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Thankful to find Dr Potter show details Thankful to find Dr Potter
Sep 25th, 2012

We, thankfully, started using Dr. Potter because we weren't getting any answers from other (highly rated) Reproductive Endocrinologist. I had gone to a few Fertility Specialists and they didn't really want to ask (or hear) about my symptoms or past medical history. They only looked at the amount of time we had been trying and our age and immediately wanted us to jump right into IVF. However, when we went to Dr. Potter, we were welcomed by a very professional and genuinely nice staff. We did wait for 30 minutes but was escorted to Dr. Potter's office where he spent 45 minutes with us. He asked all of the right questions about my previous surgery and explained all of the necessary steps/tests that would need to be completed in order to proceed with a treatment plan. Although, I saw many other patients waiting in the reception area, we did not feel rushed and he seemed so passionate about getting us pregnant, one way or another.Our first step was a Diagnostic Hysteroscope (which no other doctor even mentioned). In that, he found I actually had a very large polyp which would have made it almost impossible for embryo implantation if we had went straight into IVF with the other doctors ($15k-20k later). He removed the polyp in another visit at his surgery center in Newport Beach. This facility was state-of-the-art and had the Embryology Lab connected to the OR's. Everything was so clean and beautiful and the staff there showed genuine TLC.With every appointment, I saw Dr Potter's knowledge from his experience and genuine concern and desire to get us pregnant and I never felt like he made decisions based on money.We tried one failed IUI cycle but, with my blood tests and other negative indicators, it was confirmation that we needed IVF. We worked closely with his coordinators, Natalia and Lori, and felt like we had a team "pushing" for us. They were so thorough with the explanation of how the cycle was going to go and they always called as soon as they got our test results and adjusted the medication accordingly. When the day came for our egg retrieval, we felt so encouraged and confidant that we were in the right place. And when Dr. Potter walked in Pre-Op with a big smile and a hug, we appreciated the assurance and confidence that he showed.Recovery was a piece of cake, and Dr Potter called us the next day with our Fertilization report. We did genetic testing and transferred 1 embryo and got pregnant on our first try (one ovary and all).Three of my friends have since gone to him for gender selection and have been successful, as well.We are definitely going back next year to do our frozen embryo transfer to try for a second child and would recommend HRC Fertility to everyone!

Why people are complaining? show details Why people are complaining?
Aug 4th, 2012

HelloI went to Dr. Potter and He is the best doctor I have so far. I going to talk about my history (7 years of infertility problems). I have been to horrible doctors that want to start with taking temperature for months before even try anything every morning like dumb sorry no other word for it. I do not ovulate regular (polylistic ovaries)I have this last three years pain in my uterus on and off no doctor did nothing for it was 5 doctors in total. I told them I have a job how can I paid if you make me miss so much for nothing they did not care. I went with Dr. Potter first visit "why would you take your temperature you do not ovulate" Excellent could not be more right before my menstruation was painful and overall horrible. Dr. Potter order blood test on the first visit I went to get test it the next day a prescription and this was my first menstruation normal in years I made an appointment for HSCG but I need it to call for a sonogram too. Dr. Potter nurse schedule me in 2 days sooner for the sonogram Dr. Potter did it right there He told me 3 polyps I explained I am vacation can I have the surgery schedule this week. He schedule me in for next day himself. I though he was kidding I told my husband no way this is too good to be true. I have the surgery next morning. So you guys know I have been on pain for 3 years like mention before I do no have pain at all even the surgery was so good no pain. I feel so much better even the (1)hair on chin stop growing and yes I suspect I am pregnant some symptoms. even if I am not He has done so much in a month that not other doctor has done for me. I love doing e-mail with the nurse I hate talking to people. Overall This is a great Doctor and yes I did wait on my initial appointment so what I do not know where you guys have been but I always wait on doctors. Once in the Er I waited with my husband 6 hrs for him to be treated for back pain. We got tired of waiting we left before seen the doctor and they charge as 200 dollars co-pay because the nurse took his temperature yes complete true.So If I have to wait for Dr. Potter I have not problem. I only waited on the first visit on the sonogram He was there right away it took me longer to take my cloth off.

AWOL Dr Potter show details AWOL Dr Potter
Jul 9th, 2012

Dr Potter is knowledgable to the point of being arrogant and condesending. He was NOT open to any IVF protocols other than 2 or 3 he routinely prescribes (even after I had 2 failed cycles with him. I wanted to try something new - Estrogen Priming Protocol from SIRM). I also had much difficulty reaching Dr Potter during my cycle - especially after egg retrival when my ovaries ballooned and OHSS was a factor. His nurse Lori kept telling me to drink gatorade and bedrest. Dr Potter never bothered to check up on us. After 2 cycles we were done done done. I want to cycle somewhere the RE actually CARES and doesn't treat people like just another number. Sorry Dr Potter - you could be a great RE if you bothered to actually stick around when YOUR patients need you instead of passing us off to your colleagues!

Where's Dr. Potter??? show details Where's Dr. Potter???
Apr 30th, 2012

I first heard about Dr Potter on the radio. He responded very well to caller questions that I decided I wanted him as my Dr. However I hardly ever saw the man my entire cycle. He was impossible to reach both during and after business hours. Dr Potter refuses to give his cell number to patients and got annoyed about handing it out. So everything is directed through a voice mail center. I can't tell you how many times I heard the line "he's a very busy man" from his office staff. I'm sure Dr Potter really is a very busy man - much, much too busy to actually stick around while you get your treatments done. If your Dr is famous and spends a lot of time on the radio, internet and other live speaking engagements, GUESS WHERE HE IS NOT?! At the clinic with YOU (the patient). Dr Potter is really not worth the hype. I think he spends a lot of time advertising and boasting what a smart Dr he is when a truly great Dr would not need to brag.

Great office show details Great office
Oct 31st, 2011

I've been to both offices and I prefer the Fullerton office over the Laguna office. It isn't as busy and you get to know the staff better. You have better one on with the Nurse who is great. Some have a misconception of what to expect. They are more than willing to answer all your questions, all you need to do is ask. There are multiple offices so that may need to be a consideration you might want to think about. You may not always see your doctor. However, all of the doctors are friendly and experienced. I didn't have success with the clomid and IUI , so I proceeded with IUI with injectable the first time wasn't successful, but the second time was. I always had 3 eggs and now were 10 weeks pregnant with triplets!! We had been trying for almost 2 years with out success, and once we started the process we got pregnant with in 6months. Its stressful in general and emotions tend to get the best of us especially if its taking awhile. Gina the RN is great and being that I work in the medical field and have access to many physicians, when I told them I was seeing Dr. Potter , they all commented on what a great doctor he is. So from someone who has gone thru it and many comments from other doctors you'll be in good hands here.

No transfer - heartbroken show details No transfer - heartbroken
Oct 30th, 2011

Dr Potter was nice until we had no viable embryos to transfer. Then the entire office staff ignored us and took weeks to arrange a follow up visit.Not happy and won't be returning.

Quality office and staff show details Quality office and staff
Oct 13th, 2011

I have to thank Dr. Potter and his excellent staff for the expert and kind care that my husband and I received from beginning to end of our fertility treatment. In searching for a fertility doctor, my husband and I did substantial research on fertility doctors and in our research we quickly discovered that Dr. Potter was highly respected by his peers and is world renown as one of the best doctors in Northern America. And after our experience with him, we confer. He is kind, caring and compassionate. His staff is organized and extremely interactive with the patients and makes you comfortable in what could be a very uncomfortable experience. Thank you Dr. Potter, I cannot recommend you or your staff any higher.

Very Pleased :-) show details Very Pleased :-)
Oct 12th, 2011

I am in the beginning stages of my fertility care and am seeing Dr. Potter. I am pleased to say that I am impressed with him and feel confident that I have chosen the right doctor. The icing on the cake has been working with his diagnostic coordinator, Debbie. She is a wealth of knowledge and explains everything to me in such a way that I understand. She is taking me through each process and makes sure I understand what I am supposed to do or have done. She is so comforting and understanding and you can tell that she really loves what she does and she is extremely good at it. I am so excited and know I am finally on my way to my dream of having a family.

Great Experience show details Great Experience
Oct 5th, 2011

I had a great experience with Dr. Potter. He is caring and professional. My husband and I have both referred friends who have also been happy.

Great Experience show details Great Experience
Sep 21st, 2011

Dr. Potter was wonderful in helping us complpete our family. He and his staff are warm and caring. Dr. Potter gave me a hug every time I saw him. I wish he would deliver too.

So far so good show details So far so good
Sep 5th, 2011

So far I have had a great experience with Dr. Potter. He found out right away that my husband was unable to produce children. He has been nothing but caring to my husband and I. He has done all of the ultrasounds himself except for one. He seems very optimistic about our chances of conceiving through donor sperm. We have had to wait at every consultation but not during the actual ultrasound apt. He is very knowledgeable and is not hesitant to spend time explaining things.

Dr. Potter is the best!! show details Dr. Potter is the best!!
Apr 30th, 2011

I am forever grateful! Dr. Potter is the best!!

oregon show details oregon
Apr 30th, 2011

we got our baby girl, and a trip to disney. who could ask for more. thanks to dr potter and lori. j@o

patient show details patient
Apr 12th, 2011

I and my spouse are very impressed with HRCFertility Center. When our last IVF failed at the end of last year, we finally decided to fly to California to see Dr Potter, so we can compare and contrast services of other two fertility clinics with HRC. We are pleased with communication between staff and Dr Potter, who personally called us several times to answer our questions. He was very flexible and was easy approchable.Our impression of Dr Potter is very knowledgable and experienced doctor, who is eager to accomodate his schedule to patient's needs. His bedside manners are exellent. His clinic's staff was polite. His RN Lori is one of the best part of the clinic. This person lives by computer and answers clients' questions and concerns almost immidiately from 0800-2100. She is dedicated to her job so much,sometimes, I wonder if she has had personal life. We never seen such dedication and commitment in any other fertility clinics. We found out that I was got pregnant from the very first emryo transfer and I believe that part of it is due to reduced stress because of friendly enviroment and positive attitude in Dr Potter's clinic. We highly recommend Dr Potter to you. Thank you for reading my comments.

anonymous show details anonymous
Apr 5th, 2011

Dr. is professional, has a wonderful bedside manner, and is dedicated and devoted to his helping others.

Not the Best, Not the Worst, Just Average show details Not the Best, Not the Worst, Just Average
Mar 1st, 2011

We travelled internationally to cycle with Dr Potter. When one decides to use gender selection, automatically at least 2/3 of all brilliant IVF doctors and clinics will be unavailable to you. The clinic most near our home with a fantastic doctor, did not allow for PGD, so we needed to travel abroad. Only a handful of IVF clinics will perform gender selection and cater to international patients. These are not necessarily the best clinics, but they are in business because they offer what the others do not. Another factor was cost: Dr Potter's pricing is quite low compared to other clinics doing gender selection in the area. There were many times during my cycle however, when I questioned perhaps paying more for my cycle would have garnered better monitoring and care.It was very easy to set up an appointment with Dr Potter. Our cycle was overseen by his nurse Lori for much of the time. Lori was very pleasant but it was concerning that Dr Potter was not around to answer questions as they came up. I also feel my cycle would have gone more smoothly if Dr Potter had done some of the ultrasound monitoring himself. Dr Potter does have a well earned reputation for being tardy. At appointments where we did actually meet with him, we were always left waiting. When you are the first appointment of the morning, there really should be no excuse for being over 45 min late.Dr Potter was also difficult to reach outside of the office. Believe me, when you are mere hours away from boarding a flight and have painful ovaries the size of lemons, being routed to the After Hour Call Center is the last place you want to be. I did contract a mild case of OHSS that needed to be treated immediately upon returning home. I feel this could have been prevented had Dr Potter been more involved in the first half of my cycle.Overall, in my opinion, Dr Potter is an average fertility doctor. If you are not seeking gender selection there are clinics with superior treatment regimens and far more personalized care.Finally, I would advise caution with respect to the several 4 star perfect score reviews. I would suggest the authors either have an alterior agenda or have clouded judgement. There is no such thing as a perfect clinic with 4 rankings in every category.

Got my girl show details Got my girl
Feb 27th, 2011

i had a very positive experience with Dr Potter and his staff.

Great experience show details Great experience
Feb 15th, 2011

Dr. Potter and his staff were professional and caring. I do not normally write reviews. When I saw that the same individual was writing reviews every month slamming the good Dr. I felt obligated to jump in. The doctors was great. I could not have hope for a better experience. We were able to contact Dr. Potter after hours without difficulty. He is upbeat and focused and sure came through for us. I have referred friends and family (3 total) and all have been happy with Dr Potter

by Estella W on Dec 26th, 2009

I am a former patient of Dr. Potter's and the doctor and his staff are wonderful. We did a lot of research. Dr. Potter is one of the top if not THE top fertility doctors in SoCal. In researching fertility clinics, I spoke to a relative in the fertility industry that lives in NYC and she recommended Dr. Potter. I spoke to my gynecologist and he recommended Dr. Potter. I have several neighbors and friends that have used the various fertility specialists in Fullerton and Dr. Potter's patients all raved. It was 50/50 for the other 2. Anyway, I was surprised that Dr. Potter is a young as he is. He was genuine and caring. He explained things and had a very organized approach to our situation. We were told what each of our options were. The IVF was successful and I have a daughter. I will be going back to have another with our frozen embryos. We did wait to see Dr. Potter on our first appointment but he spent a LOT of time with us and had us feeling very comfortable that we were in the right place. Dr. Potter did all of my procedures himself. My understanding is that he personally does all his IVF procedures. Nurses did some of the ultrasounds. This is the way it is at every fertility center that I have looked into. The doctors do some of the ultrasounds but nurses or techs to most of them. I never had trouble getting a hold of Dr. Potter if I had questions. His staff was really warm and knowledgeable, especially Gina and Cindy. The staff also helped me get samples to use for some of the fertility meds which saved me almost $1000. I would highly recommend Dr. Potter and have sent family members to him.

HRC Excellent show details HRC Excellent
by Libby W. on Oct 29th, 2009

I have used HRC and in particular Dr.Potter twice in 2008. I found that his nurse Lori was extremely easy to contact via email, and her emails were concise and thorough. I was an international patient, so this was extremely convenient. Lori also called when she said she was going to, and was very easy to talk to. Lori drove me back to my hotel after my transfer in cycle 2!!Dr.Potter also placed me on the Long Lupron protocol for my first cycle, but in his defense, that is the 1st protocol used at almost every IVF center around the world. Very common. My 1st cycle also ended up with no transfer, which was related to the dose of stims I was given based an a great pre-cycle FSH. Nothing ANYBODY could have predicted on a young healthy female. I was by myself when I got the news on ET day. Dr.Potter hugged me, talked to me for a long time, consoled me, and was a true friend in a time when I was devestated. His compassion was amazing, and he made it possible for me to move forwards and cycle again. On my 2nd cycle, things were adjusted, and things went well. I got pregnant and gave birth this year. Dr.Potter also took time out of his day to talk to me personally on day3 of my cycle, to tell me how my embryos were. He is very busy, and was very kind to talk to this hyper-emotional person. As for the facility, I am a health care professional myself. The ultrasound equipment is indeed from this decade. The office is clean, large and roomy. Very ritzy in my opinion. The coffee urn has a selection of teas and coffees, and the magazines were all up to date. I was actually disappointed to be called so quickly in for my appointments sometimes as I was enjoying reading some of the articles. All in all, I loved HRC. I had cycles that had ups and downs, but in all, Dr.Potter and his staff, especially Lori, were all excellent. I highly recommend HRC.

Our Christmas Miracle! show details Our Christmas Miracle!
by Tracey S. at Judy`sBook on Aug 9th, 2005 on

Thanx to Dr. Jane Frederick and the staff of Huntington Reproductive Center ... I have a 2 12 year old that calls me mommy ... She is the joy of our lives ... It took us 5 years to be blessed with our miracle ... but well worth the wait .....

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