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Rude, Liar, Uncaring show details Rude, Liar, Uncaring
by Trinae C on Aug 22nd, 2013

Let me start out by saying when I first met the doctor he was very nice and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure I was about to have, which was to remove some polyps off my lung. The doctor explained to me what he need to do to remove the polyps which was to make 2 small incisions in my neck and got down to my lungs. I told the doctor I was concern because I didn't want a scare on my neck and asked if there was any other way the doctor advised me that it was not. I then told the doctor I want a second opinion so I went back to my regular doctor who had referred me to a doctor Jones but he was not able to do the surgery so he sent me to dr. Carter. I expressed my concerns to my regular doctor, who let me say him and his staff are wonderful. He told me the reason I need to get the polyps remove is so they can test them for cancer even though I have never smoked and there is no history of cancer in my family on either side of my parents he wanted to be 100 percent sure. I decide to go head and have the surgery since it will only be 2 small holes. So I went to the hospital and had the surgery done , when I recovered from the procedure and looked in the mirror there was a 2inch scar across my neck I was horrified the good thing was it was not cancer thank god. I waited a few days and then I called the dr. office to ask about the scare of course I was not able to speak with the Dr. I spoke with his nurse who also let me say is the RUDESS, UNPLEASANT,care provider I have every had to speak with. She told me even though she was not in the room when I was speaking with the doctor that he never told me that I then said yes he did and you were not in the room, she then stated she has work with the Dr, for 14yrs and he never would have told me that. In tears I just hung up the phone and call my regular doctor crying my eyes out he got me in his office right away to have a look at the scare he then apologized to me and told me its not as bad as it look once it heals it won't look as bad, he then asked when was my follow up with Dr. Carter I advised him on the way I was treated I did not want to go back to Dr. Carter office he told me it was important that I followed up with the doctor that did the procedure to make sure I was healing ok, so I went back to Carter. My appoint was Aug 8th when I got in the room the dr asked if I was ok I then showed him the scare and asked what happen that he told me it would only be 2 small incision the Dr then also told me he never said that I said yes you did he then showed me his clipboard and said see I write everything down and it says I told you there would be scaring, I then said yes you did tell me it would be scaring 2 small incision not a 2in cut across my neck and I didn't care what he wrote down I know what you told me. He then told me that he was done with me and to leave his office and have a good day. If he had said yes I did tell you that but unfortunely I was not able to removed the polyps that way so I had to make the cut I would have felt better instead of telling me I was a liar so it is his word against mines. I am at the this time looking for a lawyer. If you have to go to this doctor for a procedure that you are not sure about please get everything in writing or record your conversation. I wish I had read these reviews before I allowed him to do the procedure I would have definitely had something in writing first.

Jul 11th, 2012

I was very impressed by Dr Carter. He was very knowledgeable and very professonal. He impressed me as knowing what he was talking about and very experanced. He did not rush us and answered every question we had about my heart condition. I would recommend him to anyone. I liked this guy.

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My Opinion show details My Opinion
Jan 26th, 2012

I found Dr Carter to be VERY professional. Very knowledgable. Outstanding bedside manner. He was very kind and empathtic

Bi-Polar show details Bi-Polar
Jun 29th, 2011

My friend actually worked for this physician. His wife is his nurse in his office cause he is unable to keep a nurse from quitting as per her comment on my facebook link. He is condescending, moody, intitled, and treats his colleagues like children. He is just a mean person. He walked into my father's recovery room the last day he was being discharged and pretended nothing happened. He shook everyone's hands and had a smile on his face and not once did he address his behavior two days before in ICU. That is the definition of psycho. Our family is in the process of reporting him at HEM Methodist. There is absolutely no way that he should be treating patients the way he does, nonetheless his peers. The fact that a nurse in ICU was mouthing "ahole" right behind him explains it all.

Atrocious Bedside Manner show details Atrocious Bedside Manner
Jun 22nd, 2011

If you are looking for a Surgeon that is condescending, rude, and has no empathy, then this one is for you. My parents do not speak English very well so my sister and I translated via cell during their referred appointment from their Gastroenterologist. He seemed fine as I thanked him for the trouble. He seemed fine after surgery, but the next day as he ordered my father's catheter to be taken out I translated to the nurse to please ask the doctor if it was really necessary as my father has massive prostate issues and is on medication to help urinate and is afraid that he won't be able to since he is already in severe pain from his Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm surgery. She said Dr. Carter ordered it to be taken out and if he didn't urinate after exactly six hours, then he would put it back in. The nurse told me that she would go ask Dr. Carter since my father started basically shaking. She came back and told me that he wanted to speak to me. So she leads me to him as he is sitting behind a desk in ICU so I quietly introduce myself as the second daughter. He said,"I know who you are. Do not tell me how to practice medicine." I was so caught off guard I froze. I said,"Please do not speak to me this way, I am not being disrespectful to you so please do not be disrespectful to me." He then said, "You are being disrespectful by asking me a question. I am the doctor, I will do what I want, protocal states six hours for the catheter to stay out." I said,"But my father is freaking out scared so wanted to ask you if you could please check on him after three instead of six." He said, "Again, don't tell me what to do. I don't care what you want. I will do what I want." So I begged again to please not speak to me in that mammer and that I am here asking questions and translating my fathers wishes and fears. I said,"He went through this at Parkland Hospital...." He interrupts me and says,"I know about it (he did not, cause we never told him) and I know everything and I don't care. I was in such disbelief. It wasn't a conversation. He was there to make me an example in front of his peers as to never question his orders. He was also fed up with having to speak to my sister and me for translation as it was a waste of his time. I walked away feeling worse than before as I shared my father's fears knowing fears do alter a patient's outcome. I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor treated at MSKCC (6 months of Chemo and 33 rounds of Radiation), my father is a stomach cancer survivor of 17 years, and my mother is a primary liver cancer survivor so we are seasoned veterans of the hospital system and physicians. Never have I ever experienced this level of unprofessionalism, nonetheless lack of compassion, empathy, sensitivity, and manners. I have heard of surgeons being egotistical people with God complexs, but never experienced it first hand till today. I was in such shock, and as my father lay in the hospital under his care we are afraid of the consequences of this man's ego, therefore chose not to report him to patient services till he is out of the hospital.I believe this is the reason why he doesn't have a negative patient opinion. I walked away as he said he didn't care what my father or I wanted...his peers,I am sure in his mind all his "servants" behind him shook their heads and one man mouthed the word "Ass_ole."He could possibly be the best surgeon out there, but as a man of character this person scores a zero. He needs to be reminded that we pay for his expertise, his service and we deserve respect and to be treated with dignity. I thought I was being called over to express our concerns and for him to ease our fears and to help reassure my father that everything was going to be fine, not berate me like I was a dog that stole a piece of food off the table. We haven't told my father what happened today as to not upset him. We just told him the doctor ordered the catheter to be taken out and if there is a problem, then he would put it back as to not upset or stress him out. Not knowing this altercation, my father says to my sister (they are both Chinese Herbalist Acupuncturists -OMD, PhD), "Let this be a lesson for us to never treat our patients the way that Dr. Carter ignores my questions, talks over me not addressing me as if I am not here laying in this bed, and looks down upon me due to not mastering the English language." I do not recommend this physician to my worst enemy. In time of highest distress, he will kick you further down until you get down on your knees and only speak when you are spoken to and never, never question him.

Thank you! show details Thank you!
by Adrienne Pavas on Mar 6th, 2011

Dr.Carter,Thank you so much for all you did for my father! You saved his life!! Your the best!

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Fantastic show details Fantastic
by ginnywinnieb on May 13th, 2008 on

Dr. Carter is definately someone I would recommend if you are considering weight loss surgery. His bedside manner is extremely good. He takes his time with you. Would recommend!

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