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Apr 21st, 2015


Most Caring Doctor show details Most Caring Doctor
by Anjana Challa on Apr 6th, 2015

Dr. Darshana is an excellent doctor. She spent a lot of time with me in each visit to understand my concerns. She is very patient and listens to all my questions carefully and provided guidance during my pregnancy. She is very proactive in her diagnosis so that we can avoid complications in pregnancy. Finally, I've gone through a safe pregnancy and normal delivery under her care and guidance. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
by Vanessa Morales on Mar 27th, 2015

During my prenatal visits till delivery day Dr has shown excellence, professionalism, she's always been very kind. Dr is 100% recommended as OB Gyn

by WhoCares on Mar 10th, 2015

support staff are nothing less than PATHETIC, no issues with DR

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Callous Staff with an OK doctor show details Callous Staff with an OK doctor
by Husband of a frustrated patient on Mar 14th, 2014

We've been with Dr. C and her office for past 2 years or more now and things have reached a breaking point after going downhill since she started my wife's treatment for a medical condition. Initially when we were making regular visits before the treatment we had an OK impression of her office particularly since my wife seemed to like the way she took time to explain everything. Also our limited interaction with her staff back then was satisfactory. However, it seems they missed the mark completely ever since we started consulting for a medical condition that requires my wife to stick to a very rigid schedule in terms of medication and testing. First they wouldn't pick their phone or return calls immediately even after leaving voice mails and there is no other way to communicate with them. Even the people manning the front desks do not seem to care if a nurse responds or not. When we do get a hold of them it's as if they are in hurry to get rid of our concern rather than address it. We even had problems with them sending prescriptions timely and in one case sending the wrong dose which wasted our money and time. It also takes them ages to get the lab test results and if it weren't worse enough that they are so slow they do not even seem to be doing anything much precise or efficient to justify the delays. May be the staff is under the impression that they are doing this for free or less pay and it will go on forever but with this kind of apathy and unprofessional attitude it's time for us to look elsewhere.

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Good Doctor, Worst staff ever show details Good Doctor, Worst staff ever
by Neha on Mar 13th, 2014

Dr. Chandrashekhara is good doctor as such. She spends time with you and explains the condition in detail to your satisfaction. My problem is with the staff. Her nurses are the most inefficient and most unfriendly people and impossible to reach. Everytime I need to contact them it just goes to their voicemail and they never bother to call back even when I leave multiple voicemails.Its is really frustrating when this happens when you need to start taking your prescription around certain time. On occasions they have given wrong doses of prescription and failed to acknowledge their mistake. On occasions they say that they have sent prescription to pharmacy and when I talk with pharmacy they say no such order has arrived and I have to go through the most difficult process to get hold of them. Please save yourself the frustration and do not go to this Doctor unless she makes an effort to get better staff. I myself am thinking of switching.

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Horrible nurse staff show details Horrible nurse staff
by Sruthi on Feb 14th, 2014

I visited the doctor 2 times and had very bad experience. The first time they diagnosed wrong infection and called back to take different medication after a week. And second time i had bleeding and i went to find out if i was miscarrying or pregnant or none. Dr. suggested a blood test to confirm. It has been 5 days and i did not get results. I called the office multiple times and it always goes to voicemail. I left multiple messages and no response. I call them today and they say they are closed at 12 pm on friday and i need to wait till monday. This is seriously frustrating and i would never go back to them. I would not recommend to anyone either.

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Jan 17th, 2014

Worst doctor on the earth.

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Dont waste your time show details Dont waste your time
Aug 8th, 2013

After being a patient of hers for many years, its time to go elsewhere. The level of care has declined over the years. She's always in a rush, gets annoyed if you do not do what she feels like is right and then treats you poorly as a result. I don't know what happened to the dr I loved that had such a good bed side manner, but that dr is gone. Go somewhere else. OB/GYN care is too intimate for a dr who lacks compassion. Further, the office staff never answers. It takes weeks to get tests results. No one is ever taking responsibility in that office. The accounting dept doesn't call you back. Overall, it's just a bad experience.

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Account Department sucks... show details Account Department sucks...
Jun 19th, 2013

Doctor is really good in what she does however her account department sucks.. They are irresponsible , rude people.. They never return you call, they pass the msg to front desk saying they left even if they seating inside in her cabin. I tried to call from outside on the same time when front desk said she left and guess what she picked up the phone from her cabin. Nice jobs for making food at nice people.. I think Doctor has to fixed her broken Account system if she wants a good stand for a long time. I won't suggest to go with her unless they fixed their Account System. They only have one lady Sherry working as Account team/manager. No more responsible person where you get your problem fixed.

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nurse as a patient show details nurse as a patient
by Irving mom to be on Jun 10th, 2013

I am seriously thinking about changing my OB now despite the fact that I am past my first trimester. First of all, it is so hard to get an appointment. Second of all even when I get one, the chance that it will be rescheduled is 80-90%. One time I got a call on a Monday pm and the lady said I am sorry but we have to reschedule you because the doctor will be doing an emergency procedure on Wednesday. I said wow if it is really an emergency, why does it have to wait until Wednesday. Anyway, I just agreed to be rescheduled. On my second visit, I had to wait for almost two hours before I could be seen. They do not seem to care that I am missing hours at work just to make it to my appointment. On my third visit, the doctor tells me I have declined all the genetic tests she offered. I really find it odd that she was telling me all about refusing when I do not remember her telling me about it. I told her I do not remember getting any information and told her that if ever, I would suggest to have it in writing. The bottom line is, she found out I had a deductible of $10,000 and think I may not be able to afford. I told her I am a case manager and that the accounting lady did not realize I have MERP (medical reimbursement plan) which lowers it to $2000. The environment seem to have changed after I told her about this. She then suggested that I take the mandatory genetic testing, a blood work and that I should schedule an appointment with a geneticist ASAP. One week after the test, I got a call from a lady who said my test was positive in one of the tests and that it is better to see the geneticist earlier. The lady said she is faxing the result to the geneticist as we speak. She however said that I should not be upset because they have have had false positive readings in the past. I studied about this penta screening test and the only variable they consider is the age. It has as much as 10% degree of error.I really have serious doubt about this test. First of all, why expose expectant mothers to unnecessary anxiety when it is not 99.9% accurate. I am Asian and I know American values may be different. Anyway, I got a call Friday from the geneticist office telling me I will have to go to my appointment at a later time because the clinic has not sent her the result yet. She needed time to get the results. The worst is not over yet, I got a call from the scheduler in Dr. C's office saying the doctor cannot see me on Tues am because she has some emergency. Again, I do not remember setting an appointment with her and now I am left to find another time off from work to see her after the geneticist. I understand, doctors could be flooded with patients and I also understand the story of the money trail but surely something could be done to be more efficient in appointments and treating patients the way the doctor wants to be treated.....

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Wonderful Gyn. Terrible Office Operating Procedures show details Wonderful Gyn. Terrible Office Operating Procedures
May 15th, 2013

The office nurses never answer the phone, the benefits coordinator never returns phone calls, and they are ALWAYS an hour late. However, I absolutely love Dr Chandrasekhara. She explains everything, answers every question, never makes me feel rushed, and I just love her. The staff is very nice in person. But their daily operations are horrible. You have to leave a message with a nurse, in hopes to answer when they call, otherwise, you'll be playing phone tag for 3 days. She's ALWAYS running behind. Her appointments are pretty decent compared to other GYNs in the area that are booked 3months out. I usually get in 3 weeks when I can get the nurses actually on the phone. The front office can make some appointments and the nurses have to make others. But its hard to leave one GYN that knows your situation for another once you've gotten in deep. But I dont know how long I'll be able to put up with the terrible operating procedures of this office even with as much as I like Darshna.

Would not suggest show details Would not suggest
Feb 28th, 2013

I would not suggest this doctor! I have had numerous issues with her and her nurses. You can usually plan on waiting 30-45 minutes after your appointment time just to receive inadequate care. You will never get a call with any test results, you have to hound them for answers. I was even in with the Doctor and she did not go over my labs with me, instead the nurse called me later to tell me they forgot. The nurses are a whole other story... definitely a lack of competence there! If you need real care, I would definitely look else where!

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Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
by Heather on Feb 4th, 2013

When I finally decided to get on birth control I was very wary of going to a doctor. I was uncomfortable with the whole idea of them touching me. I didn't tell Dr. C about my concerns but I felt like she knew since it was my first appointment with her. She made me feel very comfortable and explained everything she was doing. The nursing staff that I have come into contact with and Dr. C are all great. A lot of the time I just ask the nurses about my questions because they're simple questions that I don't really need the doctor for. All my appointments after that first one have always been the same. I feel very comfortable and even though I have some issues with my cervix, she understands the questions I have and why I have them. The wait time to see the doctor is a pretty long wait but once I get taken to the back it goes pretty quickly. I'm in and out of the back office in about 30 minutes which is great for me. I will continue to go to Dr. C for a long time.

she is excellent. show details she is excellent.
Nov 20th, 2012

she is very excellent, and office staff also good,but waiting time is more because she spends enough time with us.

Nov 15th, 2012

The doctor is very unprofessional and does not ask the purpose of our visit. Firstly she attends to us after 45 minutes of the scheduled time each time giving excuses. She then starts speaking about human anatomy without a pause for 20 minutes and prescribes some irrelevant tests and blood work by just looking at the assistant notes and not asking us any questions about our condition.And after a lot of follow-ups for the test results, we finally get a call after 2 weeks and they ask us to undergo other tests . We then get calls just 1 hour before the scheduled appointment asking us to reschedule our appointment citing that the doctor is busy. We are in a developed nation where the medical field has advanced so much and the customer satisfaction is the prime concern of service providers. It is quite distressing to have this experience. I request the hospital authorities to keep in mind that time is important for any person and we have a right to get a good service for the time and huge amount of money we are spending on these inconsiderate doctors. I hope all these things are taken care of....

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Pathetic treatment show details Pathetic treatment
Sep 24th, 2012

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Aug 2nd, 2012

I have been to her 5-6 times. Had to wait at least 45 minutes to see the doctor on each appt. When I got to see her, she was always in a hurry. Was never able to get in touch with the nurses when I called the first time. Glad I switched.

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Jun 4th, 2012

My first pregnancy resulted in an early miscarriage, I couldn't get her or any of her staff to help me or answer any of my questions when I first started having problems. A few days later when I did miscarry, it was a wonderful doctor who was on call that finally told me over the phone that yes it sounded like I was miscarrying and what to do and what to watch out for and when to go to the hospital if needed. When I did get pregnant again, I had issues with her staff from the beginning with their billing mistakes they wanted me to pay for and still having questions go unanswered. This continued until she finally stepped in and took their side when I was 27 weeks pregnant and told me good luck on finding another doctor so late in the pregnancy. I left and went to a WONDERFUL OB/GYN practice! She then continued to send me a bill for their mistakes and called my new doctor personally to tell them that I was a difficult patient and that I had gestational diabetes and hypertension (which I did not) and wasn't taking medication for either condition. Run far away from this doctor! Also we never were able to get out of this office in under 2 hours, they are horribly overbooked with patients and only care about the money!

Don't go to her... show details Don't go to her...
Mar 30th, 2012

Honestly she is least organized, forgets to give you prescription she talks about during visit talking, unfriendly nurses, they don't even smile!!! May be because you are desi... But they forget the fact that it's only desis who go to Darshana.. Even if you glucose test at 8, for which you were fasting from past 12 hours, they make you wait for at least 45 mins, the reason is, they are setting up your file!!!! Ridiculous ...... She also make you take additional tests, fetching extra money.. I would strongly suggest my friends not to go to her... Please make her rich, don't go to her, it's not just money, it's your BaBY's life at risk, I feel that now, we are scared...

Wonderful Dr show details Wonderful Dr
Jan 10th, 2012

Dr Darshna is a wonderful Dr.Just had my first visit to her and am completly satisfied.She spent enough time with me and gave alll detailed explanation about each and every one of my question.Very proffessional.Would recommend to everybody.

very cunning, cheated us by taking the money twice from us and the insurance company show details very cunning, cheated us by taking the money twice from us and the insurance company
Dec 25th, 2011

she took advantage of our situation that we had to return to india after completing our H1B term and thus took the money from us in advance and promised to return us the same through a cheque of $1760 but never did so and also took the money from the insurance company. now we have to pay the full deductible to the insurance company. she is not responding to our calls nor speaking to our friends whom we had given the authority in writing.

Very considerate and caring show details Very considerate and caring
Dec 6th, 2011

I loved the way Darshna took care of me during my pregnancy, she wasn't afraid to show signs of love, she was very direct when explaining things that she thought really mattered.I would recommend her to everyone.

She is useless show details She is useless
Dec 17th, 2010

Please don't go to her if you want a good experience

worst Office staff ever show details worst Office staff ever
Aug 24th, 2010

dr is just ok .but makes u wait minimus 30-40minutes.after u checkin till u see the doc.And if u are not Pregnant and trying to be pregnant/any other gyec issues pls go else whr this is nt the place for u..they just rechedule u every now and then saying dr is busy ..but if ur pregnant she may see u..

RN show details RN
Oct 15th, 2009

My daughter received a disconcerting letter regarding lab results 2 months after testing was done. She phoned the office after receiving the letter and has still not heard from them. In my mind anyone so uncaring as to choose not to respond immediately to a message from a frantic patient should no longer be in practice, how would they feel if it was them waiting?

Dr. C show details Dr. C
Aug 26th, 2009

I was impressed with Dr. C. My first visit with her she spent an hour with me. Appointments after the first one I felt she spent the right amount of time for what I was there for. She explained everything to me in great detail. I would come in with questions and she would take the time to answer them. Yes, it may feel like she is rushed but taking into consideration she is an OB and babys don't wait on her schedule and she has to be ready to go at any time. I do agree the office staff could take some classes in patient care. They are not always quick to return phone calls, but if the office is that busy maybe they should hire someone just to return calls. But overall, Dr. C and her staff have taken care of me and I will continue to refer her.

Hurry up and wait show details Hurry up and wait
Jul 28th, 2009

I have seen this Dr. several times and I like the dr. just fine, it's the office staff that I have a huge problem with. Last time I went in for an appointment, I only waited 20 mins in the main waiting area, but once I was brought back to the dr's waiting area, I had to wait about 30 more minutes. Finally got in a room and was told the dr. would be "right in" to see me. My husband and I waited for an hour and a half before she came it, to talk to me for 2 minutes and tell me to get my blood drawn. I waited 2 hours to pee in a cup and get blood taken which took a total of 4 minutes. I was told I would get the important lab results back by the end of the week (my appt was on a tues)'s tuesday of the following week and I have called every day and left a voicemail and still have not recieved a call back. Apparently they do not understand that when you are trying to concieve and have fertility issues, you need all of this information as soon as it is available. I chart everything, so that I am on top of it- I NEED that information. I did get a call late friday right before the office closed to let me know the results were in (a preg test was done as well) but that the dr hasnt had time to review the results, so they would "probably" call me monday. I had to wait over the weekend which as you can imagine SUCKED not knowing if this was the month or not. They just show a huge lack of concern, courtesy and make everything impersonal. I am going to find a different dr. and staff, even though my problem is more with how slow and rude the office staff is rather than how i feel about the dr. I dont have time to wait for a 2 minute visit, that was pointless in the first place if all I was doing was getting blood drawn. I would rather go somewhere where someone actually cares about my freakin progress in fertility, I want someone pro-active and who knows that time is an important factor. I have feelings too, ya know!

May 8th, 2009

Doctor doesn't not spend and lot of time with patients. Doesn't not explain what is happening. Doctor is very rushed. Hospital has high c-section rate. Will not consider VBAC. Office staff is very rude. Usually one hour behind. After medical staff calls patient, it takes another hour for a 5 minute doctor visit. Billing office makes lots of mistakes and does not return phone calls or calls when there is an issue with insurance. The main problem with this office is they have too many patients.

May 5th, 2009

The staff people are highly irresponsive, do not care about returning phone calls. Do not care about the situation being emergency or not. The pharmacy is too bad, they only work during certain hours and you will be forced to buy medication from this pharmacy (which is open only from 8:00am to 5:00pm and only during weekdays), it is extremely difficult for people who work during week to pick up medication. They dont care about patients emotional situation. It is extremely difficult to get the prescriptions filled on time, you would have to contact the office nurse atleast 10 to 20 times to get the prescription transferred over to the pharmacist. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FACILITY.

by jewels6979 on Jan 6th, 2009 on

Yes, you will probably have to wait to see her. She's a very highly sought after OB who delivers a lot of babies. She has delievered two of mine and we're about to deliver my third. She was there with me for both delieveries and she was extremely patie

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by jan12ne on Jun 8th, 2008 on

Waited over an hour to see the MD. I did not know that I was waiting this long for a MD who is in a hurry to talk to you--if I knew, I would not have waited for that. The MD was in a real hurry inside the office, talking to you really fast and telling m

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Poor health care associates process show details Poor health care associates process
May 27th, 2008

Health care associates with which Dr Darshana is affiliated with sucks. Patientts have problems with billing, getting the right appointment time, they cancel the appointment without notifying a patient and on top of it office staff is very discouteous. No concern for patient and their time. wait time is minimum 1 hour every visits.

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