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Absolutely Aweful Office Staff show details Absolutely Aweful Office Staff
Aug 17th, 2012

While Dr. Gorman is ok, his office staff is the worst group of people ever. They are not professional and do not care about their patients. I scheduled an appointment and asked to use my medical insurance to pay for my FAA Medical. They stated this was not a problem and was routinely done. They confirmed there would be no charge to me as this service was funded by my medical insurance plan. At the end of the visit, they demanded a $103.00 payment. I informed the cashier of the situation, and she refused to listen. After paying, I spoke with the origional receptionist who stated, "Oops, my mistake." The entire staff refused to assist with this issue. Absolutely unacceptable.

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Ability to Listen to the concerns of others. show details Ability to Listen to the concerns of others.
Jun 16th, 2011

About 4/12 years ago, My wife and I were asked by her elderly aunt to become her caregivers. For about 4 years or so our contact with this Dr. seemed just fine, however, there was an episode where the patient was trying to get a doctors approval for the renewal of one of her prescriptions. She called the Pharmacy, who's name I will not mention here, and they informed her that they would contact the Dr.s' office and get the approval, and she could come in later and get it. After waiting for what seemed to be an inordinate amount time to receive a response, she called to check with the pharmacist only to have them tell her that they were still waiting to hear back from the Doctors' office on the approval, and they would try again. After still another long wait, she began to tell me of what was going on. By the time I got involved approximately 4 days had passed, and several phone calls had been placed, both to the pharmacy, and the Dr.s' office. Each insinuated that it was the others' fault that it hadn't gone through, Or moreover, that they were at a loss as to why it hadn't gone through. I finally stepped in and called the pharmacy myself, and asked to speak to someone in charge. The person that came to the phone stated that the Dr.s' fax was in some way not compatible with their fax and that they,(the doctors' office),were not receiving the request for the renewal, that they were sorry for the mix-up, and they would phone it in to get it done. Of-course upon hearing this, I was about as dubious as anyone could be about their story, but never the less decided to just go with it and let them hang themselves, I mean after all, How stupid would I have to be to believe such a crock of nonsense. I couldn't help wondering just how many other patients had been having similar problems, and why anybody on either side of the issue would even begin to remotely tolerate such a problem as that for any length of time when you consider how money motivated everybody is these days to get their commerce taken care of. I mean how many prescriptions do you have to lose in order to wake up and realize business is not as usual??? Finally I called the Dr.s' office and inquired about the matter one more time, and the answer I got was, "well we don't know what the problem is." I asked to speak to a nurse. I presumed "THE" nurse in charge of getting these matters handled. A woman came to the phone, and I asked her straight out, "are you a nurse?," she said "I'm on the nurses staff." I said "Mamm, you seem to be avoiding the question," "are you or are you not a nurse?" she then admitted that no, she was not a nurse, but how could she help me? I related the entire matter to her, and she gave me the very exact same lame excuse. We don't know! By this time, I was beginning to feel like this Dr., and his crew down there didn't have the least bit of concern, respect for, and or consideration of the fact that I just happen to see my time as being just as valuable as the next guys', and I don't particularly appreciate the sense of indifference I was picking up on from his people. Particularly with regard to the fact that we had a patient that was obviously distressed about her need of her medication., And soooo, I asked her a rather poignant question. I said, "Well, If you had to hazard a guess, Just who's incompetence do you think you'd base that upon, yours, or the pharmacy's? She immediately Lost it, and stated that "Look, our request had been turned in to the doctor, and that she didn't have to listen to this, and he would be looking into it!," And then she slammed the phone down!! "Okay", I thought, Looks like maybe I might have struck a nerve. Now, as if that were not enough, some days later when she had another appointment with this guy, I was with her which had been the usual case right along, and when the doctor came into the room to see her I was there to hear because she couldn't always remember everything. His first remark was, "is this the grumpy old man that called up and chewed on my staff"?. And at first, I really actually thought that he was trying to defuse the whole thing by resorting to a certain measure of levity in the situation. Then he said to her that "somebody needed to reign "him" in. In the third person no less, as if he were trying to deliberately agitate me by speaking "about" me as if I were not even in the same room. When I realized that he wanted to be a snide sort of so and so, then I became really incensed, and simply said that "We'd only just called down there to his office no less than four separate times, in an effort to try and get the whole matter resolved, At which point the good doctor began waving his hand back and forth way down beside his leg, as if to say in so many words, "quiet down," "quiet down,". And then he added, "I'm done," "I"m done". I don't have to tell you that by this time I am livid, I thought to myself, "OH YOU'RE DONE????? YOU'RE DONE!!!! Oh,okay, I guess that just means that because you're done, that automatically means that everybody else is done as well, is that it? Well, you flat out don't understand very much at all do you?, if you think that all you have to do is wave your hand, and make make some little pronouncement, and that necessarily means that you've brought this little matter to it's final conclusion. Well, you now have a new problem. Here's what it is. Treating another full grown adult man in that manner is the same thing as having thrown down the gauntlet as far as I am concerned, and the equivalent to slapping someone across the face with your gloves. In another era there would be a dual. But since we live in an alleged civilized society, I'm supposing there will have to be other ways of addressing the insult! I might add he further stated that he made a point of stating that "if she wanted him to continue to be her personal physician, then I then had to be reigned in. Wow, Really?,.. Why?,.. because I had the unmitigated gall, and the temerity to stand up to the good doctor and or moreover, his staff? Isn't that just exactly what we are all supposed to be doing, standing up for our rights? What,.. are we supposed to be intimidated or something just because a doctor is a doctor? Or because someone has a title before or after his name? Perhaps the good doctor has a god complex and thinks that because he says a matter is finished that it is finished! Perhaps not everybody agrees that that is the case. It seems to me that after getting the "tea berry" shuffle and the run around to boot, that any self respecting, "thinking" person would be put off, and would feel the need to rise to the occasion and see what they could do to get those peoples attention that needed to pay more attention. It also occurs to me that a doctor being what he is, has in his hands the lives of those whom he serves, and is, as such, accountable to those individuals to give them a viable answer to the questions that define their concerns, and not just a response. It's one thing to get an exact answer that provides the pertinent information that our questions beg, as opposed to one of the oldest journalists tricks in the book, which is to "respond" to the question without providing any resolution to the uncertainties which it addresses. The good doctor would do well to remember that! Now you can bet I won't be darkening his door anytime soon, and in all fairness to the doctor, I never said that I thought that it was his fault, or the fault of any of the members of his staff, It never was established which party was responsible, but when you are met with the kind of smug indifference with which this matter was met. It still has an unsettling quality to it to think this guy is in charge of my health concerns. Just to say "it wasn't our fault," and leave it at that to me hardly addresses itself to the matter at hand regardless of what it pertains to. How costly could it have been to have taken a more proactive role, and try to get to the bottom of things. And or if you already knew what the problem was, and it wasn't you, then it would have been a simple matter of just saying so!!!Pure and simple.

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Dec 12th, 2010

good doctor but the only issue i have with him is he would charge me an office visit just to sign one paper to continue with physical therapy. He also charged me an office visit to sign a referral to continue seeing my specialist. When he comes to my room he seems so fake like he only cares because he is paid to.

Nov 14th, 2009

Dr. Gorman is wonderful - he really listens to me and understands my health goals. We work together to attain this goal rather than throw a bunch of pills at the problem. When I've had serious issues, he's fast to get it looked at (scans/xrays) to verify and deal with the issue. I am very happy with the care I receive from Dr. Gorman.

Jun 3rd, 2008 on

I was very pleased with my experience. They were very informative, and they really listened to what I needed. I did have to wait quite a while for them to verify my insurance, but it was well worth it.

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Feb 9th, 2005 on

after 10 years: this is the treatment I get from the Family Doctors. I can't get a referral because they can't verify my insurance. But, if I pay the full amount they'll see me. After 10 years of being their patient this is the treatment I get from them.

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