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Feb 26th, 2015

Great person!!!

Feb 25th, 2015

Love the staff at the Barwick office! I'm about to have my second child and I'm definitely sticking with Dr. Kutzler. Also, the other Dr. (Dr. Flores) in the office whom I've seen quite a few times is great. Friendly all the way around at this office.

Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
Nov 19th, 2013

I had moved here 4 years ago and when I found out I was pregnant I was recommended to see Dr. Kutzler by a co-worker and I don't regret choosing her at all. I was a high risk pregnancy and she made sure my baby and I were going to be ok. I had to spend the last 3 months of my pregnancy hospitalized and she came to see me everyday. My first child was natural and my second child I had to have an emergency c-section and Dr. Klutzler gave me the option to choose if I wanted to do it natural or if I wanted another c-section. She didn't try to convince me to have a c-section but I opted to have one. This was my third child and she was by far the best doctor I have seen for any of my pregnancies. The office staff is very nice and professional. I 100% recommend Dr. Kutzler.

by Amber on Sep 9th, 2013

Two of my pregnancies were positive experiences. Dr Kutzler and her NP Angela were a great team and performed professionally and efficiently. Dr Kutzler isn't a warm type of person, but she is there to do her job and answer questions. The office had a great vibe and other nurses were friendly. However, my main complaint is the wait time. It took too long for appointments and sonograms. The Baylor Women's Center was also a great experience, I loved it!

Poisonous antidepressants were her answer for EVERYTHING!!! show details Poisonous antidepressants were her answer for EVERYTHING!!!
by Dani on Aug 22nd, 2013

What was most memorable about this DR was the fact that she tried to tell me I was depressed and give an antidepressant that is known to cause birth defects and when I refused to possibly poison my unborn child she refused to see me anymore. She is by far the WORST dr I've ever had the displeasure of seeing and I'm on my 4th baby. I wouldn't even give her one star if I didn't have to but it wont let me give her 0. If you care about your baby be careful cause this woman may damage a perfectly healthy child with her stupidity.

Mother of Two show details Mother of Two
by Cara Lionberger ( Willoughby) on Feb 28th, 2013

I was referred to Dr. Kutzler by one of my longtime customers. From the the very first appointment I was comfortable with the Dr. who would be delivering my second child! She was straight forward and kind. My husband will never forget how Dr. Kutzler turned our new babies head to him so he could ne the first one to see her beautiful little face. I reccomend Dr. Bea Kutzler to anyone having a baby! She is wonderful!

Jan 26th, 2013

Her name is Dr.Kutzler she loves to cut people if u dont want a c section too bad she will give u one regardless, i think majority of deliverys are c-section because they get paid more to do it.

Sep 7th, 2012

Dr. Kutzler has been my Ob for all three of my pregnancies and she delivered my middle child and will soon be delivering my next. She is sometimes abrupt and cutthroat but too me thats the Dr I want one who is going to sometimes tell me what I need to be doing! I always feel like she is answering the questions and concerns I have. She is comforting and compassionate when need be! I love Dr. Kutzler she's an amazing Dr!

Love her! show details Love her!
Jul 13th, 2012

I've been with Dr. Kutzler for 4 years and through 2 pregnancies. Dr. Kutzler has calle me at home to see how I am doing, he delivered my first baby when she wasn't even on call at the hospital, and she is always do kind and friendly to me and my family. I feel like she really cares about me and my health.

Jun 8th, 2012

At first impression I thought she was very friendly and proffesional. But the next time I saw her for longer than a minute was at my delivery and she had a terrible attitude that day.

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You're fired! show details You're fired!
Jan 12th, 2012

Dr. Kutzler is friendly upon first greeting, but it goes downhill from there. Spends 90% of the visit gazing into the computer monitor, poorly gleaning information. During multiple visits for a gyn disorder, she would inconsistently report the changes in size/severity of my condition. She has a complete disregard for the pain of a biopsy, and also took a cell phone call from family during my visit. Time means nothing to Dr. Kutzler. On my final visit, I waited 2.5 hours, desperate for information. She snapped at me when I dared comment on how long I had waited. She was indeed in the office the entire time, with an overloaded waiting room. The saddest sight was a frail, elderly lady in a wheel chair who sat slumped for nearly 3 hours. I walked out the door at the end of the visit determined to find a new doctor. He is wonderful and highly rated.

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I admire Dr. Kutzler show details I admire Dr. Kutzler
Dec 13th, 2011

I have had her as a ob doctor with both of my children. With my first pregnancy she was great, and I'm even a little ashamed because I'm not sure if my cobra insurance paid her. I think it did. However she did not deliver my daughter, it was a male doctor. He was awesome, men can be very kind. Anyways she also delivered my son, this time there were health issues involved which greatly complicated my pregnancy. But you know I have to defend her because I'm sure it's very hard work. The possibility for burn out has got to be high in that field. Sometimes I'm sure because she is human she isn't always nice. But whom of you have never been rude to someone in your career. I'm sure you know doctors go to school for 12 years. And then get to start their actual career. Most of them have got to be geniuses. I greatly admire how hard they work to get where they are. Doctors are not perfect. They are human. Doctors are on call and basically I'm pretty sure they don't get a break unless they go on vacations. I know they are rich but if I went to school for half my life I would expect to be rich! They work hard and long hours. Most people don't realize they are getting burn out or ugly with people until it is brought to their attention. But I also see the other side of the coin, pregnancy is a very tender time in a woman's life. She should be treated like the princess that she is. With respect and kindness and valued greatly. But just like with any profession when you do it all the time, you can lose your original perspective when you started out. Overall I thought Dr. Kutzler was a very good doctor, good at what she does. Just remember as smart and successful as they are they are human.

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Surprised to see a bad review show details Surprised to see a bad review
Jul 19th, 2011

My experience with Dr. Kutzler is that she is a professional, non-alarmist physician. From reading the reviews of other people who utilized her as an OB, versus GYN, it seems that people want to go to the doctor's office and find a confidante. I feel that is outside the scope, unless directly related to your pregnancy, and appreciated her strictly professional manner. I was always treated as an individual, never dismissed for concerns, and I even put off relocating with my husband to another part of the state so that I could have my second perfect birth/labor experience with her. Would recommend to anyone and everyone in the DFW vicinity. Sorry that I cannot continue seeing her due to geographic distance. The wait in her office (always at the 8th street office) was due to her attending to obstetrical patients when she was on call. TIP: Book the 1pm appointment at her Hulen office for a quicker turnaround at the OB/GYN.

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Great doctor who saved my life show details Great doctor who saved my life
May 19th, 2011

When I was 27 I found a lump in my breast and went to see Dr. Kutzler about it. She sent me to get a mammogram and a sonogram. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Most doctors would have told someone my age to wait and they would reevaluate it in 6 months, or even say that it's nothing. Had Dr. Kutzler not sent me, or told me to come back in 6 months, who knows how much bigger/worse it would have gotten (it was already 2.5 cemtimeters). Before my surgery she suggested the idea of freezing embryos to me. Her staff got me an appointment with a fertility doctor, and I was able to freeze 3 embryos before I started chemotherapy. Now, four years later, I have one year old twins who were born via a surrogate. She is a wonderful doctor who does care about her patients. Yes, you have to wait at her office but most of the times it's because she is on call at the hospital and has to run back and forth to deliver babies. She is nice, caring, and compassionate. I owe a lot to Dr. Kutzler, and highly recommend her.

experienced the worst. show details experienced the worst.
Mar 28th, 2011

First and foremost this is a very unkindly OBGYN not only because she treated her older, richer patients more respectively but she treated me like I was a stupid pregnant kid who had just got knocked up and didn't take care of myself, she's horrible. She didn't even have time for my quetions I DON'T CARE HOW LONG YOU STUDIED TO BE AN OBGYN; YOU JUST DONT TREAT PEOPLE HOW EVER YOU FEEL LIKE! LITERALLY.

This Doc was awful show details This Doc was awful
Jan 22nd, 2011

I went to her towards the end of my pregnancy since I lost my insurance and had to go on medicaid. I stayed with this doctor because it was a bit late in my pregnancy to go around looking and because I didn't really have to deal with her. I did like her Physician Assistant and I almost never had to see Dr. Kutzler. She was rude and didn't really listen. The birth of my son was a bit miserable because of her attitude. I had no probs with my pregnancy, but was another scheduled c-section since I had had one before. For my pre-op the hospital wanted me to come in at a different time, 2 hours later, than she did. I had the hospital call her office, across the street, and double check the time I needed to be there. My pre-op nurse told me it had all checked out. Well the next day I was bombarded by phone calls from her office that I wasn't at and needed to be at the hospital, they literally called every 10-20 min. When we got to the hospital, over an hour before they told me, Dr. Kutzler was constantly calling, and I mean constantly to see if I was ready yet. The entire hospital staff was apologizing to me for her rude behavior. She was being rude to the nurses-I could hear her yelling at them through the phone-, the anesthesiologists, and halfway through my surgery she left. As soon as my son was out she took off and after surgery I did have some issues with my blood pressure being too low, but my doc wasn't there. My nurses were still apologizing for her the day after because they didn't want me to think this was the way things normally worked over there. Right before I was wheeled into surgery I wanted to just say screw it because of her awful behavior and find another doc, but it was too late. After speaking to others in her waiting room I know I was not the only one there because she has a great Physician Assistant. She better hope her PA never leaves. I have met alot of doctors in my life, my father was one and passed before either of my children were born, and I have to say this one was the most rude and unprofessional of any I have ever had contact with.

Find another doctor show details Find another doctor
Nov 15th, 2010

After going to see Dr. Kutzler on and off, as insurance allowed, for 17 years, I was given the boot in my 9th week of pregnancy because I wouldn't consent to letting a male doctor deliver my baby. I didn't care if it was one of the other female docs, just not a male. Instead of trying to work something out, they just said, sorry, we're done with you, find another doctor. Really?

Mar 1st, 2010

I am 4m pregnant. I find her to be very cold, detached, and she's barely available! In this entire time, i've been to her office maybe 6 times, and have seen her only once. Probably not a bad doctor but offers no compassion, or sisterly/motherly encouragement etc when one needs it at a time of Pregnancy. Also, I feel rushed through my visit, and unless I ask questions, there is no advice. I am looking for an OBGYN that I can connect with.

Great doctor - absolutely horrible staff! show details Great doctor - absolutely horrible staff!
by - Unsatisfied on Jun 11th, 2009

Dr. Kutzler herself, is a wonderful doctor. Her staff on the other hand, is absolutely horrible. They are rude, uncaring, unhelpful and completely in the wrong field of work with all that they lack. In addition, after the 15 - 30 minute wait in the waiting room, once you are in an exam room it is not uncommon for them to have you waiting there for over 30 minutes. This is based on three annual check ups. On my last visit, I tried to ask one of the nurses/staff approximately how much longer I would be waiting in the exam room and was crassly told to shut up and be patient - this was after already waiting over thirty minutes.I would NOT recommend the doctor because of her atrocious office staff. I myself am finding a new doctor because of the poor professionalism and courtesy of the staff.