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Great doctor show details Great doctor
by Tracey Bourdon on Mar 5th, 2015

I have been seeing Dr. Zelner for a few months now. Her office is very professional, and helpful when I call. I love that Dr. Zelner takes a holistic approach to medicine, and appreciate all of the time she spends with me in order to diagnose my problems. My past OBGYN's have spent about 5-10 minutes in the room with me, and the rest of the time it is with nurses and medical assistants. This is not the case with Dr. Zelner. She spends the time needed to understand my health needs before making recommendations. She is an awesome Doctor!!

Feb 18th, 2015

Maybe in the three time I was seen in the office in a week and a half. I had actually met Dr Zelner my review would be different, because reading the reviews I get the feeling that she is an amazing Dr. But since I will not return there I will never know. I was seen on my first visit by whom I am assuming was a P.A. since on my third visit I met the nurse practitioner, and she wasn't the same person. They ordered and ungodly amount of lab work, and ul trasound, all ok, but I was told that I would get a preliminary reading of the ultra sound same day, so color me surprised that after my ultrasound I was told that I needed to schedule an appt in 2 WEEKS to get the results! I did schedule the appt because of my concerns with what was going on with me, to get there early, as instructed to have to wait 20 minutes after my appt time to see the nurse practitioner, who made me feel like I was inconveniencing her by asking questions. I got out of there as soon as I could, with the cops off all my tests! As negative as this review is I do want to say that there were 3 people that I dealt with in her office that were completely amazing to me and my situation and issues Johnathan, Ava, & Michelle were extremely helpful, kind and patient with me!

Excellent doctor show details Excellent doctor
Feb 17th, 2015

Dr Zelner is an excellent doctor. She listens to you, and she works with you to solve issues you may have. I have referred several friends to her.

Aug 18th, 2014

There is nothing more important than some one who listens and takes the time about your concerns and questions. Dr. Zelner is one of the most compassionate doctors. Felt as though she had been my doctor due to her bedside manner and the time she spent listening. Thank you Dr. Zelner

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Jul 29th, 2014

This is by far the worst GYNO I have ever been to. I called THREE TIMES and was told I did not need my insurance card. When I arrived, I was told I could not be seen without a physical card. My insurance company gave them the proper information however that was still not enough. The insurance company suggested printing a temp card. I asked to use a computer which was allowed. A doctor came in and made it very uncomfortable for myself as well as another patient about the situation. About an hour later, they finally call me over to tell me I have to pay out of pocket. They are very unprofessional. They were extremely rude to my HR department on the phone and just placed them on hold for a half hour and never returned. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Take my advice as well as everyone else and just STAY AWAY! In a way, I am thankful this all worked out because if this is what they do with doors open I can’t imagine the unprofessionalism behind closed doors.

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May 12th, 2014

She cares, she spends time with you, she listens to you and gives you the information you need to make decisions to improve your health - she recommends options and other doctors if needed, she recommends noninvasive natural solutions and supplements to help your body heal itself. She is my favorite doctor!

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Unhappy with quality of service show details Unhappy with quality of service
Jul 29th, 2013

I was very unhappy with the quality of service I received at Dr. Zelner's office. I went in for my yearly exams and had some lab work done. I didn't get to see or meet Dr. Zelner. A nurse handled everything. When it was time for me to check out there was a problem at the desk with someone's credit card/ payment or something. I ended up having to wait over 25 minutes just to check out so I could leave! When I did finally get to the desk I asked for a copy of my test results (which the nurse said I could ask for at time of checkout) the secretary said I couldn't get a copy. I angrily said the nurse told me to ask for one. So, after her huffing and puffing she went to ask the nurse. She then came back and said I would have to request it by signing a form and I could come back and pick it up some other time. I told her the nurse stated I could get a copy of my lab results. Finally she came back with a copy of only part of my paper work. She said she couldn't give me the rest! A week later I called the doctor to request a prescription for treatment that I needed from my lab tests. The nurse was surprised that I was not given the prescription that day at the office. She said she would call it in to my pharmacy. I checked on the prescription the next day and it was not there. I had to call 2 more times before the prescription was finally given to my pharmacy!

I don't know what I would have done without her! show details I don't know what I would have done without her!
Jul 19th, 2013

Two years ago I was in and out of emergency rooms, and suffering from many different symptoms. Now I am medication free and I have my life back! When I found Dr Zelner my whole world did a 180! She has helped me work through all these issues little by little, and I have eliminated all of my past issues and symptoms. I sleep through the night again and have consistent energy all day. Heart palpitations... gone, BP down (way down!), heart rate down (in a good way!), stress... gone, breathing issues... gone, the list goes on! She does not have what so many Doctors these days have, which is the "god complex". She does not look at me "cross eyed", when I have an opinion or thought about my own health care, she takes all your concerns and thoughts seriously. Most important, she takes her time with you and LISTENS to what your saying! She thinks outside the box... what a concept! I gave 4 stars for promptness, because I admit her wait times can some times be long (she is the only Dr I accept this from!), but I have seen massive improvements in this area recently. I think she became very popular all of a sudden (word of mouth... "hey there is one good Dr In Orlando!"), and her little office became a bit overwhelmed. I have spoken with their office manager, and they were aware of and working on the issue of wait times and organization... of which I am seeing the results of now... it is much improved. Regardless, it is worth your time to sit and wait a little while for a Dr who will get to the bottom of what is going on with you, rather than "diagnose you" in the 1 minute they took with you, and shove a prescription at you to "fix" your problem! Bring a book and get over it, she's worth the wait! The office staff have all been very polite with me, I have not experienced any rudeness. Also worth noting, she has a Nutritionist on staff (Bob), and he is immensely helpful. You can usually see him with out a separate special appointment... he is right down the hall, and the longest I have waited for him is about 5 min. She does have supplements she sells, some I have used, and some I bought elsewhere. No one has ever given me a hard time for buying elsewhere, or not buying at all. The ones I have used have been very high quality, and very helpful with my issues. I no longer need most of them, they just helped my body get a leg up on the situation! I cannot understand reviewers who are giving her a hard time over selling something that is a 'win win' for her and the patient... when did it become a crime to profit a little from your hard work? At least she is not shoving a pharmaceutical at you .... that's where the MDs make the big bucks... at the patients detriment! I never had a side affect from her supplements... other than improved health! In conclusion, if you want your regular, "run of the mill Dr", that will spend no time with you, get nasty if you suggest anything that falls outside of their box of thinking and training, and have no problem giving you a prescription for what ever your heart desires (aka legal drug pusher), then this is NOT the Dr for you! BUT if you would like to be an active part of your health care, like to get to the bottom of things, and feel better, thus reclaim your life ....and believe in personal responsibility... and you need a partner with the knowledge and abilities to help get you there... then Dr Zelner is the one for you!! (... and NO I do not work for her! ... but I have thought of applying! Lol)

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save yourself a headache show details save yourself a headache
Aug 28th, 2012

Do NOT go to this doctor. Forget about the waiting, most doctors have this over scheduling greed. This doctor does NOT give back test results, loses them, staff doesnt return calls. The doctor has rescheduled twice with me herself! She leaves the office room so fast your not even aware your visit is over.They want to sell high priced vitamins. I dont know what they do in this office, but I think GYN care is a front for her holistic practice. she never remembers me, I have to recap each visit, they dont even know why they scheduled me back AND they charged me a higher co-pay then my insurance EOB statements reflect. I asked for a return of funds. FORGET IT. I have not heard back. I even have to remind them I am here for my test results HELLO.The positive post are posted by her staff, dont be fooled. I have went there on exactly seven visits for the year, each time I tried to understand their excuses. But there isnt any more excuses for rudeness, lack of information, loosing your test results, and overcharging. I am also reporting this doctor to the appropriate agencies. Plus that they just try to push their high priced vitamins, I tell them I have my own. They are then done with me.

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Aug 24th, 2012

I had hard time finding a good doctor until I found Dr. Zelner. I will never change her with any other doctor! She is excellent!

Excellent show details Excellent
Jul 18th, 2012

Dr Zelner is an excellent doctor. I went for over 5 years without a diagnosis and she nailed it the first time I saw her. She is brilliant and I would travel if necessary to see her.

Doctor is excellent if you can see her show details Doctor is excellent if you can see her
Apr 3rd, 2012

Dr. Zellner is excellent but her office staff literally sucks. You will be lucky to speak to someone live on the phone and even luckier if you get a call after leaving many messages. They tend to return calls if you leave a nasty message. It is a shame that such a wonderful doctor has such poor support staff. I have a few more friends who are her patients as well and we all have same complaints. When you make an appointment (if you can) make sure you stress that you want to see the doctor or you will end up seeing the nurse.

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Dr Zelner show details Dr Zelner
by Linda Lohmeier (Lanterman) on Feb 24th, 2010

I love this doctor. My daughter, mother and myself go to her. She is very helpful in all areas of women's health care and would recommend her to anyone

So knowledgable show details So knowledgable
Jan 31st, 2008

I was looking for a doctor who knew about nutrition and wellness. She is brilliant.