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Living a Normal life show details Living a Normal life
by Tammy Brown on Sep 25th, 2014

I have had no problems with this Doc, He diagnosed me correctly. I feel the best I have ever felt. I can live a normal life and I work a very stressful job. I know he likes his dogs , but so do I. They were an ice breaker when I first met with him. He like to talk and some time he doesn't listen, but if I have a problem he listens. Some of these ppl who wrote their reviews need a couch doc.

Finally! show details Finally!
May 1st, 2014

I was surprised by the reviews of this doctor. Dr. Corner is a no nonsense doctor which is why I think people reviewed him badly. I have had mental issues my whole life and this doctor has finally helped me. I finally feel "normal" again. My medications are finally straightened out. I guess people who review are only the ones who had a bad experience because he is wonderful! Oh and by seeing some of the people in this area I am guessing he gets many patients who just want a Dr for disability and Xanax. So sad! he is great .

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Wouldnt take my dog there.. show details Wouldnt take my dog there..
by s on Oct 2nd, 2013

What a pointless trip..He is a joke..He needs to retire and take care of his dogs..Only thing he cares about are those dogs..Nothing else..He doesn't listen to u at all..Sad..

horrible show details horrible
by sallybear on Jul 10th, 2013

I have been seeing this man for a year..I thought i would give him a try as there is no one else to go to..Well i have a really bad back and I was on 100 mg for this and he jumped my med up to 800 mg of it and said it helps with anxiety..So needless to say i would be stupid not to take the pills..My back is extremelly bad..So i have taken this med for about a year to find out it hasnt even been approved by the FDA and i had 2 doc say why in the world are u on this..I said anxiety and they told me it should not be used for anxiety..Needless to say im getting weened off this casue its not helping anyway..Everytime i tell him how i feel he isnt listening he is writing on his pad and writting a new prescription so the whole time he isnt listening to u..How horrilble..Ogh and his dog baxter give me a brake..I now everything about his dog cause thats all he talks about.. Ill try to talk to him about how i am feeling and he doesnt care he talks about his dogs (((THE WHOLE TIME)))!!! WTF.. So I left his practise started going to a new doctor to find out im Bipolar and have a huge personality disorder..I know i have tried talking to Dr Corner but he wont listen..I tottaly give this guy minus 5 stars.. Please if u have to find a doctor go to him untill u can find a new doctor..Im now seeing a doctor in Dublin and he takes no insurance and i have to pay 200$ the first visit then 100 after that for every visit..This is sad cause i wish Dr Corner would be a good doctor so i dont have to pay out of pocket..Thanks..

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Medical field show details Medical field
by Experienced w Mental illness on May 23rd, 2013

This doctor treated my mother in law that I cared for @ home; he was the worst. This "doctor" never listened to anything; he didn't bother to review the previous doctors notes (we were quite happy w her previous doctor-but was relocated). Every review I have read here mirrors our experience. The man is not capable to making a proper diagnosis.........he never hears anything said! The dogs................oh my goodness the dogs! He is without question the most un-professional provider I have ever encountered. Sadly, our family has quite a history of mental illness and we have had to learn as we all grow older; the one lesson I wish to share is stay clear of this man! Recently I discovered my friend of over 35 years is seeing him for medication. This explains her blank stare and detatchment from reality and suicidal tendencies. What must we do as consumers to rid the community of this man? If a construction worker rips off a local person it makes the news; a medical professional is ruining lives and it goes unreported. Really? Actually I would give this man a negative star rating.

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Ticks Me Off show details Ticks Me Off
Feb 4th, 2013

The single, only reason I visit this doctor is to get refills. Other than "Please write me a refill," I don't actually SAY anything to him. At our first 1 hr long visit, he spent 45 minutes talking about his stupid dogs, about 2 minutes talking about me, and the rest was arguing with me about something I said. He told me up front "I'm the doctor, not you." when I tried to actually be involved in the diagnosis. I seriously dislike him. I'm dreading my next appointment but at the moment, he is the only doctor who can write my refills.

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are you serious? show details are you serious?
Jul 30th, 2012

I thought I would give this doctor one more try as it was very easy to get an appointment and it isn't easy finding a psychiatrist these days. Once inside the Doctor was very dismissive of me, after mentioning my antidepressant wasn't working he wrote me a prescription for the exact same thing I have been experiencing severe depression and anxiety with sucidial thoughts. I explained my crippling anxiety only for him to start a 30 minute long RANT about his life and his family and his dogs. He even talks about his patients in a derogatory manner. How this man is practicing medicine and had not hey been sued or had his license revoked is beyond me. He had the audacity to say the F word in the room. Beware of this man, I felt far worse after leaving than when I had arrived.

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Jul 3rd, 2012

Our appointment was for 9 am yesterday morning(I like to be the first appointment because the wait time is ridiculous) After sitting for 15 minutes I asked if we were going to be seen soon. The answer was when we get our computer up and running. Ten minutes later, we were told we had to make another appt. because the wait would be at least 1 hour. Another women in the waiting room asked if she could just talk to the dr. (he could have talked to us and then transferred info on the computer) I asked if we could just get scripts (one is a controlled substance and we are almost out). At that time, Dr. Corner opened the door and very rudely announced to us that we could be patient and wait for one hour or we could leave. What we needed could have been done without a computer. I asked the office girl after that announcement if we could just have the one script written for the controlled substance. She disappeared for 10 minutes - I got tired of waiting because my son(the patient) needed to get to work and he was very agitated. Previous to this appointment, the dr. talked about politics and complained about things in this country without really talking to my son, the patient. He takes his two dogs to work and we always have to pay attention to them and let them sit on our laps, but when my son wanted to pick one up and put it on his lap, he was scolded by the dr. Oh yes, I forgot, we also had to hear about the dogs lives. Dr. Corner is very professionally unethical and needs to be disciplined. The other woman who was waiting was very upset and told me that she will not be coming back.

Needs to retire or seek another profession show details Needs to retire or seek another profession
Oct 28th, 2011

Waited 45 minutes to actually see him and once in the room he started the conversation about his dogs and that went on for about 15 to 20 minutes. He then asked what brought me in for the visit, I started to explain, then suddenly something I must have mentioned triggered another thought about his dog, then once again we were on that subject for another 10 minutes. My making the appointment was to be able to talk to him about the medication that I am taking doesn't seem to be helping. He asked what medications I was currently on and why...that was one of my questions for him, why!?! I asked if there might be something else that I could try that might suit me better. He mumbled a few things and began to write on his prescription pad and handed them to me. I looked at the prescriptions and they were for the same exact thing that I was currently on, I asked him why he was prescribing me the same medication that I had just told him wasn't working for me and he came back with...I will need to see you back in 2 weeks and we will go from there. That made absolutely no sense to me.I hope anyone making an appointment with him will read his reviews because they are very accurate. In my opinion, he should be entering his dogs in shows, that would suit him much better as a profession.I will not go back to him nor would I ever recommend him to anyone.

I waited over an hour for this man to disappoint me! show details I waited over an hour for this man to disappoint me!
Sep 20th, 2011

I saw Dr. Corner a couple of years ago. I am surprised to learn he is STILL seeing patients. This gentleman does not listen to his patients, and as noted in a previous review, starts scribbling away on his prescription pad the moment you sit down in his office. To be fair, I only saw him once, but that was more than enough for this patient. If he thought of his patients instead of himself, he would realize that it is time for him to close the office doors permanently.

waste of time and money show details waste of time and money
Mar 22nd, 2011

Talks about the dog the whole time , doesn't listen to your feelings or problems and we agree 100 % with the last comment from Feb 2011 . Told him pills weren't working and he dint change them , very low dose , not working and he talks about himself the whole time. I went in with my son and my son never got to talk to him all ! He did all of the talking about his self and that dog .

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Not worth the time show details Not worth the time
Feb 24th, 2011

I've had three visits with this doctor. He loves to keep you waiting; a subject of great discussion witht the other patients in the waiting room. He is calm but dismissive of anything you have to say. He rejects your ideas out of hand and doesn't care what you want to try. It doesn't matter how much you educate yourself on the problem, he is the one with the MD. The review that says he overmedicates at well over the recommended dosage is not in line with my experience. He does rely on medication, though, rather than discuss your issues with you. He would give me very low doses, though. For example, I am 6'5 and 380lbs, and he was keeping me on 5mg of Adderall XR. There was no point and he wouldn't consider upping the dose, trying non-extended release, and when I told him I was getting dry mouth he just stopped alltogether. He had me on prozac, that didn't work out, so he put me on Wellbutrin. On the third visit, which was only 2 minutes long (I'm not kidding), he stopped the adderall and doubled the wellbutrin after I told him it was making my depression worse. This is a doctor who gets a cursory view of your problem as best you can explain it with no discussion or clarification and just starts writing on the prescription pad. Seek help elsewhere.

Sep 1st, 2009

Dr. Corner appears to be a very caring psychiatrist. Unfortunately, he OVER MEDICATES his patients. He prescribes to many medications as well as prescribes markedly over the recommended dosage recommended.

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