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Mar 2nd, 2015

He is a complete fraud and his staff are quite nasty. He is only after money despite the Hippocratic Oath he has on display in his office. You can only fool someone for so long.

Wonderful! show details Wonderful!
by Tony F on Jan 7th, 2015

Dr. Gage is wonderful. He is a real physician, and so experienced. I have been a patient in his office for the last few months, and each time, I am tested thoroughly and actually sit down in his office to review the results. He asks the appropriate questions and spends the time needed to counsel me on losing weight. I'm about 15 pounds down now and starting to feel wonderful. I really feel as if he is taking care of me. His staff is excellent and they actually remember who I am. Also--they are the same people working there each time, which tells you a lot about this doctor's character and the high-level of organization in his practice. He is just wonderful and I hope to be his patient for many years to come.

Finally a normal weight show details Finally a normal weight
by Mary K. on Aug 2nd, 2014

Dr. Gage has been working with me for over a year now and he is amazing! Now that I lost about 50 lbs in the past year, he is really the best doctor I have seen. His staff is professional and courteous, and his in-office testing is state of the art and needed to help me track my health. Use his office and his expertise to lose weight and take control of your health.

wonderful doc show details wonderful doc
by weight loss success on Jul 22nd, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Gage for the past year and he is excellent. He listens and cares. His nutritionist is excellent as well and they have the infrastructure and the tools to have helped me lose about 50 lbs in the past year. He is the very best!

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doctor and office lady from show details doctor and office lady from
Feb 26th, 2014

Where to begin? In my case Gage never pretended to care about my health but had his assistants run unnecessary tests without explanation then gave me a minute of his time in his office to not foster questions or explain anything, but rather to misinform/confuse me any chance he got actually telling me verbally I had an illness which blood-work completely negates as per other doctors, making me more nervous about my condition and making it worse by lack of correct information. Often my minute was interrupted by the front office lady calling on him and he taking a couple calls in the midst of my time. He recommended specialists that have nothing to do with my condition and did not recommend specialists that would have been able to pinpoint my diagnosis helping me sooner without wasting my time, money and health with the go around for year seeing Gage. His front office staff lady/ies were rude and abusive, (abusive is NO exaggeration), every time I visited and the last time I had blood drawn the back assistant said "sorry" as she was pulling out the needle and I got home to see thick gauze drenched in blood under the band-aid. However much he actually showed he disdained me by brushing me off and not caring to bring me to health, he repeatedly had me reschedule as I would leave for a new appojntment a few months later for tests and more often to have paperwork I needed filled out when other offices will fill it out upon phone request without billing me and my insurance. As someone who had been healthy and not gone to doctors much ever in her life, he and his office took advantage of my lack of information and trust to make money off unnecessary tests.

Very good show details Very good
by Satisfied patient on Jan 25th, 2013

Dr. Gage is a wonderful, caring doctor who has cared for me for quite some time. I was on the verge of developing Type 2 diabetes and he stopped it in its tracks. He tested my metabolism and nerves with the latest technology which helped explain my condition. He also clarified the supplements I should be taking and even asks me about my emotional well being. He is really the best doc in Manhattan. My only criticism is that the office is cramped and the ladies at the front desk are too loud. The nurses in the back are lovely and so caring. Thy know me by name. Go to Dr. Gage and look past his receptionists to a healthier you.

Jan 23rd, 2013

Dr. Gage's medical practice is pretty much an insurance scam. He orders loads of tests without explaining their worth; other endocrinologists who saw my results were confused as most had nothing to do with my condition (Type I Diabetic). He pushes some weird vitamin supplemnet about which the "common wisdom" of internet has some critical observations (thus, despite taking it with a grain of salt, those observations gave me serious pause about what this guy is up to). In some way, however, I'd look past all this, but he has absolutely no appreciation for his patients' time. Although his office is quick to impose a fee for a missed appointment, he is regularly more than an hour behind by 10 AM every morning, and in the 18 months I was his patient, never once apologized for taking up my time for his inability to run a professional medical office. He was, however, very good at forwarding my files to a much more reliable doctor. Three cheers for living in New York City and having a million competent people who do what he does - it means not having to put up with "doctors" like Dennis Gage.

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable show details Very Helpful and Knowledgeable
Oct 4th, 2012

The biggest criticism I've seen regarding Dr. Gage is that he "performs too much testing". What does that even mean, first of all? Is any amount "too much"? When I went to Dr. Gage he had me do a metabolism test - aside from being cool and good to know - this test helped inform me of how fast my metabolism is, and thus aided in helping me determine how much insulin is needed after I eat. He also did a heart test, which tracked my heart rate, blood pressure, etc for 10 minutes. This helps to determine how quickly the insulin is moving through my body when I take it. He said "I don't think you need it, but if you would like a nutrition test, I can give you one" (no pressure AT ALL). Another great thing about Dr. Gage is he has a very knowledgeable staff. He has a nutritionist who he works side-by-side with, he helped me adjust my diet so that my blood sugars were better-regulated. Overall, if he was "pressuring" you into taking "too many" "random" tests - you probably need them! Be thankful that he has the technology to do this! You're in great hands.

LIkes to do a lot of blood work show details LIkes to do a lot of blood work
Jul 9th, 2012

Overall, Dr. Gage is very competent. I do find that when I go, he and his staff want to do an array of tests and blood work to test for allergies, diabetes, my metabolic rate, my autonomic nervous system,etc.. I am a relativly healthy woman with a mild thryroid issue yet whenever I am in the office they encourage these tests. I've taken some of these tests (which have seemed unnecessary to me)but after seeing how expensive they are to health insurance company, I now refuse. The last time I went, the staff wanted to take 9 vials of blood to test me for allergies. I refused.

Apr 19th, 2012

If you have health insurance, he will run up literally $5000 worth of medical tests (most of which are completely unnecessary--cholesteral, metabolic rate, and CBC tests every visit) with the assumption that insurance will cover all of it. So, if you have a deductible, be sure to tell them only to run medically necessary tests. As you will receive "overweight" as a diagnos with the treatment of losing weight for almost any ailment.

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a snake oil salesman! show details a snake oil salesman!
Feb 14th, 2012

This poor Doc thinks he can get over his patients by trying to sell them vitamins( and body care products) under the guise of health..but is just trying you to get you to make money for him in his stupid pyramid scheme for vitamins!...Dont waste your time or money!!!

Jan 18th, 2012

I was forced to spend 25.00 for a card that's suppose to read my veg intake. It's sounds very bogus to me. Then I was told to buy a 45.00 bottle of vegetable extract but loaded with high content of carbs. In the past I was only seeing a very good endocrinologist who passed away and took care of me for many years. He does alot of unnecessary test machines which I believe the blood can do. I still feel not 100% but it's so hard to find a good doctor. He has an in house nutritionist he wants me to see and I had to draw the line there. Clearly, it's all about money. Where are the good doctors these days?

Do not recommend show details Do not recommend
Nov 29th, 2011

You just have to call his office and listen to the machine that answers every call to be almost immediately turned off. Even leaving a $50 cancellation fee policy as part of the message. The unfortunate reality is that your staff represents you whether you are a doctor or any other professional. Dr. Gage's staff is unprofessional to say the least. While I waited over an hour, they told loud stories about their families and ordered mcdonald's to be delivered for lunch. This is ironic because the dr. is running weight loss programs and selling cleanses. When I finally saw Dr. Gage he was very nice, but at that point it was too late. I would never spend another 5 minutes waiting in that office. This is NYC, find another endocrinologist.

Absolutely do not recommend this doctor. show details Absolutely do not recommend this doctor.
Aug 10th, 2011

Unfortunately I stayed with this Doctor much longer than I should have, avoiding the inconvenience of switching doctors- which I now have.The accuracy of the diagnosis is questionable and I wonder if my condition would have improved had I seen a better doctor? This place has turned into a vitamin shop pushing his own brand/mix of vitamins!Expect to wait 1.5-3 hours. You are made to make frequent visits to get your much needed daily medication, even if your dosage has remained the same for years. The staff is useless- very unhelpful, uncooperative and discourteous.

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a salesman show details a salesman
Mar 16th, 2011

Dr Gage is a not too good of a salesman of his weight loss products. It shouldn't be so obvious. The visit felt as uncomfortable as buying a car at a dealership. Perhaps he is a good physician, I will never find out as I am not going back there.

Dec 24th, 2009

Dr Gage, definitely is involved with many patients who have weight problems. He wrote a new book on that topic which I did not read because my health problem had absolutely nothing to do with that. I was told since he wrote his book it brought quite a number of new patients to his office and made it much longer before you got your initial consulation with him. I almost backed out because I did not want to wait that long. The wait was worth it considering my problem was very difficult one to figure out. I have been sufffering with it for many many many years, Dr Gage spent extra time with me in trying help me with my health situation. He did not base everything on what a blood test said he looked at all the variables involved{symptoms} and I knew going in that his approach was not going always be by the book that he would look at alternative ways too. He is expensive, but accepts many insurances and was very helpful to me in that area also. I feel awful because after all this time and effort helping me in many ways I was suppose to make another appt. with him in about 2weeks to a month and I decided to try something different then what he suggested, but{never told him this though, I was a bit afraid of the medication he was going to put me on even though he went over with me many times it was safe on low dosages} always thinking I could go back to him. If he reads this I am from Ardsley,,,Chronic Fatigue-pain, and what he wanted me try is something I'm definitely thinking now would of been my best approach{it has been over a year since he suggested me in taking very small dosages of some medication which he felt would be very beneficial to me, I instead went different route with another doctor and after how incredibly nice Dr Gage was to me I never even called him and tell him that at the time I decided try something else. I was rude to him by not even calling him and tell him after all this man did for me, which included helping me in many ways, including finacially. My case was different because I have been sick for many years and he brought some hope into my life, as has done many other patients. I would make an appt and see Dr Gage and wait as long it might take because he is not only brilliant but just as important a very caring doctor who cares!!!!!! I belonged to a group online in ny state that recomends endocrinologists and I am not the only one who has given this man high marks.I hope he reads this or somebody alerts him to this because , If he remembers this 51 yr old patient from Ardsley, NY who saw started to see him around jan of 2008,,at the time had empire blue cross and blue shield, had chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I want to thank him for all he did for me and I hope to come back to him so he can finish what he started so successfully from around jan 2008 to about august of 2008. I am not the only on who has high regards for Dr Dennis Gage.

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More about marketing than medicine, and shameful billing practices show details More about marketing than medicine, and shameful billing practices
Nov 4th, 2009

I was referred to Dr. Gage by my insurance company as an endocrinologist to deal with a thyroid issue. From the second I walked in the door, it was clear I was not his top priority. The waiting room is filled with merchandise and even a tv advertising his product line of weight loss supplements. When he finally saw me, I was put into a room that was apparently primarily used as a storage closet. The entire thing was about 3ft by 4ft, crammed with supplies, and throughout my time sitting there I had various staff popping in and out to get things.To top it all off, this, my second visit (I had seen him once two years previously) ended up in me getting letters from a collection agency! When I came in this time, I gave the doctor's office my change of address. However, when they sent my blood out for lab work, they did not bother to pass that information on to the lab. The lab then used a 2 year old address to try to bill me, which of course kept coming back to them, so they then got a collection agency to track me down! When I called the doctor's office to try to get some kind of explanation, they were...less than sympathetic. I asked them if they expected me when I changed my address with them to also contact all of the labs they subcontract to to change my address as well, and was met with an uncomfortable silence. The lab, after SEVERAL phone calls to them, has agreed to sort something out and get the collection agency off my tail. SHAME ON YOU, DR. GAGE

This is the first good doctor show details This is the first good doctor
by amyjoy at Citysearch on Apr 30th, 2006 on

I saw after seeing six different doctors. He was knowledgeable about the rare endrocrine problem I have. And - he is extremely nice and not condescending. Highly recommend!

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by amyjoy on Apr 30th, 2006 on

I saw after seeing six different doctors. He was knowledgeable about the rare endrocrine problem I have. And - he is extremely nice and not condescending. Highly recommend!

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