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Enough is enough! show details Enough is enough!
Apr 15th, 2015

While she seemed courteous and caring to my 86 yr. old mother on our first visit, we soon found out that Dr. Sink's attitude can quickly change. They require patients to come in every 30 days to get medication refills and you are only allowed to discuss one ailment at a visit so they get additional co-pays. For someone elderly with several conditions and meds, it gets ridiculous! Not to mention the time waiting. Two hours, in some cases. At our last visit the entire waiting room was complaining. The doctors sit and visit with each other in the "common room" instead of taking care of patients!! The staff are completely inept with apparently no training and a high turnover rate. You simply cannot ask an elderly person to wait that long for no better care than that, especially if they're very ill. We're done. I agree will all the others and simply can't understand how she stays in business.

Mar 30th, 2015

Truly the worst experience of a Doctors office visit i have ever had, from the start of a one hour wait to the unprofessional attitude of the doctor. Starting with the new patient forms (10 plus pages) asking the same questions two and three times, overall office was depressing but the doctor seemed very confrantational would never want her as a primary care doctor

Jan 14th, 2015

Dr Sink has a poorly run practice and a rude attitude towards patients. Avoid her.

Physician show details Physician
Oct 18th, 2014

Worst encounter I have ever experienced by far. I am new to the area and tried this doctor due to the convenience of her office only to find ridiculous office policies that have absolutely no regard for the patient's time and/or money. Office is disorganized and cluttered with charts everywhere, not sure why they have computers as it does not appear EMR is viable part of their practice. Staff is rude and poorly trained. After waiting 1 1/2hrs for Dr Sink was treated with arrogant, condescending attitude, no bedside manner whatsoever. I chose not to provide my profession and found her to be an embarrasment to the practice of medicine. Needless to say I will never go back!! After reading other reviews, I am not sure how she stays in business. Maybe it's time she consider her priorities and if medicine is not her thing (which is exactly how I felt), then she needs to find another profession or retire

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Done with this person!! show details Done with this person!!
by Mary K. on Sep 28th, 2014

I don't expect my Dr to be my best friend and have excused Dr. Sink's attitude, demeanor and abruptness for years, however, recent appts have caused me to finally sever my relationship. Her attitude is positively shocking and after reading numerous reviews it appears many patients are in agreement. The terms condescending, impatient, borderline rude are used excessively. Forget about asking a question. I have had no major health issues, thankfully, as I would never feel comfortable asking a question or trying to extract information from her if I did. Turnover of office staff seems excessive--possibly due to a negative environment. My suggestion would be to move on. Only wish I'd read at least some reviews years ago.

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Soon to be ex patient show details Soon to be ex patient
Jan 5th, 2014

Going to Dr. Sink continues to just go down hill. Have been a patient for several years, and wait times seem to be just getting worse. Since she moved into her own offices, the whole experience has gotten worse. And just to get a prescription refilled is a waste of my time.

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Dr. Danielle Sink show details Dr. Danielle Sink
Aug 20th, 2013

Be prepared to wait 1-2 hours AFTER your appointment time to see Dr, Sink. The office staff is not accommodating and the office policies are ridiculous!

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Exceptionally long waits and ridiculous policies - DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR show details Exceptionally long waits and ridiculous policies - DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR
Aug 11th, 2013

Every time I visited the office, I was there for no less than 2 and 1/2 hours. It seemed as if there time was more important than my time. I was sitting next to a new patient waiting to be seen and discussed with them the crazy wait times, the new patient decided to leave. Trying to renew prescriptions over the phone is impossible. I came from Wisconsin and my doctors up there would routinely renew prescriptions over the phone with out being seen for maintenance medications. Worst healthcare experience I have ever had. Glad she is not an emergency room doctor, no one would ever survive.

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Worst physician EVER show details Worst physician EVER
Aug 10th, 2013

Went to this doctor and am still reeling from the experience. Waited for over an hour, was escorted through a common area that looks like a bomb went off in it -- paperwork everywhere, staff working at computers and dictating confidential information out in the open. No computers in exam rooms?!? Even my vet has gone virtually paperless. Dr. Sink berated the staff for some kind of scheduling glitch in front of me and they were clearly scared and intimidated by her. They appear to be very interested in billing your insurance company and make you come in for routine prescription refills every 6 weeks or so to get that co-pay. At the end of the visit you get a write up that says they discussed cholesterol, exercise, etc. Really? I like a good story as much as the next person, but I think a medical bill shouldn't be a work of fiction. I'm sure Dr. Sink is an intelligent and competent provider, but I'm guessing there are plenty of intelligent and competent doctors out there who also know how to run a practice.

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Unhappy Patient show details Unhappy Patient
by Patrick E. Hartley on Aug 6th, 2013

My wife and I have been with this Internist for approximately 7 months and things have gone relatively well. Went to see her P.A. on 6/27/13 asking for a Rx for a sleep mask for my CPAP machine. My dog ate my mask and I have repaired it with duct tape and staples. I have used a CPAP for over 20 years. The P.A. said he would write the Rx and send it to the Respiratory Supply company. When 3 weeks went by I called the RSC and found they had called this office 4 times asking for the prescription. I left a VM asking them to rectify the situation. They promised to do it the following Monday. That was 3 weeks ago. I called and left a VM for Dr. Sink saying I needed her to write the Rx and send it in. I received a message back that I should have the lab work done she had prescribed and schedule an appointment with her. That will not be happening...enough is enough. Don't expect even average accommodation or care from this Doctor.

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Jun 23rd, 2013

Dr. Sink can be rude and short. She gets frustrated easy and doesn't listen to you. If she is dealing with an diagnosis she doesn't like she refers you to a specialist. Most of the time she will refer you to a specialist. Wait times in the office are totally unacceptable. I waited over an hour almost all the time just to get put in a room and then had to wait another 30 to 45 minutes to see her. She a no regard for patients time. I don't know how she is designated as one of phoenix top docs. I would not recommend her.

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Horrible Physician show details Horrible Physician
Aug 31st, 2012

I dont know how she has any patients Dr Sink is the worst doctor I have ever gone to. Not only do you wait hours past your appointment time every time you see her, she is arrogant, condescending person. She doesnt listen to her patients and treats you and talks to you horribly....U do not want to waste your time with her do yourself a favor and find a good physician. Dr Sink is below poor rating!!!

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Grossly negligent and disdainful of patient show details Grossly negligent and disdainful of patient
Jun 6th, 2012

Dr. Sink's office and her office staff are obviously into the business of money versus patient care. Their lack of communication concerning their office policies and procedures have severely compromised my health care. The obvious ploy of getting as many office visits out of the patient to charge to their insurance stand out clearly. I find the disdain with which I have been subject to to be unacceptable and demeaning. Hopefully this review will warn other potential "victims" away from this practice: Acacia Internal Medicine Specialist....should be changed to Acacia "don't bother me" specialist.

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Check your prescriptions with this one! show details Check your prescriptions with this one!
May 30th, 2012

She was friendly and caring during the first visit. After that, not so much. The reason I will never return is she reduced a medication I take without even mentioning it to me, much less discussing it. As a patient, I'm a team player with my doctor. But the doctor has got to communicate. When she writes Rx's, she sends them directly to your drug store so you never see them. Make sure you ALWAYS check what Rx's your doctor is writing for you. She refused to correct the mistake when I called her office, suggesting instead I take an over-the-counter medicine. Weak! Three times to her office, 45 min wait each time. Staff is not friendly. If you want to pay your co-pay by credit or debit card, they charge extra.

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Avoid this office! show details Avoid this office!
May 28th, 2012

New patient appointment - an hour after my appointment time (I was early) I tried to walk out but the doctor insisted I stay for a 5-minute 'check-up.' She said, "For a good doctor you wait an hour." She told me they would call with my bloodwork results, but they did not; when I called them, they refused to "discuss" my own information with me over the phone. I made a second appointment, where the doctor saw me for about 8 minutes, then spent 20 minutes typing a single-spaced report for me to take home while I waited. Third appointment, half an hour after my appointment time, when I still had not been taken into the exam room, I tried to reschedule and was told, "We're charging you $25 for missing your appointment." The bill is on my desk as I type. Don't even go there - miserable experience, and the waiting room full of old people who are tractable and won't complain.

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Dr Danielle Sink MD stinks! show details Dr Danielle Sink MD stinks!
May 22nd, 2012

Frankly I cannot honestly recommend Dr Sink to anyone else. Be prepared to waittwo hours in her office to see or Dr Sinkmay try to pawn you off on one of her PAsand they are totally very poor as well.Dr Sink also is very careless on checkingout the prescriptions she writes and thiscaused me a number of major problems andserious adverse reactions. Her Presciption refill policy is insane.Shealso wrongly diagnosed some of my healthproblems. Therefore I say Dr Sink you stink! Stay away from her period.

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Jun 27th, 2011

Dr sink was nice but her office staff is not very friendly and unprofessional. Her office policies about prescriptions are rediculous and even if you have seen her two days ago, if you need a prescription change you have to be seen in her office AGAIN. There are no exceptions.

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Jun 21st, 2011

I chose Dr. Sink because of her educ. & experience. I wish I had read patient reviews before. My first visit I waited 45 mins in waiting room and 45 mins in exam room. Second time Dr was running over 1 hr behind. I was not told till I asked. Office staff is not friendly or helpful. When I called twice to get info on a test I was made to feel like I was a bother. I am going to another Dr. and this time I've done my homework.

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Apr 22nd, 2011

I WAS a patient less than a year and HAD to leave. The very last day I went there, the office wait time was rediculous! I waited 2hrs/20mins and left for another appt I had scheduled. They charged me a cancellation fee! Now they say I was 2 hours EARLY for my appt and that's why my wait was so long - Rediculous! They coded my very first visit wrong and then tried to bill me $265 because my insurance wouldn't cover it. I had Toxic Black Mold Syndrome and they kept telling me I had a cold, once told me I had pneumonia. Another time - allergies. Even after the mold was found in my house, they said, "I never heard of such of thing..." and prescribed me nasal spray - again. She looked at me like I had two heads! I typed them 12 pages of reports on Toxic Black Mold, including pictures of the mold extraction in my house to inform them. At the doctor's request, I scheduled an appt to discuss my illness. THAT was the day I waited in the waiting room for 2 hours and 20 minutes. THAT was the last day I went to her.

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Not so great show details Not so great
Jan 7th, 2011

I waited over an hour to see Dr. Sink after i arrived the requested 15 minutes prior to my appointment. She was curt, seemed distracted and only interested in moving on to the next appointment. She spoke with a condesending tone and was just not very pleasant. I would not recommend her to anyone. She acted like she was doing me a favor by seeing me.

Great doctor. Awful staff. show details Great doctor. Awful staff.
Nov 4th, 2010

See title.

Oct 31st, 2010

Dr. Sink is a great doctor but I spend to much time waiting; so bring a book. She takes the time to find out what the real problem is. The staff is easy to talk with and they try to fit me in with Dr. Sink if not I could see the Nurse Practitioner. Overall, she gets to the bottom of things and gets to know you.

Horrible doctor show details Horrible doctor
Oct 24th, 2010

The worst run office of any doctor I have seen and the worst doctor I have ever been to.

Sep 17th, 2010

1 hour waits, 2 day delays in responding to simple requests, sometimes not ever responding to phone requests, and an overall uncaring, unprofessional attitude by staff and doctor. When confronted, Dr. Sink has a take it or leave it attitude, so we left her for a doctor who does care.

Not impressed! show details Not impressed!
Jun 21st, 2010

Impersonal, arrogant, borderline rude. Dr. Sink hardly made eye-contact with me! I get better treatment and more respect when I go to a convenience store. I have no confidence in the doctor or the office....period. It was a bad experience and I am switching primary care docs with my insurance immediately!

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Arrogant and impersonal with unfriendly staff show details Arrogant and impersonal with unfriendly staff
Jun 1st, 2010

90 minute wait for first appt - 60 in waiting room, 30 in exam room while dr was outside the door making notes on her laptop on the previous patient. Care seems to be mandated more out of concern about their legal liability than the patient's well-being. Wouldn't go back to Acacia Internal Medicine even if I was found half-dead in street!

BEWARE show details BEWARE
May 10th, 2010

Absolutely the worst doctor I have ever seen. Waited over an hour in the exam room, horrible bed side manner, refused routine blood work, debated everything, and then double billed my insurance company. STAY AWAY!

Mar 23rd, 2010

Dr. Sink is very smart, intuitive and doesn't order unnecessary tests. She's an exceptional diagnostician, she quickly figures out what's wrong with you and finds a way to make you feel better.