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Obstetrician & Gynecologist (OB/GYN), Oncology Specialist (cancer), Surgical Specialist
38 years of experience
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 |  Botched  |  show details
by Kady R on Jan 17th, 2014

When awakened after surgery, two foreign speaking doctors were talking about residency experiences rather than giving attention to closing my abdomen. Dr. Smith took off and did not check their work! Result was a crooked very obvious half inch wide and 6 inch long scar.

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 |  Stay far away if he's still practicing, NASTY DOCTOR!!!  |  show details
by An X Patient on Nov 10th, 2013

Daniel H Smith MD has lots of board certifications (3) with absolutely no surgical skill. I can not say strongly enough how far away from him to stay. He made errors on a large, pelvic surgery on me that a resident wouldn't err at!!! He has a horrible bedside manner and speaks down, especially to women. He is downright nasty!! I am far from the only one. I've seen other reviews so do your homework and you'll see similar stories to mine. Not the same but showing how poor his operating skills are. He has residents do most of the work he should be doing, then bills the patients insurance company for work done by residents. He also will book 2 surgeries at a time and float from OR to OR without rescrubbing in between. I was told this by several nurses and residents after spending 7 weeks hospitalized due to his errors. His cancer surgeries are incomplete, he does not get clean margins and his hysterectomies often have pelvic organs left that he claims he removed. Caution although rumor has it he was kicked out of his last hospital affiliation the same as he was from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Hackensack University Medical Center by the Board of Directors of all 3 hospitals. Daniel H Smith MD may have retired, hopefully so. I highly recommend you look for a gyn that specializes in malignancies through Sloane Kettering Hospital in NYC. If you don't want to go to NY, then check at St. Barnabas Medical Center. Good health wishes!

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 |  Great Dr.  |  show details
by Eileen Scandiffio on Oct 25th, 2013

Dr, Smith is the best dr. I had a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer .He made me fell so relaxed, great bedside manner. He seen me every day in the hospital. After discharge he would call in between visits to follow up . He also has a great sense of humor, totally up beat.. I have never felt better I do belive its do to Dr. Smith"s positive attitude ...Thank You Dr. Smith... forever grateful..! " I can't imagine why any one would write some thing negative ??????? DR. SMITH GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS " YOU ARE THE BEST"

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 |  THE BEST DOCTOR  |  show details
by Happy Patient on Aug 25th, 2013

I was blessed to have found such a wonderful doctor, would like to give the highest compliments.I found Dr.Smith to be very cheerful, down to earth manners.Which helped to make my surgery go all the better.I only wish him well wherever he chooses to practice.

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 |  Nice experience  |  show details
Jan 31st, 2013

Nice experience

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 |  The Best Doctor in the Country  |  show details
Jun 5th, 2012

Dr. Daniel Smith is the most professional,kind and caring doctor I have ever known. He saved my mother-in-laws life and is so down to earth. He always makes time to talk to you and will help you in any way he can. He is truly a gem.

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 |  upset and disgusted  |  show details
Mar 17th, 2012

I had a full hysterectomy. the Dr said he was gonna remove ovaries,tubes and cervix . finding out months later due to complications . only one ovary was removed and my cervix was left behind. also suffered with a small bowel blockage it was in the report but he never even told me. He is not thorough in letting his patients how the surgery went. He contrdicts what he says hes gonna do. I do not recomend him for any surgical procedures. Go elswhere,run.

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 |  Best GYN oncologist ever.  |  show details
Jun 23rd, 2011

Treated me in the most respectfull manner, did my surgery and it went great.To that patient that wrote bad about him at least 3 times... sorry but alot of people dont agree with you.

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 |  extraordinary physician and person  |  show details
May 16th, 2011

has a photographic memory and a mind like steel trap. a master surgeon and his optimism and sense of humor make every visit inspiring and healing.

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 |  Outstanding doctor.  |  show details
May 2nd, 2011

Dr. Smith is very professional, he is confident and will explain everything to you. I had some other doctors give me the wrong information when I first got diagnosed with cancer. He knows what he's doing . He went above and beyoung.Where you go at the beginning of your treatment makes all the difference. Highly recommend

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 |  Agree w/ Life on the Highway, A HORRIBLE DOCTOR!  |  show details
Mar 1st, 2011

Well the highway billboard is no longer in effect. I wonder if Hackensack booted him out like Columbia Presb did and that's a fact. Other physicians verified he was thrown out of his long time, NY affiliation. So now he's with Holy Name/Teaneck after he's out of Hackensack. He's recertified, I've never heard of a doctor needing recertification. Maybe he did because his surgeries didn't turn out well or because of his prostatic cancer.He also treated me like garbage as his patient. I saw his residents and he barely saw me while back in the hospital for 6 weeks for complications he blamed me for??? He blamed my long time ob/gyn that took excellent care of me. Daniel Smith MD is an arrogant, cocky doctor with no bedside manner unless your family is contributing heavily to the hospital he's currently affiliated with. Those of us that have excellent health insurance but not the monies to make huge hospital donations are treated terribly. The surgery he did on me was incomplete. He left behind reproductive organs he said he took out which leads me to believe he left the OR with the residents doing my surgery. He began me on medications for menopause but I wasn't going through menopause because ovaries were left behind, so were fallopian tubes and he knew he didn't get my uterus out. So why medications for menopaause? So all the education in the world means little if the surgery was a flop and the patient almost died. Stay FAR away, he's riding on his very old reputation of 25 or more years ago. He is NOT the doctor people claim he was. The wealthy are treated nicely because he's a Scarsdale snob. If you donate, you get better treatment but the average, middle class are treated as if they don't exist. If you have a bad problem, go to Sloan Kettering or one of the NYC hospitals. Don't use Hackensack or Holy Name which is now his palace. Let's see how long that lasts. It's time for retirement for this doctor in my humble opinion.Best health wishes for all

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 |  Life on the highway  |  show details
Feb 24th, 2011

Noticed Dr.Smith has a new billboard off of Rt.4E. That is a far cry from the Dr. which initially first treated me at Columbia. It took him 8 months to diagnose my cancer and 3 weeks to get back to me with the diagnoses. Being an Oncologist if someone which is post menopause and has a firoid is bleeding that is a RED FLAG for cancer! Getting back to someone after 3 wks with a pathology report??? When the window of curablity after surgery is 6 wks!Speaking to my family over your shoulder as you are walking away......Offensive.All I have to say is shame on you Dr. Smith. What happened to that caring Doctor? You should consider throwing in the towel instead of changing hospitals and giving them a bad name.

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 |  Great Doctor  |  show details
Aug 31st, 2010

I was within days of doing away with myself to save my family grief. By a stroke of luck, I was referred to Dr. Smith and was able to make an appointment with him within days. Reluctantly, I kept that appointment. Within five minutes, he gave me hope to go through with surgery. Another doctor pretty much told me to forget it.I had my surgery, chemo, three more surgeries, for other reasons, and I feel great. If it were not for Dr. Smith's up-beat words, I would not be here today.When I was in the hospital he visited me each and every day, sometimes twice, like clockwork. He has given me time during every visit to ask questions, etc.I would reccomend him to anyone.In the last several years, I have heard the same thing from friends of friends, etc.

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 |  Not the Dr. many of you think, please be careful!  |  show details
by Patient Advocate on Nov 8th, 2009

I did NOT have the experience the above patients did. The doctor had a terrible attitude & blamed ME for contracting many bacterias during a surgery he supposedly performed. I later found out from different doctors, after my surgery & rehospitalizations that went bad, this doctor was *kicked out* of (forced to leave) Columbia Presbyterian Hosp! That is why you have him at Hackensack. The big fish in a little pond. My ovaries and fallopian tubes were NOT fully removed, that was the purpose of the surgery. Why I still have a good part of both no one understands. Menses were present for 6 years post op. With ovaries removed, that does not happen. To blame the patient for a bacteria ridden surgical suite or equipment is beyond anything I've ever heard of from a *wonderful doctor* as some of you seem to think he is. I almost lost my life due to one of the bacterias and am still living on the edge due to MRSA. I highly do NOT recommend this Dr, 3 (not 4) board certifications or not. I am lucky to still be alive today but the problems I had and still have put my life on the edge daily and I am not being dramatic. Living with MRSA in your body, leaving behind diseased ovaries/fallopian tubes and not communicating or taking care of the patient is *not* done by a wonderful doctor. I was cared for strictly by residents, almost never saw this Dr. for the many weeks I spent in the hospital as his supposed patient. Please be careful, he was kicked out of Columbia, he's on his best behavior. Give him time and he will be walking in his same shoes again, the arrogant, cocky ones that don't care if his patients live or die. :*( I agree with the person that posted about how his residents do his work, they sure did with me and possibly did my entire surgery for all I know.Best of health to all,An x patients

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 |  Arrogant and lets his residents do his work  |  show details
by Citysearch User on May 9th, 2009 on

This Dr. is a obgynoncologist. I do not recommend him, a friend that he did surgery on just died, he didn`t help her ovarian cancer at all...

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 |  Nicest, Most Professional Dr. you will ever meet  |  show details
May 4th, 2009

Dr. Smith is the most amazing Dr. I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I am usually incredibly unnerved by Dr.s and he put my at ease for a very serious condition and I am now fully recovered thanks to his amazing bedside manner and technical excellence.

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 |  Best cancer doctor.  |  show details
Mar 23rd, 2009

He is wonderful doctor I have been seeing since 1987. I followed him from Columbia Presbyterian in NY to Hackensack, even though I live in NY. He is the best.

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