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Jan 1st, 2015

Dr. Sternberg is one of a couple physicians that I would trust with my life. He is willing to do what it takes to turn your life around. I can talk and relate to Dr. Sternberg like no other doctor I've met, and I have seen many psychologist's. He's been there, he has a unique perspective. I feel like he knows me better than I know myself. I have recommended friends to him.

Best in Midwest! show details Best in Midwest!
by Happy Wife Too on Oct 3rd, 2014

Here is a physician who is gifted in the areas that matter most - compassion, communication skills, follow-through, wisdom, sense of humor, and superb professional talent in finessing the medicines just right the patient's unique needs. And the acid test in my home ..... my wife says she notices a difference and 110% supports my sticking with him. Not untypical of the Internet, some person apparently is upset and has posted some things I consider unfair and untrue.

A good one. show details A good one.
by Philip on May 27th, 2014

I've been to several doctors over the last 15 years but for the last year have seen David Sternberg. He's great to put it simply. I'd refer him to anyone and trust him.

So lucky to have found Dr. Sternberg show details So lucky to have found Dr. Sternberg
by PW From ICT on Apr 6th, 2014

I liked Dr. Sternberg the first time I met him. He treats me with respect and has allowed me to retain my dignity while dealing with my addiction to opiates. I tried other treatment alternatives, and was treated so poorly that I left the programs and relapsed, rather than allow myself to be treated like a criminal and a derelict. I see Dr. Sternberg on a regular schedule, and look forward to seeing him every single time. I am so grateful that he is a part of my life, and credit him with saving my family, marriage, career, self-esteem and (most likely) my freedom. Dr. Sternberg cares about me as a person. I have absolutely no doubt about that. The questions he asks, the way he remembers the details of our past conversations and just the way he listens, to name a few. I live about 3 hours away, and he's always worried about me being too tired to drive home after our sessions. He's pretty amazing.... I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries or being inappropriate, but I consider Dr. Sternberg to be a friend. Whether as a patient, or otherwise, I hope that I know him for a very long time!

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Expertise and compassion show details Expertise and compassion
by Penny Monetti on Feb 28th, 2014

Dr. Sternberg was not only professional and knowledgeable, but exhibits genuineness and empathy. We will be referring him to all those in need of superb mental health care.

Best Doctor in Kansas City area show details Best Doctor in Kansas City area
by Josh M on Jan 16th, 2014

Dr. Sternberg is the most helpful, caring, honest doctor you'll ever find, He truly cares about his patients. To say that he cares about patients’ wellbeing is an understatement. I have unfortunately had to see numerous doctors due to health issues and have never met a doctor that goes the extra mile to help his patients as Dr. Sternberg. He hasn't only restored hope in humanity, he has given me at a plentiful and wonderful life with my family. Dr. Sternberg has been a positive impact and has gave great advice. Seeing the way you care about your patients has shown me that you became a doctor for all the right reasons, which is helping people. Thank you Dr. Sternberg! You are a true gentleman.

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A caring Psychiatrist, for a change! show details A caring Psychiatrist, for a change!
by Mark J. on Sep 29th, 2013

Dr. Sternberg took time to listen to me while effectively getting a full history. I was impressed by his good humor, his attentiveness, and his evident compassion. He's not the classic pill-pushing shrink. He seems to be seriously interested in understanding what's going on with his patients (at least that's my strong impression).

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Dr David Sterberg - He's gotta be one of Kansas City's top psychiatrists- Dr David Sternberg show details Dr David Sterberg - He's gotta be one of Kansas City's top psychiatrists- Dr David Sternberg
by Ernie B. on May 7th, 2013

This is a 54 year old professional who has stuggled with depression, alcoholism, sex addition and a few other issues. I have seen a total of five psychiayrists on and off for 20 years. the one who was by far the most helpful was Dr. David Sternberg who serves the metro Kansas City area. In short, he has helped me tremendously by getting me to the right Rx that addresses my needs with minimal side effects. Also he has been a great advisor on using and getting the most of my 12step programs for alcohol addiction, sex addiction/porn addiction, ' I know he also works with those with drug addiction, gambling addiction, and othets. How can patients not like this guy? He is asks question and LISTENS well to what I say. He always remembers what I said in previous appts, he treats me like an equal, even has a sense of humor! Although a humble guy, he's a Yale graduate on has been on national talk shows including Oprah. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Good luck on your journey and "Be well."

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A Doctor show details A Doctor
by Chris on Feb 27th, 2013

Great doctor... easy to talk to and really listens to patients... helped me get my life together and get back all the time i had lost from previous problems stemming all the way from childhood... i owe him so much THANKS DR!!!

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best choice i ever made show details best choice i ever made
by Travis M on Feb 8th, 2013

I had been struggling with opiate addiction for years, but thanks to Dr Sternberg and an amazing drug known as Subutex, I am 8 months sober and I couldn't have done it without him. My 13 more old son, wife and myself couldn't be happier. ;) P.S..... I know you keep up on these and we will definitely set up a time to get together to fix your

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Terrific Doctor show details Terrific Doctor
May 24th, 2012

I had suffered from repeated spells of depression for over 14 years and was hospitalized twice. During that time I had seen four different psychiatrists. None had been able to prevent my going into another depression. I first saw Dr. Sternberg four years ago. He developed a relapse prevention plan that included a mood stabilizer and antidepressant combination together with a cognitive therapy plan. Since that time, I have not been depressed. Dr. S is a gift from God.

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Nov 3rd, 2011

Doc has been there for my whole family. He's a great thorough doctor that will level with you on a personal level and also give you his professional opinion. I was on a lost spiral path downward when I was forwarded to dr sternberg, since then, I've been totally different. Me, my friends, and family have our lives back and have plenty to look forward to without having to worry about drug use. Great addiction specialist. -a successful 1 year recovery patient on subutex

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Jun 26th, 2011

Dr. S is such an amazing gentlemen, very up to date on all the new drugs the technics that come with them. Several members in my famiy see him for opiate addiction. So thrilling to say all of us are off all opiates!! We are eating better, healthy meals at the dinner table together. We are BACK! thanks to you and subutex!! Thank you for providing me with a life that I am so treasured to have. You provided hope to me before I was out and for that I will be eternily grateful. I love living a clean life, the stress is all gone. Probably because my husband and I getting along so well! Our medical numbers are coming down too. So incredibly lucky to have Dr B in town!!

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May 24th, 2011

Great Doctor!!!

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Apr 19th, 2011

Amazing to find a doctor who listens and will return a phone call. On top of that, I have his cell phone number!! A doctor comfortable enough that some patients are able to directly call if thereof a problem or concern.

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Forever indebted to Dr. Sternberg show details Forever indebted to Dr. Sternberg
Mar 15th, 2011

He has saved my marriage, my business and most of all my life. I am forever indebted to Dr. Sternberg. He is a gentle and humble man and seems to truly care about me and my wife and the struggles we had been through. I have seen several doctors before him and don't think I will ever find another like him.

The absolute best doctor in his field. show details The absolute best doctor in his field.
by CMT on May 15th, 2010

I have suffered with severe depression since 2000 and with moderate depression all my life. I have seen many physiatrists and in my opinion, they all had the personality of a rock. I never felt as if they cared about me or my disease. It was all about the money. The medicine these physiatrists prescribed helped me be able to deal with my depression but the depression never went completely went away. Then In 2007 I became addicted to oxyconton and because of that addiction, I found Dr.David Sternberg. He was so different from the physiatrists I had seen in the past. He has an awsome bedside manner. I felt as though he really cared about me and wanted to help me. I could talk to him and I felt he really listened.My depression started going away. I know it was not just the medicine he prescribes that has helped me so much; It is the fact that I know he cares about me that has helped the most. I am still on medication but I do not suffer from depression. I know the difference in me is Dr. Sternberg and his caring bedside manner.In my opinion, Dr. Sternberg is the best in his field and if you are lucky enough to become his patient, you will agree with me after only one visit!

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dude show details dude
by Jamie Wilson on Mar 19th, 2010


The best psychiatrist I have ever seen. show details The best psychiatrist I have ever seen.
by Jack on Sep 24th, 2009

He is the best psychiatrist I have ever seen. Talking with him is like talking to a trusted friend. He is friendly and easy going, listens to find out where you are at, and then gives you wise help. He knows more about life and people and about diagnoses and medications than anyone I know. Like someone else said, he saved my life.

Easy going show details Easy going
Feb 23rd, 2009

Dr. Sterberge is a great doc. Once u become his patient he treats and talks to u as if u have been coming to him forever and will talk with u like ur friends as opposed to "Dr. syndrome". He's a good guy and knows his stuff. If u ask him about his history he will tell u. He is more than qualified. He has written books and been on Oprah, Im sure he doesn't tell everyone that but I think that speaks for its self.

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Brilliant yet Humane show details Brilliant yet Humane
by William on Nov 11th, 2008

I had seen two psychiatrists prior to meeting with Dr. Sternberg. Neither recognized that I suffer from a Bipolar Two Disorder and that my depressions do not respond to the usual medicines. Dr. Sternberg spents a surprising amount of time with me at the first evaluation session, asking me questions no psychiatrist had ever asked before. He also asked my wife questions about me. Then he recommended a course of treatment that had never been suggested before. A Yale trained psychiatrist, with an extensive background of research publications, he is surprisingly human, sensitive and kind. He literally saved my life.

Excellent psychiatrist show details Excellent psychiatrist
by Carol on Oct 22nd, 2008

Dr. Sternberg is an excellent psychiatrist, and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience with so many things that I've never had an issue that he couldn't respond to immediately... he is very involved with each patient and treats each patient very valuable. He's the first doctor I've ever trusted and who I've ever really been comfortable with and didn't feel like I was being ripped off. Dr. Sternberg has improved my opinion of doctors a lot just by being human, caring, and compassionate. He wants what's best for the patient...

A very special psychiatrist show details A very special psychiatrist
by James on Oct 5th, 2008

Dr. Sternberg is a very special psychiatrist. He listens carefully and sensitively, asks the right questions, and makes the right diagnosis. He knows the latest information about medications and provides "state of the art" treatment. Then he is easy to reach via his cell phone (he says he trusts his patients not to abuse that privilege) and is willing to listen and help the enire familly. I was referred to him because no other psychiatrist was able to help me with my depression. After speaking with me and my wife, he diagnosed an atypical depression. The combination of medications he developed for me have made me a new man. I had seen four previous doctors without good results. Now, my nephew has begun to see him for his addiction to methamphetamine and has now been clean for 8 months - that is a miracle.

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