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Pleasantly surprised show details Pleasantly surprised
by Karen on Dec 9th, 2014

I thought she was very nice and thorough, and spent a lot of time explaining things to me. We came up with three medicine options for my headaches. I was worried I was going to have to try all three before I felt better, but fortunately, the first one has been a success. I have already recommended her to one of my family members.

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Find another show details Find another
by Richard on Nov 12th, 2014

Wont add much to other complaints other then to say arrogant and not much help

Compassion show details Compassion
Nov 13th, 2013

Wonderful to feel like a doctor cares about ME - what I am feeling, the quality of my life and what I fear about my condition. She described what she was going to do in a way that I understood and was involved in the treatment. Then she discussed what the tests showed and helped me figure out how to make the changes in my life and my routine that have really, really helped me recover from 90% of the problems I have had my whole adult life. I am grateful to her and to the Mayo for being there for me.

Bizarre Behavior show details Bizarre Behavior
Oct 29th, 2013

I have a severe sensitivity to natural light on my skin, causing migraines. We traveled across the country for this appointment. I called ahead for an exam room without a window because most curtains do not protect me. I was assured one would be available. After meeting with the assistant in the windowless room, I was told Dr. Robertson would only see me in a room with a window, where I would potentially be continuously exposed to my migraine trigger for the entire exam. The doctor sat next to the window so I could not look at her while we spoke, and then told me the only way she could examine my eyes was if I actually looked out the window. She was very arrogant and demanding and refused to examine me, reschedule, or talk at all unless we were in that room where I was exposed to natural light. She couldn't even do a thorough exam because I had to stay wrapped up in two layers of coats to protect my skin. The experience was completely bizarre. I recommend running far away if you are assigned to her.

i take it back! show details i take it back!
Apr 9th, 2013

I have been thinking about my review, and feel it was unjust. I think it was my overall frustration with the medical world as a whole. Dr. Robertson really showed care and concern for me and when I thought she didn't hear me, I read my report and she listed many little things I mentioned. She really is a thinker and a great listener. I will see her again and if you get the chance to see her, you will not be disappointed, it just takes some time. Don't give up hope!

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undecided show details undecided
Apr 8th, 2013

Like everyone who goes to Mayo, you are desperate for an answer, that I do not have. I will give her this, she did run some fancy nerve testing on me. Which after the tests they found minimal nerve damage. Not enough to warrant any further testing, meanwhile the day I returned from her visit, I developed arm rashes, vomitting, dizziness and stomach issues. All things I have been complaining about for months! Her answer was the 3 day fibro clinic and pain management. I had already been told I do not have fibro. As far as the experience, at the end of the day, it was a waste of time and alot of money. I am back at square one, and sicker then ever. She was very nice, but I felt cut short and she only focused on the nerves, not my other symptoms. I wish it would have worked, I was very hopefull.

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Neurology consult - headache clinic show details Neurology consult - headache clinic
by Mary Kay on Apr 2nd, 2013

As a professional, I appreciate the time, effort and research that go into any case. This doctor may be intellectually at the top of her game but the time spent, the passive listening ability and the apathetic responses toward the patient's concerns made this a wasted visit. So disappointed in my husband's care by this physician. Also of note is that many other reviewers stated they were being followed, very interesting as this doctor self stated the doctors are "consultants" there to answer questions, not continue patient care. Communication could be improved immensely.

I love this doctor! show details I love this doctor!
Mar 7th, 2013

She is young, which surprised me, but she really seems to know what she's doing. I can also tell she really cares about me and wants me to do better--she communicates so much better than my previous doctor. I was just looking at my headache diaries for this month and realize I have already started to see an improvement!

Extremely Insensitive--No Help AT ALL show details Extremely Insensitive--No Help AT ALL
by Suffering GREATLY in Missouri on Feb 22nd, 2013

I have suffered for 7 YRS from severe debilitating 'migraines' that keep ke bedridden 5-6 days a week. Dr. Robertson immediately 'stuck' on one problem/fix & would not listen to my questions or comments AT ALL. I have seen so many uncaring inconsiderate neurologists & living in Missouri I was at the end of my rope, physically, mentally & emotionally. She cut off anything I had to say. I had to take out a loan to go to Minnesota to Mayo for help! And came back with the same old stuff. No answers, not even an effort. Her 'fix' was for me to go back to MN on an outpatient basis, when I told her that was financially impossible & a hardship on my family. Her reply was "You have to decide what's really important and worth spending your money on". Well, excuse me Mayo Dr. we don't make the money you do. And top it off the 3 wks had no guarantees & I had gone to Mayo to BE SURE migraines are even the problem. The headaches have NEVER 'acted' like migraines nor responded to ANY migraine meds as should have. After suffering the kind of pain the just makes you wanna blow your head off for 7 YRS, I have learned a lot. And of course i was shuffled out as soon as SHE got her words out. I'm completely disappointed with Dr. Robertson, which then reflects on Mayo. I wish SO badly it had been different & I believe a different Doctor would have made that possible.

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Excellent communication skills!!! show details Excellent communication skills!!!
Feb 20th, 2013

I was seen by Dr. Robertson twice, for a initial exam and a follow up. She was very, very thorough, and on the initial visit spent about an hour and a half listening to my history, symptoms, questions and concerns. She then had several different tests done, and had me meet with other doctors at Mayo so as to make the best diagnosis possible, which proved to be the winning strategy, as I had a condition that was not neurological that was also affecting me, in addition to my nuerological problem, but all of the other doctors I went to could not seem to figure out. She was extremely personable and I was highly impressed with her bedside manner, as she seemed to really care about me as a person, and I wasn't just a time slot on her appointment calendar. Her office staff was very polite, friendly and accommodating, and I was also very impressed with them. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Robertson.

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Awesome doctor show details Awesome doctor
Jul 8th, 2012

I agree very detail oriented and systematic in her approach. I really appreciated that. I felt she gathered all of the information before making a diagnosis. I also felt she valued my opinion when it came to treatment. I like being able to discuss the pros/cons of medicines rather than just being told what to take.

I have been with her for a while now show details I have been with her for a while now
Jan 18th, 2012

I have been with her for a couple of years, and I like her. She is very detail oriented and asks lots of questions, but she genuinely seems to care about me and my headaches are significantly better. She offered to let me follow-up with my regular doctor at the last visits, but I have kept going to her because I like the interaction.

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can not communicate well with her show details can not communicate well with her
Oct 28th, 2011

She's trying but I can't seem to communicate well with her. She always cuts me off and I can't finish my thought. I don't feel like she lets me express myself. She asks me to pick which drugs I want - I don't have a clue. She's the doc. You tell me! In the end it works out, but it's a frustrating experience.

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Wonderful Physician show details Wonderful Physician
Aug 1st, 2011

Would highly recommend Dr Robertson!

Very nice show details Very nice
Jul 31st, 2011

Very caring. She went through each detail of my husband's history, and helped us come up with a plan that has been successful in reducing his pain.

Jul 13th, 2011

She made you fill uncomfortabe, concerning time spent.She didn't take the time to listen.Kept moving from one subject to another.She wasn't in tune with the patients suffering level.She seemed to think that a person in pain should have no problem functioning the same as a person not experienceing any pain.

I liked her show details I liked her
May 24th, 2011

She's young ( like me ) I liked her. She spoke her mind and corrected me when I needed it and fought for me when I needed it too. I like her. She'll go far