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World Class Service! show details World Class Service!
by Thankful Movie Industry Client on Apr 24th, 2015

Dr. Caperton was kind and incredibly knowledgable! Our family was blessed to have him!

by C. Gallegos on Jan 29th, 2015

Dr. Caperton is attentive, knowledgable and caring. I trust him and he took excellent care of me.

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Jan 16th, 2015

He was cold/aloof & recommended egg donor after one IVF cycle. We got pregnant on our own after that.

Dec 28th, 2014

He is wonderful, because of him and the staff there we have two beautiful children.

Contemporary Research Perspecitve show details Contemporary Research Perspecitve
by L & C J on May 2nd, 2014

Dr. Caperton does an excellent job of keeping abreast of present research and this has helped us and many others become pregnant. He is caring and has good relationships with his patients, but more importantly has outstanding technical skills to diagnose and treat varied reproductive issues. While there are not a huge number of choices in this field in NM, I would recommend he and his office without hesitation to anyone in NM or elsewhere.

Dr. Caperton will go to the ends of the earth to help you get pregnant show details Dr. Caperton will go to the ends of the earth to help you get pregnant
by J and T on Nov 11th, 2013

Dr. Caperton helped us from the period of the Fall of 2011 to the Spring of 2013. We are now happily expecting healthy twins. We got to know him quite well over these many visits. Dr. Caperton took a comprehensive interest in my overall health and hopes for the future. He was even my surgeon at one point in the process. Dr. Caperton is an eternal optimist. Even when it feels like you may have every problem in the book going against you, somehow it did not seem like that big of a deal to him and he guided us through solving those problems one by one. Some of these decisions were tough and came to us at a very stressful time in our lives but, somehow looking back, our memory of the experience at his office is nothing but positive. We think this says a lot about Dr. Caperton’s approach to care. Dr. Caperton is kind, funny, confident in his skills, and has a brilliant medical mind. He will solve your infertility puzzle and will never give up. Both doctors at the clinic foster an atmosphere of professionalism, compassion, and privacy from the entire staff at the CRM, and when you add in Dr. Reed and the on-site lab, it really is a state of the art office that Albuquerque is very lucky to have.

Recommend in a heartbeat! show details Recommend in a heartbeat!
by Victoria Sandoval on Sep 5th, 2013

Our experience at Center for Reproductive Medicine of New Mexico has been amazing. The office and nursing staff have always been so kind and friendly. In addition to a great staff is a brilliant doctor(s). Dr. Caperton has the best bedside manner. He is attentive and thorough. We are truly blessed to have him as our physician on our journey to get pregnant.

The best doctor and staff I've ever had... show details The best doctor and staff I've ever had...
Aug 30th, 2013

After over a year trying on our own, my husband and I decided it was time to seek help. We live in El Paso, and there is an infertility doctor here, but the reviews weren't great, so we decided to make the 4-hour drive to Dr. Caperton instead. It's a decision we'll forever be glad we made (and it proved to be the right one, as I had to visit the El Paso doc twice for monitoring ultrasounds, and found the staff rude, the wait times incredibly long, and the overall experience negative). Dr. Caperton is, first and foremost, compassionate. He's also laid-back, down-to-earth, and realistic, with a great sense of humor. I like a doctor who "tells it like it is," and he really does. From the first five minutes we spent with him, I got the impression that his goal was the same as ours... to get us pregnant, and he understood that we were already frustrated, worried, and upset by our lack of success. We had 4 failed IUIs with Dr. Caperton (don't know why, our exact problem remains a mystery), and then Dr. Caperton recommended that we move on to IVF. We did IVF with ICSI and genetic testing. We transferred two frozen embryos, and we are now almost 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl! As far as our overall experience with the practice, I've never had better. Every single person on the staff, from the front desk person to every nurse in the practice, took the time to learn not only our names, but every time we visited, they knew where we were in the process and how we were doing. We got the distinct sense that EVERYONE in the office was rooting for us every step of the way. In fact, at our first visit after our positive pregnancy test, one of the nurses hugged us and actually got tears in her eyes when we told her our news. In the difficult and painful struggle to overcome infertility, a doctor's office staff that TRULY cares about you can make more difference than we ever realized. The support and encouragement made me look forward to each appointment, and the whole process was a positive experience. In fact, when it came time to transition to a regular OB/GYN, I was genuinely sorry to have to transfer. I've never felt that way about leaving a doctor's office before, but I did this time. Dr. Caperton even called my new OB/GYN to ease the transition, something which we considered to be above-and-beyond and absolutely wonderful. (Also, it's worth noting that we never waited longer than 15 minutes to be called back for our appointments, and the wait was rarely that long, only when they were unusually crowded. The nurses were ALWAYS available to answer questions, and would stay on the phone until we felt comfortable that all our concerns had been addressed. I always received news of test results promptly, usually on the same day.) If you are in Albuquerque or within driving distance... even if it's several hours... GO TO DR. CAPERTON. Infertility is time-consuming, difficult, and painful. Every couple deserves a doctor and staff who understand that and do their very best - every time - to make the journey to have a baby as positive an experience as it can be.

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Patient show details Patient
by Shannon Vigil on Jul 17th, 2013

Dr. Lee Caperton and the Center of Reproductive Medicine was our saving grace in the quest to have a child. My husband and I were treated as people rather than a patient # or folder. His staff was very friendly and supportive. Two years of infertility had left my husband and I frustrated and hopeless but that changed when we met with Dr. Caperton. We now have a beautiful, healthy daughter thanks to him!

Grateful! show details Grateful!
May 30th, 2013

My husband and I tried to conceive on our own for one year before being referred to Dr. Caperton. After 5 failed IUI’s and 2 failed IVF’s, I was diagnosed with a rare condition in which my eggs would not mature. With the assistance of Dr. Caperton, we decided to use a donor egg along with IVF. After 3 years, we have now given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby! We are forever grateful to Dr. Caperton and his staff for assisting us with our little miracle. Their knowledge, expertise and patience helped us through this difficult time. I would highly recommend Dr. Caperton to anyone that is struggling with infertility.

This is the doctor you are looking for show details This is the doctor you are looking for
by P Samuelsson on Jan 23rd, 2013

After 5 years and 14 IVF attempts at clinics around the world we found Dr Caperton in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is simply the perfect IVF doctor, up to date on all research and technology in the field, has a highly scientific and structured approach, gives great and honest advice, belongs to the very very top when it comes to success rates, and has a personal and wonderful way of understanding us both as people and patients. In fact the whole team at the centre for Reproductive Medicine of New Mexico are truly outstanding. Every time we visited the clinic we where warmly greeted by our names and asked how we where. Never once did we feel rushed or that we had asked too many questions. We are so very thankful to Dr Caperton and his team for helping with our dreams of building a family.

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Oct 3rd, 2012

He was thorough and paid attention to detail which was helpful and comforting. We ended up getting pregnant naturally but his office staff, nurses and himself were always supportive and answered every question we had, and there were PLENTY!

Making Dreams Come True! show details Making Dreams Come True!
Sep 12th, 2012

After six long years of trying to concieve, Dr. Caperton is putting us on that road to parenthood! Nothing compares to seeing your angel's little face for the first time, even if via ultrasound... Our experience with Dr. Caperton has been fantastic! He is conservative in his diagnosis and recommendations - he did all he could to ensure my body was ready for the IVF process we underwent. I had to undergo surgery prior to our IVF cycle, and he was very caring and always optimistic. He kept our hopes up and delivered!! There is no other doctor I would recommend when seeking fertility treatment. I will definitely be back when it's time for us to expand our family once more. THANK YOU DR. CAPERTON FOR MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Dr. Caperton is an excellent physician show details Dr. Caperton is an excellent physician
by C. Jones on Sep 8th, 2012

Dr. Caperton has an outstanding bedside manner and is very patient oriented. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, I believe that he is an excellent technical mind/doctor. Their practice as a whole goes the extra mile to accommodate us as patients by scheduling Saturday appointments, taking calls, and responding to inquiries. Finally, in the relatively non-populous state of New Mexico, They a true gem with their nationally recognized practice.

Cannot express how much we love Dr. Caperton!!!! show details Cannot express how much we love Dr. Caperton!!!!
Jun 28th, 2012

We saw Dr. Caperton after 4 miscarriages. We went in to his office nervous, out of hope, and scared. We left his office with hope and excitement. He is very easy to talk to, and extremely helpful. He helped us carry out 15 month old to term as well as the baby I'm currently carrying. After 12 weeks you "graduate" from his office and see a different doctor. I cried because I didn't want to leave him and his staff. I truly loved going to Dr. Caperton. It was a honor to have him help is on our journey to become parents. Thank you Dr. Caperton!

The Best Fertility Doctor in Every Way! show details The Best Fertility Doctor in Every Way!
Jun 18th, 2012

Dr. Caperton is an excellent reproductive doctor. He worked very hard on diagnosing our infertility problem and told us our options with honesty. When we decided what was the best option for us, the office and staff was very helpful with every aspect of the process from expences, to appointments, to guidence and instructions, and gave great support and encouragement. Thanks to Dr. Caperton and his team, we have beautiful twins, one boy, one girl, who are happy, healthy, and our whole world. I would recommend his clinic to anyone who asks!

We just need science help show details We just need science help
Apr 4th, 2012

Front desk doesnt let you know for how long you have to wait, when finally you will see the Dr, the nurses treat like they are in such hurry,then tell you to wait for 15 mins when in reality you wait more than an hour then Dr. see you for only 15 mins and sometimes treat with rude manners, like tossing me the cd with my xray results.And when i call to find our the results of my husband the receptionist yell on me saying no many times because she couldnt catch my lastname and told me they are bad in calling back to let you know about your lab results.Dont waste your time and money in this place.

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Compassionate and Commited show details Compassionate and Commited
Mar 20th, 2012

My husband and I meet Dr. Caperton after eliminating all other options in our efforts to have children. He was very professional and easy to work with. Despite things looking very positive for a successful IVF cycle we did not have a sucessful pregnancy the first or even second time we tried. We were dissapointed but could not fault Dr. Caperton or his staff. Finally, on our third attempt, I was able to stay pregnant and now have twin girls! If you are considering IVF you have most likely tried everything else. Dr. Caperton and his staff can help.

Arrogant show details Arrogant
Mar 7th, 2012

This office was nice. Staff was great. Dr. Caperton was immature and lacked professionalism. In fact, if not for my eagerness to find a solution, following my instincts would have saved me money and frustration. Happy to report In the care of other professionals I have become a mom!!!! Sadely I think if I had to fill out a true/false questionnaire on him, his background, his over priced education, his children's private school......anyhow I know more about this Dr. then he does about me and my situation.

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Feb 13th, 2012

We are so blessed to have worked with Dr. Caperton. We now have twin girls! I would definitely reccomend him to anyone facing infertility issues.

Honesty & Optimism show details Honesty & Optimism
Dec 27th, 2011

Our experience with Dr. Caperton was always POSITIVE - consisting of HONEST conversations, OPTIMISM, and GOOD HUMOR! My husband and I are a fairly young couple who never imagined we would have infertility issues in our late 20's and early 30's. Our journey with pregnancy started in 2008 when we found out we were pregnant naturally. Seven weeks in I had a tubal rupture and emergency surgery which led to the removal of one of my fallopian tubes. We did not know the pregnancy was ectopic until we were in the emergency room and being advised surgery was the only option - the same day I was scheduled for my first prenatal appointment :0( It was a devastating blow and long 6 week recovery process. A year later we were naturally pregnant again, and yet again another ectopic which was found early enough to treat with medication and not surgery. Six months later another natural pregnancy and an undetermined possible third ectopic or early miscarriage - again, luckily, treated with medication and no surgery necessary. After three possible ectopics, lots of tests, and no medical explanation as to why these kept occurring (no std or disease, no endometriosis, no tubal blockages or abnormalities, nothing that could be seen as a cause) my regular OB suggested we make an appointment with Dr. Thompson or Dr. Caperton to discuss alternative options to conceive. The first appointment available was with Dr. Caperton and we took it! He was meant to be our doctor, and we are so grateful to him, his staff, and how we were made to feel to comfortable and educated throughout the whole process. He truly felt, as did we, that there should be no reason why I could not carry a child. If we could bypass the tube and have our fertilized egg implanted straight into my uterus through the IVF process my chances were higher than 80% that I would have a successful pregnancy - and Dr. Caperton was 100% correct! We have been very blessed to have only gone through IVF once, resulting in a healthy pregnancy with our baby boy now having only 2 months left to cook before he makes his debut! The only mini-semi-disagreement I had with Dr. Caperton was how many embryos to implant the day of transfer. He wanted to only transfer one, I wanted two - he allowed my husband and I to make the final choice, and one of the two implanted embryos took! I appreciated his conservative approach in wanting the best chance for our embryo to make it, but we had to go with our gut instinct! I know he appreciated our discretion and opinion as well. We still have 7 good looking embryos in cryo, and can't wait to meet our little guy. MY FAMILY AND I ARE SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH AN AMAZING DOCTOR WHO ALWAYS STAYED HONEST AND OPTIMISTIC WITH US! My husband and I had enjoyed every appointment, my family (Mom and Dad) were always welcome in ultrasounds, regular check-ups, and IVF training with nurses. It was bittersweet to be "let go" of when baby was looking great and I could begin seeing my regular Ob for the remainder of the pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Caperton for being the type of doctor that makes sure you have all the information you need to make important decisions, a great sense of humor that can take the uneasy feeling away from what is a very emotional and personal process for families, and caring enough to make personal calls home, hiring a sweet and friendly staff, and always (above all else) being honest and hopeful for us as a couple!

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Caring doctor, excellent lab for IVF show details Caring doctor, excellent lab for IVF
Dec 1st, 2011

We used Dr. Caperton for IVF procedure for my second pregnancy, after using Dr. Magarelli for the first pregnancy. With Dr. Magarelli, we had to go through three IVF cycles, with 3, 1, and 4 embryos transferred, and finally got pregnant with one baby on the third IVF cycle. We never had extra embryos to freeze on any of those cycles. Two years later, we decided to have another child and, despite me being two years older, we had thirteen viable embryos on our first IVF cycle. Two were transferred and both implanted -- I got pregnant with twins on the first try. Dr. Caperton froze the other eleven embryos and we have them waiting in case we decide to have another. Dr. Caperton's IVF lab is so superior to Dr. Magarelli's and it makes a huge difference when you are thinking about the expense of several IVF cycles! Dr. Caperton is caring, spent lots of time with us, and his entire staff is so wonderful. I highly recommend him to anyone having infertility problems.

Oct 18th, 2011

The Center for Reproductive Medicine is a wonderful facility. We saw Dr. Caperton throughout our 1 1/2 year infertility struggle. I had fibroids, went through surgery and finally was lucky enough to get pregnant using low-tech iui. While exact reasons for infertility were hard to diagnose, Dr. Caperton and his staff were attentive, answered all of our questions, and helped keep us sane throughout the stressful process.

Dr. Caperton, an amazing physician show details Dr. Caperton, an amazing physician
Jul 20th, 2011

My husband and I went through many years trying to conceive in Atlanta, Georgia. We were always "just a number" at all of the clinics there, and never felt like anyone cared if we conceived or not. Then...a move to New Mexico changed everything. We had heard amazing things about Dr. Caperton from people we'd met in our new town, which was 200 miles from his office! We decided to meet with him, even though he was a 6-hour drive (round trip). Funny enough, I had booked a plane ticket to Phoenix, Arizona for the same day that I had a consult with Dr. Caperton to see another fertility doc. I thought I would see Dr. Caperton and then fly to Arizona and see this other fertility specialist. I was upfront with Caperton when we met and told him my plan. We kind of laughed about it and went on with the consult. I was VERY impressed with Dr. Caperton. He was funny, professional, kind and most of all...he was determined to get us pregnant! I got on a plane a few hours later and headed to Phoenix to meet with the "other" fertility specialist. What a waste of a trip to Phoenix! That doctor - I don't even remember his name - was not compassionate and acted like he would be doing me a favor if I was his patient. During the entire appointment, all I could think about was how much I couldn't wait to get back to New Mexico to start treatments with Dr. Caperton! And that's just what I did!We immediately began our treatments with him and our friendship just grew. He was compassionate & determined to see my husband and I have a baby. His staff was also extremely kind and always made us feel like they really cared about us. In fact, it may sound silly, but whenever we'd show up for an appointment, everyone made us feel like rockstars. We really felt at home at Dr. Caperton's office and that made the entire process so much easier.Ours is a long story...over 6 years of infertility, so I won't get into every detail. But, I do want to say that Dr. Caperton NEVER gave up on us. He would personally call us and talk about different options, always having a new idea to try next. Ours was a complex case, because our labs and tests would always come back normal, yet after each IVF I would get pregnant and then lose the baby. Dr. Caperton did research, talked to other collegues, sent me to endrocronologists, hematologists, perinatologists...and did everything in his power to find the reason why I wasn't able to keep a pregnancy, or get pregnant without IVF. My husband and I felt like we were the only patients he had - that's how much attention he gave us and our unique case. After one of my miscarriages, Dr. Caperton had to perform a D & C. We talked before the surgery and I could tell he was as heart-broken as we were. I remember waking up in the recovery room...sitting in the chair next to me holding my hand was my doctor, Dr. Caperton. He had a tear in his eye as he got out the words, "I'm so sorry for your loss." I knew he had a full schedule that day with many patients to see, yet there he was, holding my hand and comforting my husband and I. He promised me that day that he would not give up, trying everything in his power, until we had a baby. We are more than thrilled to announce that Dr. Caperton fulfilled our dream and we now have a beautiful and perfect little baby girl. We take her up to the office every chance we get and each time, Dr. Caperton runs over to us to come talk to us, hold the baby and pose for some pictures. He is truly a remarkable physician. This is not even half of the wonderful stories we could tell you about Dr. Caperton. He is our hero. We will never forget him and his determination to help us have a baby. We will always look at our little girl and remember everything Dr. Caperton did for us to bring her into this world. We will never be able to thank him enough for making our dream come true. If you want a doctor who will stick with you through thick and thin...Dr. Caperton is the only choice. No matter where you live, he is worth the drive. We drove 6 hours round trip, sometimes every day, through our IVF cycles. He was worth every mile. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the man! He is truly our hero.

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We Love Dr. Caperton and his entire staff show details We Love Dr. Caperton and his entire staff
Jul 20th, 2011

My husband and I tried for many years to have a baby. We had IVF at a clinic in Colorado without success. We knew that we could only give it one more shot (I was 42 and we were running out of funds). We had IVF one last time and our dream came true. We now have the most beautiful, sweetest 6-month old baby boy. Our experience with Dr. Caperton was fantastic and all of the staff was always understanding and helpful. Highly recommend!! Thank you Dr. Caperton!!

Dr. Caperton is an amazing doctor show details Dr. Caperton is an amazing doctor
Jul 15th, 2011

Dr. Caperton stuck with us for many years and never gave up in us, in our dream to have a baby. He did research and called us many times to discuss our infertility issues. Because of his persistence & expertise, we finally have our daughter.

Makes your IVF process as stress-free as possible show details Makes your IVF process as stress-free as possible
Jun 23rd, 2011

I started my treatment locally at an office just 10 minutes from my home. I waited for 3 hours on 2 different occasions! The staff was rude and the Dr. had a horrible bedside manner. Switching to Dr. Caperton at the Center for Reproductive Medicine was well worth the 4 hr drive I had to make for each appointment. I never had to wait to be seen, the staff was so friendly and helpful. Dr. Caperton was very respectful and took the time to answer all of our questions. IVF can be very expensive and emotionally draining but under the care of Dr. Caperton and his staff, both my husband and I felt we were given the very best chance of having a family.

Dr Caperton & Dr Thompson show details Dr Caperton & Dr Thompson
Jun 9th, 2011

They tag team with ease, if one is unavailable the other is right there taking care of you. I felt that both were my doctors and both went the extra mile...sometimes Dr. Thompson went many extra miles though he wasn't my initial doctor to make sure of my health. I am 42 and pregnant after my first IVF treatment!!! This clinic is rated #1 for a reason and I am glad they are in my area!!!

Just starting out show details Just starting out
Jun 7th, 2011

My husband and I just started seeing Dr. Caperton after ttc for 2yrs. We aren't pregnant yet, but our experience with Caperton has been better then any other doctor I've seen. He has been very optimistic about out outcome with low tech procedures. He has made both of us very comfortable when we meet with him. His office staff has been very helpful, including our nurse Myra. They are definitely on top of things. I hope we have a short stay in this dept but will be sad to have to move on from this doctor.

Excellent Doctor and Person show details Excellent Doctor and Person
by Ashley and Bill on May 11th, 2011

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year with out success. We heard great things about the Center for Reproductive Medicine so we made an appointment. They gave us a consultation with Caperton which he listened and asked many questions. After determining much of our issues had to do with my husband's sperm morphology we moved forward with IUI's and after 3 that did not work Dr. Caperton thought our best shot would be IVF. The office answered so many questions throughout the process and called to check on me several times. Everyone in there makes it a little easier of a process. After our first round of IVF, the office called to tell us that my pregnancy test was POSITIVE!! We were thrilled. We then found out at our first ultrasound with Caperton that we were expecting twins. We just finished our last appointment with him today since I am 9 weeks now and everything looks great I get to move on to my OB. I cannot thank Dr. Caperton enough for what he has given my husband and I, a family. I would recommend him and his practice to anyone trying to conceive, their success rates are phenomenal and their kindness and caring is something that cannot be duplicated.

Highly Recommended!! show details Highly Recommended!!
Feb 17th, 2011

The office staff and Doctor was wonderful. Their knowledge and professionalism was very comforting. After many years of trying, Dr Caperton was able to give us our little baby girl! Dr Caperton is a great guy, we not only have found a doctor but a friend.

Feb 2nd, 2011

Everybody who has been a patient hopes they can experience a great patient-physician relationship where your concerns are addressed, problems are remedied, and care is exceptionally personal. Some patients will move through the healthcare system without ever experience this type of excellent care. Fortunately, I was able to experience this great level of care with Dr. Caperton. From our first meeting with Dr. Caperton, my husband and I knew we had finally found an infertility specialist who could help us. Years of infertility treatments in another state had left us confused about a uterine abnormality diagnosis, and still wondering about the cause of our infertility and the best solution. By asking a thorough history and truly listening to my symptoms and concerns, Dr. Caperton felt certain we were dealing with a septum in the uterus and possible endometriosis. He performed two surgeries with excellent precision and within a few months I had a completely normal uterus and was relieved from years of painful periods. I was grateful we had found him at that point in time, and we hadnt even started the IVF.About 4 months after the surgery, we began our first IVF cycle. Any women who has gone through IVF knows the process isnt a walk in the park, but Dr. Caperton, Dr. Thompson, and the entire staff made the experience bearable by giving us personalized attention, answering all of our questions, and being easily accessible. Dr. Caperton showed his true compassion when a rare complication landed me a few days in the hospital. He visited me daily even on his days off. A week later when I was out of the hospital, he called during his vacation to check in on me.I am happy to report I am healthily progressing through my first pregnancy. The only thing I am sad about is that Dr. Caperton cannot continue to be my OB through the pregnancy. I doubt Ill find such sincerity, skill and personalized attention with another physician.I understand the frustration and bitterness that can come from dealing with infertility. Hopefully a viewer reading this will find some hope in the excellent resources we are blessed with in Albuquerque.

by Jayden Brien on Jan 27th, 2011

Dr. Caperton is the kindest , most caring and smartest doctor I have ever met. He is 10, with 10 being the highest.

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WOW!! show details WOW!!
Dec 14th, 2010

Awesome Dr he jokes with you and makes you feel comfortable for the people that are complaining about him they are just up tight this doctor by far is the best I have ever had. His jokes are to get you to feel comfortable not to offend anytone he is upfront if with you and doesn't beat around the bush if he can help you he tells you and if he cant he will let you know your options. I got pregnant the first time on clomid but it was a tubal he was very caring and and will tell you to call him directly whenever you need anything. Two months later I got preganat again with IUI and Clomid and had a beautiful baby girl.. All thanks to him my husband and I would show up to take the baby in several times and he never acted to busy or pre occupied. I JUST LOVE HIM!!! And the staff is amazing too. would recommend this clinic to everyone :)

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WOW show details WOW
Aug 13th, 2010

Well i do not have a success story, nut I must say that this DR and staff are amazing, they have always walked me through every possible step on all treatment and also had no issue visiting with me and making me feel optimistic about the process, it is very hard and very financially HARD

BEWARE show details BEWARE
by Janis on May 5th, 2010

Dr. Caperton is inconsistent in his patient explanations from one visit to the next. He seems very preoccupied, distorted and disorganized. He has a laid back attitude that seems to break the boundaries of professionalism. It makes you feel uncomfortable. He seems to have an immaturity about him that makes his experience seem stark by comparison to other doctors. When questioned about an inconsistency in his explanation by way of his communication, he immediately became very defensive and sensitive to himself as he stated that he had ((excellent)) communication skills, according to the university he attended. This was stated, mater of factly, (which was a very odd thing for a physician to bring up) or at least, for a confident, experienced physician! He didn't care about my wife and I, her (our) concerns considering my wife was about to go into major surgery. No, it was all about Dr. Capperton...

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Dr Caperton has a heart show details Dr Caperton has a heart
Aug 10th, 2009

Dr Caperton treated my wife with the utmost respect. We did several cycles of IUI which did not work. We did IVF which resulted in pregnancy, but we lost the pregnancy in the second trimester due to a complication. Dr Caperton visited us in the hospital everyday during the terrible ordeal (when he did not have to). I would recommend his expertise to anyone. He is funny and considers the glass half full, not half empty.

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Excellent Doctor!! show details Excellent Doctor!!
by Jessica on Mar 25th, 2009

I can't say enough about Dr. Caperton. Without him and his staff our beautiful daughter would not be here!!

Frustrating process show details Frustrating process
Sep 2nd, 2008

His office staff were completely incompetant in explaining test results or giving them to me in a timely manner. A life threatening diagnosis was missed, luckily I suspected the problem & diagnosed myself and received proper care.

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beware! show details beware!
Aug 30th, 2008

My dh and I traveled from CO to NM 6x for iui. During first consultation, he made very offhand unprofessional remarks. He noticed that i am almost 5yrs older than my dh and said 'ooh the older women, every schoolboys fantasy, I bet you wish you'd met her in highschool' Also said I was too old to conceive. Did not take into account at all my high hypothyroidism, nor address it - I since learnt that a high number causes tempory infertility. When I wrote a letter to express these points, he didn't even have the courtesy to reply. He was quite happy to take our money and waste our time.(Six cycles is a long time when ttc)

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