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by Lisa on Jan 6th, 2015

I've been seeing Dr. Giolas since 2000 & he's been the best.

victim of Dr Giolas egotistical attitude show details victim of Dr Giolas egotistical attitude
by just a number on Aug 29th, 2014

I have never been treated rudely by a Dr in my life. This was not my first or second visit with Dr Giolas either. He started out our appointment by him wrongfully accusing me of buying and selling illegal drugs. After denying his accusation he goes back to his computer to find that it was a different patient. He never looked at me to apologize. Then I was accused of being too slow. His attitude the entire appointment was completely unprofessional. I came to him seeking help. He is straightforward. His bedside manners are as cold as ice. Not the kind of Dr you need when you are trying so hard to change. Another review shows he had a relationship with a patient. They later married had kids and a divorce. If dr Giolas gives you his cell phone he will tell you to erase it because his girlfriend does not like those calls. To anyone looking for a caring doctor that will treat you like a human and not a drug addict who just crawled out of the rock it's been under. This is not funny. When you are looking for help to change I know how you feel and I wish you the best. I never thought as a kid that I want to be an addict. May you find the peace you have been looking for. Unfortunately Dr Giolas was nothing but a set back for me.

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Great Psychiatrist show details Great Psychiatrist
by Brad McMahon on May 6th, 2013

Dr. Giolas has been my Doctor for 3 years...and through an unbelievable amount of difficult issues, he has always been attentive, available, sympathetic, and very very clear/direct about what it takes to improve my medical situation. He's extremely knowledgable, and puts alot of emphasis on the importance of open and honest communication. He's a straight-shooter and I'm thankful he's my doctor.

by David Carger on Mar 25th, 2013

I have a lot of problems, I mean a lot... too many physical and mental issues; Chronic pain, depression, agoraphobia, ADD, and another condition I recently and finally faced, accepted, diagnosed, and being treated for. My life has been a nightmare the past decade. I've seen 3 psychiatrists, 4 psychologist, a social worker since I was 15. I was never treated like a patient with the majority of them. And when it came to medications, I was over treated for one thing but not for the other. I gave up. Decided not to see any head doctors anymore, ESPECIALLY PSYCHIATRISTS. Later last year, my PM doctor felt like I needed to be evaluated for continued treatment because I was having trouble dealing with pain to the point where I became depressed; no sleep, focus, ambition, emotion...heck, no purpose at all. I was a shut in. Lost friends. The way I acted made me less desirable to be around. The phone stopped ringing, unless it was a debt collector calling because I actually had NO AMBITION to scribble down a check, lick the envelope, put a stamp on the flipside, write the addresses, and actually walk 20 lousy feet to the mail box...I couldn't even go outside for a few seconds to use the mail box! And didn't know why. Not only were my relationships with my family and friends disintegrated by each day, but so did my job after 5 long years. So I thank fate for me having this agonizing, physical, and absolutly dreadful pain from problems I was born with because my PM Doc referred me to this great man, Dr. Dale Giolas. After my first appointment I left extremely confused. I really didn't know that a psychiatrist had the ability to talk to a patient about anything else besides medications and medical history. I guess I was misled by the three prior... Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised... Keep in mind this was only supposed to be a evaluation for my other doctor. But him and his "all powerful gatekeeper" Judy were so welcoming, down to earth people I actually felt happy and hopeful for the first time in over a decade after a thirty minute non rushed appointment. What I like about Dr Giolas is his character. He does not B.S. at all which is quite refreshing especially when it comes to doctors. I am explained in detail what my options are along with the benefits and the risks of different medicines. I never feel pressured to take medication "A" over medicine "B," he knows my job situation and he works within my budget to best treat me. I had an issue with a medication; couldn't sleep for a few days straight, I called him and left a voicemail telling him about my sleeping problem. He called me back 5 minutes later. And personally scheduled me an appointment that afternoon. What kind of a doctor is he??? He is a great one!!! I've seen Dr Giolas for more than 6 months, and my outlook on life in general has changed completely. I feel hope. I know this condition that I have will never go away, but I have every reason to be optimistic. All because of a small and caring group of people in my life; my family, my friends, and my psychiatrist Dr Giolas whom I consider to be not just a "head doctor," but also a very important tool, resource, and advocate.

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"Run!" -Dr. David M. Allen show details "Run!" -Dr. David M. Allen
Nov 19th, 2012

In an article written in psychology today dr. David M. Allen writes "If any reader plans to see a psychiatrist who does not spend at least 45 minutes with a new patient, I would advise that reader to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!". I have never been seen by dr. Giolas any more then 10 minutes at one time. After months of being on one medication prescribed by Dr. Giolas my psychologist eventually called his office. My next visit with Dr. Giolas he asked me a few different question and at one point said something along the lines of, "let's put you on a medication that actually works this time". Dr. Giolas would not have noticed that the medication wasn't appropriate for me, because he simply did not give me a proper evaluation. Dr. Allen writes, "As fees for psychiatrists were ratcheted down by managed care insurance companiesespecially for doing psychotherapypsychiatrists have tried to keep their incomes up by becoming primarily prescription writers, and seeing as many patients per hour as they possibly can." Also Dr. Giolas has a discipline on his license for having a relationship with one of his patience who became his wife. I will attach a link to both websites below. and

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Smart and speedy show details Smart and speedy
Aug 31st, 2012

Dr. Giolas is great! He is honest, upbeat, intuitive, knowledgeable, patient, and caring. I really appreciate his use of to set up appointments and ask questions. He is always quick to respond. He is a lifesaver!

Aug 18th, 2012

Dr. Giolas also misdiagnosed my PTSD and major depression as bi-polar. After visiting with two other Psychiatrists after 20 years with Giolas, it was confirmed that I was overly medicated and the medication was affecting my though processes. While I believe that he is a good Psychiatrist, he wants to keep you on medication forever_not a good idea. I'm off all psychiatric drugs now and feel much better.

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an outsider looking in show details an outsider looking in
Aug 16th, 2012

After treating a relative for over 20 years, you would think that Dr. Giolas would have been able to better guide her, suggest some outside services, etc. We have tried to phone him for information on how we can help her and have gotten no reply - a sick person needs others around for support and we have not gotten any advice on how we can support this person. I would not recommend this doctor for a long term relationship. I don't feel like he has adequately helped our relative at all!

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Wonderful diagnosistic skills show details Wonderful diagnosistic skills
Jul 22nd, 2012

Sees the patient in the whole context of the life, work, family situation. My meds are usually right-on, and he adjusts dosages as needed. I have been able to lead a functioning "normal" life. I have been to other docs and they just did not know about drugs or take the energy to understand the circumstances of my life (he knows you need to integrate both). Is very direct and to-the-point which is what I need. Can recommend highly. Also uses tech a lot which cuts down on the little routine calls that may be needed between visits.

Wonderful Doctor. show details Wonderful Doctor.
Nov 3rd, 2011

You can tell him anything and he makes you feel like you are his only concern.Melody

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RRetired Therapist show details RRetired Therapist
Oct 12th, 2011

I saw Dr. Giolas for a number of years. Due to a car accident he treated me for aserious spinal cord injury and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Due to my unusual physical needs, after some trial and error (which is normal)he came up with a medication regime which worked. 1 yr. ago I moved to the Phoenix area. I have not been able to find a doc with his knowledge, experience and empathy.I truly miss his and Judy's ability to help me. At this time I am virtually untreated as my experience with docs here has been their lack of understanding regarding my neurological, physical and emotional needs. It's been very difficult. And I have recommended him.Michelle Usvolk

May 16th, 2011

Decent But this doctor is leading you down a path of forever medicated and this is no way to live. I recommend getting a second evaluation of his psychoactive medical treatments on a regular schedule . I think he is a good doctor to begin with you can trust and is just lacking a refined approach to the personal patient needs and giving a broad treatment and never looking back to look at where the patient is and adjusting the treatment. It is very diffucult to find a good Doc on all levels Giolas needs top refine his approach with long term clients . I also think the Health Care BIZ is a big part of this negative situation.

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Avoid! show details Avoid!
Nov 22nd, 2010

Dale Giolas was my psychiatrist from the age of 13 to 20. I first started seeing him following a traumatic incident. He misdiagnosed my PTSD as rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Over the next 7 years he prescribed over 25 different psychiatric medications. Sometimes I was taking as many as 7 drugs at once. I gained 140 pounds during the period of time that he was my psychiatrist and I was totally disabled by the last two years. Thanks to the help of a competent psychiatrist that I started seeing when I was 22, I am now completely off of psychiatric medication and my body has started to recover from the massive amounts of drugs Dale Giolas prescribed to me. Avoid this psychiatrist at all costs!

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DR. Giolas really helped me show details DR. Giolas really helped me
Nov 9th, 2010


great doctor show details great doctor
Oct 4th, 2010

Saved my life.........many times

Saved my life and my mothers show details Saved my life and my mothers
by William Thomas Hunz on Feb 13th, 2010

Dr. Giolas and Judy are the most compassinate people in the field of psyciatry and addiction bar none. I have been the best and most expensive impatiant rehab facilities and they were fantastic expiriences. But I was going every 6 months for 4 years straight I used Hazelden as a spin cycle. Dale giolas is a brilliant man, not only does he use the Minnesota Model of 12 step but he also forms a non bias team with you I have 2 years bc of Dr.

Poor you addicts your missing a way giolas works show details Poor you addicts your missing a way giolas works
by B. Hunz on Jan 31st, 2010

Dr. Dale Giolas is the best psycotherapist I've ever seen. I was a Dr. shopper and I've been to the best rehabs moneycan buy 6 times. So you addicts who have not even taken thefirst step ( actually believe it insted of just saying you understand it but you just check it off) he Is using his many years of expiriencing addicts. He cares he just doesn't just use the Minnesota Model, because we have underlying problems that make us use. He treatsboth addiction and ie. depresssion he has saved my life and peopleI referred. If you hide or suppress ur secrets how can you be free?

Best Dr. I've ever had show details Best Dr. I've ever had
by William Hunz on Jan 27th, 2010

I have been to the best and most expensive rehabs in the US. Hazelden 4 times also Passages in Malibu, where at Passages they cure your addiction that's right cure. The only cure @ Passages is the 60,000 dollars in their pockets. Hazelden is a great place I give it four stars but their is not one counsler, shrink, or psycotherapist that compared to Dr.Dale Giolas. He has brought me to a place inside where I'm happy. Giolas says off the get go we are a team. He put me on Subutex and monitered it closly. This man is a geneous he has helped me so much I haven't had a panic attack in over a year. I suffer from addiction , PTSD,and severe anxiety. He treated each one seperatly and I can say I am a happy person and have found surenity bc of Dr.Giolas. I also have a family home in Newport Beach,Ca. I have flown many times just to see him. From my expirence he is the best Dr I have ever seen. He saved my life and sanity. He treats you with the utmost respect. I've been to impatient rehabs 8 times and I relapsed after each one. Now having been a patient of Giolas I have over year sober bc of my higher power and Dr. Giolas. He is the best. I should know I used to Dr. shop for ten years. If you're at that scarry point where you can't get high and can't get sober you need to call Dr. Giolas he was miracle to me

Dec 30th, 2009

He has been and is currently the best Doctor for Psychiatry that I have ever seen.

I think its working show details I think its working
Sep 24th, 2009

He seems to have a plan...

Horrible Doctor show details Horrible Doctor
Sep 5th, 2009

Giolas is the worst doctor I have ever dealt with. He is clearly only interested in money and doesn't care about his patients. He refused to call me back when I needed to talk to him about my medication and he yelled at me once I finally got a hold of him through paging him. Given the type of care he is supposed to provide you would think he would be more compassionate towards his patients. I would encourage you to find a different doctor.

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