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Great doctor. Solved a problem others did not show details Great doctor. Solved a problem others did not
by Wayne Smith on Apr 21st, 2015

He is an excellent doctor. He is great.

Worse Doctor in the world show details Worse Doctor in the world
Jul 5th, 2014

ENT Dr. Christopher Chang in Warrenton VA, Worse Doctor in the world. I went there after an emergency visit to the Fauquier Hospital because my blood vessel in my nose broke and my blood was running out of my nose like a facet. I sat in the waiting room for over an hour with no one else there. When he finished eating his lunch he slams the door open to the back room and calls my name as he butchers it very nastily takes me to the back and try's to pump my hand purple with the blood pressure pump; then he takes me to another room and before I even sit down he said to me there is nothing I can do for you, go some where else. I said what are you talking about you haven’t even seen me or my x-rays. The emergency doctor told me I should get to a ENT. He said the emergency doctor doesn’t know anything. I looked at your x-rays already. Nothing I can do for you. What a horrible doctor very rude very nasty unkind and very unprofessional. Come to find out he is in a network called Fauquier network doctors and they had written in my charts not to see me. What a wicked group of doctors.

by Delaware on Jun 18th, 2014

Dr. Chang is direct and too the point and highly competent. He won't give you a hug at the end of the visit nor be your best friend, but he'll certainly get you fixed. At least that's what he did with me and that's all I ask for in a doctor.

Allergies/ENT show details Allergies/ENT
Jun 6th, 2013

Doctor Chang came in very quickly after I filled out my paperwork. Doctor Chang was referred to me as a second opinion docotor and came highly recommended by two general praticioners. Doctor Chang was very professional, reviewed my medical history, asked questions and explained his medical assessment in terms I could understand. He order further testing and referred me to another docotor for "patch testing". The visit helped ease my mind and I enjoyed his bedside manner. Smart Doctor and Cares about his patients.

Get a different opinion show details Get a different opinion
May 9th, 2013

I would strongly recommend getting another opinion from a good ENT rather than just going with Dr. Chang. My experience with him was not so good and I would not go back and if I had it to do over, I would have someone else do my surgery. His bedside manner is terrible, he can be rude and pushy. He was not forthcoming in answering my questions and gave flippant answers to some things I asked. He has a lot of attitude. There are times when he can be a nice person but with all the problems I'm now having since the surgery, I wish I had found another doctor as I feel that I was not necessarily given the best care.

Outstanding, caring ENT show details Outstanding, caring ENT
Aug 19th, 2012

I took my 12-year-old daughter, who had loud snoring issues and nasal difficulties, to a different ENT, who after a long office wait, quickly sent us home saying there was nothing she could do for her. My daughter's voice teacher sent us to Dr. Chang, who was a 180 degree difference from the previous doctor. He was caring and incredibly thorough. He didn't rush to judgement. After careful analysis, he concluded that my daughter had adenoids the size of golf balls, and that they should be removed! He was an amazing surgeon, and she recovered quickly. We couldn't be happier with every experience we have had with Dr. Chang. He was especially sensitive to my daughter's age, explaining everything to her and keeping her feelings in mind. I highly recommend Dr. Chang. Had we stuck with the opinion of the original ENT in Winchester, she would still be suffering!

Excellant experience show details Excellant experience
Mar 2nd, 2012

Every point of contact I had with Dr. Chang and his office was outstanding. I never waited for anything either on the phone or in his office. He was thorough , professional and my outcome from surgery on a Zenkar's Diverticulum was perfect. Followup after the procedure was complete. I traveled from LA. to Va. for the procedure and am confident I made the best choice available anywhere.

Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy (Allergy Treatment) & Tonsillectomy show details Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy (Allergy Treatment) & Tonsillectomy
Nov 15th, 2011

Dr. Chang is the finest physician we've ever known. Highly professional, knowledgeable, likable, and caring. Highest possible rating. Has successfully treated our kids using progressive and highly effective Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy. Just removed daughter's enlarged tonsils. Great work. Thank you, Dr. Chang, you are the best!

Knowledgeable & Caring....Diagnosed/Treated 15yr Chronic Cough!! show details Knowledgeable & Caring....Diagnosed/Treated 15yr Chronic Cough!!
Aug 30th, 2011

I met with Dr. Chang in May of 2011, after battling with a relentless, chronic cough for 15 years. Initially, I would have 1-2 week periods of coughing that would occur 2-4 times per year without any explanation or effective treatment. As the years went by, the cough occurred more frequently and lasted for longer periods of time. While the cough was worse at night, at times it was so severe that it induced choking, vomiting and occasionally a sprained rib or abdominal muscle!! Prior to meeting Dr. Chang, I had been to various doctors, specialists and even an acupuncturist throughout the state of North Carolina, where I reside!! I had gone to some of the most renowned hospitals/clinics including Duke, Chapel Hill, NC Digestive Healthcare, Rex, WakeMed, Raleigh Internal Medicine (just to name a few) and had every type of test imaginable including chest x-rays, colonoscopies, endoscopies, manometries, ENT scans, allergy and pulmonary tests, all to no avail. I had been prescribed everything from A-ZAntibiotics to Zantac including nasal sprays, steroids, antihistamines, cough syrups and psychotropic medications. Some of the medications were more effective (tussionex cough syrup) than others insofar as temporarily alleviating symptoms but NONE of the medications eradicated the cough completely or addressed the causal factor, which deeply concerned me. I had gotten to the point where there were only 2-4 weeks in a given year that I was cough free!! In May of 2011, I had been coughing EVERY day for the prior six (6) months!! I cannot tell you the effects this cough had on me in recent years. While I am a naturally optimistic, positive and outgoing individual, as a result of the cough and no apparent resolution, I had become overwhelmed, depressed and pretty much house-bound (with the exception of required events) at the age of 49 years old. I had gotten to a point whereby I had pretty much given up on a solution and grown weary of the constant inquiries and concerns that were conveyed by family, friends and strangers.not to mention the sleepless nights! My husband, children and friends would often look upon me with dismay, as I was overcome by a coughing spell. Strangers seemed to distance themselves from me making the assumption that whatever I had most definitely was contagious, which embarrassed me tremendously!!After 15 years of coughing, seeing numerous physicians and taking various medications without any sustained results, along came Dr. Chang!! I thank God for him!! I came across Dr. Changs information while desperately searching for a diagnosis and/or treatment options for a chronic cough. The information on his website described exactly what I had been experiencing and I was anxious to make contact with him. I travelled from NC to VA for a late afternoon appointment. Unfortunately, due to traffic and construction in the DC area, I missed my appointment. Dr. Chang graciously made arrangements for us to stay in a local Warrenton, VA hotel and meet him the next morning, PRIOR to his regular office hours. That was the initial evidence of the unparalleled care and concern that is afforded to his patients. Upon meeting with Dr. Chang, whose bedside manner supersedes that of most physicians, it was obvious that he had reviewed 15 years of medical records (that had only been sent 2-3 days prior) and taken the necessary action to synthesize that data identifying past diagnoses, tests, treatments and prescribed medications.During the course of the hour long visit, Dr. Chang examined me, identified those tests that would be required as a part of his routine diagnostic process, conducted an allergy test and arrived at a preliminary diagnosis (Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy) for which he prescribed an initial medication to treat the presumed CAUSAL FACTOR of the cough which he considered to be nerve damage/misfiring. The initial medication (Elavil-10 mg) caused side-effects and no apparent relief. When reported to Dr. Chang, he promptly prescribed another medication (Neurontin-100 mg) that was effective within one week and has resulted in me being COUGH FREEE for the past 4 weeks!!!It is with great pleasure and optimism that I highly recommend Dr. Chang to anyone that has been plagued by a chronic, mystery cough. His expertise, care and concern are unparalleled in the industry and destined to position him as a subject matter expert and leader in the industry that is sought after by many. Prior to my retirement, I worked for one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical firms. Working within Research and Development, I encountered some of the greatest minds known to mankind. From my perspective, Dr. Chang is among that number. Some time ago, I came across a quote by former President, Theodore Roosevelt. The quote goes, People dont care how much you know until they know how much you care. In the case of Dr. Chang, it is obvious that he is very knowledgeable about ENT and chronic coughs, specifically. However, what is even more evident is that he cares about his patients. This combination of expertise and compassion makes him an awesome physician, for whom I am grateful to God, and forever indebted. I sincerely appreciate him taking the time to care about me and apply his knowledge and expertise to resolve what I considered to be a cough that had diminished the quality of my life!!

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Professional and interested MD show details Professional and interested MD
Jul 1st, 2011

When a patient makes a choice to see a doctor far away from home you are somewhat unsure of what you will encounter. In my case I was fortunate to have an MD who answered my questions and listened to my concerns. There were no surprises and I am well on my way to recovery just one week post op. Thanks to the EDS procedure I can now sleep and eat without problems. Yea!! Dr. Chang

Jun 11th, 2011

Even though we were 15 hours from Dr.Changs office, he made it possible for my daughter to finally recieve treatment,through numerous emails and phone calls. He went way out of his way to let us know what needed to be done on our end (w/our family doctor facilitating procedures here,etc.)as noone in our state did the procedure he was able to do for her.He was exremely professional,caring,dedicated.and the best at what he does! We are very grateful and would highly recommend Dr.Chang.

BEST Doctor for Kids! show details BEST Doctor for Kids!
May 20th, 2011

I have brought all my children to see Dr. Chang who has been just great with them! They've all had ear tubes as well as tonsils and adenoids removed with great results. All of them recovered way faster than expected. The staff at Fauquier Hospital were also all wonderful!

Mrs. show details Mrs.
May 16th, 2011

Extremely pleased with Dr. Chang and his staff. I seldom have to wait to be seen and I am always treated in a professional and caring manner. Dr. Chang is available to answer any questions I have regarding my treatment for spasmodic dysphonia and any side effects that I experience. Highly recommend.

Blunt but good show details Blunt but good
Jan 28th, 2011

Dr. Chang is who I call blunt and to the point... But in a good way. If he doesn't know... He says it up front. If there is treatment to be had... He says it up front... If you want straight answers without wandering conversation... He is your man!

Run...very far quickly.... show details Run...very far quickly....
by Anonymous on Jan 6th, 2011 on

For years this Dr. has been the only option for those of us in Fauquier County with ear and sinus trouble. And he is about as cold and institutional a ...

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by Judy on Jul 16th, 2010

Best doctor ever! Great staff! Minimal wait! Straigt-shooter.

Very Pleased show details Very Pleased
by RR on May 25th, 2010

My adolescent daughter and I are patients of Dr. Chang. Great doctor! He explains complex issues to my daughter in easy to understand terms and really makes her feel comfortable and safe in his care. His staff is very friendly and we have never had to wait more than 5 or 10 minutes to be seen, which is rare in todays world! Very comfortable recommending him.

by Craig W. Sutherland on May 1st, 2010

I am an out of town, out of country American citizen who returns to the US twice a year and has limited time in the Warrenton area. Dr. Chang has gone out of his way on each of my visits to fit me in, even accomodating me on holidays. Beside his kindness in this way, he has been very personable, making sure that my personal assessment of my medical situation is related to him and is part of his professional diagnosis. This type of patient respect and interaction is very rarely found in my experience of 62 years. I have never waited on him in the hospital, but find him each time prepared and waiting on me. I have nothing but good to say about my experience with him as a doctor, his expertise in treating me, and I recommend him highly to anyone who needs his professional care.

Great experience show details Great experience
Apr 16th, 2010

My 18 month old needed surgery (tubes in both ears) and Dr. Chang came highly recommended by more than one local doctor and several other parents that had children see him.His office staff was understanding and caring. He explained everything very clearly to us and listened to all of our questions and concerns. The day of the surgery he came to talk to us in person to be sure we were ok. I would highly recommend this doctor and will continue to see him with our children.

Good office show details Good office
by Olivia on Mar 21st, 2010

Office was very efficient. Dr. Chang seemed knowledgable and I appreciated the fact that he is fairly conservative with surgical solutions rather leaving it as last resort when all potential medical options fail.

I can breath! show details I can breath!
by Jess on Mar 4th, 2010

I have been suffering from severe sinus problems for years. Went to see Dr. Chang and he immediately performed endoscopy and made a diagnosis of nasal polyps along with deviated septum. That same day, he obtained allergy testing as well as a CT scan. I found out that I also had severe allergies that probably caused my polyps. A few weeks later, I had sinus surgery and septoplasty and now I can breath great! I'm also on allergy shots to keep my allergies under control which probably triggered my polyps. From being seen to relief (allergy control and surgery), took less than 2 months. Very impressed and relieved!

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Great office! show details Great office!
Jan 25th, 2010

I was able to see the doctor the same day that I called for an ENT problem. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was able to be seen by the doc and get my problem addressed. Overall, pleased.

Run, don't walk show details Run, don't walk
Nov 10th, 2009

I had been warned not to see this dr. but since he was close to home I thought what can happen? Wrong...suffice to say not only was he the coldest, most cavalier dr. I have ever met...he performed procedures he had no business performing on me based on his lack of knowledge. I have now heard his partner left and I can tell you every other dr. in town says not to see this guy. Take the time and travel if needed to find the right care.

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