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A Real Lifesaver show details A Real Lifesaver
by Matthew Rumbel on Nov 11th, 2013

Dr. Myers saved my life twice and it's difficult to put into words what he has done for me and my family. From the very 1st time I met him in 1998 he made me feel better and took the time to tend to me on an individual basis, while his family welcomed me and made me feel at home. I knew immediately that he was someone I could trust to help me put my life back together and I am very grateful to God for the knowledge he gave me through Dr. Myers and his staff. My family will always be indebted to him for his efforts to help both myself and my brother. Thank you Dr. Meyers for all you've done for me.

Good Doctor show details Good Doctor
by David L on Nov 10th, 2013

I had a good experience at HCC. I was not happy about having to stay in inpatient treatment for 4 months nor was I happy about the monetary commitment necessary for this duration of stay. Nevertheless I had a good experience and even ended up working for Dr Myers for some time. I am now happily sober in law school. People can benefit from the program if they buy into it.

by Chris on Nov 7th, 2013

This is a place for addicts to stay high not to get sober! Clients running around drunk and beer bottles all over the parking lot. I was here for a short time and experience a mockery to recovery. This isn't a place to send a loved one if you really love them. I would be ashamed to say anything good about dr. Myers program. He should really take look at the work that is being done and do a complete over haul. Really this place is a mess and full of mold. Living quarters are sub standard and invested with mold. I'm glad I left when I did or I might not still be clean and sober. Use careful consideration before enrolling.

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by Grateful on Jun 22nd, 2013

Reading the reviews about dr Meyer and HCC really upset me. I am not an addict nor receive treatment at this facility but my mother is a nurse who was inpatient here. People forget the fact that addiction is addiction, whether you are a doctor, nurse, lawyer,'s all the same. You wanted high class rooms? Five star meals? Perhaps if you hadn't spent all your money on drugs, you could afford that. HCC saved my mothers life. It was heartbreaking at first to leave her there especially since we lived hours away from the facility, mind you we live in a five star upscale city where there were plenty of options closer for rehab. But it wasn't about that, it was about getting real help, realizing you've hit rock bottom and eating a piece of humble pie. The counseled were amazing. She is a new person. I'm am forever grateful. And to those who feel like they deserve celebrity rehab status....WAKE UP!! YOU ARE A DRUGGIE, and you addiction should not allow you to receive special privileges when you've ruined your life and the life of others. If this offends you, you aren't serious about being in recovery. Hope this helps.

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Thank God for HCC show details Thank God for HCC
Apr 20th, 2011

Saying HCC saved my life would be an oversimplification. I was a complete mess when I first came to HCC. I was young and didn't really know how to deal with my addiction. I was told news I really didn't want to hear and at first I sounded a lot like LPN and the other negative review. After being there for a little time I realized I was the problem and I decided to get involved with my recovery and gave it some effort. I thank HCC's staff for "giving it to me straight" and helping set me on the path for success. I was a young adult when I went to HCC and have since completed my Undergrad and am now a Grad student. I can not imagine what my life would be like had I not been introduced to the HCC family. At first I was disheartened when I read these reviews, but this doc runs a treatment center. He is often giving people news they don't want to hear. Probably the same news their families have been giving them for years, so it's not a surprise there are people that are angry. Addiction is an ugly thing. If you're not serious about addiction and you feel like going to a day spa than don't go to HCC. If you've had enough and are ready to gain control of your life again then I highly suggest giving them a shot. They save lives.

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Dr. Meyers' and His Healthcare Connections is a SCAM!! show details Dr. Meyers' and His Healthcare Connections is a SCAM!!
Oct 28th, 2010

I read the review of the LPN and after having been to HCC myself I believe every word of it. My experience with HCC is the same-all they want is your money and lots of it. I did not find one bit of compassion in any staff member during my entire inpatient treatment. Sure Dr. Meyers' may seem like and may even be a compassionate guy but you would never know it by the way you are treated there. They put you in rundown, moldy, apartments for housing and the whole time you are given 3rd class therapy including therapy sessions in moldy trailers and charging VIP pricing. So I totally agree with the LPN and the guy who said he had a positive experience is surely a rich doctor or rich lawyer that could easily shell out over $10,000 a month not to get better but just to satisfy the professional licensing people because this is what this place is all about-putting on a nice front for the licensing people. If the licensing people only knew what kind of operation Dr. Meyers was running they would be appalled. So if you have a lot of money and are a rich doctor or lawyer that is looking to solve your licensing problem and are willing to live in crappy conditions and are willing to put up with a bunch of BS from a group of money grubbers that seem to have a nice lucrative niche with the powers that be then HCC (what some call Hitler's Concentration Camp) might be the place for you. But if you are of normal to moderate means and are having some drug/alcohol problems and actually want to get sober then listen to me and the LPN and stay as far away from this place as possible because it will more likely than not hurt you not help you.

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lpn show details lpn
by gena forrestal on Apr 26th, 2009

this dr was refered by ipn ,for eval i went because i had nothing to hide and hve been a nurse for ten years,with no accusations of impairment ,or drug abuse, it was due to a three years ago i worked a temp job i had never been to the facility and took the shif and found i had residents who had no name bands. to make long story short. I was at the end of my shift and a pain patch was unacounted for and i was afraid i put in on the wrong pt, but the facility was thinking i deverted well they wouldnt let me check over and make sure i didnt put it on someone else and ordered me to cal my agencyboss,i did and she had me go straight there for drug test on my way thee i found the patch still in the package with name and rm number. i called my boss she said bring it strait to her and she explpained it was just inocent mistake she would return it , she also explained i had never had any complaints and had been to twenty facilities in the county and all requesed me back. anyway i did a drug screen returned neg. two years later as i was on a staff job doing well i found my nursing lisence was susspened doh had ahearing i never new of and was unable to defend myself. and the onlyway to fix it was to comply with my worst nitemare the dr, ipn sent me to for my eval, numb one wrong info about me numb two he only talk to me for 5min. did drug screen and sent me to do 5hrs of comp testeing,he based my whole eval on the miniasota test . said it was inconclusive , but i admited to drinking twice a week and getting high all the either one i do . and had never . it was a computer error. i mean after 900 questions in asmall room. i started just not reading all the way. he dx me w 6 differnt personality disorders and being dishonest.because thats wht the computer came up with and again he only spoke with me for 5 min. and told the doh boared i was unsafe to practice and needed wich is impossible for someone without real dx as he claimed three differnt evaluations said he was wrong and had ruined my career of ten years for letting a comp test evaluate me.When i got a copy of my eval he even had the wrong name but everyone just blew me off. they knew i couldnt get legal help. so my opionion of this dr is . not what adr should be esp when he never took time to know me my backround or what kind of person i was. I think he just wanted to get his 450 dollars and tell the ipn i had to sign up w them.again dont ever go to him if ipn refers you, no matter what he will never get to know you he will just ruin your career and send you on your way. anyone else have issues

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Dr. Myers saved my life...twice! show details Dr. Myers saved my life...twice!
by Matthew Rumbel on Nov 2nd, 2008

Dr. Myers is kind, compassionate, patient and more knowledgeable about addictions and recovery than any man I've met. He has saved me from myself twice, and I owe him my life. I know I can never repay him, but if he can help me, he can help anyone. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with him and only wished more doctors cared as much as he does.

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With Much Care show details With Much Care
by Marty G. on Sep 11th, 2008

Doctor Myers offers a good ear, and an understanding heart for those dealing with addiction and chronic pain. He does not judge and can understand the suffering of the patient.