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Top notch Physician & pain mitigation expert. show details Top notch Physician & pain mitigation expert.
by John W Rudolph (Johndolph) on Dec 9th, 2014

Dr Ashok Jayaram is a fine man and pain expert. He helped me immeasurably with my pain.

Worst doctor and medical office ever! show details Worst doctor and medical office ever!
Feb 21st, 2013

They can't follow their own rules, appointments are a waste of time. Dr. Jayaram regularly contradicts himself. They have caused me great pain and stress!! Horrible people!!!

Nov 28th, 2012

This doctor seems to be motivated mostly by greed. Ethics are questionable. I ask for help on my first visit...was told he would not take me as a patient because I was taking 5 mg of Klonipin per day. He handed me a referral sheet to make the visit legally billable to Medicare, then proceeded to bill them for $292. My share of cost for asking for help was $144. He turned it over to collections when I refused to pay.

Dr. is RUDE show details Dr. is RUDE
Feb 17th, 2012

Was seen by him for chronic pain, was treated like a criminal, he acts like you are only there to gets pills to re-sell them. I was there for pain relief and got nothing but chastised for wanting to feel better.. I will not be back, nor will I ever refer anyone to him or his office..

I lost years to this clinic. I was show details I lost years to this clinic. I was
by kimj1038166024 at Citysearch on Feb 7th, 2012 on

I lost years to this clinic. I was diagnosed earlier with fibrimyalgia dont we all hate that , it means nothing. I was referred to pain management clinic at St. Vincents. I was immediately put on a Fentanyl patch. Years later I managed to drag myself off of the couch and get a new doctor. He has slowly weaned me off of the patch I had to go through horrible withdrawal and did xrays and MRI`s showing that I have been living with subluxations of the spine all along, with the pain masked by the patch. Years of being drugged, not really living. I have a lot of anger and grief because of losing myself in that Fentanyl fog for those years.Kim

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Terrible Experience show details Terrible Experience
by armintanzarian at Citysearch on Nov 30th, 2011 on

My experience with PMC has been absolutely terrible.I came to the office with ten years of history of treatment from previous specialists, general practitioners, and pain-management folks.The first thing that PMC wanted to do was send me out for regular repeating appointments for efforts that have already repeatedly failed in the past. Dr. Jayaram also demanded that I submit to spinal injections from him, despite having had them on several occasions with no positive results. PMC also demands that all patients begin seeing one of their two psychologists for chronic pain. The psychologists also have fairly bad reviews and insurance coverage is spotty.Basically, just to get a monthly visit with these guys you will need to also be regularly paying for and attending physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychology appointments.I don`t know about everyone else, but I have a job and am not wealthy - the therapy appointments and psychologist will want to see you weekly, so you are looking at dumping a lot of time and money - and I`m very sure that PMC is getting kickbacks from these other groups.Most of these efforts are redundant and unneeded, but if you do not want to attend Dr. Jayaram will kick you out of treatment.The Nurse Practitioner who almost always is the one to see you is extremely rude, the treatments offered are typically a waste of time and money, and you will always be treated as a drug seeker.I recommend finding alternative care.

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Beware find someone else show details Beware find someone else
Jun 18th, 2011

Does not listen or care about my concerns. Pushes his ideas on you. Highly Not recommended.

a good doctor show details a good doctor
Mar 15th, 2011

thats it - he is a good doctor.

Thorough, multi-faceted approach to chronic pain show details Thorough, multi-faceted approach to chronic pain
Nov 23rd, 2010

I've been going to Dr. Jayaram for ten years now, and have to say that he is my all around favorite Doctor for his sensitive, careful approach to helping me to deal with intractable pain. He is good at helping me deal with the pain, always willing to listen, and inclined to try new things.

Dr. Kaur-Jayaram Dr. Jayaram`s wife is horrid. show details Dr. Kaur-Jayaram Dr. Jayaram`s wife is horrid.
by Rowan Winterhaven on May 26th, 2010 on

My husband and I were referred to Pain Management Consultants by our regular doctor after a car accident. The insurance company would not allow us to see the same doctor so I got Dr. Jayaram and my husband got Dr. Kaur. Dr. Kaur can`t keep patients straight. On one recent appointment she spoke to him as if he was a new patient, and when we were confused and reminded her that he had been there before she told us in a very snotty tone that she was sure that he was a new patient.She told us that her clinic does not treat "acute" pain instances so if something happened and the pain increased dramatically, she wanted him to see another doctor, take whatever was prescribed, then report it to her and make an appointment to see her. This was backed up when my husband`s sciatica got so bad that he was bed ridden. I called and tried to make an appointment. The office staff told me that because it was an "acute instance" that my husband should see his regular doctor. His regular doctor doesn`t like to do paperwork and apparently, when auto-insurance is paying the bills, there is a lot of paperwork so she had already transfered the entire case over to Pain Management and would not see him for anything resulting from the accident.I called Pain Management back and told them that his regular doctor wouldn`t see him and the staff there told me to take my husband to the emergency room. We were, of course, treated like drug seekers despite very clearly stating that we were NOT looking for pain medication, but instead he needed something to relax the spasmed muscles enough to release the sciatic nerve. They gave him a very low dose of a muscle relaxer which lasted all of one week and did not help in the slightest. I called Pain Management again and was told, again, that it was still "acute" and they would not see him. So I found an osteopath who was taking new patients. That doctor prescribed Percocet for breakthrough pain to take the "acute" out of the situation so he could go back to the pain clinic. We hadn`t gotten the prescription filled yet when my husband called to report the new medication to Pain Management and set up a follow appointment. When he told them that he`d been given a prescription for Percocet they completely freaked out and when he went in today to pick up his normal prescription with them, they refused to give it to him unless he handed over the one he got from the other doctor. He did so and they were very rude.After all of this mess, I received a call from Dr. Kaur`s assistant. She listened to me explain the "acute" business and how I`d called many times and what I`d been told. When I was done she told me that there were no records of those calls and did I have the names of the people I spoke with. Of course I`d been an idiot and not written the names down. Then she told me that no one in their office would ever have said the things I reported to her and that Dr. Kaur was passing the entire case back to our original doctor and refused to see my husband anymore because he`d gone and gotten a prescription from someone else, exactly like she said he could as long as he reported it to her which he did!!! I know this is long and involved but you need to understand, before you set foot in that snakes office, what you`re in for.She doesn`t give patients any respect and those of us to dare to do our own research and question her methods are treated even worse. She will treat you like a drug seeker then prescribe you large amounts of morphine. My husband went from nothing to 80mg of morphine twice a day! It made him so sick he could barely function! He`s now down to 15mg 3x`s a day and doing much better but we had to fight her tooth and nail to get her to reduce it because of course, she knew better.If you`re looking for a compassionate and wise doctor who will listen to your concerns and give them thought, Dr. Navnit Kaur-Jayaram is NOT a doctor that you`ll want.

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by KL on Dec 18th, 2009

I came across this site by chance. But I am compelled to speak out. This Mr Nightmare must be a nightmare patient. I have been seeing Dr Jayram for years now and he is wonderfull!

Jun 5th, 2009

Dr. J is an exceptional doctor. People in chronic pain know how difficult it is to have a doctor who cares. He does!

Caring; Compasionate; Sense of Humor show details Caring; Compasionate; Sense of Humor
by Sandy O. on May 17th, 2009

I think Dr. Jayaram is great. He took plenty of time with me on my first visit. I have to disagree with "Mr. Nightmare". Many of his problems appear to have been generated by his insurance company (i.e.; the psychologic work up: it is often required by insurance prior to any treatment to verify that pain is not a psychological issue) Anyway, I found every aspect of Pain Management Consultants to be excellent and professional. At no time ever, did I experience anything less. I have had at least 5 appointments to date and plan to have further treatments in the near future.

Mar 3rd, 2009

Can be difficult to work with if you don't agree with him. He gave my other Drs. no credibiality even when they tried to work with him. He's rigid.

Very compassionate show details Very compassionate
by pristeenish on Feb 4th, 2009 on

I am not sure what the previous reviewer is talking about. Did they even go to this pain clinic I found Dr. Jayaram and his entire staff very sympathetic and empathetic.

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Paternalistic, God complex, no compassion show details Paternalistic, God complex, no compassion
Sep 29th, 2008

This guy basically ruined my life. I would do anything you could do rather than go to Pain Management. They make terrible decisions about patients, and have this NIGHTMARE of a psychologist, Normund Akots. that they slough problem patients off onto, where you will pretty much be obliged to seek treatment for a bunch of mental illnesses in addition to your pain, and if you don't they will yank your meds. This psychologist has absolutely NOTHING to offer but Freudian nonsense. After a long time of seeing him I finally asked what he could do about my pain, and he said to ask Dr. Jayaram for more. Dr. Jararam did, and I had a bad reaction to that high of narcotics. So basically after going through a bunch of headshrinking, giant needles and other sadistic treatments, and basically becoming a professional patient, I got dumped from their program with nothing. This place is a nightmare.

Not compassionate. Big push to sell spinal cord stimulators. Found Nurse Practioner arrogant! show details Not compassionate. Big push to sell spinal cord stimulators. Found Nurse Practioner arrogant!
by bgaedke on Sep 10th, 2007 on

When I raised a concern related to my treatment that I read and presented from the prestigious and respected publication, JAMA, the Nurse Practioner responded, "Jama, shwama, bama. That`s not how we see it in this clinic!"

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