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Feb 24th, 2015

He's a wonderful Christian doctor! Service is great!

Acct rep show details Acct rep
by Kim on Nov 25th, 2014

Do not go to him. Still crying. I had a few redo ops. Scars of eyelift very visable. Made beautiful eyes UGLY. quack

Aug 27th, 2014

I was referred to Dr. Massaro by my ophthalmologist and internist for droopy eylelids which affected my vision. I was able to schedule an appointment with ease. I found Dr. Massaro to be very pleasant and he thoroughly explained the procedure. His staff was also pleasant. After getting the OK from my insurance company, an appointment was made to have the procedure done. Before the procedure Dr. Massaro stopped into my room to see me and assure me everything would be fine. This help put me at ease. The procedure went well. On my follow up visit the next week I again found Dr. Massaro to be very pleasant and caring. The staff was also courteous. Any type of surgery causes anxiety, but Dr. Massaro's gentle manner helped lessen that feeling.

"Bedside Manor" show details "Bedside Manor"
by Amy K on Jun 17th, 2014

I have had an experience with another doctor who was very nasty. I walked out of that appointment too. This doctor massaro is a narcissistic inhumane person.

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Health Insurance show details Health Insurance
by Jeff P on Jun 15th, 2014

Do you take OBAMACARE?

by Andrea Wagoner on May 24th, 2014

It is true that people's various experiences with a doctor can range widely. But if it is important to you to have your questions answered with clarity and respect, and not brusqueness, impatience and rather bizarre repetition of phrases that don't even seem related to what you just asked, then Dr. Massaro is likely not the best choice for you.

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Marvelous show details Marvelous
by Donna Z on Feb 25th, 2014

I saw Dr Massaro for a consult & surgery on my upper eyelids & thought he was fantastic. Perhaps the complainers were just complainers??

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Lymphoma 2006 show details Lymphoma 2006
by Linda Bassett on Feb 10th, 2014

I was referred to Dr Massaro, by an optometrist. I had a swelling in my right lower lid. Dr Massaro ,immediately scheduled a biopsy. I was diagnosed with a lymphoma. He recommended an oncologist. I had 6 weeks of radiation and have been cancer free for 7yrs. Thank you Dr Massaro..

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Didn't care about all the scarring he left, and charged me for follow-up show details Didn't care about all the scarring he left, and charged me for follow-up
by Scarred for Life on Oct 9th, 2013

I had heard Massaro was very good but I was quite disappointed with the outcome of my eyelid surgery, as well as his poor follow-up. Dr. Massaro did my brow lift along with eyelid surgery and, after two years, I still have a big gauging scar at my eyebrow as well as evident scars from the rest of the cuts he made. And, when he saw after the surgery that he may not have raised one brow enough, he made me pay another $50 for that follow-up appointment, even though it was his fault. Of course he decided to do nothing about it. Also, even though he saw at that appointment the deep scar he left on that same brow, which now needs lots of makeup to cover, he refused to fix it. Instead, he told me to find another surgeon who does resurfacing. For all the big money I paid him, I will have to deal with scars around my eyes for the rest of my life, or pay someone else to try and fix them. I found him very cold in his approach, and it seemed to me he valued the money over me.

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GEHC show details GEHC
by Ellen Lindop on Oct 5th, 2013

Dr. Massaro is wonderful - I am very pleased with the results and how natural my eyes look and how I dont look tired anymore and I can see. Very Very Very pleased.

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arrogant and condescending doctor show details arrogant and condescending doctor
Sep 5th, 2013

Very satisfied with the end result of my surgery but the doctor and his entire robotic office staff need a seminar in customer service. Very flip with me in initial consultation. Girls in the office were the same. Surgery scheduler was like a robot. The same info given to all and in a monotone manner. No follow up phone call after surgery to see if I was ok. No follow up call EVER. Only to reschedule my appointment and then no ease of getting back in. Again....very competent surgeon but it was a most unpleasant experience.

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Rude staff. show details Rude staff.
by Sarah J. on Jul 19th, 2013

I wanted to have some under eye work done, but the mean staff deterred me from making an appointment. I called twice to get some general information before coming in and both days the receptionist was incredibly nasty with me. I could feel her eye rolling contempt for me over the phone, so I decided to take my business elsewhere. Dr. Massaro may be the best doctor in the world, but due to his staff, I will never know. I made an appointment with a Chicago surgeon instead.

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Worst experience with a Dr. ever show details Worst experience with a Dr. ever
Sep 13th, 2011

Just had THE WORST Dr. experience ever. Went to see Dr. Massaro at to get an ingrown eyelash removed (it's under the skin on my eyelid- not under my actual eyelid).From the beginning- After being referred to him from my eye doctor, I first had to go into the office for him to look at my eyelid and schedule my procedure appointment. I had to wait at least 20 min to see him, then saw him for just a few min, then had to wait another 20 min to schedule my procedure appointment.Weeks after I scheduled my procedure appointment, a woman called from the office stating that Dr. Massaro could no long make the appointment. Stated that I would call back to schedule a new appointment after I looked at my calendar. Then when the appointment came up, I received a call the day prior to confirm. When I mentioned that someone called me to cancel, they had no idea what I was talking about.Then when I arrived at my rescheduled appointment today, they asked me to sign a waiver stating that I'd been informed of the risks. I never had been, so I said I would wait to sign it until he discussed them with me. He was snotty with me about having to discuss the risks, of which he'd mentioned basically none. He said the only risk was if I sat up while he had the needle to my eye during the procedure. However, my eye Dr. who referred me to him said that there's a risk of cutting too deep, ruining the elasticity of the skin and ending up with a wrinkly eyelid. Dr. Massaro never mentioned this to me during the consultation appt or the one I had today to get the eyelash removed.Then more today...Me: Do I need to get my eyelid numbed? I don't like the feeling of being numbed. (He said the procedure is very simple and short, so I wondered if it was necessary- I'd rather have pain than a numb feeling)Him: I've done this before. (My unspoken thoughts: Ok, well I'm not every patient, nor a number. I didn't think it was too much to ask for to talk about options.)Then he put eye drops in my eye (though he didn't explain what they were), which he never discussed using with me- he had only mentioned the inject-able local-anesthetic. I flinched, like most people do when someone else puts eye drops in your eye- you're not expecting it.Him: You can't be that jumpy during the procedure.Me (a few seconds later): My eyes are burning from the eye drops.Him: They're numbing eye drops.Me: Shouldn't they be numbing and not burning, then? Is this normal?Him: I'm now going to hold your eyelid and insert the needle to numb your eyelid. (Note: He NEVER answered my question if it's normal to feel a burn!!! Then wanted to put a needle to my eye! Well, I don't think it's out of the ordinary to feel alarmed by that!)Me: I'm kind of freaking out by that (already burning eyes with no explanation impending needle to the eye!). Can I have my husband hold my hand?Him: I don't have time for a panic attack.Me: It would take two seconds for my husband to come into the room, and it would make me feel a lot better.Him: You can hold her (his assistant's) hand.Me: She isn't my husband. It would make me feel a lot better if he were in here (Adam was literally like 25 feet from me in the waiting room. Dr. Massaro was spending more time arguing with me about it (and with no good reason as to why Adam couldn't hold my hand) than it would have taken for Adam to walk in the room).Him: Either you can stop talking or leave. I don't have time for this (let it be known that I was with him for all of a few minutes, after having sat in the waiting room for nearly a half-hour past my appointment time)Me: Well, I'm leaving then.Him: Leave then! You cannot reschedule, and I'm billing you for this!This kind of behavior is unacceptable! Doctors should treat their patients with humility and understanding. They should discuss potential risks, answer the patient's questions, and show compassion when the patient is concerned. NOT attempt to push them into a procedure that they refuse to fully inform them about!!! Clearly his "Top Doctor" award has gone to his head and he thinks he doesn't need to treat anyone with kindness. It may be a routine procedure for him, but it isn't for me!I was completely disheartened that this Dr. could have lost touch with the very people he sought out to help in the first place. I'm glad I took a stand that this type of behavior will not be tolerated...

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