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Warning: Terrible Doctor! show details Warning: Terrible Doctor!
Apr 11th, 2015

Worst doctor I've ever been to. Screwed up my hormones, performed a hysteroscopy that I didn't need, ridiculed and belittled me. Mace-Motta and her entire staff are careless, rude and obnoxious. Find another doctor!

Feb 15th, 2015

Hears concerns and discusses, kind, patient, seen her for 15 years and both pregnancies.

Not worth the time or effort. show details Not worth the time or effort.
by Janet Farris on Jan 6th, 2015

I rate her low as I went in for a well woman check up and we discussed hormone levels as I had a hysterectomy last year. She coded the visit as a regular visit and refused to recode and resubmit to the insurance company. At check out her nurse even confirmed that there would be no charge since it was a well woman check up. She refused to do any blood work up or even check my hormone levels but was more than willing to prescribe a hormonal supplement. Very poor customer service and communication. I will be looking for another doctor and medical group.

Patient show details Patient
by Cynthia Dorries on Apr 6th, 2014

Dr. Mace-Motta did tubal ligation on me in 1999. During the operation she punctured my small intestine with her scalpel. After complaining to her office post op they ignored me. Three days later I was admitted to the emergency room for emergency surgery to repair my intestine. Dr. Mace motto would never admit guilt and is a lousy doctor. Do not use her as a doctor. I have been scarred for life thank you Dr. mace- Motta !!. Stay away from her.

Would not go anyway else show details Would not go anyway else
Feb 28th, 2013

Dr. Motta took such great care of us all through a pregnancy with ups and downs. She is extremely compassionate and amazingly talented. She continues to offer great care, education and guidance. I would NEVER go anywhere else.

Want a refund show details Want a refund
by Unhappy on Feb 27th, 2013

I have been to Mace-Motta for over a year now. 1st off, the front office is beyond unprofessional just like previous reviews said. They actually wanted me explain to them after giving them point blank what was going on. They wanted to know for their own personal curiosity, not bc they needed to know. I checked with the mgr about it. 2nd- one of the nurses degraded & explained to me that condoms are not a form of birth control & I should be more responsible. She was rude & put out that I was even there. I am a grown woman and I really don’t need to be talk to or treated in this manner. 3rd- I saw Mace Motta twice about the same problem. She brushed it off, said it would go away and now doesn’t want to deal with it and referred me to maybe the worst Gyno surgeon I have ever heard of who is known for botched surgeries. After paying her $100 I have absolutely nothing to show for it, no knowledge of what is going on with me and was told to see other dr.’s because she doesn’t want to do surgery.

Left practice show details Left practice
Nov 1st, 2012

I recently left this practice for a couple reasons: the front office staff is the worst I've ever seen. They are so rude & uncaring. One of the nurses is really nice, but I dreaded getting the other nurse! I made it my goal to get her to smile-it never worked. I liked Dr. Motta enough, but after they asked when I'd like to schedule my induction at 9 WEEKS, I was nervous. After reading reviews, I saw how many people were lied to & manipulated into being induced & left immediately. I love my new Dr. and couldn't be happier that I switched!

Doesn't care show details Doesn't care
Sep 1st, 2012

Having my first baby & have been so disappointed at each visit. It's so exciting to go to the Dr. each month for an update & I feel like an inconvenience. One nurse, Dee is very nice but everyone else from the front desk to the other nurses to the Dr. make me feel stupid for asking questions, but don't provide any information if I don't. I just ask my friends after my appts what everything was that she did. I don't know what to ask because it's my first! They asked me if I wanted to schedule my delivery when I was 9 weeks. Trying to find someone new ASAP!!

Jul 26th, 2012

I found Dr. Mace-Motta just ok. She was a bit rude to my husband about getting my STD paperwork filled out, office charged $15 for a stamped signature. A few years later I had a problem when my IUD unexpectedly expulsed and both the operator at the answering service and her nurse belittled me for calling.

Jul 25th, 2012

First of all, I would say that the doctor and the front office staff is completely unprofessional & very cold which makes your overall experience bad to begin with. Secondly, I would never recommend Dr. Mace-Motta to anybody as I had a very rough experience with her. She lacks compassion and bedside manners which I feel is of utmost importance for an OBGYN. She told me at my 36 week sonogram that my baby is humungous and I cant deliver vaginally (my baby weighed 6 lbs 4oz at 36 weeks). She insisted that I schedule a C-Section immediately as there was no other way. I was very scared and confused and I asked her to give me some time to digest the fact and think about it. But she was not ready to "discuss" it at all and made me schedule c-section at 39 weeks at that instance. She said there is no way I can deliver vaginally and the only option I had was to think about the date for my c-section and ofcourse she threw in there that if I dont schedule it on the day she suggested I may have to get it delivered with whoever is on-call as she is going for a weeklong vacation after that day and my due date fell in the week she was gone. I didnt feel right about the decision and seeked second opinion from a couple of other OB/GYNs and I was told that i) the baby may be big but the sonograms later in the pregnancy are not very accurate and the weight may be /- 20% and ii) there is no need to schedule a c-section that early in the pregnancy, I could try a normal labor and if things dont progress well then I may have to go for a c-section. Doing my research I went in for my next appointment hoping to talk this through with her. It wasnt a big surprise to me or my husband when she again didnt want much discussion but what surprised me was she started enacting how my baby would look if she had shoulder dislocation during delivery etc. I agree that that was a possibility but that is a possibility in any pregnancy and even if there is a scare for such a thing, I dont think a physician should enact how my baby would look like when she herself is not certain about it. On my continuous resistance to c-section she agreed to induce labor but her words were We can induce labor but I am not happy with this decision and I want you to know that you WILL NOT deliver vaginally. At that visit, I lost my trust in her completely and after a lot of stress and research we switched doctors such late in the pregnancy but that was the best decision we ever made. I wont delve in to the details of how stressful that couple of weeks she made it for me but I am glad we took that bold step. Just as an fyi, our healthy daughter was born vaginally and weighed only 7.5lbs without any complications at all.

Mean personality show details Mean personality
Jun 19th, 2012

Told me in front of my daughter that I was not being a responsible mother because I do not make sure she takes her birth control pills. And that I have to MAKE her take them not ask her. My daughter couldn't believe how rude she was and doesn't want to go back.

Dr. Mace Motta Saved My Sister's Life show details Dr. Mace Motta Saved My Sister's Life
Aug 17th, 2011

My sister had no insurance and had gone to a free clinic for a pap smear. The nurse there was alarmed and I called Dr. Motta. She said have my sister in her office when the doors opened the next morning and she treated her for free. My sister was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer and is cancer free today, thanks to Dr. Mace Motta, who has been my doctor for over 9 years. I gave her a painting as a thank you, and you can see it in her waiting room if you do not believe my story.

Uncaring and dismissive show details Uncaring and dismissive
by Left for good! on Jan 10th, 2011

Dr Mace-motta scheduled an induction before my due date to my confusion. Turns out, she was shceduled to go on a vacation on my due date and didn't want my delivery to mess up her travel plans. I ended up having a c-section which she performed with one--inch long, freshly polished talons which seemed unhygenic. She dismissed my health concerns telling me I needed to exercise more after I told her I spent an hour a day at the gym. Turns out, I did have an easily diagnosable condition. I left two separate phone messages when i was pregnant stating I was concerned that a coworker was diagnosed with CMV and another with chicken pox. No return calls. She trash talks her patients in the hallway where other patients can hear. I had placenta previa and when I told her I was worried, she became verbally abusive.I wouldn't recommend this doctor to my worst enemy.

Dec 15th, 2010

I will admit her office staff leaves a lot to be desired...but she is an aggressive and to the point doctor. I personally do not need a doctor to coddle me. I want my health to be handled in a no-nonsense manner. I was recently diagnosed with precancerous cervical cells that will lead me to have a hysterectomy before I am 30. I believe that I will have the opportunity to have a child because of the aggressive way she has handled my case; if she was not so thorough it may have been too late by the time someone decided to do something. I have many friends who are her patients, and we all feel like we couldn't be in better hands.

Very cold personalities in the office/spends as little time with you as possible show details Very cold personalities in the office/spends as little time with you as possible
Jun 8th, 2010

I have seen Dr. Motta for 5 years. She just joined a new network. The front desk is very cold the past 3 times I have been they have not greeted me at the front desk. Most of the time you can only get in with the NP. You still pay the same copay. I have been mis diagnosed 2 times in that office. One visit Dr. Motta only spent 2 minutes with me. It's very in and out and inpersonal. We are going to start trying for a baby next month and I know for sure that I don't want that quick insensitive approach for my doctor. I will be changing and I do not recommend this office.

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Not a caring doctor show details Not a caring doctor
by aaa on Mar 18th, 2010

I never felt like she'll understand my problems. She never spent enough time with me.

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Bait and Switch show details Bait and Switch
Feb 23rd, 2009

Scheduled an appointment and did not even get to meet the doctor; was only allowed to see Nurse Practitioner. Make sure you clarify ten times who you will see and what kind of appointment you're scheduled for!! They have very poor communication with this area and will charge you even if it's not the right kind of appointment you requested.

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