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Apr 8th, 2015

I had to select an hour wait time because THREE HOURS was not an option! Yes, three hours it took before I saw the doctor. When I questioned him and the lengthy wait time, his response was that it is typical for a new patient appointment to be lengthy. I have never, ever had to wait three hours to see any doctor in my life!h

by Claudia S. on Oct 27th, 2014

Wait time is awful. I had an appointment and was there 3 hours, not good. I think they should have a doctor for walk-in's and a doctor for appointments. Front desk is a joke, they have no idea of what they are doing, they should go to a good running doctors office to see how it is run. They spend more time visiting with each other. I go there only because it is close and would only go there for script refills or colds. I do like Dr. Uba. Just watch for different test they want you to do as may not be required, just another way to get more money.

Poor Practice show details Poor Practice
by ALRAY on Oct 7th, 2014

Wait time 2 hours. Dr. never there. Prefers to be out of town. Referrals a year or longer. No immediate refunds for cash payments...need I say more?

good doctor, bad staff show details good doctor, bad staff
by j.s.. on Nov 12th, 2013

I like Dr.Uba and he is always curteous and listens, but the front desk staff needs some working on and nurses too.

Jul 29th, 2013

This guy is joke

the worse experience ever show details the worse experience ever
by concerned daughter on Jul 2nd, 2013

The only reason I put 1 star for follow up is this doctor quickly called my mom after we had to walk out and also this survey wont let you submit if you dont put something. The 1 star is not an indication of the service. This place does not deseve any stars.My mom had heart surgery several months ago and post -op found Dr. UBa to provide her basic follow up care. The first few times she went and had to wait over an hour to be called, and other 45min -hour to go from vitals to another room to wait some more until someone would knock and ask if the doctor came in yet only to get his 'intern', I had never went to any of my moms appointments, I would just be on the phone sometimes for nearly 2 hours as she waited. Well I finally had the opportunity to be in town on a friday last week and drove her to one of her appointments to see for myself. WORSE APPOINTMENT EVER!!!!!! She was supposed to get an Xray. We got there at 8:08am there were 3 people in the waiting area, 2 receptionists, Only 4 people arrived in the 2hrs 45 min we were there and only 2 people came out towards the end of the visit. The people who left I never even saw them arrive so I assumed they got there right at 8am right before us........... We first waited 45 min to be called for her vitals, Then while in the back she called 35 min later to tell me that she was finally outside the xray room and was asked to lay down on a xray table with no cover on the pillow, they had no hospital robe and she was asked to 'climb up" with all her normal clothes on. My mom moves slow and just had heart surgery and was in pain in her lower back. When that was all done, she still waited 30 more minutes and when the doctor finally arrived it was not her doctor, it was THE INTERN. she got up left and then the nurse proceeds to tell my mom the doctor can see her if she waits a minute. I would love to be able to give a portion of a star for this clinic but I simply can't. THey have billed my mom for things they should not have, you can never get a live person or doctor on the phone if you call and ask a question and it breaks my heart that no one has paid any attention to the already countless negative feedback there has been for this clinic. I can only pray for those who go there that there is not major health issues going on with them that could detrimental for them to continue care there.

Adminiatrative Assistant show details Adminiatrative Assistant
Jun 5th, 2013

Dr. Uba has got to be one of the worst doctors I have ever had. The staff is rude and the follow through is null and void. I was prescribed a medication in September 2012. The first time I took the pill it caused me sweat profusely, nervousness, chest pains and I passed out. I called the doctor's office the next day to report the incident. I was told that the doctor would be informed and he would call me back. To date (06-05-2013) I have not heard from him. I foolishly decided to try this same medication on 06-02-13, because I was experiencing the same problem that I had in Sept. 2012. I thought maybe the first time I took the medicine; it might have been other circumstances for the side effect; since I had not heard from the doctor or his staff. BIG MISTAKE. When I digested the pill this time the side effects not only consisted of swearing, nervousness, chest pains and my passing out. I was transported by EMS to the hospital because my blood pressure was "dangerously low." My pressure was at 74/60 and dropping when the EMS arrived at my residence. The only good thing I have to say about Dr. Uba is that he has a nice smile.

Terrible show details Terrible
May 11th, 2013

Absolutely horrible. Him and his staff are rude and uncaring, and thats not to mention the 4 hrs i spent in the office. Ill never go back

worst clinic i have ever been to show details worst clinic i have ever been to
Nov 16th, 2012

The doctor does not care about his patients or his employees. All he cares about is money in his pocket. Dr. Daniel Uba gives the term "greedy" a whole new meaning. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME, UNLESS YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE DAY TO SPEND AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE.

The Peoples Family show details The Peoples Family
Sep 15th, 2012

I think Dr. Uba is a wonderful Dr. He is always kind to myself, my husband and my son. Dr. Uba always greets us with a smile even if he is walking by the front and he sees us he will smile and speak. He has always made the correct diagnosis for my family and has taken time on every visit to talk to each of us on a caring, personal and professional level. I must say a few times we had to see other Dr.'s their and I was very dissatisfied. I think Dr.Uba is getting the brunt of bad reviews because of his staff. Poor office management can really hurt a doctors rep. The rudeness is beyond unnecessary. Dr. Uba needs to step up and let his staff and the other Dr's know that they either shape up or ship out.

Aug 27th, 2012

Dr. Uba is a great doctor

Incompetent Office Personnel/Doctors show details Incompetent Office Personnel/Doctors
Aug 23rd, 2011

I do NOT recommend anyone going to see this doctor's office under any circumstances. The staff here is rude, whether you're calling or coming in the office. There are a couple of exceptions although at the moment, I cannot place their names. (Aug 2010) When you are diagnosed as having anything, one would assume that the doctor would have done the proper research or already have the knowledge in order to prepare you to deal with a life changing diagnosis. NOPE...not this one. He pretty much said that a small percentage of people that have the same diagnosis as me, have it severely and their body's immune system doesn't fight it off and they have MAJOR medical issues. I get a few medical search to research my diagnosis and lo and behold it states that MOST people with my condition live a healthy and normal life. (Aug 2011) I needed another refill of a prescription that was not a controlled substance and instead of them calling to tell me that they aren't able to do more than one extension, they make me call them to inquire about why it hasn't been filled yet. And then and only then was it brought to my attention that they could not prescribe a 2nd extension without me being seen. When I ask why no one took the responsible move to notify the patient of this formality I was told "EVERYONE knows that you can't refill a prescription before being seen!" REALLY! I'm the patient NOT the medical staff...that is what I pay you for, to provide me with MEDICAL NEEDS. So patients BE VERY AWARE...stay away from RAPHA PRIMARY CARE, FAYETTEVILLE, NC.Sincerely, A VERY DISSATISFIED Patient

Office Visit show details Office Visit
Dec 8th, 2010

I am not going to bash...I was taught if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all!

Nov 12th, 2010

Medical staff in the back isn't sure of what to do when patient blood pressure is high second guessing themselves not a complete set of vitals ever done on me since I've been coming there.

I wouldn't send my worst enemy there. show details I wouldn't send my worst enemy there.
by K on Feb 23rd, 2010

Awful clinic. I've been 3 times within the past week. Medicaid assigned them to me as my Primary Care. My total wait time was 10 hours over the course of 3 visits. In that 10 hours, I actually spoke with the Dr. a total of 10 minutes. Nurse with long dark brown hair was very cold towards me both times. People at front desk are very icy. I saw Dr. Uba once and his associate, Dr. Udoh, twice. Dr. Udoh had no bedside manner, was very arrogant and way too melodramatic. I did have a non-life threatening medical emergency and ended up in the ER where Rapha referred me (only good thing they did), and they were WAY more competent and knowledgable and didn't make me feel as if I could die any minute, unlike my experience at Rapha. I was prescribed medication before analysis of my lab work. It turned out that the lab work revealed a totally different issue than what he prescribed the meds for. I honestly don't feel like those "doctors" there know what they are doing, and I even wonder if they are really doctors or pulling some kind of scam. I think they would make a great investigation for Dateline NBC or 20/20. I have since called Medicaid and changed my primary care provider and plan to never set foot in Rapha again.

Poor care show details Poor care
by The unknown nurswe on Feb 4th, 2010

The wait starting off was over 4 hours to be put in the room,then thinking that was as bad as it could get it only got worse from there 2 hours later I got to see the doctor if thats what you want to call him he had no clue what was going on. I was given a medicine that in my chart I am allergic to he said my reaction that I had in the past wasnt a true allergic. I ended up going to another practice when I left there needless to say I paid for 2 medical visits. Over 6 hours at Rapha Primary Care and only 2 at another facility. The 2nd practice was absolutly wonderful. Oh I failed to mention...Im a nurse PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT RAPHA PRIMARY CARE

extremely poor medical care show details extremely poor medical care
Sep 1st, 2009

ive been a pt at rapha clinic for over 3 yrs. i was seeing a fnp that provided exceptional care but he suddenly left the practice. my experience since his leaving the practice has been horrible. i was treated so badly my last visit that i will not return to this clinic. the provider was rude, would not even look at me and was disrespectful.

Worst Doc in the world show details Worst Doc in the world
Jun 2nd, 2009

This Doc has the worst attitude I've ever experienced. He is disrespectful and very unprofessional.