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Awful Staff show details Awful Staff
Jun 12th, 2014

This is the most unorganized and unorthodox office! The staff does not care about you and they talk very unprofessional. They mix up info in your chart even! Their billing is a mess. They overcharge you for a bill you may of payed 5 months ago. Overall a bad option. I highly suggest going elsewhere.

Oct 29th, 2012

She is very caring, professional and spends the time to ask me what's going on, if I have any concerns and listens.

Horrible worst ever! show details Horrible worst ever!
Nov 1st, 2011

This place is a scam! I beg you to NOT go there. Make sure you do not even breathe there. The only staff Lori is the rudest person along with the doctor who is even ruder. They both laughed and sniggered at me and my husband for not using contraception. They laughed at our religious and ethical believes. They charged us for facilitates that we did NOT get done at the clinic.They are a scam.

First Class Doctor show details First Class Doctor
Jul 17th, 2011

Dr. Z. is a total professional and one of the most straight forward doctors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She tells it like it is. If you are looking for an OBGYN that really cares about your health look no further.I am healthy today because of her :)

Jun 18th, 2010

I had recently moved and needed to find a new ob gyn, so my appt with Dr. Z was my first (and last) with her. My husband came along b/c we are a young couple and wanted to talk some family planning stuff too. When they called me into the examination room my husband got up to go in with me. I explained to the nurse who called me in, that we usually go to doctor's appts together in case one of us has a question for the doctor. She said in a rude tone that they don't do that, and he would have wait outside. And it went downhill from there.Once inside the examination room I explained to the nurse that I have a latex sensitivity, and could they use non-latex gloves. She asks me if I've been tested for the allergy before, and I tell her no not yet, but I'm planning to. I just know that when I wore latex gloves, my skin crawled and was left red and irritated. Then she says that I should really get tested b/c people like me who say they have a sensitivity without knowing for sure, create extra trouble for the doctors and staff -- and that they are forced to use different and costly equipment for us. She worked extra hard at making sure I know that I was in the wrong, for having the nerve to ask her to put on a different set of gloves. Please. She was a complete B****. (As a side note, I told my regular dr about this and he said he had no idea what that nurse was talking about.)Then Dr. Z came in to examine me. She took all of 5 minutes, cut me off when I was speaking and asking questions, and left the room. Her bedside manner was awful and based on that experience, I knew I never wanted her to treat me again, let alone be my doctor when we decided to have a baby. If you are considering Dr. Bettina Zatuchni as your ob gyn, please run the other way. Dr Z was a poor doctor to me, and her staff is unprofessional, condescending, and rude.

One of the best in the bay area show details One of the best in the bay area
by New mom on Apr 9th, 2010

One of the sharpest and most caring doc in the my neighborhood. I am so lucky.

Mar 19th, 2010

My first visit with Dr. Bettina Zatuchniwas a very positive experience. Very informative and very caring doctor. Very comfortable and she knows her stuff.

Very good experiences with Dr. Z! show details Very good experiences with Dr. Z!
by Dana Titus on Feb 4th, 2010

I am so shocked to read the negatives that some people posted. For one thing, if you get your labs done so close to your appointment date, that is your fault. She is a very thorough doctor and likes to review this stuff in person-- not over the phone. I found her when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. She wrote the lab order and I went THAT DAY to get my labs done. Why would anyone wait several weeks to get these vital labs done? Then blame the dr for being upset about it, when the patient had plenty of time to take care of it. Geez! The other person who posted about their appt having to be cut short because a baby wasn't doing well after a C-section, well it's not her job or her speciality to tend to the baby, so likely there was nothing she was needed for urgently and hence the reason for still going through with your appointment. It sounds like she was advising you that if the hospital paged her, she may have to cut it short, and wanted to explain that in the event it happens. What puzzles me is that people complain if the doctor cancels and then complain if they don't cancel -- poor doctor can't win. I had a baby who didn't do well after a C-section and there was nothing the OB could have done, it was handled by the by NICU staff. The OB did come and check on my baby but she wasn't the first responder or anything. Again, why complain about having your appt NOT be canceled, just bizarre.My only regret is that I had some problems late in my pregnancy at 35 weeks and Dr. Z happened to be on vacation at the time. How dare she, LOL! Just kidding of course. The doctor filling in for her did an emergency C-section for me. I was still in the hospital when Dr. Z returned from vacation and she came to see me in the hospital and wanted to know everything that had happened. She sat in my room and chatted with me and my husband for at least half an hour. It really lifted my spirits. She didn't have to do that, but she's a real people-person and likes to make her patients feel good. Now I am having a minor issue that she is helping to resolve and I feel it's being handled very appropriately. Her staff is great, always has been. I cannot believe the things people complain about. She is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone. If you do want to see her, make your appt in advance because she's very popular so she books up fast.

Have decided to switch doctors show details Have decided to switch doctors
Sep 19th, 2009

I have only had 2 dr visits with Dr Zatuchni. My fist visit was impressive. She was friendly and the visit was short (I like getting in and out quickly) however I didn't have any of the usually things done...pee in a cup, measure tummy, getting weighed. I only got a quick ultrasound to verify the pregnancy. I was left with instructions to get bloodwork done before the next visit and that my next ultrasound would be at 20 weeks. My next appointment was not a good experience for me. The doctor was put off with me because I had gotten the bloodwork done shortly before my appointment and the results didn't get to her in time for her to discuss them with me. She said that is what they usually talk about during that visit. She also scolded me for not getting a 12 week ultrasound which I honestly don't remember her ever mentioning. I have had 5 preganancies before this and am not unfamiliar with what the first 4 months of pregnancy appointments are like when things are going well. All they have to do is measure your tummy, test your pee, and weigh you. There really isn't much more to talk about...I don't expect much. I also know that a doctor can just as easily have me contacted by phone if any bloodwork or other tests come back abnormal. I have never had a Doctor recommend an ultrasound at 12 weeks so I don't think this was a vital mistake on my part. I dislike being treated the way I was and talked down to. These were honest mistakes and I would have liked her to be understanding and more easy going about them. She may have just been having a bad day but I don't want to take any chances of that on my delivery day. I would also like a doctor that treats me with more dignity and respect. I didn't want to switch doctors but I really feel it for the best. I want to have a pleasant experience and have a doctor I can rely on when my baby arrives.

will not go back show details will not go back
Aug 24th, 2009

Overall, Dr. Z is way too busy to care about her patients.The average waiting time for me was 30-40 minutes, sometimes even longer. In one of my appointments, I was told that my appointment had to be shorten b/c a baby was not doing well after C-section delivery. During the 30-minute waiting period, Dr. Z had seen at least 2 patients before me, and my appointment took about probably 5-10 minutes. What shocked me most was that she didn't go straight to the poor baby that needed her most. I'd rather she cancelled my appointment that day. I didn't know what happened afterwards.During my visit one month before my due day, she revealed that she forgot about my condition unwittingly. Again, I was shocked. I regret that i didn't switch to another doctor, worrying that it is too late to switch.

Decent doctor, terrible staff show details Decent doctor, terrible staff
Apr 15th, 2009

Dr. Zatuchni is a decent doctor, meaning she diagnosed my problem and gave me proper treatment. Her bedside manner left me feeling rushed and not listened to. But far worse (and the reason I am not going back) is her staff. The front desk staff is rude and the nurse that led me to the doctor's office was incredibly unprofessional. Among other things, she gave me a lecture of sorts on the nuisance it causes when people like (who have latex sensitivity) come to their office -- she said it wastes their time and costs them a lot of money. Later on out of curiosity, I asked my general practitioner if this is true, that latex sensitivity in patients creates more trouble or cost for the doctor. He said no, and he's not sure why she said that to me. Aside from that, Dr. Zatuchni's office used the wrong lab to process my labwork, creating extra hassle for me and my health insurance. Just to put it in perspective, my appointment with Dr. Z was in Oct 08, and I am still dealing with it in April 09. I am never going back to Dr. Zatuchni's office!!

A kind, caring physician of this caliber is rare show details A kind, caring physician of this caliber is rare
by Carla on Jul 13th, 2008

Dr. Z delivered my son back in 1999. My pregnancy was complicated by preterm labor and she was there by my side, comforting me on a personal level. She has left my area and now practices in California. She is greatly missed!!