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Don't go to Dr. Charles Taylor! show details Don't go to Dr. Charles Taylor!
by Jesse Cole on Mar 27th, 2015

If you're considering a visit to Dr. Taylor, don't. You will not get adequate attention to your needs. My visit was the absolute worst visit I've ever had, and it was solely because of Dr. Taylor. He was completely uninterested in hearing what I had to say about my condition. He interrupts and wants "quick answers" to the problem without giving you the chance to explain. From the start, he looked away from me... he didn't make eye contact, and he gave quick, perfunctory glances in my direction to let me know that he was in a hurry. He just wanted to know which prescription I wanted refilled, so that he could write it and get me out of the office as quickly as possible. As I then attempted to explain what had been bothering me lately, he gave me rude looks and interrupted me repeatedly in an attempt to quickly reduce my problem to an easy answer. When I finally asked him out of frustration, "Are you sure you want to get to the bottom of this?" He got "annoyed," and said, "Nope. I don't." And then he got up and walked out toward the reception desk, saying, "we'll get you that prescription." I should mention that I was never rude to the doctor and didn't deserve that response at any point, even when I became frustrated with his impatient and self-important manner. He was incredibly smug and rude, and I could tell that he had a game of golf or a fishing trip planned for the rest of his day, and that I was merely an obstacle to that end. As I left the office stunned, I was no closer to resolving the problem I came in to address. DO NOT go to Dr. Charles Taylor if you suspect that you have anything serious. Find a doctor who will properly assess your needs and LISTEN to you.

Discourteous Doctor show details Discourteous Doctor
Dec 18th, 2014

Dr.Taylor is lacking "Bedside Manner" He does not knock before entering a room, showed no consideration for my questions. When and if he replied the answers were condescending. He kept on typing for the 10 or so minutes in was in the room.

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Nov 10th, 2013

My husband nearly died because of Dr Taylor. He is lazy and judgmental. He made assumptions but never investigated. My husband ended up in emergency one night. They said his liver and spleen were swollen. On a follow-up to Dr Taylor, he said if he didn't stop what he was doing (no liquor, no fatty foods, no Tylenol and no Lipitor) he would be dead in 2 weeks. Then he told us to come back in 6 weeks for a follow-up. As things declined rapidly, we sought assistance from Dr Taylor. We got a phone call to get over the counter allergy medicine!!! So I found a specialist who was aghast at my husband's condition, questioned why he hadn't been referred to a specialist and took action immediately. Thirty days and 3 surgeries later, my husband is recovering well from a completely blocked bile duct. Dr Taylor never even looked at this as a possibility even though all the symptoms were right in front of him. This was a life threatening situation. Our specialist said my husband was so toxic he was on the verge of becoming septic. Dr. Taylor had the emergency room reports (even thought he misread them!!). Very irresponsible. Very inadequate. Very dangerous!

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Wonderful doctor show details Wonderful doctor
Sep 13th, 2012

I am a long time patient of Dr. Taylor. I have always had a good experience with him and found him to be intelligent, a good listener and up to date on new medical information. I never have felt rushed and always come with a list of questions. I trust Dr. Taylor which to me is very important and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great Primary Care doctor.

Good doctor, Inefficient office. show details Good doctor, Inefficient office.
Aug 8th, 2012

Dr. Taylor has been monitoring my cholesterol for many years. He is genuinely interested in keeping up with all the latest drug developments in that area and acts accordingly. I believe he has some great connections with very high-level cardiologists. Extreme difficulty getting paperwork/history from his office to other providers or insurance companies. Took numerous follow-up calls to make it happen.

Dr. Charles Taylor discriminates aginst recovering addicts, even while I was in a methadone recovery program show details Dr. Charles Taylor discriminates aginst recovering addicts, even while I was in a methadone recovery program
Jun 17th, 2012

My name is Jeff Kirby. I am a 22 year-old male who after attending Georia Tech, took some time off due to mental illness, and during that time developed opiod dependence. Dr. Charles Taylor watched me whither away to 95 over the course of four months. I came very close to dying. My first appointment with Dr. Taylor was in early August, 2011. It was at that time I had gotten myself off of drugs and started a methadone program. My symptoms were extreme weight loss and daily vomiting. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Taylor, who was very professional, and for that reason I trusted him. That was a mistake, all he did was draw my blood and test for hiv. Two weeks later, the test results were back and were negative. I had an appointment with Dr. Taylor after the test results were back, and he informed me that although the test was negative, it was likely I had hiv and the virus had not shown up yet. He did not consider any other possible diagnoses; Over the next four months, I continued my methadone maintenance program where I was drug tested. I did not use any drugs; my drug tests confirmed this. I had several appointments with Dr. Taylor, who saw me as another addict unworthy of the standard of care he gives other patients. He also knew I was mentally ill, I don't know if that too contributed to his apathy as well. I wasted away during the months of August-November 2011. I trusted him, yet he did nothing except prescribe me pills for my nausea. When I had dropped to 95 pounds, I begged him to hospitalize me. He refused, telling me "to try harder and eat better." I was throwing up all my food, so I had myself hospitalized. I was very close to dying, and my quality of life had diminished to the point I didn't care if I did; after-all, there was nothing anyone could do, right? On the second day at the hospital, I was diagnosed with grave's disease. Since then, I have gained my weight back and started taking college classes. If Dr. Taylor had had his way, I would be dead. To him, I am just an expendable junkie. Do not trust Dr. Taylor, because you very well could die doing so.

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Dec 28th, 2011

Overall a good expereince. He makes appropriate referrals. does not appear to be a no it all. spend quality time with patients.

A Waste of Time show details A Waste of Time
May 9th, 2011

I have a long list of symptoms, which could relate to about 3 diseases or ailments. The nurse taking my information there took more time with me. This physician was in and out of the room and dismissed me with a low grade fever, high blood pressure and just a blood test. The follow up was inconclusive, it was very difficult to reach the doctor and NONE of my questions were answered. I was told to Google the South Beach Diet and that was it. No solutions or talks about my still very evident symptoms. I will be going somewhere else. I wasted my time with this doctor and his unprofessional staff there; that were joking when I filled out the loads of new paperwork and never got my telephone number to reach me, only my husbands. This doctor could have done more. He is a disappointment.

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May 4th, 2011

My family has been going to this doctor for over sixteen years now. He is a good family doctor; very knowledgeable and will answer all questions. He can appear brisk/uncaring to some because its a busy office so make sure to ask him your questions right from the start and he will get you in an out. His nurse is great but the other staff treat you like hearded animals. I dont care, Im not there to seem them.

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He listens - what a concept show details He listens - what a concept
by Brian Brown on Jan 27th, 2010

Dr. Taylor is what seems to be a rare breed of doc that actually listens to you and your ailment. He seems to understand that the person that knows your body the best is the one that lives inside it every day. He is a good consultative professional. Refreshing and unique.

Dec 22nd, 2009

This guy is in and out of the room like the second hand on a time clock. If you would get well on your own, he's a great one to see. If you need medical help, FORGET him!

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Excellent doctor show details Excellent doctor
by kathy30340 on Aug 10th, 2006 on

Will take time to listen if you make it clear you need time to explain. Smart, empathetic. Businesslike & efficient with routine ailments. Great guy to see if you need to get in and out in a hurry - keeps to his schedule really well.

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Good doctor show details Good doctor
by reviewer on Apr 18th, 2005 on

Smart, but approachable. His staff is also excellent.

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