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by kerryann hargrett on Mar 24th, 2015

Excellent doctors

Sep 13th, 2014

He is very rude abd ignorant. He does not care about his patients and he thinks he is better than you. He honestly needs to go back to med school because he doesn't no jack! He's full of rubbish as he would say! Do not waste your time here, the office is dirty, the chairs are gross, floor disgusting, bathroom wreaks like urine, the staff does not know anything and is rude. Prepared to wait more than 1 hour. Prepare to enter the ghetto when you enter this doctors office! You have ghetto moms leaving their bay bay kids unattended and it's just a complete HOT jungle. Dr.Murray sucks! He does not diserve any patients! He needs to go to med school in AMERICA and learn some real things!

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I can only speak for the dr. show details I can only speak for the dr.
Jun 18th, 2014

Dr. Murray is a very caring and loving doctor. He saved my daughter's life when she can out purple, with cord wrapped around her neck, and not a breathe in her. I thought it was over, but he gave me life when I heard her cry after minutes of silence. I cant speak for his front desk staff who are usually having bad days and dont know what its like to be pregnant. they aren't really the people type which takes away from the quality that dr. Murray has to offer. Overall he is an awesome dr. He just needs more people who care as much as he does in his office. Let's not forget ms. Debra shes an amazing mid-wife as well. Always gracious!!!

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The doctor ruins your first experience of having your first or any of your hidden show details The doctor ruins your first experience of having your first or any of your hidden
by Aries on Jan 15th, 2014

The most rude and rough. Doctor you will ever MEET!!!! For my first pregnancy I went to him for my first visit to check on my first child I waited for about a hour in the waiting room the nurse came and called me I went and I set another 30-45 mins he came in with a very rude attitude I he yelled at me to lay the right way then rushes in and out ask one question do I have prenatal and left I went back thinking maybe he had a bad day and I was having pains I asked him what could it be he wrote on a piece of paper a book and to read it.RUFUSED TO ANSWER MY QUESTION .NOT TO MENTION I HAD INSURANCE CIGNA PAYING A DEDUCTIBLES AND HIS STAFF WAS RUDE AND DID NOT CARE TO GREET OR INFORM YOU .SO I TRANSFERRED NOW THIS IS MY SECOND PREGNANCY AND INTOOK A CHANCE TO GO GET MY PROOF OF PREGNANCY AND HE ASKED ME WHY I.LEFT I TOLD HIM AND HE TOOK.MY ULTRA SOUND ROLLING HIS EYES I ASKED HIM WHAT I WAS HAVING OR HE WOULD HAVE NEVER TOLD ME AND WHEN I ASKED HOW MUCH SHE WEIGHED HE TOLD ME SHE IS NORMAL AND I ASKED WHY DIDN'T HE GIVE ME MY PICTURES HE TOLD ME TO GO TO ANOTHER DOCTER AND ASKED THEM SINCE I LEFT HIM 4years ago in my first pregnancy and he yells at me in tell .e he is not buying the bulls### I'm selling cause I'm going to leave and I.told him I promise if you aren't so rude I'm not he told me promises or for fools .I set an appointment came home his office manager CONNIE CALLED WITH AN ATTITUDE AND TOLD ME HE DOESN'T WANT ME AS A PATIENT ANYMORE CAUSE I LEFT HIM.MY FIRST PREGNANCY AND I AM ALREADY 25 weeks NASTY RUDE AND AND UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!! Do NOT GO IF YOU CARE ABOUT GETTING TREATED WITH PATIENCE AND RESPECT!

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First Experience show details First Experience
by Shereen R. & Ramone H. on Nov 8th, 2013

After a friend of ours recommended us to Dr. Murray's office and making an appointment , I was extremely nervous about the kind of experience that I was going to have. To my relief Dr. Murray was kind, knowledgable and very professional. I did my examination, after which he took the time to explain what was occurring. The staff was very professional and friendly, we even took pictures with Connie. The overall experience was GREAT, I would recommend Dr. Murray to anyone who's seeking a professional, knowledgeable and caring doctor.

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amazing show details amazing
Jul 28th, 2013

As a patient of dr.murray's at first it was awkward but my mind was put at ease when i realized that he kne what he was doing and that he knew how to pay close and careful attention to my needs or questions i completely trust that he will have this be as normal a pregnancy as i can have in the course of the last four months.

Unprofessional show details Unprofessional
by Paula on Jun 13th, 2013

I went to Dr Murray's office as a first time patient. I felt very ill that day and took off from work to attend this appt. I signed in and waited for over 45 minutes. Not one employee said "Good Morning" or made eye contact or asked me what was the reason for my visit. The employees chatted amongst themselves while the waiting room had over 12 patients waiting. The atmosphere was very unprofessional and over crowded. It seemed more like a "Fish Market". Would never recommend or give my business to this office. Needless to say I walked out and they never even called to reschedule or verify why I was not seen.. THE WORSE EVER!!!

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by KRYSTAL HOWE on Jun 5th, 2013


Horrible service show details Horrible service
by M Johnson on Feb 25th, 2013

Was my doctor for many years but atmosphere has changed over the years as well as the service.

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Don't Trust Your Health To Barrington Murry show details Don't Trust Your Health To Barrington Murry
Aug 25th, 2012

All care given by midwife - Mistakes, carelessness and oversights abound. Did not see the doctor for several visits. Made my delivery on of the worst days of my life. Does not care about his patients.

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Dr. Murray is Great! show details Dr. Murray is Great!
Apr 17th, 2012

I had my daughter in 2010, and before becoming aquainted with Dr. Murray I was very unhappy with the Dr.'s I'd visited. With my previous pregnancies, I was working and had Full medical coverage through my employer, so finding a OB/Gyn wasnt hard. Once I got pregnant with my daughter I was out of work and on medicaid, and unfortunately, many medicaid Dr.'s arent as caring and professional as they could be. I went to Dr. Murray and was very pleased. He was very straight forward with me regarding what I needed to do to take the best care of myself during my pregnancy. I am now pregnant with my 4th child and Dr. Murray is caring for us again. I am having what's referred to as a high risk pregnancy, but with Dr. Murray I feel very safe and as though I'm just as normal as everybody else!

Dr. Murray is a God-sent show details Dr. Murray is a God-sent
Mar 7th, 2012

After spending thousands of dollars and seeing multiple physicians, I was discouraged and gave up on having children. I was recommended to Dr Mauury by a co-worker and went to him. Dr Murray was compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable. My first pregnancy resulted in miscarraige but he was there for me day and night. He gave me his cell phone number and wore his heart on his sleeve. I have never seen a Dr. willing to take time and grieve with a patient (I am an RN so trust me, I have seen it all). I finally got pregnant a few months later and Dr Murray was OUTSTANDING!!! I recommend him to anyone looking for a competent human-approach to healthcare. I am presently trying for a sister for my son!!

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There is only one Dr. Murray show details There is only one Dr. Murray
Jan 29th, 2012

Dr. Murray deliverd my two children and I am now pregnant with number three. He is the only one I trust because he is a realist and makes excellent medical choices. I would refer any and everyone to him. I am his biggest fan!

Best OBGYN I ever met... Been my Doctor since I move to Fl 1999 show details Best OBGYN I ever met... Been my Doctor since I move to Fl 1999
Sep 19th, 2011

Dr. Murray has been my OBGYN since I moved to florida and was pregnant with my second child. He did such a great job and made me feel at ease on each doctors visit that I wanted him for all the birth of my children. I Have had 3 since 1999 and he has been the Delivery Doctor on 2 and his staff was on one but it was overall a great experience. I still go to his office till this day and have followed him to which ever office he moves to for my yearly check ups and Contraceptive visits. He always remembers me and ask for my husband and kids. Will always recommend him to anyone. My oldest daughter is 18 and she will now start going to Dr. Murray.

Sep 8th, 2011

Dr. Murray is a great DR. He has been my DR. for 10 yrs I have no complain. People Have to understand he is HUMAN he will not be able to do all his delievers he has a Excellent Staff and You all ROCK...... GOD BLESS YOU DR. MURRAY

Dr. Murray was easy going and always kept me calm with a difficult pregnancy show details Dr. Murray was easy going and always kept me calm with a difficult pregnancy
Jul 18th, 2011

I could not of asked for a better OB then Dr. Murray. Due to my age and past medical problems (back surgery n being on medications when I got pregnant) Dr. Murray never once made me feel bad or scared me with all the prescriptions I was on prior to knowing I was pregnant, almost like a father to me. He did send me to a specialist for my entire pregnancy hat I saw bi-weekly but I still saw Dr. Murray every 2-3 weeks also- I wouldn't of emotionally made it if it wasn't for his caring and knowong what to say to me as the kept my newborn in the NICU for 9 wks- and even Dr. Murray thought he should of went home in 1 -2 weeks the latest the Plantation General of Neurologist staff were not very good at explaining anything and every week there was a new neuro to take care of my son- they got him hooked on phenabarbitol then had to detox him- if it weren't for the nursing staff my son may still be there (4 years later) it's a shame most of the nurses were from agencies (so hospital does not have to pay any benefits because it was actually 1 nurse who suggest to the Neurologist of the week a different medicatin and my son was home in days not the 3 more months they told me may be the case_ would you not be depressed? 2 days before they release my son the inhouse DCF worker tells me I have to have a note from Dr. Murray that he thought I was not crazy and an inspector had to check my home - when she walked in- "I don't know why I am here" and her name was Trina Golson and she closed the case otherwise after 9 weeks at NICU they were going to put him in foster care cause I was crying all the time and new I was on Methadone (for pain releif (not HERION) but the head of the hospital staff early on had to speak to the staff because of the way they were treating me due to a injury that I had no control over. Dr. Murray also went to the head of nursing for me and spoke to them about how to treat his patients. I wish I still lived in South Florida at 41 I would love to have another baby but with out Dr. Murray by my side I don't think I could do it again. May God Bless this Angel of the unborn and the people he treats. Tricia Aufiere Smith

very bad doctor show details very bad doctor
by PATIENT TREATED BADLY on Apr 25th, 2011

I lost my baby at 21weeks because of the false information they gave me as this was my first pregnancy. They also do nothing to save your baby if you're in a complicated pregnancy. He is almost Never there and leaves the midwife to do his work and she knows NOTHiNG. For the sake of you and your child, don't go to this doctor. Ohh and the office is GHETTO!!

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Mar 24th, 2011

I would recommend Dr. Murray highly, he's the best!

Jul 21st, 2010

I had a baby about a year ago and Dr.Murray was my doctor.In the beginning of my pregnancy I was giving a drug test and came out positive for marijana,so insted of him talking to me about the problem he would allways joke around with me saying you still smoke that gunja? But ofcorse I had stop when I found out that I was pregnant so I took it as he was only playing with me.So when it came to for my birth of my child he didn`t make it! On top of that he got Children and family services on me as if I had a drug problem. they tested me at the hospital to make sure I came I clean well I did! But the thing that got me mad is if he thought I had a drug problem I don`t see why he didn`t talk about it through my pregnancy instead he joked about it as if it was funny. But besides all that he did not make it to the birth of my child! That made me very upset!I will not go to him again!

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Mar 5th, 2010

I wish Dr Murray would accessible person, I wish I did not have to wait so long. I wish He would be more serios when he is addressing a patient's problem

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Avoid This Doctor show details Avoid This Doctor
Sep 3rd, 2009

I was sent to doctor Murray b/c I had a history of preterm birth. His sole job for me was to make sure I did not go into labor before my time. I went into labor preterm! Beside that, his staff has an attitude problem.

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head show details head
Jul 14th, 2009

Dr . Murray, nurse practitioner Donna lab tech beverly and assitant tanisha is very exellent the rest need to be trained very rude and unprofessional

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