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22 weeks and going strong, thanks to Dr. Meldrum! show details 22 weeks and going strong, thanks to Dr. Meldrum!
by Dava C. on Nov 7th, 2013

When starting down the road of reproductive treatment, we were overwhelmed with everything we had to consider. We visited and actually worked with several other clinics before finding Dr. Meldrum and Reproductive Partners and are so thankful we made the switch! We found Dr. Meldrum because we went for a consultation with another IVF doctor out of our area (we were willing to travel) and the other doctor told us there was no reason for us to travel so far when the very best doctor - renowned worldwide for his expertise in the field- Dr. Meldrum, was right in our neighborhood and has much more experience with our issue (advanced maternal age). Our experience with Reproductive Partners was incredible on so many levels - in other clinics, we would literally wait well over an hour for a scheduled appointment, were treated unprofessionally in some cases, had to hound non-communicative staff to obtain critical medication updates (dosage and meds can change throughout the IVF process]. Reproductive Partners was the exact opposite! We were ALWAYS greeted with friendly smiling faces, from the receptionist, to the nurses (Dawn, Angie, Francine and all the others], to the PA's, to the phlebotomist, to the team in the lab, to all the doctors on staff - everyone was supportive, available, responsive, thorough and were genuinely pulling for our success. It was the rare exception that I did not see a doctor for an appointment (in other clinics, I only met the doctor once or twice]. Dr. Meldrum himself is introverted and a bit quiet at first, but caring, brilliant and will take as much time as you need to answer your questions. The only "complaint" I have is that there were certain stages in the process where we essentially had a routine ultrasound and, if billed as a routine ultrasound, we could have had it covered by insurance (the process is so expensive, every little bit helps) but they would only bill it as an IVF ultrasound. Still, that, in the balance of all the good, was a minor issue. We had to do IVF twice but so far our second round is going well and hopefully the next time we see the wonderful team at Reproductive Partners, it will be to introduce them to the new little one we will be so grateful to them to have! Recommend them very very highly!

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Dr. David Meldrum was God sent to us!!! show details Dr. David Meldrum was God sent to us!!!
May 31st, 2013

This recent ivf cycle was our second try we were losing hope because the first ivf cycle wasn't succesful ,this procedure was the only way for us to have a baby. One of our friends suggested that we should try Dr. Meldrum as our primary doctor,so we did. When we talked to him im surprised that he already reviewed our last ivf cycle and he has a planned already set up for us, he told us instead of doing a fresh embryo transfer, we should try the frozen transfer so that my wife uterus lining has a chance to heal and not stimulated from all the medication. Doing this ivf cycle the second time was very stressful for us but with the helped of Dr. Meldrum and all the friendly staff everything went smoothly. Now my wife is 10 weeks pregnant thank you Dr. Meldrum for being kind to us throughout the procedure and giving the opportunity to become a parent you are God sent to us and to my family. You are the best doctor and highly recommended.

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by Christina S-B on Apr 13th, 2013

I was referred by a friend after having a bad time at another office closer to home. At first, I didnt feel alot of warmth but over time it got better. My husband and I said no to in vitro for us so insemenation was our only option. We tried several times to no avail. Then my husband got cancer and we had to bank some sperm but only two vials worth equalling four tries only left. After he became cancer free we resumed trying and Dr. Meldrum tested my hormones after the first vial was gone and found my progesterone was too low for pregnancy to take place and so though hesitant my husband insisted and I took chlomid. With my hormones pumping and God in control and all our prayers going up, this being the last thing we could do on our end , I choose to use the whole vial doing one insemenation the day of the surge and the day after which the Dr usually does. Dr M. totally allowed us to do this thankfully. I ovulated the day of the surge so I felt I was totally covered since I gambled with my last two samples. But with Dr M's help and God's hand we became pregnant on our very last try. We are so grateful to the Dr for his help and to the staff.At first impression I wouldnt have stayed with this office, but my friend said they helped her so I stayed despite not getting a really warm welcome. Looking back I see it was meant to be, that God led us there since we ended up pregnant and it was so convienent they the sperm bank there which we needed because of the unexpected cancer. And Dr. M was very warmed up to us at the end. Thanks Doctor.

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Dr. Meldrum is our guardian angel show details Dr. Meldrum is our guardian angel
by Phuong L. on Feb 9th, 2013

After the first few office visits I judged Dr. Meldrum as very quiet, introverted, and unsociable. But after I brushed all of that aside I discovered what a great and wonderful doctor he really is. He is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, and kind. Yes, he's very clinical but why does that matter? After all we came to him for his expertise, to find the underlying cause and solution to our problem, and not for him to be our chat buddy. To be under Dr. Meldrum's care is to be under the best care. In my opinion, Dr. Medrum is the best of the best. We will be holding our little bundle of joy on 9/21/13 thanks to this great doctor who successfully helped us achieve our dream with the first try. Thank you Dr. Meldrum, we are forever grateful for your help.

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Forever grateful! show details Forever grateful!
by Patty R on Jan 17th, 2013

I met Dr. Meldrum when he was at UCLA. I was told I would never have children by another Doctor. I came to Dr. Meldrum through a friend who was also experiencing infertility. Dr. Meldrum did a bilateral tubalplasty, rebuilding my blocked fallopian tubes. I got pregant and that resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. Never giving up, we tried again, and became pregnant 18 months later and had a beautiful baby girl. Dr. Meldrum is very clinical, but do I care? No, he got me the result I wanted, a baby! I am forever grateful to Dr. Meldrum and give him my full endorsement with much gratitude.

Trying to concieve show details Trying to concieve
Aug 21st, 2012

I was 41 when I started working with them and got pregnant at 42. My FSH would fluctuate between 16 and it's highest was a whopping 27! That was right before I got pregnant. What was different on the successful attempt? Dr. Meldrum prescribed 2 Androgen growth hormones, Testosterone gel & a growth hormone. I was having acupuncture for conception, doing yoga and drinking 1 to 2 ounces of fresh wheat grass every to every other day. I gave birth to a healthy 7lb. 7oz 20in baby!

best doctor ever show details best doctor ever
Jun 2nd, 2012

Dr meldrum is a great doctor. Very knowledgeable. Very caring. Most of office staff are nice with one exception

May 31st, 2012

I was referred to Dr. Meldrum and the team at Reproductive Partners in July of 2010 because of issues with menstruation, which I discovered in my journey to try and start a family. I had my first appointment in September of 2010 Dr. Meldrums first priority is the health of the mother and her ability to carry a child to term. A quiet and unassuming man, Dr. Meldrum immediately recommended that I (a) work to reduce stress following a recent family tragedy and (b) gain some weight (just as his wife had to do to get pregnant). Dr. Meldrum asked that I give it a year, so we returned to Dr. Meldrums office in October 2011, because reducing stress and gaining weight had been insufficient to correct my issues (even if I was feeling better). Dr. Meldrums plan was to start small with cost effective measures to correct my issue. It took only two different courses of treatment first a series of oral prescriptions, then two rounds of injections and one IUI and I was pregnant. Halfway through my 8th week, I graduated. Dr. Meldrum is very good at what he does, as are Dr. Yee and Dr. Wisot, with whom I also had several appointments. All three doctors are sensitive to the costs of the process as well as the emotional turmoil and are ready with suggestions that might improve your chances. The nursing staff, particularly Angie, Kristen, Dawn and Liza, are so attentive and devoted to the patients. Emails to the nurses are promptly responded to, and there is always someone to take your call during business hours. They have a huge number of patients, but they really make you feel special. Dr. Meldrum truly cares even if he is a little shy.

Thank you Dr. Meldrum! show details Thank you Dr. Meldrum!
Apr 3rd, 2012

I do not know why there are any negative reviews at all on here. Dr. Meldrum is the BEST! Atfer trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for almost two years, my husband and I decided to visit Reproductive Partners. From our initial consultation with Dr. Meldrum, he was already giving us advice and "tips" on what we should be doing and not doing. He laid out all our options for us and what our chances of success for each option was to get pregnant. He explained everything very clearly and thoroughly so that my husband and I could make an informed decision. We opted to try IVF and it worked on the first try! I have friends who have done 3-4 cycles of IVF with other doctors. I am now 20 weeks pregnant, half way through my pregnancy, thanks to Dr. Meldrum and the Reproductive Partners Staff.Dr. Meldrum is definitely the shy, more introverted type. However if you ask the questions, he has the answers. He was very thorough, always reassuring to us, always patient, always caring, and answered our questions. He is an expert in his field. My husband and I trusted Dr. Meldrum every step of the way and really enjoyed our office visits. IVF is a very stressful process (both pyshically and emotionally). Knowing you have the best doctor definitely helps relieve some of that stress.I cannot thank Dr. Meldrum enough for his expertise and caring. We will definitely go back to Dr. Meldrum if needed for our next baby!

A great doctor and helpful staff!! show details A great doctor and helpful staff!!
Mar 22nd, 2012

Finally I get pregnant because of Dr. Meldrum and all staff's great support. Dr was always positive thinking, yet explained the situation clearly, and that made us motivated and we made it!Definitely I will visit Dr. Meldrum again to transfer our frozen embryos.We really appreciate to have a chance to work with Dr. Meldrum!

Thank God we found Dr. Meldrum show details Thank God we found Dr. Meldrum
Feb 28th, 2012

Dr. Meldrum was recommended by my Internal Medicine doctor, but it took me a couple of years to finally go in for an appointment, and thank God I did. Dr. Meldrum was able to diagnose our problems very quickly and a little less than 2 years later, we had our first child. A year after that, we had our twins with Dr. Meldrum's (and the entire RPMG) help. Dr. Meldrum may be a "man of few words," but his expertise in the field more than makes up. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Meldrum and your fellow doctors and staff.

Highly Recommended!! show details Highly Recommended!!
Feb 24th, 2012

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Meldrum and his staff. They are all very dedicated and knowledgeable in their field. We are one of their many success stories. Our dreams of having a family came true in October... THANK YOU Dr. Meldrum!!

Feb 7th, 2012

Dr. Meldrum is a pleasure to work with, very professional and truly a genius in his area of expertise.

Dr meldrum and a successful ivf with twins show details Dr meldrum and a successful ivf with twins
Oct 6th, 2011

Dr meldrum was excellent made me feel comfortable and the ivf procedure was painless. The staff was supportive and helpful every step of the way. I am now pregnant with fraternal twins with my first ivf procedure and only 5 mature eggs to transfer with 4 fertilized. I couldn't ask for better results or a better experience with dr meldrum and his staff. Forever thankful!

The worst doctor i now. show details The worst doctor i now.
Dec 23rd, 2009

I think dr. meldrum is the worst doctor i have ever been to in my life, he has no bedside manners what so ever. I'm a happy patient of Reproductive Partners but, i only see Dr. Rosen and Dr. Huang at the Beverly Hills office they are nothing like dr. Meldrum they are great doctors with excellent bedside manners and have a great staff. I think dr. meldrum should learn bedside manners from them.

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