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Too busy posting YouTube selfies to help me save my baby's life show details Too busy posting YouTube selfies to help me save my baby's life
by Mother of a Dead Baby on Sep 19th, 2014

I first tried to make an appointment with Dr. Brody in mid-Sept 2013 because her online profile listed expertise in complicated care and I was a high-risk patient. I told the receptionist this and was give an apt 2 weeks later. I assumed the appointment with Dr. Brody, since no one said otherwise, and it wasn't until after my baby died and I got my medical records that after I told the office staff I needed complicated care, she assigned me to nothing for nursing visits for months. Worse, my last baby died in the 2nd trimester, and I had also told the receptionist I was entering the 2nd trimester. I told the nurse I did see that I was concerned that my last baby died when my cervix opened too soon (I am a physician myself). The nurse made no response to this and didn't even write my concern in her visit note. She also didn't follow-up on any of the ob for my last pregnancy, which included monitoring my cervix. After the second nurse visit, when I was having some symptoms but even without these I was becoming increasingly frightened that time was passing and no one was taking my concern my cervix would open again seriously (there are treatments, but they are most effective when done before it starts to open). I called to specifically request an appointment to have it measured. The office staff said they would need to have a clinician see if that was ok. No one called back, and I had to make two additional calls to convince them to please measure it. Because of my calls, Dr. Brody put a few sentences in my chart that contained errors I could have corrected had she taken ten minutes to meet with me, a mother calling out to her in fear and who was a high-risk patient. I was also 43, so this was a last chance pregnancy. You may be thinking that she was simply too busy with other high-risk patients to work me in, but about a week after my calls and a week before my baby died when my cervix DID open, she posted a YouTube video of her in her office. In doing this, she made it clear that she considered me and my unborn child as nothing more than some subhuman nuisance she could not be bothered with. My cervix opened 4 days after a reading the nurse said was normal, and because of that false reassurance I had traveled, so my husband wasn't able to reach me as the baby was born to die. She was apparently perfectly healthy and could have lived, if only my cervix hadn't opened. Articles from the medical literature and the nursing staff at the hospital I was at said that over 90% of these babies can live with relatively simple treatments, such as closing the cervix with a stitch (cerclage) combined with bedrest, progesterone, etc. No one at Scripps, and certainly not Dr. Brody, ever even discussed, let alone provided any treatment. My records show that the hospital my baby was stillborn contacted Dr. Brody. Although my hematocrit dropped to levels so low I was offered a transfusion, no one at Dr. Brody's office, and certainly not Dr. Brody, thought to call or schedule a post-partum follow-up visit. I also did not receive a single word of sympathy or support from Dr. Brody, although I received a beautiful note from a nurse at the non-Scripps hospital telling me I was in her prayers and may God help me in my grief. The only call I got was Scripps was to cheerfully remind me of the baby's ultrasound appointment, at dinner time, so my two other small children got to see me leave the table in tears, as if they haven't been through enough. They still ask me when we will get the baby back from heaven. This was completely thoughtless as I had the front desk myself to cancel my prenatal care appointment because that baby died.

Aug 3rd, 2013

Dr. Brody is a phenomenal doctor. In 1999, when I found out I was pregnant. My 6 mo old daughter's pediatrician told me to get myself checked because my daughter had Fifth's Disease. I came out positive.Dr. Brody discovered, at month 3 gestation, that the baby was developing pericardial effusion, so she referred me to UCSD. Dr. Brody oversaw my treatment. Because of her diligence and referral, my son survived. He is now 13 years old, wonderful, smart,and talented boy. I cannot express how thankful I am to her that she was so instinctive and knowledgeable.

On the fence show details On the fence
Mar 12th, 2012

Not sure if I could highly recommend Dr. Brody. When I was looking for an OBGYN I asked my Family doctor to recommend someone who could perform when and if the ish hit the fan. She did. However, I don't thing the ish should have ever hit the fan. I went in on a Thursday to get induced (10 days late) and after several attempts to expand my cervix with balloons, you name it, I had an emergency C-Section on Sat. morning. I had complications a couple of times during labor and I don't feel that they/she should have waited that long to deliver. At the time I was grateful, but looking back it just seems wrong. So is she good about answer questions during pregnancy, yes. Did she react quickly once I was rushed to the ER, Yes. Should I have ever been rushed to the ER? In my opinion No. Dr. Brody even told me, "there was no way you could have that baby, you are too narrow". Thanks. Make up your mind. I'm sure my second go around would be better, but the labor experience left me on the fence.

Dr. BRODY ROCKS~~~~~ show details Dr. BRODY ROCKS~~~~~
Jan 3rd, 2012

Dr. Brody was my doctor for all three of my kids and there isn't a better OB in North County in my opinion.. she was kind, professional and gave me the utmost personal attention to every detail of my pregnancy. If there was ever a concern she was there to address it. If I could have more children she would be my doctor again and again. Getting an appointment if you need a general exam is another story..she IS difficult to get an appointment with for this but can you blame's only because she is so good!

The best doctor show details The best doctor
Nov 12th, 2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Brody's for 3 years and she is the most wonderful doctor. She was with me through my first pregnancy and was very supportive of me. I had a stillbirth at 23 weeks with my son due to a rare condition that was not compatible with life. She was there with me through EVERYTHING. She laughed with us, cried with us, and was very supportive. She would stay and let us hear our sons heartbeat on her doppler as long as we wanted while he was still with us and answered any and all questions for us. During the next pregnancy with my daughter a few months later she was awesome. She always took time to personally call me when I was afraid and had a question. She listened to me and my husband and took time to just talk to me and help me relax. Her upbeat appointments and personable attitude made my pregnancy pass so quickly! I went over 40 weeks and Dr. Brody was there when my water broke but sadly didnt deliver me. My daughter was born at 9lbs and very healthy. She is now almost 2. Dr. Brody is the best. She is a wonderful person and Doctor.

Maybe a little too busy? show details Maybe a little too busy?
Oct 29th, 2010

I never really got to feel that I had any personal connection with her. During appointments she was always very curteous, but very breif. She seemed like se was always very busy and didn't want to spend a lot of time hearing about my concerns. I had a back issue that made me wonder about medication complications during labor and she always just told me, "Oh it will be fine. There shouldn't be an issue." She didn't even want me to bring in x-rays to more accurately assess the situation. Anyway, it DID end up being a problem durning labor (as I suspected). She wasn't there when I gave birth, but I understand that. She wasn't on duty. Just don't expect her to be like one of those doctors you see in movies being called at 2 in the morning and rushing to the hospital for you. She did, however, come to the hospital the morning after I delivered and my husband ran into her in the hall. She said to him (10 feet from my door) "I understand your wife deliverd last night, I'll be in to see her soon!" She never came in. In fact, I never saw her again! I ended up needing to stay in the hospital for a few extra days because of blood pressure issues, and every 12 hours I had to explain my situation to whatever new doctor was on call. She was never there to be my advovate. Even my post partum appointments were with the nurse practitioner. I had no follow up with her what so ever and she never even met the baby. Overall, I think I just sor of slipped through the cracks. She was always very nice, but I think she was just a bit overwhelmed. While I like her as a person, I'm going to be finding a new OBGYN.

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great dr but not worth all of the headaches with long waits and being cancelled on numerou times show details great dr but not worth all of the headaches with long waits and being cancelled on numerou times
Mar 23rd, 2010

Dr. Brody delivered my second child and she IS a great doctor. However, throughout my pregnancy and for other follow up appointments for various issues, there were many instances that I would receive a call the day before or the day of stating that she needed to reschedule my appointment. I understand if this happens once or twice since emergencies do come up, but this happened about 50% of the time! It was so inconvienient since I have other children and would have to cancel and try to rescheule with the babysitter as well as other plans that I may have. I ended up leaving her because it just got to be too much. I also felt like I did not get phone calls back, both medical and appointment related, in a timely manner. It's a shame because she really is a good doctor.

Terrible follow up show details Terrible follow up
by cview on Mar 1st, 2010

Dr Brody is a kind doctor when you get to see her. I am bothered by the horrible follow-up even with bad test results. It is almost impossible to get Dr Brody to call you back to explain what is happening. An office worker will give you the bad news with no medical knowledge to answer questions. I've been cancelled more times than I've had an appointment go as planned. Disappointed!

Great Doctor and Staff show details Great Doctor and Staff
by carrie92054 on Jul 13th, 2009 on

Dr. Brody is skilled and extremely knowledgeable ┐ this makes her a very busy MD!! I┐ve had to deal with a few cancelled appointments, but good doctors are hard to find. She is easy-going and explains all options and procedures available to her patients. I'd recommend Dr. Brody to any woman looking for quality medical care.

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very difficult to contact show details very difficult to contact
by cadenc on Jun 25th, 2009 on

while dr. brody is quite personable and skilled while in the room, both she and her staff are very difficult to contact, with overly long follow up periods, canceled appointments, and limited follow up we had a significant issue during pregnancy. We did not feel comfortable with the speed/concern in response to emergent events and have switched ob/gyns as a result.

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by RudiBaca on Dec 22nd, 2008 on

I have been to many different doctors in my 56 years, and hands down, Dr. Brody is the most compassionate and skilled one. I will never go to another doctor again!

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Oct 19th, 2008

very difficult to get an appointment. I have been rescheduled after sitting in office for 45 minutes and not seeing the dr. She is very smart and caring and worth the wait if you are high risk.

Very Good Doctor show details Very Good Doctor
by bmwvxn on Apr 15th, 2008 on

I really like her - she spends a lot of time and doesn't rush you out, but she is very conservative about pregnancy dos/donts and appropriate weight gain. The two NPs in her office are great also!

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She is Great show details She is Great
by chapm017 on Mar 19th, 2008 on

She was very supportive and hlepful throughout my pregnancy.

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