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Family Practitioner, Obstetrician & Gynecologist (OB/GYN), Surgical Specialist
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 |  Just don't know  |  show details
by Carolyn on Sep 23rd, 2013

I have visited Dr. Seal many times, initially through a recommendation and for help with conception. In the end, the issue was with my husband and not me, but I went through several rounds of hormones, ultrasounds and disappointment before we considered/discovered it. However, after we stopped those cycles, I was treated for low temperature. I followed a strict T3 dosing cycle for the treatment (meds not covered by insurance) for nearly 6 months but it has worked. My temp is always normal now and some other symptoms I've always lived with are gone. I've always felt as though Dr. Seal remembers me, but sometimes he is just too busy. His receptionist is a total bi***, on the phone and in person. I'd love to punch her in the face. The wait times are horrendous, both in the waiting room and the exam rooms. (Especially fun if you're undressed, covered with only paper in a cold room, and on a table!) His MAs are nice though, and for the most part do a good job of keeping up with Dr. Seal's crap and handling our calls. I've had issues with my insurance denying claims though, because their biller uses false diagnosis codes to get visits paid for and used one twice once by mistake and the claim was denied for pre-existing condition... guess who paid for that! I can't bring myself to go back to Dr. Seal. I really liked him, he seemed knowledgeable, but the wait times and worrying about my insurance not going through are too much.

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 |  Absolute WORST Dr!!!  |  show details
by Mindy Rowley on Jan 24th, 2013

I went to Dr. Seal about 23 yrs ago & thought he was the absolute best dr there was at the time. He actually delivered my last 2 babies & I felt like he really cared about his patients & knew so much about everything. We have since moved to Utah & my 16 yr old daughter has a rare stomach problem & I suspected she has endometreosis also. I decided we should make the effort to take her to Dr. Seal since I didn't know any really good gyn/ob doctors here in Utah. We set up the apt & traveled down there. He didn't do any blood work & just felt her stomach & decided that she probably had endo. He said we should have a laparoscopy. This was in Nov so I told him we needed to have it done before the end of the yr since my deductible was met. We scheduled it for the week right before Christmas, which was going to be very difficult for us driving all that way & especially since my daughter was so very ill. I called the office before we came & they told me that everything was in order so off we went. It's a 10 hr drive & it was so hard getting my sick daughter up early for the apt to do the pre-op. We got to his office on time & waited & waited & waited! They put up a sign saying they were behind schedule about an hour so I asked if we could go out to our camper to rest for a bit. The recep was very snipety & said if we were called while we were out we would just miss out on our apt!! When we 1st got there I heard a patient talking to the recep & they were telling her that she owed $50 since she missed her previous apt. She told them that she had called & left a message & they said they would have to check but if they couldn't find it she would have to pay. It seems to me that all they care about it getting money!! Well, we finally got back to see Dr. Seal & you won't believe this....he comes in & says, "well I have some bad news. There's been a mess up with the scheduling & we won't be able to do your daughters surgery." I was totally speechless!! I said, "You do realize we have driven clear from Utah 2 times just to see you & have this surgery?" All he said was, "Yes, I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do about it." Then he proceeds to go on as if nothing was wrong talking about how we should just put her on a progesterone pill to stop her periods & we would know if it was endo if she felt better after that. Why didn't he mention doing that on the 1st visit???? I kept saying, "Are you serious? I can't believe we drove all this way & you can't even do the surgery!!" He just kept saying he was sorry & there's nothing he can do about it. Ok, it gets worse!! My daughter who lives 45 min from his office had an apt with him later that same day. Since one of my other daughters is already going to him & he has her take her temp 3x a day to monitor her thyroid, this 2nd daughter had been doing that so she could show him when she went for the visit. As she was on the way there she called me & told me that she had forgotten the paper she'd written her temps on. I told her she would probably need them so she called his office & one of the med assistants told her that he would want to see them so she should go back & get them. She told her that she would be late for the apt & she said it was ok & she would let the front desk know. By the time she got there she was about 1/2 hr late & they said, "I'm sorry, you're too late, you will have to come back another time." My daughter was in tears & begged them to let her see him since at her last apt he had to go deliver a baby & she didn't get to see him then & she had been waiting a month. They had no compassion & just said it was their rules. gets even worse!! We came back to Utah & my daughter started on the pill he prescribed & a week & a half after starting she began to have a period with severe cramps. I called Dr. Seal's office & it was a Thurs & left a message telling them what happened. A med assistant called me back on Fri morn before my very sick daughter was out of bed & asked if she was still bleeding. I told her the night before she was but she wasn't awake yet so I wasn't sure. She said to call back when she got up to let them know. She was still bleeding quite a bit so I called & left a message early that afternoon & got no response that day. I called again on Mon morn & left a message & still got no response. Tues morn I called again & left a message & told them I was very worried about her & can you believe I still have NOT heard anything at all from them & it is now Wed night!!! Dr. Seal & his staff are TERRIBLE!! I have found another Dr. up here & I'm sure he will be much better, someone would really have to work hard to be as bad as them!! I am encouraging my daughter who has been going to him to find another dr. I agree with the previous reviews when they said he is just in it for the money & recommends things for you to try that could be detrimental to your health.

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 |  Best doctor ever!!  |  show details
Sep 17th, 2012

I tried to get pregnant for over 12 years, finally did, then I went and saw Dr. Seal for the first time. He was recommended by a friend. He is the most knowledgeable doctor I've ever met. If it wasn't for him, I don't beleive I'd have my baby. He is proactive vs reactive. He is blunt, but very kind. I trust him with mine and my child's life.

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Aug 28th, 2012

Dr. Seal told me I probably had cancer before even doing a biopsy. He is irresponsible in his dealing with clients. I have waited at the most 2 hours and at the least 1.5 hours for my appt. Whoever handles billing is careless as I was billed for an expensive procedure I didn't even have (and I had to catch the mistake). And Dr. Seal bills for "excess time" even though he was only in the room with you for 10 minutes. I would never recommend Dr. Seal to anyone.

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 |  Horrible  |  show details
Mar 12th, 2012

I had been going to Dr. Seal for years. He delivered two of my kids. I would and should have left him for my second child, but stayed due to my laziness to switch doctors. He only allowed me to push for 30 minutes and said I don't know how to push effectively and ordered a C-section. Second time also a C-section. I felt both were unnecessary. I believe he is all about making more money. He has repeated treated me with antibiotics and herbal supplements for reoccurring issues that never resolved. Went to a new OBGYN and she figured it out on first visit without any antibiotics. I feel Dr. Seal gives false information at times and is only really interested in how much money he can make.

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 |  Nice doc horrible receptionist  |  show details
Nov 16th, 2011

Doctor is great and friendly. Office receptionist is horrible on the phone. She needs to work on her customer service skills. She ruins it for the office.

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 |  Please Find a different OBGYN!  |  show details
by Anonymous on May 9th, 2011 on

I went to Doctor Seal for many years. He was often had Jekyll and Hyde moments. It got so bad that he quit giving me options and began telling me what ...

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 |  Please find a different OBGYN!  |  show details
May 8th, 2011

I went to Doctor Seal for many years. He was often had Jekyll and Hyde moments. It got so bad that he quit giving me options and began telling me what I was going to do. It ended when he told me he would not perform my surgery because quote "Your insurance won't pay me enough for my time!" Way to care for your patients! It is about the money with him. There are many doctors, more qualified in the Valley that can help you and have a decent bedside manner and some higher morals!

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Nov 3rd, 2010

he is great if not the best dr. i have ever been to (and i have been to plenty) he is caring, patient and attentative

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Sep 22nd, 2010

He seems to know his stuff, but his office staff and rules leave a lot to be desired. I have changed doctors because of issues with office staff; they used to be great.

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Sep 13th, 2010

I would never go to someone else after seeing this Dr. He knows his stuff and makes you feel at ease during your appt. I had another OB turn me away for my symptoms and Dr Seal was able to diagnose me within 5 minutes of seeing him! He is very blunt and if you are looking for someone to sugar coat things- then he is not for you

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 |  Harmful advice  |  show details
Feb 10th, 2010

One of the worst doctor I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot! He recommended that I take non regulated herbal supplements to treat my breast cancer, despite the fact that my oncologist had specifically told me NOT to take such supplements because they could interfere with my chemotherapy and radiation. He claimed that these supplements couldn't hurt because they were 'just vitamins'. He also urged me to look up and consider following an unconventional treatment that he read about on the internet to treat my breast cancer. The treatment was listed on 'Quackwatch' as something that was unproven and people were warned against using this to treat cancer. His mannerisms, such as his constant winking, made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I decided not to return to his office, and saw another doctor instead. When I explained to the new doctor why I didn't follow up with my original GYN (Dr. Seal), I didn't mention his name but just told her why I was uncomfortable with him and his advice. She knew his name just from the description. Apparently he has a reputation in the OB community (not a good one). If a patient is not well informed and/or vulnerable, Dr. Seal could easily manipulate them into doing things that could be detrimental to their health. It would seem that he was trying to help them and that he was a caring physician, which is part of what is scary to me. Had I not known everything that I did about breast cancer before going in to see him, I could have been persuaded to take supplements that might have reduced the effectiveness of the chemo and radiation and increased my risk of the cancer spreading or returning.I would strongly recommend that you go elsewhere for OB/GYN treatment!

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Apr 20th, 2009

I've had fertility problems and Dr Seal has always been there to help resolve those. I've delivered 3 very healthy babies with him and trust him with my life and the life of my children. I recommended him to a few friends, one of which would have lost her baby if she hadn't gone to him. It' s hard to find a good OB you can trust 100%

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 |  Good Doctor  |  show details
Aug 2nd, 2008

Dr. Seal delivered my first two children. He was great during visits and always investigated concerns that I had. But, hospital bedside manner was sometimes off. Overall, I enjoyed being his patient. For my 3rd pregnancy I decided to go with a highly recommended office close to my home, but switched doctors at about 18 weeks. The 2nd doctor I switched to wouldn't even acknowledge my worries. So, I decided that I need to go back to Dr. Seal even though it is an hour drive. He may have his moments, but he is a good doctor, who knows what he is doing. And, he is there for you every step of the way!!