Mar 15th, 2011

This has been the worst experience I have ever encountered with a doctor. I always scheduled my appt at 7:30 - first one of the morning so that I could get to work on time. Every single visit I was kept waiting from 20-35 minutes; even after I complained and requested that I be seen on time. At my last appt. (and it will be my last) - I was early, checked in and in the waiting room on time. I actually saw the doctor arrive 10 min. after my appt. was to begin and even though he knew I saw him, I was still kept waiting another 15 min.I agree with the other comments about the lack of personality and bedside manner. Very cold, condescending and no warmth whatsoever. Getting information was like pulling teeth. I have no faith in his diagnosis since it seems to change with each visit. I can't believe the number of appts. I have been requested to make for nothing more than a 5 min. rundown. I was made to feel as if I was putting him out by asking questions that would not have been necessary if he had expained things in the first place. Not an ounce of caring or compassion. This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a review of this nature. Save yourself time, money, frustration and see someone else.

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 |  QUACK QUACK QUACK  |  show details
by on Mar 8th, 2011

I had the unfortunate expierience of allowing Fejos to administer four cortisone shots to my back due to two herniated discs. He never read my MRI, which not only showed, but clearly stated I had a modular lesion on my left kidney. He was so interested in making his $1500 per shot, he neglected to tell me about this lesion. Not only is Fejos totaly inept in his knowledge of medicine, but he is an arrogant, pompous fool who shouuld never see another patient again!!!!

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Feb 23rd, 2011

he sucks

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 |  Great Doctor  |  show details
by Melinda on Oct 27th, 2010

Seems now a days the only thing people are interested in are fast food and a fast diagnosis with the medication to go with it. I can only immagine how irritating it must be after a days work of seeing nothing but complainers. Yes he is a pain specialist, and deals with people who have pain and just want there pain to go away. I know I'm one of them. So, most people are there for there prescription pain meds. Or looking for some therapy that will help. I say bravo Dr Fejos for always smiling and caring. Bravo.

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 |  horrific experience  |  show details
Oct 12th, 2010

As stated in other comments - rude, arrogant and complete lack of listening skills. Forget the bedside manner. He's got none. Worst so called "professional" I have ever seen. I won't be going back....

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 |  Bad  |  show details
Aug 19th, 2010

Waited 35- 45 minutes for my visits. When I saw the doctor,it was for 5 minutes and he seemed as if I was imposing on him. The office made any excuse to have me come back just for a 5 minute visit. YOu want to know why our insurance keeps going up. Here is a prime example I needed to reschedule an injection and their response" oh well it's been 1 month since your last visit so you will have to have you see the doctor before we can schedule the injection" my syptoms have not changed, no additional images have been taken not requested, what is he going to tell me that we already know?

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by not a fan on Apr 2nd, 2010

One of the worst doctors I've ever seen. He misdiagnosed me, because he didn't think it necessary to take an x-ray! He and his staff seemed to think I was exaggerating the extent of my pain. One of them snapped at me, "Hurry up, he's leaving soon." Hurry UP?? I could hardly walk. I told her that I had been on time for the appointment, and I didn't appreciate being talked to that way. His other nurse was worse. She talked to me more and more slowly every time I asked a question. She figured I was a dummy if I had questions. The doctor never prescribed physical therapy, just gave me incredibly painful shots of steroids, right in the inflamed joint. Again, everyone in the office was just astonished when I found this painful. I finally saw another doctor, who told me what the real diagnosis was, sent me for physical therapy, and boom, after six weeks of really serious pain, I was well on my way to being better after two weeks. Do not go see Dr. Fejos. Other doctors in this practice are fine -- I've taken my daughter to see them for knee problems, and saw Dr. Reardon when I broke my kneecap.

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 |  Great Doctor  |  show details
Mar 23rd, 2010

Dr. Fejos has literally saved me. I had a lower back injury from a car accident and was in constant pain. His treatment has eliminated my pain. I would recommend him to anyone with the same problem.

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 |  Overall not a bad first visit.  |  show details
Mar 11th, 2010

Office staff were nice and explained everything. Dr. introduced himself but didn't offer a hand. In regards to treatment of problem. He's quite tunnel visioned. Looking at old problems that I don't have an issue with. Offered some good advice which I took him up on. Overall not a bad first visit.

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Dec 29th, 2009

Dr. Fejos saved my life. I couldn't walk more than a block before I saw him. He is one of few Drs. who knows how to do PLDD. I would've needed surgery without it- amazing!

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 |  A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Doctor!!  |  show details
Dec 6th, 2009

I recently visited Dr. Fejos for treatment of chronic back pain that was the result of a work-related injury. Dr. Fejos was very knowledgeable and his assessment of my needs was thorough and efficient. He treated my injuries and provided me with a referral to physio for additional excercises and treatments. I found him to be very thorough, kind and down to earth. He spent the time needed and gave me the follow-up treatment that I required. I am now on the way to being pain free and recovering nicely! I would highly recommend Dr. Fejos!!

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 |  I will not recommend this doctor..  |  show details
by Mukund on Jun 24th, 2009

I had a visit for the first time for a back problem and this guy has attention deficit disorder. Does not listen, Does not ask questions. When you go with a chronic back problem you expect that he would spend time asking questions about the history and all. Nothing. Looked at the x-rays and checked me out with a prescription for Physical Therapy and medicine. I pay, what 180 bucks for this? Appalling. I am not sure how the other patients feel of him. I will not see this fello again. Thats for sure.

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by Fejos hater on May 15th, 2009

Fejos is the worst doctor/ worst man I have ever met and going to him was the worst experience of my life. Does this man really have a degree? I'd rather cut off my leg than return to Fejos.

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 |  not compassionate  |  show details
Apr 11th, 2009

DR. Fejos is very condescending and acts like he is better than you. He does not truly respect his patients in my opinion. I tried to explain something to him about how some type of ins worked and he completely ignored what was said if he thinks he is right even if he is not dont bother trying to change his mind because he does not listen and he seems very judgemental.

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 |  Rude with a very poor bedside manner  |  show details
Sep 25th, 2008

I visited Dr.Fejos several times after being referred to him by my primary care physician for chronic pain.After numerous x-rays and m.r.i. examinations which showed arthritis,bone loss and ostioperosis in my spine,knees and other areas of my body,Dr.Fejos chose to send me to physical therapy for my back and ignored all other areas of my body because he seems to specializes in spine disorders not the entire body. I told him that I have gone through physical therapy in the past and it only aggrivated my pain and made life for me much worse. I also explained to him that my primary doctor which is an excellent Dr. whom I have seen for approx 20yrs wanted my pain medications changed to help me with day to day chronic pain which becomes unbearable at times.Dr. Fejos ignored the subject of pain medication therapy as well as the other areas of my body from which I suffer a great deal of pain. This Dr. did not listen to me about any other areas of my body,He seemed only interested in my back and became frustrated and argumentative when I mentioned pain in other areas of my body. This supposed pain Dr. told me I would have to live my life in chronic pain when after asking him if he would increase my pain medication which are low doses in comparison to my physical problems. This Dr.even went as far as to look me up and down when it came to the way I was dressed on my last visit.I was wearing clean casual clothing and Birkenstock sandles because I cannot wear regular shoes due to the joint pain in both of my ankles which by the way where never discussed.He seemed to stare at my feet like he was almost offended that I wore open-shoes to my visit and proceeded to speak to me like I was a second class citizen. I was very disappointed after meeting with Dr.Fejos and getting x-rays and M.R.I. only to be worse off then when I started.

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