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fire the staff or have a consultant overhaul them show details fire the staff or have a consultant overhaul them
Nov 26th, 2014

Dr. Codding is a fine person and physician. I have lost more than one fine person and physician because of an unprofessional office staff, X-ray tech and especially billing department. Office waits are long; prescription refills exasperating, referrals costly and reports confusing. This may be the case with all busy rheumatologists. Making friends with staff can be a problem. This physician has helped me and I hope she can get someone new to change functionality of her office and support her patients and herself in this practice of medicine.

Will not go back! show details Will not go back!
Oct 11th, 2014

I did not have a good experience with Dr. Codding and can not recommend her. She insisted on head to toe, full body xrays at her clinic as soon as I arrived. She diagnosed me with arthritis in my hands due to my knuckles being larger than my fingers. My fingers have always been long and thin, making my knuckles appear larger. I told her that my fingers have been like that since I was a little child and that is how my hands are. She insisted I was wrong and it was arthritis even though I have no symptoms of it. She also insisted I get an MRI at her preferred place ONLY. I live 2 hrs away and asked to do it at my local hospital and she said no, nobody in the entire state could do an MRI properly expect for the local location she wanted me to go to. I did not have time to do the MRI that day. It was a good thing I didn't go, because I later found out my insurance denied her request for the MRI and would not pay for it because it was not proven that I even needed an MRI. She diagnosed me with 4 difference diseases, when I asked if I could get a copy of her diagnoses for my records, I was told no. I tried numerous times since then to get a copy of my record & xrays from my visit and have yet to receive them! My primary care physician, physical therapist, and chiropractor have all tried to get copies from my visit and they will not provide them. All four of us have tried to get a copy of my records from that day and all four of us are continually denied access to it. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!

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Very Wholistic show details Very Wholistic
by Cynthia C. on Aug 18th, 2014

Although the wait time was long, she is very thorough, doing a full review of ALL issues and making referrals for other specialist where indicated.

I finally have hope. show details I finally have hope.
May 9th, 2014

I have been under treatment elsewhere for over a year and almost given up. Dr Codding reviewed everything old and new, talked with me 1 on 1 came up with a plan of action for my very rare auto-immune disease and now there's light i.the tunnel again. :-)

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Don't go there show details Don't go there
Nov 27th, 2012

I was seeing another doctor in her office who had moved out of state,the office said I could get an appointment with Dr Codding the next day, my appointment was for 1pm, at 5pm she came in and before even knowing why I was there she said I needed to have x-rays, blood test and an mri very conveniently right across the hall, I did have the the x-rays and refused everything else, they were so unprofessional I decided I didn't want to have anything to do with them. I paid my co-pay and left, went back a week later to pick up my x-rays, even though my insurance paid for them totally her office staff wanted to charge 75.00 for the x-rays, they said they belonged to them, I let them keep them. Do yourself a favor, don't go there.

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Oct 17th, 2012

Staff can be extremely discourteous. Her PA and "DR" Quisenberry, her nurse---OMG--excruciatingly rude. But the WAITING time is just HORRIFIC. Last visit I arrived at ! pm and still had not been seen by 5:30--was then told she still had a new patient and an emergency.Her nurse NEVER returned calls regarding lab, meds, etc. It took me 5 attempts to get one script refilled--6 days!! Also, on first visits she does numerous x-rays (before even SEEING her to be EVALUATED)--and bills out over $2000! Iwould not NOT recommend her at all--she changed my diagnosis back and forth repeatedly and my office notes were full of exceeding glaring mistakes--sometimes she dictated twice on same office visit and CONTRADICTED herself!!!!! DO NOT GO--BEWARE!!!!

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Love this lady! show details Love this lady!
Sep 14th, 2012

Dr. Codding is the best dr. in the world! After being in pain for so many years i finally found a dr. that understood my pain and me. Without her I wouldn't be able to get out of the bed or house. Thank YOu Dr. Codding you are awesome.

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I do NOT recommend this doctor! show details I do NOT recommend this doctor!
Apr 25th, 2012

Non-caring attitude from doctor AND the staff.Several comments on report were not accurate.They didn't even know why I was there for a follow-up visit. "What are we seeing you for today?" Duh! Key word: FOLLOW-UP! I had been there before!Never a return call from voice mail that I left inquiring about lab work.No advice on how to care for my pain or any medications to take. Really?I could go on . . . :(

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Jul 19th, 2011

I started seeing her in 1998, I liked her at first, she was very helpful, and concerned. then she wanted me to start clinical studies for my RA, I repeatedly turned that down. She started acting like she didn't really care, pushed me thru my appts, didn't spend but maybe 5 min with me. Staff wasn't curteous, and I hated waiting hours to be seen.. Appt would be at 11 am and wouldn't be seen till after 1 or 2 pm. I'm lucky to have found a new Rheumy, which also found out that I have Lupus also. To which Dr Codding still says I don't have

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Jun 22nd, 2011

Dr. Codding literally gave me back my life. I was stricken with severe RA 15 years ago, and because of her aggressive and knowlegeable treatment, my life has been close to normal, and I have minimal RA damage. She is a very caring individual. In fact,because she wanted to help everyone possible, there was a time when the wait was pretty long; but it was worth it. She has reorganized her practice with additional medical staff,and the wait is reasonable. First time patients may have a longer wait until they are stabilized. I wouldn't want to go to anyone else for my RA. Thank you, Dr.Codding.

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Feb 10th, 2011

The worst experience ever. She is rude and full of herself. She doesn't show sympathy at all and seems to only care about money.

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Unprofessional actions and treatment of patients show details Unprofessional actions and treatment of patients
by RWS on Dec 8th, 2010

Dr. Codding has an ego problem that has resulted in poor and dangerous treatment of patients. According to other physicians, she has an ongoing investigation by the DEA for pill prescriptions. When she decided to cut her case load, she simply had patients sit and wait, usually 2hrs to 4hrs, then get them into the exam room just to inform them that she will no longer see the patient. She then fails to provide to issue the normal prescriptions that she has prescribed for 6yrs causing the patient to go into withdrawal from the medications. Research shows this practice to not only be painful but extremely dangerous with the possibility of a fatal withdrawal. She fails to recommend another Rheumatologist or pain management doctor leaving it up to the patient to find another doctor. This has occurred recently to a large number of former patients claiming that due to overloads she has chosen to reduce the number of patients and days in a week that she will practice. The claim being that she had a nervous breakdown due to too many hours and patients seen in a normal week.

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Nov 19th, 2010

I have been seeing Dr. Codding for a couple years now and she is a wonderful doctor. When came to Dr. Codding, I was horrible pain and had been for 5 years prior I had went to drs' and all they would say is "your fat lose weight". How does an over weight person with OA, bad back, 2 knees that need to be replaced and a bad neck exercise. Well, they don't because it hurts to move however, Dr. Codding and her associates have been very understanding and very patient with me. No other doctor would take the time to be compasionate or care enought if i hurt or not. Those other doctors i truely believe did not understand pain. Dr. Coddings is compassionate about pain, I would say that Dr. Codding may have experienced pain herself because she will treat your pain if it were her own. If I have to wait for however long to see Dr. Codding then I will simply wait because someone as special as she is who I want as my dr.

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Pat L., Edmond OK show details Pat L., Edmond OK
by Pat L., Edmond, OK on Aug 20th, 2010

Very caring and compassionate. She's willing to spend the time it takes to make sure issues are understood and to answer all your questions. The wait time used to be fairly long and that could be frustrating but the last time I was in I only had to wait a few minutes so I think she's made some changes to address this problem.

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Worst Experience show details Worst Experience
Jul 15th, 2010

I had an appointment at 230 pm. At 630 I still had not been seen. I have a family and I do not have 4 hours to WASTE sitting in an office because she overbooks herself. She has horrible time management. While she is very good at what she does, it is absolutely NOT worth wasting my life for. I do not recommend her service.

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Don't waste your time scheduling with her show details Don't waste your time scheduling with her
by Jennifer on Sep 15th, 2009

After waiting 4 months for my appointment with Dr. Codding, I received a call from her office this morning (my appt was supposed to be today) They informed me she was sick and cancelled my appt. Fine, I understand doctors get sick too but they can't get me back in for 4 more months!!! They said I don't receive any priority over any of the people who scheduled appts in the 4 months AFTER me!

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by voice1965 on Aug 12th, 2009 on

I visited this office and it was the WORST EXPERIENCE THAT I EVER HAD! I waited for hours to be seen. If you are not in pain prior to your visit by the time you leave this office you will be. In the waiting room, there is a framed comic strip that jokes a

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Not A Great Place If You Are Sick show details Not A Great Place If You Are Sick
by voice1965 at Citysearch on Aug 12th, 2009 on

I visited this office and it was the WORST EXPERIENCE THAT I EVER HAD! I waited for hours to be seen. If you are not in pain prior to your visit by the time you leave this office you will be. In the waiting room, there is a framed comic strip that jokes about a patient dying from waiting too long. I feel this is in \"\"poor taste\"\" but very close to the truth. My appt. was scheduled for 945am & I left 455pm. The staff is very rude and abrupt with their clients. They paraded around with their nice smile while they gossip about patients and their social life.The doctor rushed in, apologized about the wait, asked a few questions,jotted down notes & made a brief dictations, then was out of the room. I NEVER RETURNED.Usually I am a woman of my word but 3months later I returned with my best friend in April. It was her turn.She hated it.NOTHING CHANGED!

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Mar 23rd, 2009

This rheumatologist does not understand the importance of overall patient care. She makes you wait sometimes up to 8 hours in her office. She does not seem to listen well to her patients either She is not one I would reccommend.

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Feb 24th, 2009

I was sent to Dr. Codding by my neurosurgeon to have some arthritis testing done. Unfortunatly, OKC has a shortage of rheumatologist. Dr. Codding is extremly busy but, one of the only doctors excepting new patients in her field. She is kind and caring. She will spend time with you and help you understand whatever the problem or diagnosis may be. The only bad thing is, because she is so busy, you will wait a long time to see her. Be ready to spend at least 3 hours waiting in the lobby but, it's worth the wait.

Worth her weight in gold show details Worth her weight in gold
by Meryl on Oct 21st, 2008

Dr Codding is very busy, but is very conscious of her patients time and I feel that she does her best to keep everyone comfortable. I have never been turned away on a day that my RA is flaring up, I have always been seen--no matter how late it is. So, keep that in mind when you grumble about having to wait to be seen. She is personally taking care of each patient, making sure their needs are met; and I am sure that you would want the same if you were in a desperate position. Schedule your appointment as early as possible, and hope that not too many patients are in a crisis on the day of your appointment.

Well worth the wait show details Well worth the wait
Oct 6th, 2008

I have been seeing Dr. Codding for over 8 years, I have spent alot of time in her waiting room, because she is a the best rheumatologist around. She cares about her patients and want to find out the cause of their pain, not just throw a few pills at you and send you on your way. I agree with the person who advises to schedule your appointments in the morning, otherwise...take a sack lunch and plenty of reading material.

Genius show details Genius
by Citysearch User on Aug 25th, 2008 on

My mother was kind enough to give me every defective gene in our family. This being the case, I have an autoimmune deficiency. No other doct...

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They don't check labs and discharge you for not seeing other doctors! show details They don't check labs and discharge you for not seeing other doctors!
by Thinking about a Lawsuit! on Aug 24th, 2008

I saw her for the 1st time about 18 months ago. Was not seen until 4:45pm my appt was at 8am. I had xrays head to toe even though i was there for fibromyalgia, and was then told that i had degenerative disks and needed to have full spinal mri and ct scans. she also had me do so many lab tests, that i almost passed out in the lab! She also wanted me to see a spine ortho for my neck, get epidurals, see a foot surgeon, and a hand surgeon even though i told her that i was not interested in surgery. I came back about 6 months later and she refused to see me since I didn't see her surgeons. I explained that i couldnt afford it after all the mri, ct, and lab work (most was not covered by insurance) but she refused anyway! I came back again 6 or 7 months later only after her nurse called and told me that the dr requested to see me. AFTER A YEAR, she told me that there was something wrong with my blood count, and urine, and should see an oncologist! She asked me why i didn't see the other doctors and i told her i just couldnt afford it. She got really mad, and said i was being non-compliant and she couldnt help me if i wasnt going to see them! She told the nurse give me a copy of my chart and left the room! I was shocked, and really scared! Now i was left with no rheumatologist, and no referal for an Oncologist to see what was wrong with my blood! Thank God my pcp had heard of the same thing happening to other patients. She got me a referal, and it turned out I had multiple myloma! If i can keep one person from getting wrapped up in the CODDING GAME i have done good! I COULD HAVE BEEN TREATED A YEAR EARLIER, AND SAVED THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IF THAT DOCTOR HAD SEEN MY LAB WORK WHEN IT CAME INTO THE OFFICE, AND NOT A YEAR LATER!

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Jul 25th, 2008

I have been seeing Dr Codding for 6 years. She accurately diagnosed me with Sjogren's Syndrome and OA. As for referring to different specialists, I wouldn't want to see a physician that would not refer if they felt is was necessary. As for the staff being rude, I personally haven't seen it. But I don't think that any one of us is super sweet all the time, even at work. No, the customer (patient isn't always right). I have waited 7 1/2 hours to see her in the past. I mentioned several times to the nurse that I could leave and re-schedule. She said that Dr Codding really wanted to see me. I stayed and even though it was 7:00 at night she spent time with me. And she still had one additional pt to see. I have several personal friends that also see her, and they will all wait for their visit. She has a great bedside manner and is very concerned for her patients. I have followed her through 3 office moves and will follow her through as many more as it takes. I would & have recommend her. My health and comfort are worth sitting in an office a few hours to be taken care of professionally and with compasion.

The Best show details The Best
by Brenda on Jul 16th, 2008

I have read several reviews from patients regarding Dr. Codding and although I understand several have had long waits, there is a reason one has to wait to get in to see her... she is one of the best rheumatologists in OKC !! I occasionally have to wait, however, it is not often and on the average I am able to leave within one hour of my arrival. One thing I have learned over the years, is to schedule my appointments in the morning (before 10am)as wait times increase as the day progresses. I have never had any issues with her staff. Everyone is very nice and helpful. I have seen some of the staff get a little harsh on occasion, however, it was the result of a person being rude to the staff ! Please try and understand Dr. Codding is extremely busy and in high demand, not only to see patients, but from her peers, who go to her for consultation throughout the day. Remember to make your appt. early in the day if possible and be patient, Dr. Codding is well worth the wait !!

by Anonymous on Apr 7th, 2008

Minimum 2-3 hour wait after your appointment time. Her billing staff charged me for several visits I didn't make (I caught them at it because the visit dates were on Saturdays). They waited 18 months to file for several visits and when the insurance company refused to pay, the billing staff tried to bully me into paying. I explained that it was their responsibility to file in a timely manner and suggested they not wait 18 months to file. I would not return to this doctor; although she herself is an excellent, excellent physician, her staff seem to be dishonest, rude, and uncaring.

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