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Feb 18th, 2015

great doc.

Dr. Worsley is amazing! show details Dr. Worsley is amazing!
by Stephanie Carter on Jan 20th, 2015

Dr. Worlsley was AMAZING! You can tell he really enjoys his job and loves kids. He is very thorough and takes his time with you answering questions and explaining and teaching. I am so glad we found him! He is so nice and great with my son! We love him! Already recommended him to family & friends! :)

Mom of 5 show details Mom of 5
by Kristy L. on Jul 12th, 2013

I am so perplexed by these negative reviews. I read them and wondered if they were talking about someone else. The descriptions were so out of character for him. I cant even imagine him saying the things that were quoted. very strange. We started out with a different doctor in the practice when it was still near Harris Downtown. When the practice split and our doctor moved to the Harris SW area we were happy to switch to Dr. Worsley who was new to the practice, but working in the practice near us. I knew I liked him right away when he came into the exam room and saw us sitting on the floor (my son was two then), he said "don't get up" and conducted the whole check up on the floor with us. My son immediately liked him and had not liked the previous doc Fast forward almost 14 years and four more kids later and we wouldn't trade him for the world. He is friendly, courteous, knowledgable, funny, and more than competent. I've never had a situation in which he has screwed up a diagnosis. In fact he is quick to refer to a specialist when a greater depth of knowledge in a particular area is required. He has done so much for us, from getting us in with specialists whose schedules were full, to prescribing antibiotics long distance when we've been traveling, to walking us through medical issues. He spends all the time you need with him and never makes you feel rushed (his partner always had one foot out the door). He listens carefully, explains things well, and is all around very helpful. He even takes questions about siblings that are not part of the appointment. The wait is long, but I know that he must be spending the same careful and dedicated time with other patients. I just plan for about 2-3 hours for the whole trip (40 minutes of that is drive time). Yes, this is frustrating with small children, especially the leg of the wait in the little exam room, but worth It. I can count the number of times the nurses haven't returned a call within one hour on one hand in 14 years - simply lost in the shuffle and understandable. The nurses have been by and large great, with a few exceptions, but they never last. Tammy is our favorite. She has talked me through more stuff over the phone than I could convey here. She's great for the office visit, too. We had a brain lapse and wrote down the wrong time for an appointment last week. We showed up in the afternoon and were told we had missed the appointment that morning. Tammy happened to be standing there and said, "yeah, we were wondering where you were. You always show up for appointments." They know us well. Another time we were significantly late for a baby appointment (remember, mom of five, cut me some slack!) and when we got there the nurse told us Dr. Worsley had been talking all morning about seeing us because he couldn't wait to see the baby (he LOVES babies). That's a caring and connected doctor. I enjoy going to see Dr. Worsley and so do the kids. They like "that orange haired guy." With five kids, we see him a lot. I've never seen him exhibit the behavior described in the bad reviews. I have caught him in a bad mood, I think twice in over a decade. Once he was short with my daughter for overreacting to a shot (she screamed and her behavior was a little over the top for a then ten year old) and the other time he fussed at a nurse who was being very annoying by interrupting a difficult procedure. Really, she had it coming. Otherwise, he's been perfectly nice and we've seen him at all hours of the day. He's willing to go the extra mile for us and seems to be genuinely interested in and concerned for our family. My only complaint is the wait time, but doesn't everyone have a wait time? I would never consider leaving his practice unless I had to. I'm just glad we got in when he was new and were able to add in each new sibling. We love him.

Uncaring Bad Doctor show details Uncaring Bad Doctor
by Jen on May 29th, 2013

He has been my daughter's doctor since she was born. But in the last few years we only saw him for check-ups because every time she was sick he wasn't in the office and we saw another doctor. First of all the wait is very long. Plan on spending either your entire morning or afternoon for mediocre care. I learned just recently never see him in the late afternoon because he and his nurses are in a bad mood. He sees too many patients so your child is no concern to him. My child had been sick for days and three times I spoke to a nurse I kept asking for the dosage of an over the counter med he had recommended in the past for her current issue. They would not tell me because they misdiagnosis my daughter. After waiting almost 90 mins and being placed in a small box room with no windows and very little air conditioner my daughter was sweating, irritable and crying. He barely looked at her then recommended the same over the counter med that I had been asking the dosage of for days. He said something was wrong with my child mentally because she was over the age of 18 months old and crying at the doctor's office. What a complete jerk. She was sick and tired. My daughter also felt how irritated he was and didn't want him near her. Also after every check up visit here my daughter ends up being super sick because the staff doesn't have time to clean the rooms properly because they are rushing patients in and out. I will never return to this place.

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Oct 14th, 2012

My son is now 2 Dr.Worsley had been seeing him from newborn i really liked the visits until recently the waiting for appts is too long i had an appt at 1 and wasnt seen until 3:20. I was devistated but i love how communicates with my son. Overall its and OK place to go.

Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
by Anonymous on Jun 13th, 2012 on

We have been going to him for 10 years now. He has been a great doctor for my 2 boys. Went to him after another doctor was so unprofessional. He ta ...

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Feb 8th, 2012

We have had Dr Worsley since his beginning with Fort Worth Pediatrics. He is the most awesome caring Dr I have ever had. Although it is quite a drive from where we started off seeing him it is so worth the trip for us. Wouldn't change for the worldDebbie Peacock Mother of 5

Dr Worsley is a horrible person show details Dr Worsley is a horrible person
by Anonymous on Apr 19th, 2011 on

Terrible doctor, terrible person. When at our very first visit I asked questions about my daughters Chronic Lung Disease that she was diagnosed with b ...

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Mom of Preemie show details Mom of Preemie
Apr 7th, 2011

What a complete jerk. The very first time I met him, my daughter had been out of the hospital for less than 24 hours. She had been in the hospital for the last 10 weeks, due to being a micro-preemie. She was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease, and when I asked about her having it he said "yeah, no she doesn't have that." And I said, "Yes she does, a pulmonologist diagnosed her with it in the hospital." He then went on to answer my question as if it was a complete waste of his time. When I had several questions to ask him (I was a VERY concerned mother since she was born so early) he said "Well, why don't I just take her out back and shoot her because it sounds like she doesn't have much to live for!" Unbelievable. Not only did I then feel uncomfortable asking questions about my own daughter, but he also makes crude comments about her. I can't even say the word that I am thinking about him.

Mark as Helpful  | 5 people found this helpful Report Abuse
Jan 26th, 2011

Dr. Worsley was great at our first few appointments with our newborn, but we were quickly hit with the reality that he was lacking in the QUALITY of his care and his ability to listen. He misdiagnosed our child because she was "too smiley to be sick". Our little one went to him for 9 months until we could no longer stand having our concerns go unheard. Many of my friends went to him and all of them eventually left. We were one of the first. There are doctors out there that will listen to a parents concerns and not make you feel like your child's health isn't of top priority. Leaving a pediatrician is hard, but do what is best for your little one!

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Good Actor. Poor Doctor. Horrible Staff show details Good Actor. Poor Doctor. Horrible Staff
by motherofpreemies on Nov 23rd, 2010

Staff is horrible. Uncaring,without empathy, rough with children even infants . Phone calls are never returned the same day. Repeated phone calls not returned even after a week. Doctor acts like he cares and promises the moon, but once you step out the door your child is of no concern. If I had taken the advice of this doctor and his staff I would be putting flowers on their graves. Sad.

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Oct 11th, 2010

This is not my child's regular pediatrician. We saw him during urgent care hours. He belittled my concerns about my child. He disrespected me and did not address my concerns. In fact, he questioned me for being a concerned parent. Truly a jerk with no people skills and no manners. Very condescending demeanor.

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betty boop show details betty boop
by Betty boop on Apr 28th, 2010

Probably couldn't disagree with Meow Mix more, with the exception of the wait times which I think are a bit long. However, you have to think why he is late a lot. Two solutions come immediately to mind. First, I have NEVER had an appointment in which Dr. Worsley doesn't ask "Is there anything else I can do for you?" So, I feel free to ask about discipline, a rash, whatever, even if I am there for an ear infection. My kids love him because he always takes time to connect with them and be silly rather than just muscling his way through an exam. Secondly, he has long wait times because he is probably one of the most popular pediatricians in town. Not that popularity dictates excellence, but I suspect the majority of his patients are probably pretty happy. And, Meow Mix, if you are unhappy and think he should take less patients, maybe you should find another doctor. It would probably speed up those wait times for those of us who do like him :)

Great with babies show details Great with babies
by Meow Mix on Nov 12th, 2009

I really liked him when my son was <5, now I don't. The wait is horrible, he rushes you, doesn't act like he cares, and doesn't even listen to you. I have heard others complain about him not listening too. I think he would be a great Dr if he didn't accept so many patients.

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